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After the oppressive rule of House Delandi, which saw various planets descend into recession and anarchy, Baade is finally recovering from past calamities under the benevolent leadership of Emperor Dominic Constantinus. In 130 IE Emperor Dominic Constantinus overthrew the usurper Ehno Delandi and restored peace and order to Baade.


The Temple of the Old Ones

Mysticism Mysteries
Humanity is Insignificant
Astral Worship
Founding House
House Ingram
Demonym Templar/Templars


The Empire is an island. An island of sanity adrift in a sea of the vast unknowable. But we have glimpsed its depths. And the vast forms that dwell within. The sacred writings of Alhazred have set us upon the path. A path set by dead and dreaming gods. A path that none can alter. We know their names. Names man was not meant to speak. To Hear. To know. Azathoth. Yog-Sothoth. Nyrathlotep. Cthulu. Hastur. Ithaqua. Tsathoggua. Shub-Niggurath. Father Dagon. Mother Hydra. They dwell within all. Behind all. Beyond all. They call to us. They call, and we must answer. Awake, awake you who have heard them. Awake to the endless dream. You will come to them yet. In their flesh, and of their flesh. The Temple is open to all who have heard them. Who have seen them. Who have been enfolded in their endless embrace. The Temple opens its doors wide. The Temple opens its arms wide. The Temple opens its gaping maw wide. They shall awake, and we shall know the end and the beginning.

Head of Faith Message:

“With the departure of my beloved father, the beloved Harbinger and Emperor-Emeritus of the galaxy, the faithful of the Temple were left without leadership.

The Stargazers, in their wisdom, sought to name my dear brother, your Shahanshah-Emperor, to the position of Harbinger. Citing both precedent, as well as his desire to keep matters of Faith and Empire in their own worthy spheres, he, in his own wisdom, declined this great honor.

My cousin Herod was sought as well, with the hopes he could serve as both Harbinger and physical divinity. He several times was asked, and several times declined, seeking to ensure the full integration of the former Mos Mysterium into the Temple proper.

However, on this auspicious day, I come to you, having been named by unanimous vote of the Stargazers as your new Harbinger. Together with my brother, I vow to serve the faithful as one of the twin pillars of Temple and Empire. May the Old Ones guide my sight.”

~ Zubayr Ingram, Harbinger of the Old Ones

“Our House is out of order. The chairs. The tables. All confused. We hear the words, and must speak them. We take them, and arrange them, but still, they will not be quiet. We are called. Called to raze the House, and build the Temple anew. They have spoken to me. They speak through me. The spiders of Leng weave a garment of silk for the weary traveler. This is the demand we supply. Come, all those who still believe. Come, all those who have heard the call. Come, all those who must know what they must not. Come, and see Their Temple rise anew.
The House falls. The Temple rises.
The House falls. The Temple rises.
The House falls. The Temple rises.”

~Gretchen Ingram, Harbinger of the Old Ones

“Like colorless smoke, we rise unabated. We are the horizon, and Their blessed Temple is our event. None may withdraw that have pierced beyond our veil.

Our enemies fall. Our dream extends. The Temple thrives like the vines of Dzéwà, wrapped firmly about the roots of the spheres. Even the colossi now sing Their praises.

You have heard Their call. You will awake to the endless dream, made whole by the cocoon of your writhing flesh. You will know. They will watch. The Temple abides.”

~Gretchen Ingram, Harbinger of the Old Ones

Founding - an Esoteric Reformation

The Temple of the Old Ones broke away from its parent faith, The House of Cthulu sometime during the ninth year of the reign of Emperor Robert Boehm. Numerous Cthuluist elements within House Ingram, chief among them the enigmatic Gretchen Ingram - and, allegedly, a tall, yellow-clad adviser of hers - found themselves extremely dissatisfied with the lack of leadership from the increasingly aging and silent House Gaigalos, as well as the general disorganization and dwindling numbers the faith had fallen into under Gaigalos stewardship. There were even those who alleged that House Gaigalos had forsaken the terrible truths of the Old Ones, and were simply using the faith as a means to maintain exorbitant wealth at the cost of the faithful.

The first step of the reformation, therefore, was creating a far more regimented and defined hierarchy for the true faithful of the Old Ones. No longer would a rabble of barely differentiated 'acolytes' and 'pilgrims' flock to long-abandoned temples to hear the words of a long-silent 'Living Prophet'. Now there would be a position for all of the faithful, the Temple providing a stable eye in the storm of chaos that is our reality: the long-dream of uncaring and unknowable god-things.

Beyond this there would need to be a restructuring of Ctuluist dogma, much having been lost, deviated, or splintered since the disappearance of House Alhazred. House Ingram archivists and acolytes carefully poured over countless dusty and forgotten works of Alhazred. When the researchers emerged - those that did emerge, numerous among them having become detached and unstable, if not having gone outright mad, with several simply disappearing, or permanently sealing themselves in dark subterranean archives, and at least one simply uttering the phrase “Like the sun passing over the eyes of the blind,” before wandering off into the desert, never to be seen again - they had formed a new canon: one founded upon, and adherent to, the original works of Alhazred, but bolstered by the writings and research of subsequent scholars, sages, and occultists. Most significant among their findings was the delineation and identification of specific Old Gods beyond Cthulu itself. Rather than simply worshiping Cthulu, alongside a nameless rabble of undifferentiated 'elder things,' as had been the old way, the new faith would be centered around the ten most significant god-things - divided as they were between the three Elder Gods and the seven Great Old Ones. No longer would there merely be a House of Cthulu, there would be a grand Temple - a Temple of the Old Ones.

