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as of 25th July of 2017 (View Archive) 26th of Origins, 408 AF.

With Schronnemann and Mordrel both gone the galaxy falls silent, wars cease and peace is restored, if for a short while. House Lucerna takes emperorship for a second term uncontested, and through fair governership and lawmaking the galaxy is prosperous. But trouble is brewing, after a short hiatus House Desperado is back, is the old mazin really gone? time will only tell…


Table of Contents

History of Capricorn

Latest update in Desperado year 5, 7th Fates (27 march 2018)

414 AF Glory 17:Empress Émilie's resignation

  • Empress Émilie resigns due to mental issues, under suggestion of Premier Stepan Zorakov; She appoints Stepan as her sucessor.

413 AF: Anti-tech edict

  • Empress Émilie orders a total shutdawn of all tech spheres, citing that “the advancement of the sphere of technology research has overstepped the bounds of civilian and is now a destructive force in the galaxy”.
  • House Lucerna is attacked for violating the edict
  • Empress Émilie resigns due to mental health issues.

410 AF: Election of Empress Émilie Desperado

  • House Desperado reapears into the galactic scene under Lady Émille's leadership.
  • Émilie Desperado wins the election by 3 to 2 votes against Premier Stephan Zorakov.

407 AF: Centenial Coup


406 AF: Re-election of Emperor Pointus Lucerna

  • Emperor Pointus Lucerna runs without oposition and is re-elected as emperor

401 AF: Elction of Emperor Pointus Lucerna

399 AF: Assassination of Empress Hababah Juggernaut and election of Emperror Gustav Schronnemann

  • Lady Azizah Juggernaut becomes provisional empress and call for new elections.
  • House Desperado went into hiding.

398 AF: Election of Empress Hababah Juggernaut

  • Lady Hababah Juggernaut is elected Empress with help of her antecessor, Tristan Desperado.
  • The empress fought tax evasion, entering in conflict with the company during the The Ascellan Dispute.

393 AF : Election of Emperor Tristan Desperado

  • Don Tristan Desperado is elected with 6 to 5 votes against Chief Eduard Dogg.
  • In 392 AF new elections are called, initiated by House Dogg pending the upcoming fifth year of Emperor Gustav's reign. Houses Dogg, Desperado, and Schronnemann present themselves as candidates, and voting begins.

389 AF: Emperorship transferred to Gustav Schronnemann

385 AF: The Free Empire of Capricorn reunited under Emperor Boyd

  • In 383AF, the galaxy votes on a new Inter-Kingdom Government to oversee those planets not claimed by any individual Kingdoms.

380 AF Vig 23: The Empire of Capricorn is dissolved, establishment of the free kingdoms

  • Brief conflict between Houses Boyd and Dogg.

378 AF Hope 21: Election of Emperor Yusuf Amjad

371 AF Hope 2: Election of Emperor Reinhold Schronnemann

  • After the disappearance of Emperor Redwater, and the momentary chaos left by the vanishing of the Imperial seat, throwing galactic navigators written to be centered thereon in disarray, new elections are held. Between Lady Nora ser Noche, Count Olivier Dax, and Master Vincentius Arrecinus, the latter is chosen by votes tallied 5-4-8 respectively. Capricorn lauds Emperor Vincentius as its eighth electee, and its first non-Terran Emperor, creating a great step forward in interspecies relations.

366 AF Hope 2: Election of Emperor Vincentius Arrecinus

  • A violent incident occurs when House Deirdre is found to have experimented with a highly lethal chemical on the inhabitants of several planets, including Algedi Borealis, their homeworld. Several houses stand up to battle against the genocide committed by House Deirdre, including House Redwater, House ser Noche, House and House. Deirdre has the audacity to still request a Satrapy for the planet, but is refused in light of their gruesome irresponsible actions.

361 AF Res 22: Election of Emperor Yale Redwater

  • Voting allots seven votes to Duke Redwater, and three votes to Lady ser Noche. Duke Redwater is declared victor and emperor. The year changes to Redwater 1, marking one of the fastest concluded elections to date.

