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After the oppressive rule of House Delandi, which saw various planets descend into recession and anarchy, Baade is finally recovering from past calamities under the benevolent leadership of Emperor Dominic Constantinus. In 130 IE Emperor Dominic Constantinus overthrew the usurper Ehno Delandi and restored peace and order to Baade.


Nobyn's War

Nobyn's War, also known as The Nobyn Rebellion
Galaxy: Baade
Date: 39th of Fates 79 IE - 25th of Glory 79 IE
Outcome: Decisive Coalition victory
The Loyalist Coalition The Red Guard
House Notes House Notes
House BoehmLeader of the CoalitionHouse Jaxtarone*Temporarily under the command of Nobyn Jaxtarone
House Ingram
House Djala
House MacLachlanLater stages only
House FealokeFormer Jaxtarone ally, later stages only
Emperor Robert Suzumiya-Boehm Nobyn Jaxtarone
Lord Commander Ugo Ingram
Chairman Gad Djala
Duke Iago MacLachlan
Lady Renate Fealoke
~75 Legions~150 Legions
~20 LegionsAll Legions

A Prelude to Rebellion

The Assassination of Baroness Necron

Roughly two months prior to any open declaration of hostilities, the Galaxy of Baade was shocked by the news of the assassination of the Baroness Elisabeth Necron. House Necron leadership withdrew into a deep and long-lasting period of mourning for their family matriarch, and would remain sequestered deep within the halls of their fortress throughout the proceeding months, essentially missing the conflict entirely.
Several Houses, including then-Imperial House Boehm, as well as House Ingram, took it upon themselves to investigate the tragedy - the former out of a sense of Nobilis Oblige, and the latter due primarily to the recent marriage of Imran, son of Lord Ugo Ingram, to Françoise Necron, niece and heir to the late Baroness Elisabeth. Suspicions initially fell upon the young noble couple, having been posed to gain a great deal from the death of the Baroness, but they were soon vindicated. Imran Ingram, incensed at the murder of his wife's aunt (and essentially his mother-in-law), quietly requested the aid of Chairman Gad Djala, unbeknownst to Lord Ingram - the two Houses having been at odds for some time.
The investigating Houses would soon uncover evidence casting suspicion on House Jaxtarone - unfortunately, the matter would never have a chance to come to trial.

The First Wave

In the early morning hours of the 39th of Fates, in the Sixth year of the reign of Emperor Robert Boehm, House Jaxtarone launched an assault on House Ingram forces stationed on Sabik, likely due to it being the homeworld of House Necron. This, of course, resulted in House Jaxtarone being immediately declared renegade. Reprisals would soon follow against the major Mothallah and Aldonus and Aldonus- the Jaxtarone homeworld and its sister planet, respectively. During these early days of the war, it seemed that Duke Cyfan Jaxtarone was still in command of his House. This would shortly be proven to have been an elaborate deception.

A Formal Declaration of Hostilities

The Cold Queen

Several days after the first shots were fired, and House Jaxtarone having been declared to be in open rebellion against the Throne on Meissa, the true force behind House Jaxtarone's aggression was reveled. Nobyn Jaxtarone, sister to Duke Cyfan, made her first public address to the people of the Empire. It quickly became clear to all who witnessed it that she had, over an indeterminate period of time, imprisoned the other members of her House in a vast cryogenic complex. More disturbingly still, she had forcefully implanted each of them with cranial cybernetics, essentially linking them all into a human/machine hivemind, with herself at the center - apparently inspired by a perverted interpretation of the Jaxtarone faith of Ur-Technica.
Having formally revealed herself, Nobyn Jaxtarone announced her master plan - she would destroy the Empire, and create a new one in her image. She invited any House willing to stand with her, and made assurances of total annihilation for the rest - driving this point home with a number of doomsday missiles, each warhead containing a specially engineered strain of galactic plague, fully airborne and completely fatal.

