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Current Events

After the oppressive rule of House Delandi, which saw various planets descend into recession and anarchy, Baade is finally recovering from past calamities under the benevolent leadership of Emperor Dominic Constantinus. In 130 IE Emperor Dominic Constantinus overthrew the usurper Ehno Delandi and restored peace and order to Baade.



House Ingram
Leader:Lord Ugo Ingram
Motto:Debts Repaid, Loyalty Returned
House Faith:The Temple of the Old Ones
Alliance:The Free Enterprise Syndicate

The Crest of House Ingram,
with lion portrayed in Middle-Adhaferan calligraphy

House Background

House Ingram, despite its current status as prominent nobles, comes from what is best described as a 'mixed background'.
The house originated on Adhafera, its stock being drawn from both Imperial colonists of various station (including some minor and pseudo-nobility) as well as the native nomadic tribes. Ingram proper was the largest and most influential body of such colonists, a middling technological concern that quickly reached prominence by trading and intermarrying with several of the larger nomad tribes. It was through these tribes (primarily the Almualim, Habibtee, and Sifir-Qat) that the burgeoning house Ingram was able to secure a number of technological marvels, left in the sands of Adhfera from some of Baade’s many long conflicts (as well as, some allege, dark artifacts of a long-forgotten past, kept now under lock and key by the house’s many adherance to the faith of Cthulu and the Old Ones). These were either reverse-engineered or sold off world, eventually giving house Ingram enough wealth and influence to be granted a proper Charter of Nobility - at which point most major figures in the family formerly took the Ingram name, and began expanding their operations off-world in earnest, producing and trading in everything from industrial machinery to autonomous robotics to bionic and biomechanic enhancements.
House Ingram has since developed into a powerful house politically, militarily, and economically, boasting numerous senate seats, several loyal legions of man and machine, and hundreds of production facilities, trading hubs, and financial institutions, as well as a burgeoning number of galaxy-renowned leisure and entertainment operations.
(In out-of-character terms, the house can be described as a technology-heavy blend of various western European and Arab themes. Purposefully a bit of a mish-mosh)