361 AF Vir: Appointment of Imterim Emperor Reinholdt Schronnemann

  • In Virtue, Goman 9, Reinholdt Schronnemann is appointed as Emperor by the victorious resistance forces. The year changes to Schronnemann 1.
  • In the early 8th year of Goman, House Canaigh seems to simply withdraw from the galaxy. Evidence gathered long after leads to whispers of them accessing a Void Gate to travel elsewhere. These rumors are quickly suppressed.
  • Small clashes continue under the radar, but the military forces of the ser Noches seem completely gone.
  • The Triumvirate declares the openly rebelling houses to be renegades, setting Houses ser Noche, LeKahr and Schronnemann as the rebel faction against the new Empire.
  • The Imperial Administration sets up its new Constitution, creating a feudal society with ranked nobility. Few nobles come forward to subject themselves to the Administration.

355 AF Vir 15: Establishing of the Imperial Administration

  • Emperor Petronius Goman passes away, and his position is inherited by Adrianus Goman in 1st of Fates year 3, 353AF.
  • Satrapies are declared across the galaxy, appointing planets to Houses who will govern them in accordance with the Satrapy Act.
  • The Senate approves the Satrapy Act. (Fates Goman 2, 3542AF)
  • The Emperor calls for an Assembly and discusses the proposed Satrapy Act. The majority vote is Yea, and the Act goes to the Senate.

351 AF Fates 25: House Goman is elected Emperor

  • The Assembly decides on senatorial reforms, but the reforms are in need of a motion yet.
  • Nominees for the new elections are Houses Dax and Goman, who enter into the elections with enthusiasm.
  • A Noble Assembly is called to discuss laws on Senatorial limits. During the Assembly, the new Lord Tzarnoff calls for Imperial Elections.
  • In a fit, Viachevsky launches an assault at the ser Noche headquarters on Algol, but the wave is fully eliminated, at the cost of thousands of lives. Lady Nora of ser Noche, currently at the supposed peace conference, goes onto the warpath after being insulted as well. Yet, as the houses present, being Houses Dax, Baideanach, Canaigh and ser Noche, set out to chase down the rogue Emperor, news come in of his timely (or untimely?) death.
  • At the 21st of Virtue, year 5, Vyachevsky illegally pushes a law through the Senate by means of countless crony Senators. Protest arises from several sides, and Vyachevsky calls a peace conference.
  • A hefty plague of unfamiliar strain hits Algol, and the emperor vows to investigate.
  • House Zealot, former Imperial and great economic force, suddenly vanishes entirely from the galactic scene, leaving a void.
  • Emily the Elder of House Goman is assassinated by unknown perpetrators. The Goman triumvirate responds with shock.
  • Emperor Igor Tzarnoff creates the Grand Equality Commission, which will meet on topics to protect smaller houses.

345 AF Fates 21: Zealot calls for reelections in their 6th year, and Igor Tzarnoff, the sole candidate, is elected

  • Inside House Goman internal struggles escalate, and the Iron City is in chaos. Emily the Elder usurps the throne, but is later set aside by a Triumvirate of influential Principes. Read the archive [capricorn:archives:FIX ME|here].