The Sieges of Mothallah and Aldonus

The hastily formed Coalition quickly rallied, more determined than before to stop Nobyn before her plans could come to fruition. Assaults were redoubled on the Jaxtarone strongholds of Mothallah and Aldonus, the source of the continuing Red Guard attacks. This would eventually put Nobyn's armies on the back foot, forcing them to fall back to a more defensive posture. The siege of these two words would, however, continue for the greater duration of the war.

The Sieges of Adhafera, Maia, and Meissa

While the Coalition was busy attempting to break through the massive buildup of legions on Alioth and Mothallah, in order to be able to strike at Nobyn herself, the de-facto Dutchess of House Jaxtarone was able to send numerous legions against the homeworlds of the Coalition Houses - at the time, consisting of House Ingram (Adhafera), House Djala (Maia) and Boehm (Meissa).
While Houses Boehm and Djala were able to repel the assaults on their respective homeworlds, House Ingram - largely due to the majority of their armed forces having been dispatched against House Jaxtarone - saw the Red Guard break through their defenses, razing all of House Ingram's facilities on the planet, as well as a number of cities, and even Citadel Ingram itself. The leadership of House Ingram, including deposed planetary governor Giraldo Gudino, were able to evacuate into an emergency “Sand-Spider” bunker. The bunker itself evacuated the premises shortly thereafter, avoiding the remaining Red Guard by running across, and occasionally burying itself in, the sands of Adhafera. Lord Ingram would continue to coordinate House armed forces from here for the remainder of the conflict.
This had the unexpected side-effect of bringing the substantial military might of House MacLachlan into the fray, they being the only allies of House Ingram at the time.

The Siege Breaks

Alioth became the first of the strongholds to fall, the last remaining Red Guard legions being cut down amidst the unremitting assault of House Djala armed forces. House Djala would proceed to dismantle all Jaxtarone military bases, and to mercilessly plunder every other Jaxtarone facility on the planet - primarily their research facilities, appropriating a great deal of proprietary Jaxtarone technology for themselves.
The siege of Mothallah would last another several days, but that too would soon be broken, this time by the Boehm Imperial Navy. This would leave the Wraithbone tower - Jaxtarone Headquarters - completely exposed, allowing a squadron of House Fealoke commandos to infiltrate the facility and strike the decisive blow that would end the war.

By Blood Renewed

Just as Coalition forces were able to break through to the Wraithbone tower, a massive earthquake shook the crust of Mothallah - believed now to have been caused by massive cascade failures of the miles of major technological facilities Nobyn had surreptitiously constructed beneath the planet. The combination of these factors led Nobyn Jaxtarone to accelerate her plans, opting to simply launch and/or detonate her stockpile of doomsday warheads in a desperate and vengeful last resort.
Thankfully, before she managed to do so, she was confronted by House Fealoke forces - led to her location by a recently-liberated Duke Cyfan Jaxtarone, who had manged to exploit his forced mental uplink to his sister in order to learn her plans. Her two bodyguards, abominations of flesh and steel known by the fitting names of Bulwark and Aegis, were able to inflict several casualties on the squadron, before being overpowered. Nobyn Jaxtarone herself was slain when she caused her brain to destroy itself, thus finally ending hostilities between the Empire and House Jaxtarone.


House Boehm

Though the Imperial Navy suffered numerous casualties at the hands of the Red Guard, House Boehm was left largely unscathed by the conflict. Emperor Robert would continue to reign for another five years, before electing to abdicate the throne in 85 IE

House Djala

Djala armed forces were able to acquire a substantial amount of advanced technology from raided (and subsequently demolished) Jaxtarone facilities, leading to the creation of the first of House Djala's many titan engines. House Djala remains substantially more technologically advanced than most other Houses in the galaxy.

