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as of 25th July of 2017 (View Archive) 26th of Origins, 408 AF.

With Schronnemann and Mordrel both gone the galaxy falls silent, wars cease and peace is restored, if for a short while. House Lucerna takes emperorship for a second term uncontested, and through fair governership and lawmaking the galaxy is prosperous. But trouble is brewing, after a short hiatus House Desperado is back, is the old mazin really gone? time will only tell…



House Avellar
Leader: First Prince Ruben Avellar
Motto: Cowardice is the only crime
Homeworld: Naos Alpha
House Faith: Word Of Blake
Alliance: none
Galaxy: Capricorn

House Background

Creation & Lore

Long long ago, during one of the later colonisation periods of Capricorn, the Avellan Family was a pioneering house. helping to settle worlds such as Ceres Media, Canopus and Cor Caroli 13, they had adopted the title of Prince for themselves. Finally settling on Ceres Media, the Avellan Family competed with 6 other families, all of whom also claimed the title of Prince, and each fought, both covertly and overtly, against one another.

The Avellan Dynasty grew from a combinaton of 4 of these conflicting families on Ceres Media. Their union enabled the Avellan family to rise into the galactic 'Nobility' some 120 years ago. The Family initially operated in a parliament, with all four of the contributing families having a voice, and whomever was the current Minister been appointed to run operations and made a member of the Avellan family. For 120 years, the titles of Prince were dropped, as the houses worked together.

In the Month of Tributes, in the 3rd year of the Reign of House Takemiya, Seudag Avellar chose to reveal her position as Primus of the Word Of Blake to the galaxy at large, as well as to her family. Although some family members opposed this view, the then Minister Rolf Avellar saw the benefit of having a virtual control over a whole Religion.

Whilst they once saw themselves as staunch conservatives, Rolf changed the Avellan Dynasties orientation. Once more, an Avellan claimed the title of Prince, and been first among those families that claimed it on Ceres Media, went by the title of First Prince, making the final Avellan Leaders full title as:

President of the Outworlds Alliance, Chosen of Blake, organiser of the Syndicate, Minister of the five families, Interum Emperor of Capricorn, First Prince of Ceres Media Rolf Avellar.

The Avellans were always staunch supporters of the Legal Emperors of Capricorn in the past.

Above All, House Avellar bowed to no one.

Recent History


After the crowning of her Imperial Majesty Empress Suiko Miyamoto, the Avellan's entered the galactic stage, operating originally in the Agricultural sector. Starting from their old home of Ceres Media, they began to expand to neighbouring worlds, until such time that the then Minister Rolf Avellar decided to begin trying to operate in Politics. The first world in which an Avellan candidate attempted to run was Gienah. It was then that Rolf learnt the harsh realities of Galactic politics. Whilst he had been busy expanding his Houses' holdings, a large Alliance had grown in the area. The Commonwealth, a collection of some of the North-West's most powerful and influential Houses put forward their own candidate, with the backing of House Grey. Through the Use of what could be called nothing less then questionable election tactics, the Grey candidate went from an originally poor position in the polls to a commanding one, with a multitude of new Commonwealth facilities having been built on the planet in question. Following a repeat of this scenario on two more worlds, Rolf decided to cut his losses and withdrew himself from politics, although not before voicing his complaint to the galaxy at large, which failed to accomplish anything as the Empress was either unable or unwilling to become involved. After a very brief stint in the Fenris League, where he found little friendship, Rolf turned his back on the Galaxy to concentrate solely on his own Houses endeavours, although not before vowing to himself to somehow gain revenge on the Commonwealth. These events would greatly shape things to come.