  • Gianina Ingram
    • Sister-In-Law of Emperor Ugo Ingram, Mother of Herod, Martha, and Tairneach Ingram
    • Head of [REDACTED]
    • Previosuly Supreme Executor of The The Free Enterprise Syndicate
    • Patrician of the Empire, by decree of Emperor Robert Boehm - reaffirmed by Emperor Ugo Ingram, before the title was granted to her son
    • The second of the women behind the Golden Lion Throne, Gianina can best be described as pragmatic - though juggling the demands of raising three young nobles and coordinating house Ingram's many constantly-evolving mercantile operations can have that effect. Despite lacking a direct blood relation to the house proper, (being, like her older sister, of the Habibtee tribe) she has nonetheless adopted the Ingram name as her own. She is far, far more willing than her brother-in-law to bend rules and broker backroom deals to assure the prosperity of her house. When dealing with other houses, (or otherwise not mired in spreadsheets and stock reports) she often sports the bright red, gold-trimmed attire of Ingram nobility, replete with long-tailed, double-breasted coat, white gloves, cuffed boots, and ornate shoulder cape - again, in stark contrast to the head of the house. However, like Ugo, she cares deeply for her family, and rumor has it that she resents the marrying off of her daughter Martha to the MacLachlans, viewing it as selling the girl for political gain.
  • Martha Ingram
    • Niece of Emperor Ugo Ingram, Daughter of Gianina, Cousin of Imran
    • Married to Osborne MacLachlan, Mother of Audrey, Athelyna, and Owein MacLachlan
    • Slowly coming into her own as a young noblewoman, Martha was married to Osborne MacLachlan as soon as she was old enough to do so. They already have a number of descendents to their names, some of the youngest of either line. Martha is unique among the current stock of Ingrams, in that she was born with the long-dormant (and, for the general public, mostly forgotten) trait of albinism, last expressed in her great-great uncle Suleiman Alastair Ingram, a prizefighter of some note who passed away sometime at the end of the reign of the Habsburg Emperor. Though others find her appearance alluring and exotic, it has, naturally, left her ill-suited for life on Adhafera, and it remains somewhat of an irony that she would be married into another desert-bound household. Though meek and curious as a child, Martha has quickly matured amongst the warlike MacLachlans, already adopting their dress, religion, and many of their mannerisms. Unfortunately, despite her entrancing beauty and growing determination, she has yet do develop a head for administration, and is an even worse duelist than her brother Herod, being more danger to herself with a blade than anyone else. With the recession of House MacLachlan, she has elected to remain with her Husaband and MacLachlan children, despite offers to annul the marriage and return to the Ingram House proper. Despite this, she is still known to visit the Imperial residence from time to time
  • Tairneach Ingram
    • Nephew of Emperor Ugo Ingram, Son of Gianina, Cousin of Imran
    • Former Head of Mercantile, current Head of Military
    • Married to Lisolette Fealoke, Father of Carolin Fealoke, Linda Fealoke, and Martinus Ingram
    • Formerly Patrician of the Empire, by decree of Emperor Ugo Ingram
