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After the oppressive rule of House Delandi, which saw various planets descend into recession and anarchy, Baade is finally recovering from past calamities under the benevolent leadership of Emperor Dominic Constantinus. In 130 IE Emperor Dominic Constantinus overthrew the usurper Ehno Delandi and restored peace and order to Baade.



House Fealoke
Leader: Lady Renate Fealoke
House Motto: Mornië entuluva
Homeworld: Current: "Alterf (Baade)" Alterf
Formerly: "Alphard (Baade)" Alphard
Formerly: "Alnilam (Baade)" Alnilam
Formerly: "Seginus (Baade)" Seginus
House Faith: "Order of the Golden Vale"
Alliance: None
Galaxy: Baade

House Background

1) The Fealoke were originally based on "Seginus (Baade)" Seginus. Early 40s IE: Stephen and Josephine opened their Psionics institute. By the mid 40s it was moderately successful and provided the family with a stable income. 46 IE: Their first daughter 1 Renate was born. 49 IE: Their younger daughter 2 Sedemay was born. Josephine dreamed of an easier life for her daughters where they wouldn't have to sacrifice as she and Stephen did. The sisters' education was geared towards marrying into the nobility. They were largely left out of the runnings of the family business, which Renate fiercely resented through her teenage years. 54 IE: 2) Renate met 1h Hubert, a prospective business partner of her parents. Hubert took a liking to her and indulged her thirst for knowledge, teaching her about business and economics. Although Hubert was not quite the nobleman that Stephen and Josephine had hoped for, they misread the nature of Renate and Hubert's relationship and facilitated a marriage between them in a vain attempt to mend their 3) strained relationship. 4) 56 IE: 5) Renate took over the family business. She got her parents framed for a crime, or committed to an insane asylum or something. 60 IE: 6) Renate's cousin 3 Anneliese and her two children 3-1 Siegfried and 3-2 Annemarie join Renate's household. Annemarie told Renate that her husband had died fighting in the Calamity. 7) 62 IE: 8) Renate finds out about Anneliese's lies and wants to kick her out. Anneliese talks Renate into letting her stay 9). As Renate has no children and Sedemay shows no inclination to get married, Renate adopts Siegfried and Annemarie as her heirs, counting them after Sedemay and any children Sedemay might eventually have. 10) 66 IE: House Fealoke officially joins the nobility of Baade.

= Dynasty =

## I strongly suggest leaving out member ages, as each character will age a year every 2 weeks or so. Putting age is just asking for out-of-date information.

* [[Anchor(1)]]Lady Renate Fealoke

  • Born in Faith, 46 IE
  • A diligent, ordinary genius. She is a mediocre duellist and administrator.
  • First Head of House
  • Almost solely responsible for the House's initial rise to the nobility and to Imperial house status. Untrusting and micromanaging, assumes incompetence of everyone else. Generally kind of angry and seizes power just to prove to an unspecified vague someone that she can. She has straight black hair and wears an ornate silver necklace; otherwise her mode of dress is generally subdued.

* [[Anchor(1h)]]Hubert Fealoke

  • Born in Tributes, 39 IE; deceased Virtue, 78 IE
  • An idle, repellent individual. He is an average duellist and administrator.
  • Husband of Lady Renate
  • Hubert helped 1 Renate in her initial betrayal of her parents and takeover of the business, though his role was more in the background as he had no personal grudge against against them. He has been strong-armed into Renate's schemes for so long that he became extremely passive and weak-willed, and it's unclear whether he has any original thoughts or simply mirror hers.

* [[Anchor(2)]]Sedemay Fealoke

  • Born in Fates, 49 IE
  • A dynamic, charismatic dullard. She is a poor duellist and an average administrator.
  • Sister of Lady Renate
  • Sweet and idealistic, but often cowed by her sister's domineering personality. Though she held Imperialist beliefs for two decades, she often entertained the Sidereal Fabianus Schimpf while he was employed by the House, and was the first to convert to the Order of the Golden Vale. (he hung out with her a lot because she's the only one in the family who's not a terrible person)
  • Sedemay was never quite as opposed to their parents' plans for their future as Renate was but went along with Renate's opinions as a child. She doesn't agree with what Renate did to their parents after taking over the business and generally doesn't want to know whatever Renate might be pulling to gain power for their family. She and Renate drifted apart for this reason, and after a bad experience with Hubert, she mostly kept to herself to avoid the two of them and is usually terribly lonely. She looks mostly like Renate, but slightly shorter and with wavier hair.