343 AF: End of the War of a Thousand Suns

  • After six months, the Senate decides on the disciplinary measures to be taken against House Daimyo: They are banned from Political and Military activities, fined one million (1.000.000) solar to the Empire and charged with war reparations to any and all houses that suffered damages under the war. No money is ever seen though, and Daimyo quickly falls off the charts as a noble house. Suspected is that the Daimyo family was accidentally killed during the bombing of their homeworld, as they never did show up to the peace conferences they promised to attend. Records of the The War of a Thousand Suns, as it is now named, are store din the Capricornian archives.
  • House Daimyo remains a renegade after the war, not having come forward with any negotiations to the terms provided. The Senate passes three motions to end the war, and Daimyo is fined massive reparations to the damaged houses, and forbidden from entering in any military constructions. They are yet to make a reply.
  • It took time, but eventually the allied forces of the Imperial fleet and its support breach the Daimyo strongholds on Aldonus Media on the 33rd of Resolve, year 4. The war has brought destruction to the planet, and the surface is pitted with craters and smoking debris. The pure heat has caused the desolation of the world, and the planet becomes barren.
  • The peace conference for the war is held on Unukalhai, supported by House Baideanach. House Daimyo speaks of joining the peace talks, but never shows up. After waiting several grueling days, the war effort continues, and the assests of House Daimyo on most planets are assaulted and destroyed.
  • After a short delay, House ser Noche and House Blint also start up their attacks. The Crimson Petals are only involved shortly though, and the smaller houses of the Alliance are purposefully kept out of the conflict.

343 AF: The War of a Thousand Suns, or the Daimyo War

  • After a careful checkup on tax policies, it turns out that House Daimyo has been setting unreasonable tax levels for their governed planets, aside from their numerous held monopolies chocking the economy. The taxes waged are actually on a criminal level - above what the law proscribes as maximum - and this scandal leads to the declaration of war on House Daimyo.
  • Hints are made that the perpetrator was not House Blint after all, and Emperor Nethaniah Zealot opts to hold new elections so that the nobles of Capricorn may select a new Emperor or Empress to take the throne after the war ended. However, Emperor Nethaniah Zealot is unanimously re-elected, and continues his term.
  • It soon becomes clear that House Noah was funded by one of the larger houses. Initially, House Blint is blamed, and a massive attack is launched by the Emperor, supported by the a'Nàistinn a'Tàirneanach alliance. House Blint is crushed underfoot, but rebuilds most of their economic assets after the strike. House ser Noche sides first with the Imperial strike, but does not strike itself, and later withdraws from the battle, making a rather weak position after throwing their deputy out of the Crimson Petals.

340 AF: After six years of quiet ser Noche reign, elections are called, and Brother Nethaniah Zealot becomes Capricorn's first elected Emperor, after a long line of elected Empresses

337 AF: Empress Arel ser Noche takes up the throne as Voirrey passes away shortly after

337 AF: Empress Voirrey ser Noche takes up the throne until the term passes...

337 AF: Empress Gertruda ser Noche passes away in her second term

  • Due to a major infraction of the Farming Regulation Act, House Noah is declared Renegade and forced to close their agricultural operations in year 4 of the rule. This lasted until the sphere was closed, and they were reinstated as a noble house.
  • Re-elections see Gertruda ser Noche back on the throne on the 7th of resolve. This changes the year to the rule of ser Noche, year 1.

334 AF: Empress Morwyn Canaigh calls re-elections

  • Interrupting the reaction to Basingre's secession, House Omoto declares itself a saviour of the small houses and attacks all of the larger houses on a massive scale. Many houses suffer, and temporarily band together in a single alliance (Crimson Petals) to defend against the marauding forces. House Omoto is eventually wiped from the starchart in a devastating retaliation, but the damage has been done, and many have lost their lives in the conflict.
  • Year changes from ser Noche 6 to Canaigh 1 around the end of the galactic year.

329 AF: Re-elections put Empress Morwyn Canaigh on the throne for the next term

  • The newly appointed Empress hits the first major halt as the Agricultural Subsidies devour the Imperial Budget to a debilitating degree, and the private reserves of her house dwindle as measures are taken to decrease the huge costs of House Cyrosea's improfitable farming empire, which runs completely on Imperial Subsidies.
  • Gertruda ser Noche is elected Empress, with the promise of aid to minnows and small houses.

324 AF: Election of a new Democratic Emperor

  • House Blint and House Anoaz work together to create the Constitution proposal which underwent a lengthy debate before being sent to the Senate.
  • Alien forces invade Capricorn, causing widespread killings and chaos. Troops from several houses rush to the aid of the population, but are confronted with an enigmatic foe.
  • Spheniscidae, year 1, lauds in a period of stability and calm, without much action.