    • The youngest of Gianina's children, Tairneach showed some promise in administration, tactics, and leadership from an early age. Though in his youth this mostly consisted of doodling on the back of his mother's old spreadsheets, leaving his toy soldiers all over the stairs of Citadel Ingram, and teaching the servant drones little dances, respectively, he slowly came into his own as a noble, marrying into one of the oldest and most esteemed houses in the galaxy, and pursuing studies at one of the finest institutions of higher learning the absurdly deep coffers of House Ingram could afford. He spent a great deal of time as the House's mercantile director, a post inherited from his mother, before the sphere was closed down during the Centennial War and replaced with military operations - of which he somewhat reluctantly took the reigns.
  • Cath Ingram
    • Head of Leisure
    • Son of Herod and Tryphena Ingram
    • Married to Athelyna MacLachlin
    • One of the firebrand children of Herod and Tryphena, Cath is a man who loves wealth, luxury, and all the trappings thereof. Like his siblings, he was never far from the tabloids growing up, and relished the attention. While not attending classes (which he often had to be dragged to by faithful House retainers), being given whatever tasks could be thought up to keep himself and his siblings busy, or being lectured on his Noble duties by his more hard-nosed relations, he was known to throw days-long deep-space bacchanals on board his personal (unspeakably enormous) star-yacht, each being a veritable who's-who of the young, rich, and often not-quite-noble. Though having calmed down slightly after being named head of Leisure, and of having kids of his own, he's still no stranger to the galactic paparazzi, or even the occasional scandal.
  • Antonio Ingram
    • Head of Technology
    • Son of Herod and Tryphena Ingram
    • Formerly Married to Margit Zeigen, currently married to Lotte Bray-Dorner
    • Father of Aeglytha Zeigen
  • Eirwen Ingram
    • Daughter of Herod and Tryphena Ingram
    • Head of Politics
  • Dirk Ingram
    • Son of Herod and Tryphena Ingram
    • Married to Claricia Ordo-Malleus
    • Father of Jowan, Arial, and Rhona Ingram
  • Martinus Ingram
    • Son of Tairneach Ingram and Lisolette Fealoke
    • Married to Yukako Suzdal
  • Hoyt Ingram
    • Son of Imran Ingram and Sibylle Ingram
    • Formerly married to Damaris Golem
    • Married to Saeryth Richese
    • Father of Dieter, Lorna, and Amis Ingram
  • Zubayr Ingram
    • Son of Imran Ingram and Sibylle Ingram
    • First Sword of the Empire
    • Harbinger of the Temple of the Old Ones
    • Married to Jasmine Boehm
    • Father of Laurent Ingram
  • Isa Ingram
    • Daughter of Imran Ingram and Sibylle Ingram
  • Hannah Ingram
    • Daughter of Imran Ingram and Sibylle Ingram
  • Jowan Ingram
    • Son of Dirk Ingram and Trina Zeigen
    • Father of Celine Ingram
  • Khyra Ingram
    • Daughter of Cath Ingram and Athelyna MacLachlan
  • Dieter Ingram
    • Son of Hoyt Ingram and Damaris Golem
  • Lorna Ingram
    • Daughter of Hoyt Ingram and Saethryth Richese
  • Amis Ingram
    • Son of Hoyt Ingram and Saethryth Richese
  • Laurent Ingram
    • Son of Zubayr Ingram and Jasmine Boehm
  • Arial Ingram
    • Daughter of Dirk Ingram and Claricia Ordo-Malleus
  • Rhona Ingram
    • Daughter of Dirk Ingram and Claricia Ordo-Malleus
  • Celine Ingram
    • Daughter of Jowan Ingram and Constancia Brian-Thagh


