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Current Events

After the oppressive rule of House Delandi, which saw various planets descend into recession and anarchy, Baade is finally recovering from past calamities under the benevolent leadership of Emperor Dominic Constantinus. In 130 IE Emperor Dominic Constantinus overthrew the usurper Ehno Delandi and restored peace and order to Baade.


The Centennial War

The Centennial War
Galaxy: Baade
Date: 9th of Culminations, 98 IE - ~31st of Origins, 100 IE
Outcome: Stalemate, followed by the Treaty of Alphecca
The Imperial Diktat The Alliance to Preserve the Empire
House Notes House Notes
House IngramLeader of the Imperial DiktatHouse Ordo MalleusLeader of the APE
House Golem House Boehm Deputy of the APE
House Hug House Wulf
House Cass
House FealokeLater stages only
Shahansha-Emperor Imran Ingram Lord Mordekai Ordo Malleus
Czarina Julia Golem Master Isaac Ordo Malleus
Brother Edwardus Hug Justicar Antonius
Co-Minister Grigori Boehm
Co-Minister Adrian Boehm
Lord Lukas Wulf
Brienne Wulf
Brother Uchdryd Cass
Lady Annemarie Fealoke
Legions 400+ Legions
Legions ~160 Legions

The Succession Crisis

The First Sparks

put Golem's attacks on Gaigalos and Boehm, and the subsequent Ordo Malleus Response here

The Siege of Tania

The Razing of Mothallah

Coronation and Open War

put noteworthy battles here prior to Fealoke entering here

The Battle of Acrux

The 1st Siege of the Phalanx

APE Counterattack

The Economic War

Econ-wiping description goes here

Fealoke Enters the War

The 2nd Siege of the Phalanx

The Battle of Meissa

The Battle of Alderbaraan Prime

The Battle of Yildun Magna

The Battle of Maia

Centennial Ceasefire

Violations of the Ceasefire

Siege of Alterf and the Siege of Adhafera

The Treaty of Alpecca


Article 1) The APE and the Imperial Diktat will immediately cease all hostilities between each other since the 31st of Origins, 100IE.

Article 2) Hoyt Ingram, not Imran Ingram, shall be Emperor of Baade.

-2.1: Hoyt Ingram shall reign until his death, in which the existing laws of succession of an Imperial Election of the Galactic Nobility, hosted by the Regent of the Empire, will come into effect to elect a new Emperor.

-2.2: Imran Ingram shall formally renounce his claim to the title of Emperor of Baade, present and future.

-2.3: Hoyt Ingram shall be declared Emperor of Baade through the final and last XI Imperial Election, hosted by House Tangoor, in which Houses shall vote for the Ingram or abstain(abstaining shall not count as a vote /against/ the Ingram), who's result of the Ingram being Emperor-Elect shall be confirmed by the Senate. This election will be held /after/ the reparations have been determined(see Article 4).

-2.4: The Imperial Archives will note Imran Ingram as Shahanshah-Emperor-Effective of Baade from the period between the 33rd of Culminations 99IE to 15th of Virtue 100IE.

Article 3) The Regent of the Empire shall be Sultan Tangoor.

Article 4) All Houses of both the APE and the Imperial Diktat(including the Ingrams), shall pay each other war reparations, the amount which shall be determined by a council of the houses involved at a later date.

-4.1: These reparations shall include reparations for, but will not be limited to: the destruction of non-military facilities, supporting the military coups of senators, death of family members, violations of the armistice and war crimes.

Article 5) After the confirmation of Hoyt Ingram as Emperor of Baade as outlined in 2.3, all other houses will reaffirm their loyalty to the Empire and the Throne, while the Emperor shall acknowledge the importance of the consensus of the nobility, and reaffirm it's importance as the foundation of the Empire.”

The treaty was signed with both a signature and voice recording of the following houses:

  • House Ordo Malleus
  • “I, Mordekai Ordo Malleus, Lord of House Ordo Malleus of Baade, here by sign this treaty and solemnly swear to abide by it's terms.”
  • House Boehm
  • “As the Deputy Leader of the Alliance to Preserve the Empire, and as Minister of House Boehm, I, Grigori, agree to and affix my signature to this treaty and swear that House Boehm shall abide by all of its terms. Let there be peace and prosperity throughout the Empire.”
  • House Ingram
  • “In my final act as Shahanshah-Emperor, I, Shahanshah-Emperor Imran Ingram, son of Emperor Ugo Ingram, and father of Emperor Hoyt Ingram, Lord of House Ingram, and Shahanshah-Emperor of this and all other galaxies, by my Imperial authority as Shahanshah-Emperor of Baade, do hereby and hereon ratify this treaty, thus ceding my rights, duties, and Imperial authority as Shahanshah-Emperor to my son, Emperor Hoyt Ingram.”
  • House Golem
  • “House Golem would like to restate our objections to compensating for the loss of senators, but we agree with the rest of the treaty”
  • House Cass
  • “Well, while Golem can continue his dribble, I'll sign the treaty.”
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