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Current Events

After the oppressive rule of House Delandi, which saw various planets descend into recession and anarchy, Baade is finally recovering from past calamities under the benevolent leadership of Emperor Dominic Constantinus. In 130 IE Emperor Dominic Constantinus overthrew the usurper Ehno Delandi and restored peace and order to Baade.


The Sabik Revolution

The Sabik Revolution was a conflict between the Imperial House, Raistlin, and House Oresthin in the second year of the reign of the Emperor Hubert Raistlin, over Imperial policing and political governance over the planet Sabik following the Peasant Riots of Baade.


The Sabik Revolution was precipitated by the previous peasant riots that occurred during the second year of the reign of Raistlin and gave rise to The Oresthinians. Protesters under the banner of the “Separatist Party” started to indiscriminately attack facilities of various houses on Sabik as well as commit acts of terrorism against institution of government. It came just after a busy time with the Coronation of Emperor Raistlin just ending and a time of a number of marriages between the Houses of Baade. The severity and intensity of the Sabik Revolution eventually caused House Oresthin to throw their lot with the protesters and overthrow Imperial control on Sabik.

This prompted Emperor Raistlin to declare Oresthin a renegade although peace talks commenced before any attacks on Oresthin started. Although peace talks were about to get started, the crisis ended when House Kane attacked Sabik and destroyed all of Oresthin's facilities, ending their governance of the planet, and allowing the planet to be readmitted into the Empire.


Escalation of Violence

As Sabik spiraled out of control, news of explosions became daily news, often more then one a day. Thousands were already dead and the death toll was rising ever faster. The damage to Oresthin facilities was already in the thousands of Solars, and other houses faced similar challenges (luckily, their security teams seemed oddly more competent than Oresthin's).

From this emerged the “Free Sabik Party,” one of the founding grass-roots groups that inspired the rest of The Oresthenians. They were led by Tomomori Kealey, a man of uncertain past but now had somehow come to a head of a coalition of an anti-Imperial coalition. The party demanded the removal of unelected imperial control from the planet of Sabik, believing that Sabik had been restrained economically by the Imperial jurisdiction and hurt by the various attacks nobles have used against the people of this planet (in the Actions against House Ivanov). While the Noble Houses had been reimubursed, the victims remained without recourse and often destitute. Their goal was the removal of Imperial Jurisdiction and governance from the planet. The party enjoyed widespread popularity on Sabik, despite attempts to block their broadcasts, with several underground broadcasts even being slipped into the wider extranet network through hacked Oresthin Com channels. At the time it was unknown how powerful they were or from where they received their funding.

Speaking from the Battlecruiser “St. Thomas” just hours after leaving the Coronation, Lord Ialach Oresthin, having been advised on the situation by Reeve Cerwyn Oresthin, addressed the galactic community of nobles in an open address to the newly corronated emperor. He wore his traditional gray robes, but the nobles and men around him all wore naval uniforms of the Oresthin branch of the Fiat Lux Armada. He read a prepared statement:

“Emperor Raistlin, I come here demanding that you take control of the situation on Sabik. The chaos has raged long enough under direct imperial rule. This is an aggravating factor preventing any attempt to assuage the populist anger. We demand that the Emperor hold elections immediately to help appease the restless masses, for they feel that they live under a dictatorship. We must hold true to the limited democracy under which you were elected, your Majesty. If we do not have immediate emergency elections, my house will have to take drastic action.”

News reports

As a part of the conflict, pro- and anti-Imperial news agencies, with either explicit or indirect ties to the Houses involved in the dispute, attempted to sway public opinion. These news reports often focused on the attacks by members or sympathizers of the Free Sabik Party against agents of the planetary government or the Imperium in general.

Excerpted from the Sabik Evening News with the ANN (Aucodi News Network):

The Casualty report for today, Wednesday, the 28th of Faith: Three skycars exploded in apparent suicide attacks on Imperial warehouses in Vasilgrad, leaving 43 dead and over a hundred wounded. In addition, police forces were able to successfully diffused a large bomb at Police Headquarters in Southberg. Sustained firefights occurred in St. Nikolai in a three way battle between two separatist groups and police, more than 60 police officers are dead or seriously wounded, police claim they killed over a hundred militants but the separatist groups dispute that number.

The Leader of the FSP (Free Sabik Party) has called for the violence amongst militants to stop so that those with grievances can be “united against the guilty party, the Imperial Government, unelected by the people of this planet, ruling against our will.”

In other news, the Fiat Lux Battlecruiser “St. Thomas,” reentered Sabik Orbit today, the Oresthin family is apparently ensconced within the walls of their Fortress at Vasilgrad. They could not be reached for comment. Fiat Lux warships in orbit have shown an increased activity of late. Rumors swirl that this may be their much delayed response.