Noting that the Commonwealth was, at the time, heavily involved with Technology and Transportation services, with Geological to a smaller scale, the Minister decided to take advantage of a vital gap in the market in the north west and ordered his House to begin operations in Finance. Growing slowly but steadily, it wasn't long before the Avellans left their agricultural assets behind and began to operate Geological concerns instead. Continuing to grow (ooc: After around 30+ Status), the Minister was nigh on continuously approached by various of the surrounding Alliances to join them. Valuing his independence, and with the scorn he felt for the Commonwealth. still fresh in his mind, he set out to create his own, albeit temporary Alliance, to ward off the circling recruitment vultures. The Syndicate was thus born to serve as a way to show all the galaxy that the Avellans wished no part, at the time, to be involved in anyone else's affairs but their own. For the next few years, house Avellar's only real involvement in the Galactic Community was Lexi Avellar's two reigning tours of the Prizefighting circuit, which she finished, both times, without being defeated.

As Galactic events continued to take shape, with things such as the Empress's attack on the Commonwealth, the attacks from House Kendar, and the growing dissatisfaction in the far off galactic South, House Avellar continued its slow and steady growth. As things became routine, it seemed that despite galactic going-ons, nothing would directly affect the Avellan family or it interests. It was then that the Leader of House Grey sent a communique to the Minister. Apparently all was 'forgiven' and a chance to take political control of the entire North-West was been offered as if on a silver platter. Dismissing his initial instinct to tell the Commonwealth what they could do with their fine 'offer', Rolf decided to take advantage of the Commonwealth to further his own ends. House Avellar quickly and quietly joined the Commonwealth and re-entered politics, and soon had governors on worlds like Gienah, Sheliak, Canopus and Cor Caroli 13.

For a few short months, Avellan Candidates slowly took over from those of House Grey, until the Galaxy seemed to suddenly erupt into war, first over an incident with House Stattlich, and then a fully fledged civil war between the Fenris League and the Capricorn Commerce Commission. To the Minister, this was a great surprise. With a military of less then 5 legions, the Avellan family was no where near prepared for a war. Luckily enough, the Fenris League seemed content to attack only the CCC and to a lesser extent the Green League of Honor. As Empress Miyamoto's remaining facilities were destroyed, it came to the Minister's attention that many worlds in the north with an Imperial Governor would soon find themselves under the Federal Republic of Capricorn. Not willing to let this come to pass if he could help it, the Minister contacted the Empress for permission to attack her on these worlds with the intent of installing more Loyal Governors, loyal to himself of course. With the Empress's permission, the small but growing Avellan Military struck out and couped these worlds before House Hikari could do so. At first, it seemed that the plan had gone off without a hitch. Dani, Llachlar, Ruben and Isis Avellar were firmly installed as governors and peace seemed to once again be settling over Capricorn. House Hikari choose this moment to launch attacks against the Commonwealth. The Minister's own wife, Isis Avellar, was killed as she attempted to flee Avior 7. Just as it started however, it was over, with a Peace conference called by House Peregrine, the other main Northern Power at the time.

As the 'Peace talks' dragged on, Empress Miyamoto entered negotiations with the Commonwealth to put someone other then a member of the Fenris League onto the Throne of Capricorn. At this time, the CCC was disbanded, and a few of its surviving members were brought into the Commonwealth. As the Commonwealth talked amongst itself, they reached the the unanimous decision, with no less then a polite inquiry for consent from House Avellar, to have Minister Rolf Avellar take the throne from Empress Miyamoto. Pondering the potential implications of these advantageous turn of events, it was only a few days before Empress Miyamoto willingly gave up her Throne to Rolf.

This point marked the beginning of the longest running cases of galactic corruption. Taking a full 20% of every world with a Commonwealth Governor, along with whatever else he could organise to get his hands on, Rolf and House Avellar began to make serious headway when it came to generating new Solars to expand the growth of other operations. Even as the Interim Emperor called for a new round of 'peace talks' on Unukalhai, he began to offer Imperial Policing Galaxy wide, by charging more then 50% of the actual costs for the service he was providing. With his promise to give up his position as soon as a 'free' election could be held, Rolf continued to raise taxes as high as he dared and took more then a lion's share of the tax money been collected, even on worlds in the south far beyond his interests.

