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as of 25th July of 2017 (View Archive) 26th of Origins, 408 AF.

With Schronnemann and Mordrel both gone the galaxy falls silent, wars cease and peace is restored, if for a short while. House Lucerna takes emperorship for a second term uncontested, and through fair governership and lawmaking the galaxy is prosperous. But trouble is brewing, after a short hiatus House Desperado is back, is the old mazin really gone? time will only tell…


The ice has a mind of its own, and, in time, it reclaims all that we may seek to claim from it.Sheikh Yusuf Amjad


House Amjad
Leader: Sheikh Bilal Amjad
Motto: Our Reach is Far, Our Gaze is Farther
Homeworld: Matar Secundus
House Faith: Veracitism
Alliance: The Pact
Kingdom: Principality of Kurodei
Galaxy: Capricorn

House Background

Amongst the ice fields and glaciers of Matar Secundus lies the secluded fortress city of Whitewater. From here, House Amjad rule the frozen planet that they call home.

House Amjad and the people of Matar Secundus are the descendants of migrant families from the deserts of Earth in time immemorial. This has strongly shaped their culture, with a majority of them appearing Levantine e.g. the status they accord commodities such as water, which may seem strange to outsiders given the nature of Matar Secundus as an ice planet.

Rise to Prominence

House Amjad rose from Matar Secundus on to the galactic stage circa Vigilance1), 374AF, when Sheikh Yusuf became Lord of Matar Secundus. They quickly allied themselves with House Unity, before that House's sudden disappearance2). Around this time, they allied themselves with House Boyd, forming the Order of The Thistle.

1) Possibly the 22nd, or a date within twelve days of that.
2) Suspected to be due to their attempts to fuse themselves with machinery, as was the tenet of their religion, Congruence

Leader of the Order

Initially, the Order of the Thistle was composed of solely House Amjad and House Boyd, House Unity declining an invitation1). However, soon enough, other new houses came to join them, and the Order became one of the most influential alliances in Capricorn. These other members of the Order of the Thistle were, in order, Houses Martell, Talab, Cercatore, Lorik and Dogg. Together, they pushed for elections for a successor to Emperor Reinhold Schronnemann, and campaigned for the election of Yusuf Amjad as Emperor.

1) Unity likely declined this invitation as they were orchestrating plans which never came to fruition, and perhaps resulted in their disappearance.


Yusuf Amjad's bid for Emperor proved successful, primarily due to the absence of any credible competition. Upon his ascension to the throne, the Emperor's first major action was the declaration of war against House Mordrel. This came as the result of House Mordrel conspiring against the Emperor.1) This war was notably short, and later became known as the 20 Days War. The end of the war came when the leader of House Mordrel, Duke Delaiah, was assassinated.

Free Kingdoms

During the Free Kingdoms era, House Amjad became rulers of the Principality of Kurodei. During this time, Bilal won the haiku competition hosted by House Silasayon. He subsequently departed on a 5 year pilgrimage that took him far from civilisation, from which he did not return until after the end of the Free Kingdoms era, during the rule of House Boyd. Otherwise, the House remained relatively quiet during this time period.

The relative tranquility of the House was interrupted quite abruptly towards the end of the Free Kingdoms period. Tamman Amjad, the grandson of Sheikh Yusuf and heir to the House, was assassinated, by suspected Szymonist rebels. This tragedy was followed swiftly by the death of Tamman's great-uncle, also Tamman, the brother of the Sheikh and the younger's namesake. This development placed the unwitting Bilal Amjad as the heir to the house, a fact he would not become aware of until his return from his hermitage 2 years later.

Rise of the Second Empire

The period during which the Second Capricornian Empire was formed was a time of much upheaval for House Amjad. In the wake of Szymonist attacks that murdered two prominent members of the Amjad family, Sheikh Yusuf carried out a campaign of driving out these guerrilla elements, and returning control of all of Matar Secundus to Amjad control.

When the Second Empire was formed, House Amjad refused to return the Principality of Kurodei to Imperial Jurisdiciton, maintaining the independence which Sheikh Yusuf had championed. Shortly after this, Bilal Amjad returned from his hermitage, to discover the death of his father and his cousin once removed. However, he was given littler opportunity to mourn for them, as he took on the role, albeit reluctantly and with much persuasion from his uncle, of heir to the House Amjad.


  • Bilal Amjad, Leader of the House and Nizam of Kurodei
    • Bilal Amjad is Tammam Amjad's son, and matches his father's personality, other than his anger. His skill at administration is great, but his skill at duelling is relatively mediocre. He is married to Dina Desperado, niece of Don Tristan Desperado.
    • He is the head of the faith of Veracitism
    • He spends a significant portion of his time on hermitages, meditating, and when he is not away, typically spends his time on proselytization campaigns.
  • Sheikh Yusuf Amjad, Former leader of the House and Nizam of Kurodei, Uncle of the Nizam - Died 32nd Tributes, 389AF, aged 81
    • The Nizam often seemed lethargic, but this was due to his deliberative nature. He was never academically gifted, but was a charming and charismatic man.
  • Safwah Amjad, Aunt of the Nizam, married to Yusuf Amjad - Died 34th Fates, 388AF, aged 85
    • Safwah Amjad shared her husband's charm, but was a far more active person than him.
    • She ran the majority of the house's operations, and as such always seemed to be busy.
    • She passed away shortly before her husband.
  • Mishal Amjad, Uncle of the Nizam
    • Mishal Amjad shares his sister's drive and lack of duelling skill, but could not match her charm. He is, like most members of the house, an able administrator.
  • Tamman Amjad, Father of the Nizam - Died 26th Vigilance, 384AF
    • Tammam Amjad has a greater drive and willpower than either of his elder siblings. This can be seen in the rage he is prone to when others fail to perform as expected. He is equally as charismatic as his beloved sister, though he is a more competent duellist, and has less of a natural talent for administration.
    • He is an ardent follower of the faith of Ryvanscreer, being second in the hierarchy only to the Head Hand, Aine Ser Noche. He does, however, stress tolerance between faiths, and takes no issue with his son's preaching of Veracitism.
    • Tamman Amjad was assassinated on the 26th of Vigilance, 384AF, at the Grand Ball of Arneb
  • Naila Amjad, Cousin of the Nizam
    • Naila Amjad is a somewhat quiet young woman, who associates with few other than her sister and cousin. This is likely due to her lack of skill with socialising, and has led her to behave in a somewhat odd manner. She is, however, the pride of her house, as she is the house's finest duelist, and an able administrator in her own right. She was married to Thabo Unity, son of Czarina Safiya of House Unity, until the departure of House Unity from the galaxy. She was later married to Oscar Boyd, Nephew of King Gairdh Boyd. She is now married to Hanno Schronnemann, nephew of Lord Reinhold Schronnemann.
  • Nafisa Amjad, Cousin of the Nizam
    • Nafisa married and works as a lecturer in Gaelic Culture at the University of New Shetland.
  • Tamman Amjad, Cousin once removed of the Nizam - Died 32nd Resolve, 383AF
    • Former heir to House Amjad, assassinated by suspected Szymonist rebels, 32nd Resolve, 383AF.


  • Tiras Eckstein
    • M. Eckstein serves as the champion for the Nizam's family. A highly talented duellist, he was initially hired by the Nizam for this particular talent, though he is also known for his charm and his determination.

Other Information

In-game crest:

1) This version of events is disputed by some, who believe that the Emperor's declaration of war was unwarranted, or the result of a personal vendetta.
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