Excerpted from the Sabik Evening News with the OBS (Oresthin Broadcasting Service):

The Casualty Report for today, Wednesday, the 5th of Virtue. Three more carbombings occurred in St. Nickolai, continuing the Separatist campaign in that city, over 70 people are dead today alone. A group know as the Galactic Liberation Army, a galactic group supporting the local Free Sabik Party, has led an organized take over of the city of Revil, the provincial seat for Derrin's Fault. Much of the area is already under separatist control. Local police forces have attempted to retake the city, but have been unable to make an impression on the well-armed militants stranglehold. Civilian deaths from this campaign are in the thousands, with almost a million people displaced.

Raistlin's Attempt at Mediation

Emperor Raistlin attempted to alleviate the situation on Sabik by promising to have an election on Sabik to replace the Crony that was the previous governor. However, the decision to postpone the election for several more months caused anger and only fueled the protesters' cause and provided additional ammunition against the perceived laxness of the Raistlin reign. In addition, the claim that the Nobles of Baade, rather than the Emperor himself should be held responsible for the safety of the citizens were especially damning among the houses. This attempt to pass this important responsibility onto the Houses from the Imperial seat seemed to indicate a nonchalant attitude towards the people of Baade and especially to the people of Sabik, prompting House Oresthin to openly challenge the Emperor.

During the course of the discussion, the following statement was been released to the ANN and the OBS from the Raistlin's Peoples Party:

Unelected officials governing a planet are almost always a result of the previous elected governor becoming derlict in their duties to the citizens of that planet. As the Imperial house the RPP has responsibility to oversee the governings of these planets, and we ensure the most respectable citizens are called to these positions. The Emperor has determined a policy that elections will be called, when possible, to place a properly elected governor in the governor's chair. However, due to a large number of elections occuring in the next few months the citizens of Sabik will need to wait a little while longer before an election can be called. Policing on Sabik will be adjusted to account for the increased crime. Nobels of Sabik are personally held responsible for saftey of the citizens on the planets in which they operate.

Oresthin's Response and Open Revolution

On the 11th of Virtue in the second year of the Reign of Raistlin, House Oresthin publicly declared their rebellion against the Emperor. Citing the continued neglect of governance and delaying tactics of the Emperor on Sabik, Ialach Oresthin announced the decision to work with the Free Sabik Party, obtaining popular support from the masses of Sabik who echoed their sentiments. One of the first moves of the “Separatist Coalition” was to overthrow the Crony via a military coup and install Tomomori Kealey, the leader of the Free Sabik Party as governor. The Free Sabik Party also initiated bombings on Raistlin holdings on the planet, destroying a number of transport facilities. A contemporary news account of this event follows:

On the 10th of Virtue, Ialach Oresthin stood before a massive audience in the locked down Vasilgrad. He spoke loudly and clearly into the holocams that would take his message across the planet and along certain extranet channels. “The Emperor has clearly decided that the state of Sabik is none of his concern and that keeping his incompetent tyrant, ignoring the people's will while they kill massive numbers in the name of bringing him down. This will not last, my friends, we shall restore order and popular government to this planet. We hereby declare that the Imperial government on Sabik is not the agent of order that he claims to be, but an unelected agent of chaos. Should Order be restored he must be removed from office. My forces will join with Tomomori Kealey's Free Sabik Party to see the people's will done and their anger assuaged. We may remind the galaxy that this is the fate of all tyrants.” The broadcast faded out with the cheering crowd as Lord Ialach Oresthin, Cardinal of the One, Deputy Lord Admiral of the Fiat Lux Armada, Judge of the Court of Nobles of Baade, left the stage and returned to his war room.

Tomomori Kealey felt old as he stood before the massive rally that was being held to celebrate the victory of the Free Sabik Party.

“My friends, we have a fought so hard, for so long to see this day. We now are free of the chains of the remnants of the once-glorious empire. The scheming nobility of that empire is gone with their useless tyrant of an emperor. We now raise the flag of a new nation, a new planet. Today we declare ourselves to be the Free Planet of Sabik. We must remember the sacrifices made, but also the friends who made this possible. My friends, remember that we could not have achieved this victory without the help of House Oresthin, and their great lord, Ialach. As you know, with the war won, the people of Sabik rest quietly tonight, knowing that we are free.”

He continued in much the same vein for the better part of an hour. Ending to a massive, elated cheer. Violence across Sabik ended, the offices of imperial government destroyed by Oresthin forces or Orbital Bombardment. The entire government collapsed almost immediately. House Oresthin immediately declared it's recognition of Sabik as a sovereign nation, separate from the Empire. It issued a call for all other righteous houses to do the same.

Raistlin's Response

House Raistlin responded to this coup by passing an Emergency Motion through the Senate, declaring that House Oresthin be declared renegade until all facilities of his are evicted from Sabik, for the “illegal” use of feud.