Sadly, it wasn't long before the Imperial Election was held. Surprisingly, Rolf earned a full third of the votes, but knew full well the fate of those who become Emperor, he had already voted for House Takemiya to take his place. As the Galaxy settled back into peace, things became quiet once more. Things degenerated into a peaceful fight with House Peregrine for Senate seats in the North, most which were won with the exception of Zaurak Australis. The established system of monopolies then began to be challenged by House Bridge, as numerous Commonwealth Monopolies, put in place by House Avellar Governors, were ignored. After numerous warnings, members of the Commonwealth asked Rolf to help them uphold these monopolies. Striking against House Bridge to remove the offending facilities, it wasn't long before House Avellar was crossed by the Commonwealth for a second time, as only noble House Kendar aided in the struggle. The Remainder of the Commonwealth, including Houses such as Polar, Daimyo and Hapsburg, the one originally demanding that something should be done, voiced their approval but nothing more. No attacks were forthcoming, little to no financial aid was sent, and no military aid was lent by anyone other then House Kendar. As a result of this grave insult, Rolf organised with House Bridge a ceasefire between them, himself and House Kendar, on the condition that House Avellar and House Kendar would leave the Commonwealth.

Once again House Avellar was on its own. Paying little heed to the vocal uproar of the remaining members of the Commonwealth, Rolf went ahead and scrapped the multitude of Commonwealth monopolies and advantageous tax situations that he had ordered to be put in place, along with a general tax rise across the entire North-west, except for House Polar's Technology Research world of Biham, where the Commonwealth was permitted to keep its monopolies. Soon Rolf was approached by representatives of House Hikari, first about buying Leisure monopolies for themselves, then to buy Commonwealth Exploration data. Standing to make over $500,000 solars as a result of this deal, Rolf went ahead and agreed, and it wasn't long before every world with an Avellan governor also had a Hikari leisure monopoly in place, much to the spite of House Polar and the Commonwealth. Taking offence, House Polar decided to begin withholding taxes on Biham and a number of other worlds, as well as imposing an embargo on Rolf and House Avellar. Interpreting this as no less then an act of economical warfare, Rolf decided to take exception to the Commonwealth's actions by launching attacks against House Polar and revealing the secret locations of Biham and Talitha Alpha to the galaxy as punishment. Once again the Commonwealth responded with its best defence, words, as Avellan troops began to weaken the defences on Biham. Taking advantage of the situation, House Hikari promised both financial aid and mercenary forces, as did House Kendar. Coupled with the existing Avellan Military and the funds generated from the sale of monopolies and exploration data, the Commonwealth was more then overmatched. As Avellan forces began to break through House Polar's defences on Biham, House Daimyo swooped in to raze the planet to prevent Avellan forces from claiming victory (actually the facilities were dismantled - Polar). With the Battle for Biham conculded, Avellan forces turned to Talitha Alpha and began working to over come the defences there, which seemed nearly inevitable.

Happening on a short moment of sympathy, Rolf offered the Commonwealth Peace on the condition of Technological concessions and their agreement that none would entire politics for at least another year, to which they appeared to agree (ooc: and seemed to hold to for quite a while to boot!). With their first successful war fought, the Avellan family celebrated. A time of great economic expansion then began for the family, along with an increasingly growing Exploration initiative. The world of Navi was found not long afterwards. What to do with the new world remained a mystery.

The Minister came upon the idea to create a new Alliance in the north, to gather together some of the smaller Noble Houses in an attempt to confront both the Commonwealth, and the growing influences of the Green League of Honor. It wasn't long before the Outworlds Alliance was formed. Avellan representatives soon began contacting some of the nearest unaligned Houses, as well as members of the seemingly dying Horus Union. A few Houses decided to take the First Prince's offer and joined the Outworlds. With a new political body formed, the First Prince entrusted his ever disgruntled cousin Llachlar with the task of creating a new, well trained and well equipped military force. The world designated for this project was the hidden world of Navi. After half a years work, a gigantic training facility and Fortress Network had been established. Over 30 Legions where trained, in secret, on the world, away from the prying eyes of the rest of the galaxy.