  • Emperor Ugo Ingram
    • Deceased (natural causes), age 82
    • Lord Of House Ingram, Emperor of Baade
    • An honorable and formal (sometimes irritatingly so) man, Lord Ugo has seen his family through its transition to nobility. Though his appearance can be striking - raven hared and slightly balding, with a sharp goatee and a face (cracked and tanned by the Adhaferan desert) dominated by a cybernetic eye in a scarred socket - he prefers a simple, dark, officer's attire, accentuated only by a red shoulder-cape emblazoned with the golden lion of house Ingram, and a red sash of office clasp at the shoulder with a golden lion's head (as well as, naturally, his traditional house Ingram scimitar). As a young man he became a commissioned officer in the military of Empress Mealla, and served in the Imperial military for roughly two decades thereafter, finally resigning his commission after being called home by his aging father to oversee the house's technological affairs. He holds himself to a lofty standard of forthrightness, loyalty, and honesty, and his house even more so - though, noble affairs being what they are, his family often have their own, let's say, 'creative definitions' of these virtues.
  • Gretchen Ingram
    • Deceased (natural causes), age 96
    • Wife of Emperor Ugo Ingram
    • Head of Mysticism
    • The Harbinger of the The Temple of the Old Ones
    • One of the two 'women behind the man,' Gretchen Ingram (nee Habibtee) is a the scion of one of Adhafera's most prominent nomadic peoples. Though married to Ugo Ingram at a very young age, they have developed the sort of bond that can only be forged by long years and the many trials of administrating a noble house. She is notably more spiritual than her husband, and was often sighted spending long hours in the cyclopian halls of Adhafera's Great Temple of her people's traditional faith, the House of Cthulu, before finally breaking away to form the Temple of the Old Onces. Such is her piety that, indeed, outsiders often find her hard to understand - the fact that she is known to speak in riddles and possibly prophetic allegory does not help this case. Some believe her to be a latent psionic, others that she is simply crazy. Regardless, she has proven an asset to her house in general, and its religious operations specifically.
  • Sayf Ingram
    • Deceased (natural causes), age 100
    • Cousin of Emperor Ugo Ingram
    • Head of Politics
    • Sayf was never meant to be a noble, let alone one mired in the labyrinthine complexities of Baade politics. He was, amongst all of his family, the one perfectly content to remain a comfortably profitable technological concern. Then again, his duties, until recently, consisted entirely of sleeping in late, enjoying fine food and wine, taking in evenings at the arena, and otherwise just staying out of the way of anyone with “Head of” affixed to the end of their name. Unfortunately for Sayf, his natural charm, curly-haired good looks, and uncanny abilities of persuasion (used, until this point, solely for acquiring the aforementioned late mornings, fine dining, and prizefight tickets) did not go unnoticed by his family, who thrust him firmly into the seat he holds now. The man has absolutely no head for formality, and more often than not delegates his work to anyone who happens to both be nearby and remotely competent-looking, (he once ordered a campaign speech written by a man who, it later turns out, was simply there to fix a downed holo-comm line) but give him a script and put him in front of a crowd, and he will win hearts and minds (he managed to use the aforementioned repairman's script to win a planetary governorship on behalf of an Ingram retainer).
  • Imran Ingram
    • Son of Emperor Ugo Ingram
    • Deceased (natural causes), age 72
    • Former Head of Technology, Head of Politics
    • Former Shahanshah-Emperor (disputed), Shahanshah-Prioris and Prince-Shahzadeh of Baade
    • Harbinger of the Temple of the Old Ones
    • Formerly Married to Baroness Françoise Necron
    • Married to Sibylle Xylander
    • Father of Hoyt, Zubayr, Isa, and Hannah Ingram
    • Having recently graduated one of the Galaxy's foremost higher education facilities alongside his cousin Herod, Imran nonetheless has his hands in his house's political and economic affairs. Much more ambitious than his father, he looks forward to the time he can assume his birthright of lordship. He already has the ear of many vital Ingram staff, retainers, and nobles - not the least of which is that of his aunt Gianina, whom it is rumored he has persuaded to dip the house's toe into the narcotics trade, unbeknownst to his honorable and forthright father. While waiting for such a time, however, Imran was sure to make the most of his education, traveling broadly and, where diplomatic ties allow, experiencing the culture of other worlds and noble houses, and, let us say… 'courting' a number of young noblewomen - though the latter behavior has since ceased (though his detractors allege otherwise, making scandalous accusations of a recent tryst with an incredibly tall young lady of a recently collapsed household) as of his recent marriage to the young and elegant Françoise Necron, formerly niece to, and now the Baroness Necron. Though whether the man who inherits the Golden Lion Throne will be a cultured scholar or a debauched libertine remains to be seen, he has already assumed a position of major responsibility as House Ingram's Head of Technology, and even personally assisted in the (somewhat ill-fated) defense of Adhafera during Nobyn's War - critically wounding his left arm in the process, and opting to have it replaced with a state-of-the-art IngraTech model, which he may or may not insist on referring to as “The Lion's Claw”.
  • Herod Ingram
    • Deceased (natural causes), age 83
    • Nephew of Emperor Ugo Ingram, Son of Gianina, Cousin of Imran
    • Married to Tryphena Ingram (nee Venator), Father of Cath, Antonio, Eirwen, and Dirk Ingram
    • God of Mos Mysterium. Somehow.
    • An incredibly angry young man, though one nonetheless loyal to his friends and quite protective of his younger cousin. Like Imran, Herod graduated from one of the galaxy's premiere universities, where he spent most of his time outside of his studies either tagging along with Imran in his various travels and pursuits, or honing his skills in the university dueling society. Not that he has ever had any particular dueling skills to speak of, but he does enjoy hitting his opponents with the bell of the sword when the referee isn't watching. His dynamic, charismatic nature, coupled with his genius-level intellect, has seen him selected as House Ingram's head of finance, managing banking, lending, and investments throughout known space. He is also known to act as an erstwhile adviser and unseen right-hand to his cousin. After a dream (some scholars speculate a latent psionic incident) in which Herod was contacted by the murdered Hereward Necron, Herod declared himself successor to Hereward's post as God of the faith of the Mos Mysterium, a position which was eventually folded into the Temple when the Stargazers council pronounced him an “Old One in the Flesh of Man”.