Temple Organization

  • The Sleepers
    • The laity of the Temple, the uninitiated. They know of the Old Ones, attend the rituals, and keep the faith. A select few may even receive a dream or vision from the unknowable beyond. However, they remain ignorant of the greater mysteries of the Temple, and its greater galactic goings-on
  • The Dream-Eaters
    • The first step in the true ranks of the Temple. They have been truly and properly initiated, and are allowed many of the true and unaltered texts of the faith. They are granted a greater knowledge of the Old Ones, and some of the rites and rituals which are not performed in the presence of the lower rank. They do, however, often conduct more standard, traditional public rituals in the faith's shrines and temples.
  • The Apocryphal Ranks of the Eternal Archivists
    • The sages, the scholars, and the scribes. They are granted knowledge of all but the most awful and forbidden texts of the Temple, for it is their job to keep and study them. It is their duty to maintain both the literal temples of the faith, as well as the Temple itself. To them is given secrets they dare not utter - secrets of things lost and hidden, secrets of the deep and far places, secrets of the self. Few progress beyond this rank, many becoming utterly lost in their work - or lost to it.
  • The Stargazer Council
    • The ruling council of the Temple. Initiated into the highest ranks, and granted truly terrible knowledge and power. Rumors persist that some have disappeared during the initiation itself. No work, text, or secret of the Temple is closed to them. They walk dark avenues through transcorporeal space. Beyond directing the Temple on an interplanetary level, it is they who attempt to divine the Stars and the Will, to seek within their dreams - and sometimes the dreams of others - for the Name of the next Harbinger, selected from their ranks. Many among their number are talented psions. Some of them, to an outsider, would seem utterly mad. And others, worse still, seem to possess the serene clarity of impossible lucidity.
  • The Harbinger
    • The supreme and unquestioned leader of the Temple. They have heard the Truth and the Names. They posses all that is Known by the body of the Temple, and may Invoke the Presence. According to official dogma, they council with the Old Ones themselves, through dreams and visions, dark wanderings and unfolded memories. The Harbinger directs the actions of the Temple on the galactic scale, and may correct or alter official canon (often at or with the recommendation of the Archivists).
    • Current Harbinger: Zubayr Ingram
    • Previous Harbingers:
      • Gretchen Ingram
      • Asher Zamudio
      • Imran Ingram

Other Positions

  • The Speaker of the Temple
    • Sometimes referred to simply as 'The Mouth,' this position is usually held by a Stargazer of some seniority, though this is not in and of itself a requirement. The Speaker acts as the public face of the Temple, issuing proclamations and announcements on behalf of the Harbinger and/or the Council, and attending public events in their stead when the latter is otherwise occupied. While a largely informal position in Templar hierarchy, the Speaker is considered an extension of the will of the Harbinger, and to be acting on behalf of the head of the faith. Therefore, this position brings its own share of respect and influence.
    • Current holder: Duchess Beatrice Umbra
    • Previous holders: Satanus Loar
  • The First Sword of the Temple
    • Though outwardly referred to by their official title, those within the labyrinthine structure of the Temple often refer to the holder of this position as 'Grand High Inquisitor.' The First Sword is the champion of the Harbinger, and de facto defender of the faith. He or she will stand and defend the honour of the Harbinger and the Temple if called to do so, and is considered the first marshal of the faithful during wide-spread conflict. There are those who would allege, however, (though never publicly) that the 'Grand High Inquisitor' is just that - the gradmaster of a secret organization-within-an-organization, dedicated to suppressing dissent, guarding the secrets of the Temple, and, according to the most sinister theories, waging a shadow war against the House of Cthulu - through infiltration, manipulation, and, on occasion, outright assassination. Whether this 'Inquisition' actually exists or not is still a matter for (very private) debate.
    • Current holder: Astrid Harris
  • Hazrats
    • A position comparable to “Saints” or “Reverend Ancestors” in other faiths, the title of Hazrat is almost universally conferred posthumously, and even then only rarely, to those who gave exemplary service to the Temple and its works during their lifetimes.
    • Hazrats:
      • Gretchen Ingram, Reverend Matre and First Harbinger of the Temple
      • Ruben Meek, the First Disciple
      • Herod Ingram, named Old One Made Flesh

The Old Ones

The Elder Three


The Dark Seven

Father Dagon
Mother Hydra


Herod Ingram

  • Having awoken after a series of prophetic, possibly even psionic dreams following the assassination of Hereward Necron, Herod Ingram proclaimed himself God of the faith of the Mos Mysterium, and was accepted as such by its (admittedly small pool of) followers. When Necron became defunct, and the Mysterium began to fade, it, and his position, were to be folded into the Temple, by edict of the Stargazer council and with the consent of then-Harbinger Gretchen Ingram. Herod was declared to be an “Old One Made Flesh,” and was raised to semi-divine status within the Temple. With his passing, he is considered to have transcended his mortal form, fully joining the Old Ones in the Outer Chaos as one of their own.


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