Emperor Raistlin released the following statement, taped from the office aboard one of the Raistlin's Armies Imperial Fleet en Route to Sabik, after the passage of the Emergency Motion:

House Oresthin has initiated attacks against House Raistlin. His attacks were made under the cover of fued score and therefore this houses's actions did not result in the immediate declaration of fued score. Upon investigation, the fued Oresthin used against my House was earned when he refused to dismantle his facilities on the plauge stricken planet of Pleione Australis. An Emergency session of the Senate was convened to discuss the precedent these actions by house Oresthin present, the conclusion is that this manipulation of the laws of Baade in this manner can not be tolerated. The Senate has agreed that House Oresthin punishment is to be declared Renegade for these attacks. I offer 150,000 solar bounty for removal of house Oresthin's facilities from Sabik. It is my hope the Fiat Lux Armada will disipline its own, however we invite any house to claim the bounty. Our bounty will only be paid for operations on Sabik, although we offer the Renegade no other protection.

Oresthin Response to Renegade Status

A text statement released late in the evening on the 11th of Virtue from Vasilgrad provided the official response to His Majesty: “House Oresthin protests, in the strongest terms possible, the recent decree of the Senate. This was not an illegal use of feud, and we challenge the Emperor to prove otherwise in court. We ask that all just and good houses join us in decrying the Emperor's heavy handed abuse of power.”

In addition, other members of the Oresthin dynasty made addition public remarks:

It is good to know the Emperor has degenerated to petty bounty hunters. If the Emperor will give us our day in Court, we will prove that we violated no law and only acted as a last resort to defend our facilities and our employees. We apologize for the poor use of feud, but they were no other avenues open to us. Again we call on the Emperor to bring this before the Court.

Cerwyn Oresthin, House Oresthin.

Other Houses' Opinions

The opinions of other houses ranged across the spectrum from slightly supportive to openly hostile.


Kirill Malaganov, heir to the Barony of Aldonus released this statement, “In my Uncle's absence while he is attending a wedding I hold power over House Malaganov. House Malaganov officially abstains from giving any statement over the situation on Sabik.”


House Oresthin has violated the ancient laws of feud, by utilizing feud incurred when the Emperor was “forced” to stop his plague bearing ships from leaving plague worlds that House Oresthin was too “lazy” to shut down, endangering the empire at large.

House Alhazred views this coup as a violation of the order and laws of the galaxy. While we support the notion that any world may leave the Empire freely, it should be done through the electoral process. House Oresthis is considered to be removed from Noble status as far as House Alhazred protocol is concerned until the people of Sabik and the Emperor are restored to control and the Emperor's Writ against House Oresthin is executed- whether by Oresthin himself, or other houses we do not care.

~Abdul Sheepherd Jr., Press Secretary & Protocol Senechal for House Alhazred


In response to the Alhazred statement above, the Father Luxerat replied:

They are no violations of the law, Mr Shepherd.

It may be in somewhat less than good taste, but it is surprising how quickly the senate and Emperor can act when their position seems besieged, rather than when the Empire needs to be restored. Perhaps, if you actually took the time to adress such issues, Sabik would not now have declared itself as independent as Navi, Menkalinan or Castor are.

-Father Elkanah Luxerat

The Idea of Intent

House_Luxerat, an ally of Oresthin in the Fiat_Lux_Armada posed the question of why House Oresthin was declared renegade over a planetary issue. Raistlin then raised the question of intent, as during the plague outbreak on Pleione Australis, Raistlin was forced to attack Oresthin's facilities under the Plague Quarantine Act, thus giving Oresthin feud against Raistlin. Thus, the idea was that Oresthin intentionally allowed Raistlin to attack in order to obtain said feud and not become ranked a Renegade until the Emergency motion changed that. The Emepror's basis for Renegade status was that using 'feud' that was given as a result of enforcing the law was illegal. The positions of the Emperor and the Lord Oresthin are excerpted below:


House Oresthin, to earn his fued, endangered the lives of citizens on Pleione Australis for his Scheme. He should be declared renegade because he manipulated the law to avoid renegade status. He could have couped this planet, and taken his lumps, with legal fued or not. However, he requested his facilities be destoryed earning him fued. No house, in the future, would be willing to enforce the Plauge Act, if they new they could be attacked by the house offending the act. You and Oresthin then are arguing that we allow the plauge to ravage the galaxy because enforcement, if the enforcer could be attacked, would become too costly. The Senate and the Emperor disagree with your position and choose instead to protect the citizens and Nobles of Baade.


Can you prove intent Emperor? I really want you to think if you can prove I acted knowing that. I used any and all tools at my disposal to protect my house, if you can prove this was all a vast plan, then do so, in open court. I am sorry if you view my actions to be in bad form, but I challenge you to prove them to be illegal.

