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After the oppressive rule of House Delandi, which saw various planets descend into recession and anarchy, Baade is finally recovering from past calamities under the benevolent leadership of Emperor Dominic Constantinus. In 130 IE Emperor Dominic Constantinus overthrew the usurper Ehno Delandi and restored peace and order to Baade.



Alcyone Imperial Jurisdiction: Yes
Size: Medium Climate: Temperate Population: Huge
Galaxy: Baade Wealth: Average Resources: Adequate

Planet Description


The capital of Alcyone is the city of Nova Constantinopolis, also known as Colonia Constantina. The city was established by House Constantinus when they moved their seat of power to Alcyone. Although House Constantinus operates many mining colonies, many of them containing dozens of mining complexes, they favored Alcyone rather than one of these colonies as their seat due to Alcyone's temperate and comfortable climate. The population of Nova Constantinopolis consists mostly of immigrants from House Constantinus' ancestral homeworld, Albali Alpha, and natives of Alcyone. The city is a major trade entrepôt, home to several trading hubs that serve as destinations of precious metal shipments from House Constantinus' many mining colonies.

Sites of Interest

  • Palatinum Constantinum
    • The Palatinum Constantinum, located at the outskirts of Nova Constantinopolis, is a massive palatine complex built on the orders of Baron Dominic Constantinus and serves as the official headquarters of House Constantinus and a residence for its members. Construction of the palace was the first thing Baron Dominic ordered after he moved House Constantinus' capital to Alcyone, as he wanted a magnificent palace on his capital as befit his House's status. The complex measures more than 4 square kilometers. Many species of exotic flora are imported from all over Baade and cultivated in the gardens of the palace. The centerpiece of the complex is the Domus Aurea, a massive villa built in the Neo-classical style that serves as the main residential complex. Entrance to the palace is generally restricted to the public, though the gardens are sometimes open to scientists wishing to study the myriad of flora they contain. The palatine legions of the Herculiani seniores, Ioviani seniores, Divitenses seniores and the Tungrecani seniores are permanently based at barracks in the Palatinum Constantinum. They form the senior guard units of House Constantinus.
  • Castra Halcyonensis
    • The Castra Halcyonensis is a massive fortress complex built by House Constantinus. It is responsible for the defence of Nova Constantinopolis. The fortress is octagonal in shape, with walls measuring over 50 meters high and towers at the corners measuring over 70 meters high. Anti-air missile launchers installed at the top of the towers ensures no enemy landing craft will survive long in the vicinity of the fortress, forcing any potential invades to disembark far from the fortress and approach on foot or in ground vehicles, all the while being vulnerable to fire from the fortress. The fortress is located right in the city of Nova Constantinopolis, affording the defenders a commanding view over the city and an advantageous position in the event of an attack. The granaries in the fortress can store food and provisions for upwards of 3 years. As a result, a direct assault is the only way to capture the fortress. The palatine legions of the Daci, Scythae, Primani and Undecimani are permanently based at Castra Halcyonensis, although it sometimes houses other units on a temporary basis. Together with the other units stationed directly in the Palatinum Constantinum, these units form the garrison of Alcyone. The fortress is a symbol of House Constantinus' power and ensures the loyalty of the the citizens of Nova Constantinopolis.

Public Works

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    • Built by HOUSE

Other Information

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