Family Tree

The House Ingram Military

Militarily, house Ingram can be divided broadly into four categories:

  • The Sanguine Guard
    • A network of logistics experts, plain-clothes agents, and heavily armed and power-armored individuals who provide internal security for the family.
  • The Nomad Militias
    • Drawn primarily from Adhafera’s incredibly hardy natives, these groups mostly provide policing and security on both the home world and important off-world facilities, but are sometimes grouped into military units for small-scale operations.
  • The IngraCorp Automated Sentinels
    • Various bipedal combat androids, drones, and other IngraCorp Autonomous Mobile Defense, Execution, and Tactical Hardware, or IAMDETH (copyrighted). Organized into mid-sized military units, and often used for off-world and allied defense purposes.
  • The Knightly Orders
    • The largest of these are the broadly described Knightly Orders of house Ingram. Each of these comprises a huge number of individuals, backed up by the finest of house Ingram’s military hardware (autonomous and otherwise). These legions all sport their own iconography, ranking system, and even culture. Each have their own selection process, but generally represent the opportunity for anyone, be they commoner, minor nobility, ex-con or even ex-noble, to advance their station - should they prove worthy.

Background Characters

These house-members do not exist in game terms, but are rather there to flesh out the house a bit more


  • Albrecht Lorenzo Ingram-Almualim
    • Deceased
    • Father of Lord Ugo, and in many ways the man responsible for laying the groundwork that brought house Ingram to prominence. A shrewd diplomat and scholar, as capable in the boardroom as the factory floor, and as knowledgeable of galactic history as he was of the inner workings of a Mk. II Ingram cyber/biologic coupler. He is remembered as a stern but peaceful man, possibly due to the fact that he was absolutely rubbish with a sword.
  • Chevalier Mercedes De Marteau
  • Deceased
    • The mother of Lord Ugo, and wife of Albrecht. The youngest child and only daughter of the zealously patriarchal De Marteaus, (a line of minor nobility that never gained enough prominence to become a full-fledged house, primarily notable for providing small private police forces on several worlds) Mercedes was excluded from ever holding a place of leadership in her own family. She was, however, generally given reign to pursue her own interests - given that her family saw no need to educate her in administration as they did her seven brothers - and eventually the young woman found she had quite a knack for prizefighting. After a particularly profitable and surprisingly bloodsoaked evening in the arena (she had only meant to incapacitate Dieter Hickle - she knew full well about the man's glass jaw, it was his glass neck that came as a surprise to everyone in attendance) she was recalled by her family to serve as the head of her eldest brother's security detail - eventually gaining the pseudo-title of 'Chevalier', which she continues to wear with pride, despite now actually belonging to a true noble house. Soon after, the De Marteaus and Ingrams managed to negotiate an extremely lucrative marriage contract between Mercedes and Albrecht, and the two were wed. Mercedes never did quite make the full transition to noble lady, however, and essentially served as Albrecht's de facto bodyguard throughout the rest of his life - defending his honor on at least three occasions, and foiling one assassination attempt over a fancy dinner party - incapacitating two of the would-be assassins, dropping a chandelier on a third, blinding the fourth with a tasteful antique soup-spoon dating from before the reign of Emperor Maesil, and utterly ruining her best gown in the process. Ugo Ingram was, coincidentally, born the better part of a year thereafter. She continues to keep a watchful eye on her family, but can still often be spied in the area - though these days she is content simply to spectate, much to the relief of her son.
  • Malakai Apollion Ingram-Almualim
  • Deceased
    • The brother of Albrecht and father of Sayf. Far more of an ascetic than his son, but can be said to be where Sayf gets his distaste for noble responsibility.
  • Jack Crimson
    • Head of internal security for house Ingram. Assumed to be a code name. His(?) age, appearance, mannerisms, and preferred tea are all unknown, though the latter is assumed to be [REDACTED].

The Military Minds of House Ingram:

  • Laboa Almualim
    • Most Perfect Shining Paladin of the Order of the Golden Lion
    • A distant cousin of the Ingram line proper, Laboa has nonetheless shown true devotion to the house, and, though still very young, she has attained the highest rank in the most prestigious Order of the Ingram military. She has even proven herself worthy enough in the eyes of the house to be granted stewardship of the Star-Lion Mace, a position (and relic) traditionally reserved for those of direct Ingram lineage.
  • Achebode Krath
    • Supreme Grand Architect of the Order of the Infinite Spire
    • The austere leader of an austere faction. He remains deceptively intelligent and agile for a man of such advanced age, possibly from his long years spent in possession of the Infinite Spire, a relic of great import to house Ingram - and more so to the order that bears its name. The nature of the Spire, however, remains somewhat of a mystery, as it does not appear to be a physical structure, and the askari-knights of the Order, when plied for answers, will allege that it is not an object, but rahter an ideal.
  • Giovanni De Meissa
    • Prime Centurion of the Order of the Crimson Dawn
    • A former minor noble from a now-defunct major house, he bears numerous tattoos of black lion iconography. He has proven himself a capable leader time and time again, but there are still those who allege he was recruited by Imran as a personal favor to a young noble he was courting at the time. He oversees one of the most tightly-organized and meritocratic Orders of the Ingram military
  • Leon Ingram
    • Omnipotent Brother and Invisible Hand of the Order of the Illuminated Eye
    • Being a bastard child of one of Lord Ugo’s cousins, Leon was, despite his capabilities, denied a place his house’s noble hierarchy. Where the cunning, disaffected young man was able to find a place, however, was in the Order of the Illuminated Eye - an organization equal parts merchant and military. Now a good deal older, Leon has risen through the ranks of the secretive and ritual-steeped Brotherhood to become its unquestioned leader. Obscuring the powered armor and direct tactics of his fellows for boardroom attire and gunship diplomacy, one would hardly suspect this dapper gentleman of having one hand on the pulse of the galaxy's markets and the other on an IngraCorp Custom class-7 (personal) repeating fusion carbine.
  • The Unspoken
    • Veiled Templar and Ascendant Dreamer of the Order of the Hands of Cthulu
    • An ostensibly female (and allegedly human) figure, The Unspoken is the enigmatic leader of the already enigmatic Order of the Hands of Cthulu. She has never been seen outside of a truly massive suit of baroque black power armor, emblazoned with gold filigree in the shape of tentacles and other such grasping appendages. Some to this day whisper – sharp, hushed whispers, the kind you hear as you try in vain to fall asleep under a reddening moon – that she is an extremely deep-cover agent of house Alhazred. But to what end?
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