Mediation and Proposals for Peace

House Malaganov supported a pausing of current conflict in order to discuss the matter in the Noble Court due to its confused and unclear nature, an opinion repeated by several other houses such as Luxerat , Suzumiya, and Boehm.

House Alhazred proposed that Oresthin could lift the terms of the Senate's decree by resigning the senate seat and disbanding his facilities on planet Sabik which was repeated by Malaganov. However, Luxerat opposed the dismantling of military facilities due to Oresthin being headquartered there which Malaganov agreed would be an exception.

Malaganov proposed a peace settlement be reached contingent upon House Oresthin removing all of its transportation facilities off of Sabik just as it removed all of House Raistlin's transportation facilities off of Sabik. Additionally, House Oresthin would lose governorship of Sabik. House Boehm agreed to these ideas and added that if House Oresthin is to resign the newly-gained governorship of Sabik, the Emperor would have to hold immediate election on Sabik for a new Governor prior to any restoration of Jurisdiction, or for that matter any other proceeding on the subject. In addition, they strongly urged all Houses to refrain from /any/ further provocative acts and to allow more measured and meaningful discussion as to the legality and meaning of this act and any consequences arising from it.

Oresthin agreed to these terms, despite the high probability of public backlash against the decision and commented that if there is an attack on their facilities on Sabik or anywhere else, a peaceful resolution would be much less likely. They were willing to dismantle their transport facilities, OR reimburse Raistlin in addition to resigning the governorship, in trade for an immediate trial in open court or immediate election on Sabik. In addition, Oresthin asked that House Alhazred and the Order agree to bow out of this conflict should the emperor attack during these peace talks. However, House Raistlin neither agreed nor disagreed, sending vague messages to the leadership of Oresthin.

End of the Crisis

House Kane made several provocative statements against Oresthin, damaging the chances for peace. This triggered a spate of disapproval from other houses in the galaxy although they were unheeded. However, House Raistlin made one last ditch effort for peace by clearly stating the terms for peace talks would be able to begin. These efforts were too late as the attack on Sabik had already begun.

On the 30th of Virtue in the second year of the reign of Raistlin, House Kane attacked the heavily fortified Sabik, and while being repulsed the first time, managed to defeat the Oresthin defenders and destroy all of Oresthin's facilities as well as overthrow the Oresthin governorship, replacing it once again by an Imperial Crony. Soon after, House Raistlin repealed the Renegade status of House Oresthin and extended Imperial Jurisdiction as well as call for an immediate election to determine the new Governor of Sabik. It is unknown whether or not House Kane collected the 150000 Solar bounty. Oresthin went on to accuse the Order of the Hidden Sun of conspiring to bring about the downfall of the popular government of Sabik as House Kane is a member of that alliance and had previously also fanned the flames of war with attacks on Oresthin during The First Siege of Maia.

The Uninvited or Invited Guest

Almost immediately before House Kane's assault, Hammad Alhazred, son of the Sheik, arrived at or was present in House Oresthin's main headquarters at Vasilgrad, Sabik. He managed (through means unknown) to reach Lord Oresthin's office, or had been been there as the right hand man of the Oresthenian Sepratist movement. House Oresthin claimed that he offered a blatant bribe of $25,000 for the rulership of Sabik, in an attempt to marry his mistress away from his father and the laws of the Imperium. Lord Oresthin claimed to refuse the bribe, infuriated, and demanded that Hammad leave the fortress immediately or face charges of Espionage. During Hammad's refusal to leave, House Kane's assault began. Lord Oresthin immediately secured Hammad Alhazred as an agent and shot him in the leg out of anger. After short talks with House Alhazred, Hammad was returned even as Oresthin's fortress at Vasilgrad fell. Edited versions of the security tapes of the incident were leaked. Hammad Alhazred's mistress was known to be one Katya the Knife, a common peasant woman and Seperatist Leader on Sabik. Hammad was known to have great leadership over the Sabik separatists at the time, and was suspected and accused by many of working in concert with House Oresthin to shake down House Alhazred for funds.

House Alhazred claimed that Hammad was an ally of House Oresthin. House Oresthin denied this, and offered to show the security footage to prove his point. This footage was reportedly believed by 98% of the populace to be Emperor's propaganda, an effort to divide and humiliate the Seperatist movement if the Cthulhi News Network was being strictly honest with their spin of the facts. Soon after, however, Hammad's marriage to Aleksandra Malaganov was annulled just before she was made High Priestess of the House Of Cthulu.


Elections were immediately called on the planet which resulted in Nuncio Stead in the employ of House Malaganov obtaining governorship on Sabik. However, Sabik was still wracked with news of terrorist bombings and deaths each day with two rival factions forming on the planet battling for control and influence.

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