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Current Events

After the oppressive rule of House Delandi, which saw various planets descend into recession and anarchy, Baade is finally recovering from past calamities under the benevolent leadership of Emperor Dominic Constantinus. In 130 IE Emperor Dominic Constantinus overthrew the usurper Ehno Delandi and restored peace and order to Baade.


Galgori Coronation


Empress Kaede Galgori was voted to the Imperial throne after the fall of House Piper from the Imperial seat and confirmed by the Imperial Senate. The coronation took place in the Temple of the Crown on Alya and most of the Houses of Baade were in attendance. House Levantes attacked the crowd with gas bombs, knocking everyone out and to try to find evidence dealing with the Assassinations of members of his household.

Video of the Coronation

Below is a textual description of archival video of the coronation ceremony:

The Temple of the Crown, magnificent and resplendid as befit one of the centres of Imperialist teaching and learning, was buzzing with activity.

Red and blue uniformed Luxerat forces had only recently arrived to escort the various nobles of house Luxerat, carrying only small arms, but the complex itself had been turned into a true fortress. Black and yellow uniformed soldiers with hard-wired kinetic weaponry of large calibre, their feature's obsured behind face-concealing helms and heavy armor, provided security on behalf of the Empress-Elect, while an entire artillery battery of the Armada had settled down among the surrounding buildings. Inside the complex, the blue-white uniforms of Armada soldiers nearly drowned out the golden shimmer of the Temple plaza. Truely, this meeting would be safe, or as safe as could be with an interplanetary assasin likely attending the coronation. At least, if that person tried anything obvious, death would await him.

Father Elkanah Luxerat and his family strode in, flanked by their guards. Though he had visited here often, this complex truely appeared the pinnacle of architecture in the Empire every time he looked at it. Combining the glittering of the golden star of the One with the iron will of Emperor Augustine Maesil, it was indeed easy to turn this building into a fortress. The outer ranges were built of three supporting arches, but below that a concrete wall would block anyone who sought to enter beside the gates. The plaza itself was made of transparent but durable polymers, mixed with yellow clay to produce a golden shimmer. The entrance to the Temple itself was a wide arch, flanked on the left by Duke Althanos landing on Algenib, set in blue stone extracted from the soil of Algenib, while on the right a golden statue of the One casting down the many-headed monster of Chaos was displayed. On the top of the gate was a golden star, with four long points, one pointing down. A true star of the One.

As Elkanah passed beneath the gates, he entered the main hall of the Temple. At least 30 meters high, with murderholes dotting the ceiling, and wide enough to seat over 100 people next to eachother, now the hall was split in two. On the right, those of certain standing would be seated in order, starting with the representatives of house Alhazred and continuing with house Levantes and then Raistlin. On the left he would be seated on the front row, with his family, while house Tannhauser would be seated behind them and Coriolanus next. Beside the Altar on the right stood a single row of seats for house Galgori, turned 90 degrees so that they, too, would witness the ceremony. Fortuitous indeed that Aucodi and Gaigalos were the first to be seated on the 'wrong' side of the alley, in case anyone was insane enough to start trouble at the heart of the Empire. On both sides of the seats there was space enough for guards and servants, and the Imperialist acolytes.

As he reached the front rows, Elkanah nodded to the Cardinals seated on the left of the Altar, besides the throne of Baade, and the crown that was laid out on the Prophet's seat. The Prophet, himself, would not enter more than a minute before the Empress-Elect, but he would not be seated untill there was an Empress.

Elkanah sat down on his seat, to wait. Many nobles would be landing now, some walking in already, but he would wait to the reception at the end of the ceremony. Now was the time for focus, and for easing his aching bones.

(We see various nobles of the Houses of Baade enter)

(The camera turns to the actions of Baron Ivanov)

Seeing that things were really started to get crowded, and watching the obvious tension between Kaede and Kagekiyo; Konstantin decides to set his plan in motion. Making a very deliberate approach towards the Imperial party, the Baron takes a moment to give a sarcastic bow to the Empress elect. “I hope you found my message enlightening…” looking up and seeing that Kagekiyo was free “if you beg my pardon ma'am, but I have something to discuss with your nephew.” Then taking a bow bordering on mocking, Konstantin makes his way to the Head of House of Cthulu.

