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Current Events

After the oppressive rule of House Delandi, which saw various planets descend into recession and anarchy, Baade is finally recovering from past calamities under the benevolent leadership of Emperor Dominic Constantinus. In 130 IE Emperor Dominic Constantinus overthrew the usurper Ehno Delandi and restored peace and order to Baade.


Raistlin Coronation


Hubert Raistlin was voted to the Imperial throne after the liquidation of House Galgori and confirmed by the Imperial Senate. The coronation itself took place in the imperial compound on Celebrai 13.

Description of the Compound

On a remote tract of land near the imperial compound stood an impressive triangle like structure. Even though the structure sat a stones through from, arguably, the most pristine beach in SE quadrant of the galaxy, the structure was entirely enclosed. The climate on CB 13 wasn’t conducive to frolicking on the beach. From the outside the building looked like large sheets of ice had been stacked on top of one another to create a structure that was 40 stories high. Even though the outside of the building looked quite cold, the inside was warm. Every floor except the top three floors of this structure opened to a triangular courtyard. To travel the distance from one side of the court yard to the others would take an able bodied man 10 to 15 minutes. At the North Western side of the triangle, was a stage, set up for the official coronation event. Behind the stage was a great wall of windows that opened onto the beach outside, and each evening would display a most stunning sunsets.

The Top three floors were special accommodations for special guests. The floor was a super cooled sheet of ice that extended over the court yard below. The ice, thin and clear allowed the inhabitants of the room to watch the proceedings below. For this event each floor would house a noble house and all of his/her family that chooses to attend. If a member of the family so desired the accommodations’ were significant enough that one’s family could be avoided entirely during their stay. On each of the floors, a private lounge would showcase each night of the festivities entertainment from a different planet. On the night of Coronation, that would occur when all the requisite Nobles had arrived, a grand party would be thrown in the courtyard. This facility had been built for the purpose of entertaining a large number of guests, and the emperor had hoped many would join him during the celebration. If not, the natives of CB 13 would enjoy the party.

Houses Attending

The following is a list of Houses known to have attended the coronation ceremony:

Raistlin (as incoming Emperor); Oresthin, Aucodi, Suzumiya, Luxerat, Eisenach, Verlix, Bonaparté, Levantes, Boehm, Malaganov, Alhazred, Grimburne, Valare, Coriolanus.

Meeting of the Minors

In order to foster friendship among the lesser houses of the galaxy, House Oresthin organized a small party in his suite while waiting for the coronation to start. Houses in attendance included Oresthin, Suzumiya, Eisenach, Bonaparte, Boehm and Malaganov. The members of these houses mainly engaged in conversation over drinks.

The Coronation Ceremony

The High Priest of Cthulu, High Priest Galgori, was pushed in his hoverchair up the ramp that ascended a dais of 87 full steps, and 17 half steps interspaced seemingly randomly. Upon the Dais was the Imperial Throne in all its simplicity and history. Rumoured to be from Olde Earth, it was only brought out for the most extreme of occasions. It was extracted from the sealed palaces of Alya for Emperor Piper I, by House Alhazred troops when they evicted House Maesil from those palaces upon Imperial Writ.

The crowd watched carefully to watch Emperor Hubert ascend the steps with his retinue to see if any of the oddly placed steps would make him trip, a bad omen, and depending on which step(s), the subject of prophecy and omen telling.

Hubert Raistlin stood from his seat and approached the stair case that led to the Imperial Throne. Although he had objected to a test that could lead to such humiliation, he had come to embrace the concept. After many hours of careful meditation he felt prepared to make his ascension. As he alighted up the 87 full steps, and 17 Half Steps, he felt significantly younger than his 40 years of age. Though not perfect in his footwork he arrived at the top of the platform feeling his performance would pass this test. Though Hubert had no idea of how is performance would impact his future has Emperor, as he often did not understand the prophecies and omens of the faith, he was certian that High Priest Galgori would soon bring the ceremony to its apex.

(House Oresthin at this time proceeded to hurriedly leave the coronation; the reason has been lost to history.)

Razin Stephan gently guided the crown onto the Emperor's Head, having taken it from the immobile hands of High Priest Kagekiyo Galgori where they rested upon his lap.

Having already clad the Emperor in the Imperial Mantle and handed him the Mirror of Justice and the Scepter of Law, and spent half an hour giving the benediction of blessing and prosperity, praying for all secrets forbidden o be kept hidden, and for all secrets beneficial to be revealed, Razin Stephan introduced the new Emperor to the audience.

“Long Live the Emperor!”

This was repeated by the Houses in attendance as they left the Coronation.

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