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Current Events

After the oppressive rule of House Delandi, which saw various planets descend into recession and anarchy, Baade is finally recovering from past calamities under the benevolent leadership of Emperor Dominic Constantinus. In 130 IE Emperor Dominic Constantinus overthrew the usurper Ehno Delandi and restored peace and order to Baade.


Kincaid the Renegade

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The situation revolving around the renegade House Kincaid originates out of the Imperialist Civil War and can be seen as a direct continuation and escalation of that war. The conflict with House Oresthin led Kincaid to launch several military “investigations” of Oresthin “terrorist” activity, which she claimed to be able to trace to the facilities of House Oresthin. These claims have been questioned since, and many suspect them to be pure fabrications to justify extending the war against Oresthin. Lord Oresthin denied the allegations but refused to directly retaliate for the initial destruction.

An unreported move at the time, House Malaganov fired a retainer who was the Senator to Regulus 9 where he was then hired by Kincaid. One of the first actions that the Senator took after being hired by Kincaid was remove the planet from Imperial Jurisdiction, a move that many had expected due to the planet's status of being the research hub as well as headquarters of House Aucodi much like the planets of other “drop and chop” attacks in the past. However, the vast majority of galactic opinion had favorable opinions of House Aucodi, who had shown themselves to be wise leaders especially during their time as Regent, and did not believe Kincaid would target their facilities, and would instead use the opportunity to take shots at transportation hubs of House Oresthin.

However, they were wrong. After claiming to have found another cell, Lady Morwyn Kincaid launched an attack on Oresthin facilities on Regulus 9. In what House Kincaid has maintained was an accidental destruction in the crossfire, but other houses have argued was a targeted attack, House Kincaid destroyed not only the facilities of House Oresthin but also those of House Aucodi, claiming that the group of terrorists escaped into the vast network of research facilities and that a request to House Aucodi to pursue them was denied. It was later revealed by House Aucodi that they never received such a request and that Kincaid forces ran through the complexes and plundered several technological projects.

Galactic Response

The Galactic response to the attack on Aucodi called for action against House Kincaid. Only after months of dialogue and waiting did a senate vote finally decide to declare House Kincaid a renegade.

Kincaid's Preemptive Strike

Following being declared a renegade by a simple majority of the senate, House Kincaid launched a series of attacks against her vocal opponents in the Trade Federation and House Oresthin. The resulting clash was decisive and brutal, both sides hitting civilian and millitary targets whenever the oppurtunity presented itself. Initial clashes favored the technologically-superior Kincaids as all but one of the Trade Federation governerships fell to coups. The tide turned as the Houses Alhazred and Kane assaulted Kincaid's stronghold on Alya, leveling the defenses there. This was followed by the failure of the Kincaids to reduce House Suzumiya's Alterf defenses and the loss of nine legions. The fighting gradually died down as Kincaid ran out of both active Transport Hubs and extant fortresses from which to launch counter attacks with her core of still dangerous fleets.

The Long War

From there, the war, after one or two early failures in vigilance on the part of the impromptu coalition, settled into a pattern of abortive peace gestures, Kincaid Guardposts being found and destroyed before they could come online, and in a nastily effective twist, the rise of rampant Kincaid-funded piracy when the stress of the situation led to the paralysis of the Imperial Police that might oppose her. The conflict burned low but hot in the minds of those that fought it, neither side willing to come again to the table after the fiasco that was the Yalta Conference.

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