“Greetings High Priest, it must be difficult for you being in a temple of Imperialism, more so considering the vitriol that has spewed from the mouths of Imperialist Prophets in the past towards Cthulist.” Waiting a moment for this too sink in, Konstantin continues this dialogue that he had been planning since hearing notice of the coronation “However I am sure that you approved of the Imperialists declaring your Aunt to be the Empress, as a show of consolidation if you will. Now I am sure that, with what you have heard of me over the past couple of months that you most likely do not approve of me, I can understand this, however, I feel if there was anyone deserving of the truth it was you, the Leader of a proud tradition and the spiritual guide too many within the galaxy.” Slowly Konstantin reaches into his jacket, making sure not to surprise the notoriously hair triggered Imperialist legionnaires and produces a sealed envelope “please accept this and…” Konstantin leans in close to Kagekiyo and whispers something into his ear before slowly stepping back making a polite bow and walking away.

Allowing himself to wander back and fourth among the gathered audience, so as not to draw a direct line between the Galgori's and the Levantes'. After puttering around long enough, Konstantin finds himself before the elusive Viscount Levantes. “Greetings my lord, it is good to see you here even in spite of the recent loss of another family member. I do not wish to disturb you for I know that much slander has been spoken of me and my involvement with past misfortunes visited on your Family. However there is much for you to see” Konstantin reaches into his jacket and pulls out a second envelope, much like the first if not slightly larger. Konstantin takes a moment to rotate it face up towards Yahya and almost ceremoniously hands it to the Viscount. The Baron takes a moment to whisper something to the Viscount before stepping away and speaking only two words “I’m sorry”

Satisfied that he has accomplished all he set out too, Baron Konstantin Grigori Ivanov the Third makes his way back to his entourage and informs them that he would much rather watch the coronation from his study aboard the Dauntless. Looking back at the crowd, he smiles to himself thinking what fools they all are, so blind to everything around them. Well everything was in place; soon they won’t be able to ignore the painful truth that was hurtling at them.

(The coronation continues)

The Prophet had walked in in a flurry of activity, but confessor Galanus had clearly misset a certain attribute, and so the Red Sceptre was not in his hand. Even without it, the Prophet looked his best in the most expensive white and gold uniform. Though similar to the uniforms worn by the Armada soldiers, it recalled an ancient time when indeed men had been sage and warrior both. Warriors of the One they still were, of course, but nowadays the Prophet wore robes more often than his uniform. The inevitable delay due to the lacking sceptre sparked some activity among the assembled nobles, but finally the sceptre arrived and a bell sounded.

The guests, and the various servants and acolytes, had plenty of time to return to their places, and then a second bell sounded to announce the start of the ceremony. In a very unceremonial hurry, the Lord Admiral left the assembly to oversee security.

Finally, the chorus of acolytes began the ancient text, which recited their belief in the One, the father of gods. A strange text, Nagakiyo reflected, for there was but One God, and he was His Prophet.

As the chorus quieted down, the most Imperialist part of the ceremony, Nagakiyo walked to the altar: 'Nobles of the blessed Empire, we are gathered here to raise from among you an Empress, to uphold the law, to defend the people of Baade, and to maintain peace and prosperity. Magnanimously, Mother Galgori has chosen to accept this burden, and so the crown of the Empire, raised first by Emperor Augustine Maesil when he won the rule of Alya, shall be placed upon her head. The Red Sceptre, which he wielded in the battles against the aliens, shall be the symbol of her judgement. After this is done, it falls to all those bound by Imperial Charter to turn this crowning into rule by the swearing of fealty, as has been the custom of man since time immemorial.' Having finished his speech, sadly devoid of calls for blessing from the One, Nagakiyo muttered a brief prayer and then continued:

'Empress-Elect, would you be so kind as to stand here before me?'

As she strode forward, aging but still healthy enough for any rule, he began his agreed on speech, influenced greatly by the reign of house Maesil:

'Mother Kaede of house Galgori, I ask of you on behalf of the people of Baade to swear by the honour of your house, and recite the oath of office, so that you may be crowned Empress of our realm.“

Mother Kaede Galgori:“I swear to represent the public good of the People, to carry out the decries of the Senate, and to uplift and encourage the best virtues of humanity. Mind, Body, and Soul; Past, Present, and Future, I bind myself and my bloodline to that service and that burden for so long as it is ours to bear, to the limits of our skill, dedication, and power, wherever the good-faith execution of this task demands we take it within Morality and the Law,” Empress-Elect Kaede Galgori recites, voice steady, confident, and unflinching, expression carefully schooled to contain whatever she might be feeling.