* [[Anchor(3)]]Anneliese Fealoke

  • Born in Resolve, 43 IE, deceased 27 Vigilance, IE 88
  • A dynamic, irritating intellectual. She is a mediocre duellist and an average administrator.
  • Cousin of Lady Renate
  • Ambitious and kind of weaselly. Doesn't hold strong religious beliefs but rather goes with whatever seems popular. She likes to scheme and wants to take control over some aspects of running the House, so she often butts heads with Renate over this. Pretty much wiling to use emotional blackmail, good old-fashioned normal blackmail, her children/family, lying, spying, etc to get ahead.

* [[Anchor(3-1)]]Siegfried Fealoke

  • Born in Resolve, 55 IE
  • An apathetic, irritating individual. He is a mediocre duellist and administrator.
  • Son of Anneliese
  • Married to (TODO: dates, links) Liesel Kurr, Britta Sapoda, Marajil Gaigalos
  • Irritable and short-tempered. He is resistant to change. He feels powerless as the only man in a matriarchal household, and responds by lashing out at perceived slights.
  • Very close with his sister 3-2 Annemarie, though they fell out for a time following her marriage to Geronimo Adorno. They reconciled somewhat after a few years and has a hand in raising Annemarie's children, as Geronimo often had duties to his own house.

* [[Anchor(3-2)]]Annemarie Fealoke

  • Born in Tributes, 59 IE
  • A diligent, irritating individual prone to alcoholism. She is a poor duellist and an average administrator.
  • Daughter of Anneliese
  • Issue: (TODO: links, dates)
  • Dominic Adorno: born (date), disappeared with House Adorno (date)
  • Armando Adorno: born (date), disappeared with House Adorno (date)
  • Petronius Adorno: born (date), died in (date) of the Meissan plague
  • Somewhat lazy and spoiled, she is vaguely aware of her future responsibilities to the House but they frighten her and so she chooses not to think about it. Due in part to Renate's tight personal control over all aspects running the house, and in part to Annemarie's own unwillingness to put in the effort to learn, she is utterly unprepared to eventually take the reins.

* [[Anchor(3-2-2)]]Marianne Fealoke

* [[Anchor(3-2-3)]]Godiva Fealoke

  • Born in Faith, 72 IE
  • A diligent, irritating individual. She is an abysmal duellist and a poor administrator.
  • Daughter of Annemarie and Geronimo Adorno

* [[Anchor(3-2-4)]]Lieselotte Fealoke

* [[Anchor(3-2-6)]]Isabella Fealoke

  • Born Culminations 35, 75 IE
  • Daughter of Annemarie and Geronimo Adorno

* [[Anchor(3-2-2-1)]]Eadburga Fealoke

  • Born Fates 16, 81 IE
  • Daughter of Marianne and Reuel Venator

* [[Anchor(3-2-2-1)]]Anne Fealoke

  • Born Glory 10, 82 IE
  • Daughter of Godiva and Isaac Ordo Malleus

= Other Information =

* Leads the "Order of the Golden Vale"

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this is somewhere between a writeup and just personal notes.
Renate age 18, Hubert age 31, Sedemay age 12. Magna Carta recently struck down, Council of Wardens recently formed.
Renate and her parents', I got too many pronouns up in here
basically, mom and pop fealoke thought Renate was in luuurrve so they were hoping getting her married to Hubert would make her happier.
Renate age 23, Hubert age 35, Sedemay age 18. Year after Events of Glory.
Renate age 29, Anneliese age 35, Siegfried age 11, Annemarie age 3. Directly after the Calamity.
Really Anneliese had just heard about Renate's family's meteoric rise up the social ladder and wanted to get in on it.
Renate age 34, Sedemay age 29, Anneliese age 40, Siegfried age 16, Annemarie age 8. Early in Colar Shogunate.
successfully because anneliese is the only source of intelligent conversation around here
This is a retcon; I believe the game considers them Sedemay's children, but she would've had to have been 12. I thought they were officially Anneliese children for a while.
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