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After the oppressive rule of House Delandi, which saw various planets descend into recession and anarchy, Baade is finally recovering from past calamities under the benevolent leadership of Emperor Dominic Constantinus. In 130 IE Emperor Dominic Constantinus overthrew the usurper Ehno Delandi and restored peace and order to Baade.


Peasant Riots of Baade


During the second year of the reign of House Raistlin, the peasants on several planets in the empire rose up in revolt. This gave rise to a peasant Seperatist Movement 1) empire-wide, calling themselves The Oresthenians (see Activities on Sabik, below) and sought to remove worlds from Imperial Jurisdiction. In particular, the planets Sabik, Alterf, and Aldonus, the home planets for Houses Oresthin, Suzumiya, and Malaganov were particularly affected by these riots with large rallies of protesters tried to disrupt every-day activities on several cities on these planets as a form of protest to the new Emperor's rule. These protests very often ended in violence, with thousands of protesters either dead or missing on each planet. The timing and coordination of these riots seem to indicate that these are not isolated incidences. The main grievances of the protesters were the perceived laxness and extravagance of the Raistlin reign although the lack of freedom and human rights were also a cause for protest on Aldonus where the serfs suffer under the Malaganov tyrannical regime.

Activities on Sabik

Large rallies of protesters came forward today across the massive cities of Sabik. The complaints of the protesters ranged were diverse but aimed largely at the central government. The rallies in the area surrounding Southberg, the gigantic metropolis that is home to the Cathedral of Justice, were targeted at the recent ruling allowing for certain political houses to subvert the Electoral Spam Act, increasing their power.

Others, however, targeted other issues, including the extravagance of the Raistlin Coronation, how long the apparent party had been going on. Both of which the protesters claimed were signs of the current administration's decadence. Finally other factions protested old claims (ranging from the hard-line Imperialists claiming that the Empire had lost religious foundation since Maesil to those complaining over the recent “hidden planet” scandal).

The coordinated timing suggests that these groups had formed an alliance or that an outside force had brought them together. Though there was some violence, Fiat Lux Legions on the ground and in orbit did not respond or restrain the protesters. Thousands are dead and the leaders of the groups responsible are still at large. Imperial police have attempted to track them down, but without local military support have had little success.

A few days later, the protesters again took to the streets.

Massive riots occurred across Sabik today, mostly targeted the unelected imperial crony's government, however over a dozen Oresthin facilities were bombed in well-coordinated explosions and suicide attacks. 113 Oresthin personnel were killed and over 300 were wounded, Fiat Lux troops have refused to act for “security reasons”. Other attacks across the planet have killed thousands. The planet, under the seemingly non-responsive imperial governorship, seems to be headed towards outright civil war.

These actions would continue to escalate until culminating in The Sabik Revolution. After the Sabik Revolution, the separatists became called by many as Oresthenians, named for the actions of House Oresthin who couped the Emperor Raistlin's crony at the urging of the peasants, who are now widely thought to have been incited by House Oresthin in a power grab, since their first action was to exempt themselves from taxes on that world.

Activities on Alterf

Endless Bloom was briefly besieged by agitated protestors from near-by Fulgrim's Rest. While Suzumiya Internal Security was able to keep the commoners, complaining about general issues regarding the inactivity and extravagance of the new Raistlin Regime, from violating the defensive perimeter, a lack of established millitary formations kept House Suzumiya from dispersing the protestors until Lois Suzumiya could be flown from her protelyzation on the oppisite side of the planet to calm the crowd and address their concerns. The presence of Golden Vale Lay Adepts in the crowds seemed to particularly trouble the Head of House.

The protest broke up more or less peacefully as the long, cold Alterf winter night swept in and all but the most diehard went home. Those few were gone by morning as well, presumed safe in their homes in the untracked underhives of the capital.

Activities on Aldonus

Protesters gathered in the streets of Czargrad on Aldonus earlier today after three University students were executed for reading black listed literature. Rioting erupted after several vehicles were burned by crowds of angry students and miners. Police forces were joined by the Malaganov Forces at Arms in the late afternoon. As night began, angry crowds began shouting calls for freedom, justice and human rights. Military personnel fired into the crowd killing 1,549 and wounding 4,305. Wounded sent to hospitals for treatment later were reported to have disappeared. Hospital staff refused to comment. Representative Yuri Volgin released a statement on behalf of House Malaganov, “Today, terrorists and rebels attempted to incite a riot against our honorable Baron in his own capitol. We are pleased tonight that order has been restored by our chivalrous grand army.” Military forces remain patrolling the streets of Czargrad which is now under a state of undeclared martial law.

Chaos erupts in Czargrad, the Malaganov capitol on Aldonus as the home of the Marshall of Police is bombed along with three Police Barracks. Bombs planted at Malaganov Mines and Factory Complexes were successfully disarmed. Bombings continued striking two schools for the wealthy elite killing 56 children and wounding 43. Across the megacity, massive broadcast and advertising screens were hacked and taken over by a shadowy black masked figure who spoke in a menacing tone, “We are the Galactic Liberation Army. For too long the nobles of the galaxy have oppressed the people! For too long the Malaganov swine have treated their serfs like animals! The Galactic Aristocracy is at an end! The Emperor cares only for the oligarchy of the galaxy! Death to the aristocratic swine! Death to the oppressors! Freedom for all commoners! Working people of the galaxy unite! We are the Galactic Liberation Army! We are across the galaxy! We fight for freedom!”. Malaganov troops quickly cut the power to all screens in the city as cheers from the poorest slums began to grow louder and louder. Representative Volgin had this to say on behalf of the Baron, “There shall always be a high to rule the low. Such is the law of nature. The Galactic Liberation Army will be hunted down and defeated! Our valiant army shall not fail!”

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