Seemingly out of the blue, and with little fanfare, the Minister readopted the family's ancient title of First Prince. New title in tow, Rolf oversaw an ever increasing economic, military and political period of growth. Little known was the now hundreds of thousands of solars being taken by Avellan Governors to fund Avellan expansion. As time slowly passed, and peace settled into the minds of the people of Capricorn, tensions began to rise between Rolf and the Empress Takemiya. With House Avellar operating in the Mercantile sphere, the Imperial Fining act began to take a new importance. Although the Avellan senate bloc had voted against it, it had still passed. After numerous warnings, Rolf received a demand for payment, along with several other Houses, including the larger House Deamindron. After paying several of these, Rolf began to believe that he may in fact have been the only one paying. When the amount owed by House Deamindron approached nearly $500,000 solars, Rolf decided that all available evidence pointed to his been the only House still paying for the Fines that had be issued unto them. Sending a clear message to the Empress, Rolf refused to continue paying the last outstanding fines, an awaited the Empress's response, whist quietly raising taxes and taking yet more of the planetary taxes been brought in, as well as preparing the newly formed Alliance Military Corps for action.

With a less then convincing public and private statement from the Empress, Rolf was less than keen to take the Empress at her word again. The feeling seemed to be mutual, when not long afterwards, the Empress began a mass investigation into each and every Avellan Governor. A poor attempt was made to hide this as a 'general' investigation into the North with another 5 unaligned worlds also been investigated, but to Rolf the message was clear. From that point on, House Takemiya, and by extension the entire Green League of Honor, were deemed hostile. The Investigations brought about the brutal execution of Nine Avellan Governors. Whether they were actually killed or merely imprisoned on at some hidden location was never ascertained, but for all intents and purposes, they were dead. With the Avellan hold on politics cut in half, the First Prince was less then pleased. Seudag Avellar then revealed to the galaxy at large her new involvement in an ancient cult, the Word Of Blake. Over time, the Blakists would come to dominate much of the Avellan Families operations.

As time passed on, including a brief and nearly uneventful* conflict involving the dastardly House Bridge, Rolf attempted to regain the lost positions. Feeling betrayed and angry at losing the power he had worked so hard to gain, through deceit lies and careful manipulation, Rolf began ordering the growing ACIA to begin funding some less the reputable characters to interrupt galactic trade and raise the general rate of crime. With the Empress virtually screaming for the payment of every increasing fines, Rolf began yet another web of lies. Claiming to be under duress from House Hikari, he threw the Empress's attention away from his ever increasing crimes and onto House Hikari. Promising to remain neutral in any conflict on the condition that the growing number of fines be ignored, Rolf seemed to secure a position of silent autonomy in the North. It soon began to appear to Rolf that House Hikari was preparing, in some way or another, to remove the Empress from her throne. Before Daimyo Hikari made his demands known, Rolf secretly negotiated a deal whereby he would regain the Governor positions lost to his family, if not more, if he aided in the destruction of the Green League.

As House Hikari began its campaign to seize the Imperial Throne, Rolf ordered the AMC into action. Waiting for the first series of counter-attacks to begin, so that the AMC would find as little opposing troops as possible, the AMC systematically couped as many worlds in the North as was possible. Lasting only briefly, the war saw between 60% and 70% of Avellan interests destroyed, although victory was achieved in the end, as more then 20 worlds were ruled by an Avellan representative. With the Word Of Blake ever increasing its influence, tax funds were diverted into creating and maintaining the WoB ROM spy network, the Blakeguards and the WoB Militia. After a rebuilding period, Avellan scientists began a vast program of exploration, launching well over a hundred probes to map out the far north. Only one new world was found, Wazn, and it was quickly adopted by the Word Of Blake to serve as a long range outpost.

With Rolf's attention turned elsewhere, Llachlar took it upon himself to commandeer a majority of the AMC and kidnap Rolf, sending him to Albali 13. Wishing to return House Avellar to its isolationist pat, he made a deal with the Word Of Blake to turn over Wazn, Alderamin and Albali 13 to their near exclusive use. As Llachlar plans began to come to fruition, forces from House Hikari swept onto Albali 13, along with the few remaining agents of AI. The ever loyal Mickael Sheldon led a desperate rescue mission. Successful in rescuing Rolf, Llachlar was quietly retired from the public eye and sent to Navi to permanently oversee the operation there.