During the vow, confessor Galanus quietly walked closer, and handed the crown to the Prophet. It was indeed an Alyan design, with two curved swords and at the front, a goblet for water. Nagakiyo reflected that, if the Empire had come from his home, Maia, or from Algenib, it would more likely be a dam against water than a goblet to emphasise it.

As the Empress-Elect finished her vow, he lifted the crown and spoke: 'Then I, Nagakiyo Chevalier, bear witness that you have spoken this vow, and are now bound to the Law and the Empire.' Lowering the crown upon her head, he continued: 'I place this crown upon your head, and proclaim now that you are our Empress in truth.' Galanus now handed him the scepter, and handing it to the Empress, the Prophet spoke a final time: 'Accept from me your scepter, Your Imperial Majesty, as a symbol of your office.'

His final words spoken, the Prophet saluted, then stepped backward to the line of sitting cardinals. Now, the platform was empty but for the Empress and the throne, and behind that throne the altar of the Temple.

Kaede Galgori took the sceptor and held it up to catch the light, allowing herself a short, warm smile as her gaze shifted over the assembled Nobles and to the window above and behind them.

“Then… I thank Nagakiyo Chevalier for linking us to our Imperial past here on Alya at this ceremony and at this time even as I plant the seeds for our Imperial future on Nusaken 7, may it my part in it prove to be healing one as I strive to purify Rainer Piper's Taint in duty and service with the aid of all of you gathered here and beyond,” she finished, taking the handful of backwards steps needed to sit down on the symbolic throne.

The Levantes Attack

It was at this moment that the Levantes military attacked with gas canisters, putting all of the nobles assembled to sleep.

Security footage of the incident shows the Levantes household searching for clues about the assassination of their kin among the sleeping nobles. Viscount Yahya Levantes himself spent some time skimming through an envelope on the personage of High Priest Kagekiyo Galgori, the small recording device they each carried capturing a copy of its contents.

After only a few minutes, Yahya, Viola, Halima and Sebastian Mk II had left the Temple, and then left Alya along with the twenty House Levantes Legions retreating from their patrols.


After this event, the newly-crowned Empress issued this following video message:

*Opnet transmission streamed from the newly-constructed Imperial Palace (specifically a well-lit hall lined with angular steel pillars and a black-marble floor), the camera showing Empress Kaede Galgori sitting in a black-and-white painted metal throne, lit from above by the noon time sun via a skylight that stretches the length of the room and clad in the black robes of her House. The Imperial Crown sits on her head, her expression grave and eyes serious.*

“People of Baade, as you no doubt are aware, forces from House Levantes disrupted the Imperial Coronation by attacking the Luxerat forces providing security for the ceremony while their Black Ops personnel gassed the Temple itself, and assisted their employers in searching the Nobles present before vanishing from the scene by unknown means, the Levantes Legions retreating from Alya at the same time. Several members of the Alhazred family were taken at the same time, Sheik Alhazred's uncle expiring during the incident, and several others nearly doing so if not for the actions of Luxerat combat-medics.”

“There are many bitter words we could use to describe this violation of the public trust on that day, many just recriminations we, and I, can and no doubt will level at House Levantes for their actions, Fued earned and waiting-to-be executed, but for now I urge all Houses to wait for Levantes to answer three very important questions before they plunge into the furnace of open war and contention. One, where are the missing members of the Alhazred family? Two, what was the objective of this betreyal? Three, what just compensation and profound apology can you offer to start redeeming yourselves in the face of the Empire you have so insulted?”

“In case the Baron Konstantin Ivanov thinks I have forgotten his unrepentant role in the earlier crimes of his House with this new crisis. I assure him I have not. You and yours are only a major symptom of the religious fever that threatens the Peace of Baade, and soon enough, we will find the medicine required to cure your taint. Perhaps not today, but soon enough.”

“May the twin forces of Luck and Hardwork reward the just and good of all faiths in these coming days of crisis.”

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