House Ingram

House Ingram likely suffered the greatest losses of any house short of Jaxtarone itself. Ingram armed forces would remain drastically under strength for some time, and it would take the better part of a year to fully rebuild Citadel Ingram itself, House leadership temporarily residing in a small portion of the structure that remained mostly functional while repairs were ongoing.
Imran Ingram, Lord Ugo's son and heir to House leadership, was severely injured during the siege itself while aiding in the defense of Citadel Ingram. Having been shot through the left shoulder, and facing numerous surgeries to restore functionality to his arm, Imran opted instead to have it amputated and replaced by a cybernetic facsimile.
Lord Ingram, vowing never to allow these events repeat themselves, personally oversaw the rebuilding of House Ingram's military facilities, as well as a dramatic expansion of its armed forces. While Lord Ingram has forgiven House Jaxtarone, holding no currently living members of the Jaxtarone dynasty responsible for the conflict, the rest of the Ingram line remains on icy terms with their one-time foes, and likely will not soon forget the losses suffered at their hands.

House Fealoke

While instrumental in ending the conflict, House Fealoke did not enter the war until very near its conclusion. Lady Renate, however, having been a close ally of House Jaxtarone, partially blamed herself for allowing the House to come under Nobyn's sway without her knowing. To this end, she devoted a considerable amount of House funds toward helping both sides rebuild and recoup their losses.

House MacLachlan

Having experience minimal involvement in the conflict, very little was changed for House Machlachlan. They retain close ties to their allies in House Ingram.

House Necron

Having been deeply fixated on their mourning rituals for their deceased matriarch, House Necron was, impressively, not even aware a war had transpired until over a week after it had ceased - despite widespread conflict on their own homeworld. Baroness Françoise would go on to formally ally her House with that of her husband Imran. They would go on to produce two daughters, Marianne and Agathe Necron.

By Fire Reforged

House Jaxtarone would undergo major restructuring after the end of the war. Duke Cyfan was restored to his rightful seat as head of house leadership, but the house was left without a military, a formal headquarters, and with very few allies. They would soon build the fantastic NewLight Keep over the ashes of the Wraithbone Tower, a symbol of the new direction of the House.
Duke Cyfan would also go on to oversee a change of course for the faith of Ur-Technica, viewing failings of Technican doctrine as one of the reasons for his sister's fall from grace. With Nobyn Jaxtarone deceased, Cadeyrn Delfino would be appointed to the seat of Lord Magi, the head of the faith. These decisions by Duke Cyfan would lead directly to the cultural shift known as the Galactic Faith Revival.
Duke Cyfan, sadly, can said to have been the final casualty of the war. His decision to forcefully remove his neural uplink when discovered by Fealoke forces necessitated the insertion of replacement neural implants, as well as the replacement of one of his eyes. He would pass away shortly after officiating the conclusion of the Golden Felde Schism only a few years later, at a very young age for a noble. Whether complications stemming from these cybernetics were a factor in his early death are a subject of some debate to this day.

The Shadow War

Unbeknownst to all but a select few near the very top of House Jaxtarone leadership, Nobyn Jaxtarone had not truly died that fateful day beneath her crumbling citadel - nor, however, was she truly still alive.
Several months after the end of hostilities, the Mothallah defense network would intercept, divert, and destroy an errant cargo transport. The “attacking” transport was found to have been completely empty, but it did manage to convey a sort of message - a blast of high-frequency radiation that, when translated, conveyed a single word: “Cyfan”.
The ship was traced back to the decaying Research Station XG113, stationed in orbit of a small, rocky planetoid on the edge of a dying solar system no longer listed in Imperial records.
The station, it was soon discovered, was meant to house Nobyn's literal backup plan - her mind, stored as data, deep within the stacks of the research station. While the staff and crew of the station believed her to be contained within, a portion of her had managed to escape within one of the station's cargo transports when the ship docked with the station - spacing the crew before attempting to breach Mothallah's defense network.
Duke Cyfan ordered the complete annihilation of the station, as well as the the Valkyrie used to board it, due to it having docked with the station. Those aboard were evacuated utilizing the grav-anchors and bulkhead busters of two other Valkyries patrolling in orbit. The station was then fired upon with extreme prejudice, causing it to break apart and fall into the gravity well of the planetoid below, smashing into molten shards upon impact.

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