320 AF Hope 40: End of the Reign of Emperor Olaf Kendar and Appointment of Regent Spheniscidae

  • After a violent struggle and 9,5 years of ruling, House Kendar is overthrown at accusations of despotism and corruption. House Spheniscidae is given Regency over Capricorn until the time that a new Constitution is formed.
  • No real agreement is ever made, but during a relocation, Suiko's cell pod is accidentally detached from the vessel it was on, and lost to the outer reaches of space. Nothing is heard of her, and she is presumed dead.
  • Emperor Kendar accuses Suiko Miyamoto of treason against the galactic community for her alleged misdeeds before and after her resignation.
  • Houses von Eichstorff (a tech farm on Regor), Miyamoto (a few scattered facilities), and Vicus (HQ and a few scattered facilities) destroy the remnants of the inactive former-Emperor Hikari's facilities.

310 AF: The Abdication of Emperor Chikanaga Hikari

  • Immediately following a failed assassination attempt on Chikanaga Hikari, which was called a ruse, Suiko reveals the naked truth of a deep, sordid story that results in Avellar's treacherous ways being revealed, including how she funneled Avellar money - gifted to him from shady dealings with his secret ally, Hikari - to facilitate her attempts to undermine Hikari power; the climax of Avellar's plot was to assassinate Chikanaga Hikari through Miyamoto spies, frame another house, trick Hikari into giving him the crown, use Hikari funding to facilitate a jihad, and completely take over Capricorn; with the treachery revealed, Hikari turned on his secret ally, thus cutting off Avellar's secret source of funds Avellar intended for jihad.
  • All 25 planets governed by Avellar, almost all of them gained by coups during the war, experience high crime rates the likes of which Capricorn has never seen; crime on one planet was so bad that the people rioted and attacked the governor; the cause of this was Avellar budgeting 100% of tax money to his personal gain; there were no corrective measures made by Emperor Hikari.

309 AF: Beginning of Emperor Chikanaga Hikari's reign

  • Houses Hikari, Kendar, and Avellar performs a series of planetary coups, resulting in a majority of Capricorn's planets being pulled from Imperial jurisdiction.
  • House Vicus proposes a motion for Hikari's terms, with a clause that any attack/coup prior to the motion passing would nullify the motion; Hikari declares the motion unacceptable, and immediately goes to war with Empire Capricorn, specifically the Imperial Alliance, the Green League of Honor.
  • Daimyo Hisakane Hikari demands that he be named the Emperor of Capricorn, the Senate be disbanded, he have all powers of the Senate, and that Capricorn surrender, or else he would go to war with Empire Capricorn.
  • First Avellar, and then Hikari, start receiving numerous piracy warnings; they are unapologetic, refuse to pay their fines, and are confrontational when Empress Takemiya addresses the matter.
  • A fining system is implemented to punish smuggling and piracy, administered by Empress Takemiya; there are a few incidents with this system, but most infringements result in voluntary compliance with the fines.

305 AF: Beginning of Empress Yumi Takemiya's 5 year reign

  • Galactic peace conference held, spanning many months.

305 AF: Beginning of Emperor Rolf Avellar's 1 year reign

  • House Yashkin is accused of treason and taken to trial. He was found innocent of all charges.
  • Empress Suiko Miyamoto disbands all military and completely leaves the military sphere, in an attempt to bring representative democracy to Capricorn.
  • Plague breaks out across the galaxy.
  • Suiko Miyamoto holds the title of Empress of Capricorn, inherited from her ancestors.

300 AF (After Founding): Beginning of Empress Suiko Miyamoto's 5 year reign, inheriting the 300 year Miyamoto reign after the Founding of Capricorn

Capricorn game begins

Additional Information

Please add events as you remember them, everybody. No one person can remember everything, obviously, so an accurate timeline will have to be a collective effort.

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