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After the oppressive rule of House Delandi, which saw various planets descend into recession and anarchy, Baade is finally recovering from past calamities under the benevolent leadership of Emperor Dominic Constantinus. In 130 IE Emperor Dominic Constantinus overthrew the usurper Ehno Delandi and restored peace and order to Baade.


Eleventh Imperial Elections

Glory 22, Year 96IE: Emperor Ugo Ingram passes away quietly in his sleep at the age of 82.
Lady Annemarie Fealoke assumes responsibility as regent, but only in the most formal sense - House Ingram Seneschal and close friend of the late Emperor Geraldo Guidino steps in to oversee the formal aspects of the regency. This includes the calling of the 11th Imperial Elections

Candidates were:
Lord Imran Ingram, son of the late Emperor, nominated by Lord Eckert Xylander,
Lord Eckert Xylander, nominated by Minister Henrik Boehm,
and Brother Edwardus Hug, nominated by brother Edwardus Hug, some time after the nomination deadline (would later drop out and declare for Lord Imran)

The 11th Imperial Elections became somewhat of a snag in the history of the electoral history of the Imperial Throne for a number of reasons, not the least of which being the utter apathy shown by the voting Houses - with each candidate receiving one vote at the most, resulting in a months-long deadlock.

House Ingram, seizing on their senatorial super-majority, used this opportunity to have the Imperial Senate not only declare Lord Imran to be the lawful Emperor of Baade, but also that the Imperial Throne would thereafter pass along the dynastic line of Ugo Ingram.

This resulted in no small amount of controversy, with a second “legitimate” 11th Imperial election being called by House Ordo Malleus - this time with far greater voter turnout. While this election resulted in a victory for Lord Xylander, House Ingram supporters contested the results, claiming that Imran Ingram had been duly installed by the Senate, and that, by law, only a 2/3rds vote of no-confidence by the Senate could in turn unseat him.

Factions quickly formed around both clamants to the Throne, eventually resulting in what would become known as The Centennial War

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