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Current Events

After the oppressive rule of House Delandi, which saw various planets descend into recession and anarchy, Baade is finally recovering from past calamities under the benevolent leadership of Emperor Dominic Constantinus. In 130 IE Emperor Dominic Constantinus overthrew the usurper Ehno Delandi and restored peace and order to Baade.


The Balthazar Uprising

Galaxy: Baade Date: 10-25th Tributes, Year 8 of Maesil Result: Imperial victory, destruction of Houses Balthazar and Gallonigher

The Buildup

The great war of Baade was a violent confrontation between the Emperor and his imperial alliance known as the Imperium Nostrum and the newly formed Commonwealth alliance. The Commonwealth was a merger of the alliances Trade Federation and Order of the Hidden Sun. Rumours persists that the Commonwealth was formed with the sole purpose of war. Some members of the Trade Federation and Order of the Hidden Sun did not join the Commonwealth.

At the time, the Imperium Nostrum consisted of 10 members, status ca. 2800 and ca. 300 legions. The opposing Commonwealth had 8 members, status ca. 1600 and ca. 425 legions.

The purpose of the war was to de-throne Emperor Maesil by removing his senators from all planets and use the remaining Commonwealth senators to vote him out, replacing him with a Commonwealth member. The war would secure the Commonwealth as the dominant alliance in Baade.

The Action

On the 10th of Tributes in the 8th year in the reign of House Maesil, House Balthazar went renegade and launched a 250-legion surprise attack against House Maesil on more than 25 planets. House Benjamin was the first Imperium Nostrum member to retaliate. House Conor Acies of the Commonwealth engaged House Benjamin. House Gallonigher from the Commonwealth joined the battle along with the rest of the Imperium Nostrum, and from there on it was total mayhem. Highest feud score observed was 182.

The Emperor quickly responded by removing imperial jurisdiction from all Commonwealth planets and passing an emergency senate act declaring all allies of renegades to be renegade too. That made the entire Commonwealth alliance renegade.

The Turning Point

It was now revealed that the Emperor had prior knowledge of the attack. House Linear from the former Trade Federation had supplied him with compromising information detailing the plan of attack.

At this point the Fringe Imperials, the third strongest alliance from the eastern half of the galaxy joined in with the Imperium Nostrum with a few attacks against House Balthazar.

House Alhazred, who had not engaged in the actual warfare up to this point or declared for either side, now launched their troops against the members of the Imperium Nostrum, except the Emperor whose banner House Alhazred took up, after the Emperor announced no quarter would be given. House Alhazred argued that the Emperor was good, but had been led astray by Houses Aurelius, Benjamin and Luxurat, who were traitors. Alhazred troops liquidated most of House Aurelius's assets and looted Aureius's HQ, in addition to wiping out most of the Imperium Nostrum's holdings in the North-West Quarter of the Galaxy. The Emperor and House Alhazred came to an agreement, where House Alhazred would guarentee the behavior of all Commonwealth Houses, and the Emperor would call off all attacks on them; in exchange House Alhazred would end their crusade against House Maesil's allies. The Imperium Nostrum agreed and hostilities ended on the 25th of Tributes. Emperor Maesil was still the emperor, and as such, the Imperium Nostrum could claim victory.

The Damage

The Commonwealth was disbanded. House Balthazar and House Gallonigher were wiped out. House Conor Acies had lost 60% of their holdings. The other members of the Commonwealth escaped the battles with minor damages. House Alhazred escaped the war as the largest house in the galaxy with a status of 1150. The Commonwealth lost a total of 375 legions.

The Imperium Nostrum survived and remained the dominant alliance. House Aurelius claimed 50% losses on their part. No word was received from House Maesil, but the general consensus is that they must have been worse off as they were the main target of the attack. House Maesil's main technological center on Alya was destroyed. House Benjamin was also badly damaged. House Luxerat, House Terentius, House Caleb and other Imperium Nostrum members received varying degrees of damage. The loss of legions to the Imperium Nostrum is believed to be less than that of the Commonwealth because they were mainly on the defence. Estimates are between 200 and 250 legions.

A facility count done by House Conor Acies before and after the war reveals that just over 40% of all facilities on the 30 planets in their range were destroyed. The northwest and eastern areas of the galaxy escaped with lighter damage. The estimated number of destroyed facilities is around 2000.

The cost of the war is estimated to be between 17 and 20 million solars in direct expenses and damages. Loss of profit from destroyed facilities and cut trade routes is unknown.

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