As a new election season rolled around, it became painfully clear to Rolf that he would be unable to hold onto the worlds he had struggled so hard to take. With a brief message of explanation been sent to the new Hikari Emperor, Rolf couped those worlds he stood to lose, thus preventing any elections. At first all seemed ok, but from seemingly no where, the new Emperor ordered the Avellan family destroyed. With complete annihilation a near-certainty, Rolf was unsure at first at how to proceed. Hikari forces began attacking Navi. Acting quickly, Llachlar managed to evacuate the majority of the AMC from the world before they could be destroyed, taking them to Naos Alpha. Acting on advice from his dead wife's sister, Rolf ordered the AMC be put under the command of the Word Of Blake. With seemingly little effort on their part, the Word of Blake jihad had begun.

Striking at any available target, the remains of House Avellar were picked apart in a frenzy. Luckily enough, the damage was little, as Rolf prematurely ordered the shut down of every publicly known facility. With taxes as high as ever, and taking the entire sum, coupled with vast loans from the Avellan Bank, the Blakist war machine was well funded. The choice given to the galaxy was join or die. With numerous worlds in the North struck, various Houses, or differing allegiance, attempted to stop the growing slaughter. It wasn't long before the Blakist forces began operating beyond their orders. Any unbeliever became fair game, including civilians. Llachlar and Dani Avellar fell in battle during the carnage. As the Jihad wore on, more and more worlds were struck, and yet the galaxy made no move towards adopting the Word Of Blake. Regarding the galaxy as a lost cause, the now de facto leader of House Avellar, the Primus Seudag Avellar ordered all remaining personnel to gather on Wazn. From there, the Word Of Blake began its great exodus from Capricorn, seeking to return to the Blakist homeworld of Capronia. As the fleet neared the edges of known space, a small group of ninja, operating under their last standing orders from the Duchess Miyamoto, attacked and struck down First Prince Rolf Avellar. As Ruben and Jacca mourned their loss Seudag paid it little heed and ordered the exodus fleet to continue into the unknown.

*It must be noted that the near lack of action on the behalf of the Empress acted a yet another 'nail in the coffin' in the eyes of the Avellan Dynasty.



  • First Prince Rolf Avellar
    • 43 years old. An apathetic, charismatic individual. He is a mediocre duellist and administrator.
  • Jacca Avellar
    • 30 years old. A diligent, charismatic halfwit. He is an awesome duellist and a poor administrator. Brother of the First Prince.
  • Lexi Avellar
    • 59 years old. A dynamic, ordinary individual. She is an awesome duellist and an accomplished administrator. Aunt of the First Prince.
  • Seudag Avellar
    • 57 years old. An idle, charismatic intellectual. She is an able duellist and a mediocre administrator. Aunt of the First Prince.
  • Amycia Avellar
    • 2 years old. A child of reasonable potential. Niece of the First Prince. Daughter of Jacca


(In Order of Death)

  • Isis Avellar
    • 40+ years old at ToD. Wife of Minister/First Prince Rolf Avellar. Killed in a Planetary Coup: House Hikari, Avior 7.
  • Dani Avellar
    • 40+ years old at ToD. Cousin of Minister/First Prince Rolf Avellar. Killed in a Planetary Coup: House Daimyo, Cebalrai.
  • Llachlar Avellar
    • 55+ years old at ToD. Cousin of Minister/First Prince Rolf Avellar. Killed in a Planetary Coup: House Daimyo, Canopus.
  • Rolf Avellar
    • 80+ years old at ToD. Former Minister. Former First Prince of Ceres Media. Former Interim Emperor of Capricorn. Killed by an Assassins hand.

Minor Characters

  • Mickael Sheldon
    • 42 years old. Former Head of Avellan Intelligence (AI). Former Head of Outworlds Alliance Counter-Intelligence Agency. Head of the Word Of Blake ROM Network.
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