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as of 25th July of 2017 (View Archive) 26th of Origins, 408 AF.

With Schronnemann and Mordrel both gone the galaxy falls silent, wars cease and peace is restored, if for a short while. House Lucerna takes emperorship for a second term uncontested, and through fair governership and lawmaking the galaxy is prosperous. But trouble is brewing, after a short hiatus House Desperado is back, is the old mazin really gone? time will only tell…



Leader: Lady Milis Baideanach
Motto: Buaidh no bas, clarior hinc honos!
Homeworld: Alpheratz
House Faith: clairvoyance of the shadow
Alliance: Order Of The Golden Rose
Galaxy: Capricorn
Baideanach Statistics
Current Status: Imperial House (1225)
Highest Status: Imperial House (1324)
Primary Sphere: Technology
Secondary Sphere: Military
Tertiary Sphere: Financial
Tertiary Sphere: Leisure
Tertiary Sphere: Politics
Tertiary Sphere: Transportation

House Background

The history of House Baideanach and the Clans stretches far back into the mists of time, and little is known of their past before the first civilized peoples of Capricorn found them living and fighting in the mountains of one of Alpheratz's larger continents. There, they raided, pillaged and defied one another, causing great havoc until conquered and soothed. They became devout Talinists and accepted rulership of House Niwa, where they remained for a long time, mostly left alone in their corner of the galaxy.

For a long time they were members of a'Nàistinn a'Tàirneanach, but after the alliance broke up at the end of the Daimyo War, House Baideanach formed their own alliance, the Order Of The Golden Rose. there was also an unnoticed, but significant switch in their beliefs. Unlike their previous Talinist convictions, they turned to Clairvoyance of the Shadow.


  • Lady Milis Baideanach
    • Daughter of Lady Wenda Baideanach and Holger Baideanach, Married to Alfric "Ellyn" Canaigh, Sister of Mia Baideanach and Lady Diana Baideanach, Mother of Oisin Baideanach, Nadja Baideanach and Wilfred Baideanach
    • Lady of House Baideanach, Grand Chieftain of the Baideanach Clans, Steward of the Obsidian Palace, Protector of Alpheratz, Vassal to the Capricornian Empire, Countess of Al Niyat, Deputy to a'Nàistinn a'Tàirneanach, Ceremonial Field Marshall of the Galloglaich Infantry, Ceremonial Grand Admiral of the Baideanach Starfleet, Honourary Archaeologist of the Talinist Chroniclers, CEO of the Baideanach Starlane Transportation Corporation
    • An idle, ordinary individual. She is a mediocre duellist and an awesome administrator.

Milis Baideanach is a tall woman at 5'9“ (175cm), a little slight of build. Her skin is pale and lightly freckled, while her hair is a deep red offset by emerald green eyes.

  • Milis Baideanach is a proud woman - her heart is generally kind and friendly, but she is prone to selfishness with her own desires. Despite the fact that Ellyn fell in love with another woman, Milis pursued him relentlessly, hungry for his love and attention. She became the head of House Baideanach at a young age after her mother, Lady Wenda, died in a duel against a member of House Blint following a series of grave insults. Milis cares deeply for her house, its success, its honour and its history. She is now the mother of three children and is happily married to Ellyn, whose habits she defends fiercely and whose desires are more important to her than almost anything.
    • Son of Fionna Canaigh and Gairdh Canaigh, Married to Lady Milis Baideanach, Formerly Married to Clare Salvandy, Father of Sexburg Canaigh, Eira Canaigh, Leonidas Salvandy, Tiras Salvandy, Beelzebub Salvandy, Oisin Baideanach, Nadja Baideanach and Wilfred Baideanach. He was born in the Month of Virtue.
    • Seito of the Faith of Ceremonial Go
    • A diligent, ordinary intellectual. He is a poor duellist and an able administrator.
    • Alfric is a very feminine man, quite the opposite from his father. He is 5'7” (170cm) tall and slender. He has shoulder-length blond hair and green eyes. His complexion is light.
    • Alfric is a gentle, sweet, mostly honest but troubled man. He is moderately driven and quite intelligent. He did well in school and ran the Technological Operations before his cousin Sedemay took over after her graduation. In the past, he never seemed completely happy, even though he likes to smile and laugh.
    • Ever since he was born, Alfric has had issues with his gender, something he tried to express to his father Gairdh, but was told off for it. After he got married to his first wife, Clare Salvandy, she encouraged him to be himself. Gradually, he started to live like a female when he was with Clare, going by the name 'Ellyn'. However, the days he spent at the Silver Mansion were still spent as a male, out of fear of his father's wrath. Together with Clare, Alfric has two daughters, named Sexburg and Eira, and three sons, named Leonidas, Tiras and Beelzebub. When Clare left the galaxy without any notice, Alfric was left behind with their five children. He was then approached for marriage by his cousin, Lady Milis Baideanach. He accepted the proposal and left the Silver Mansion to live with her permanently, although his five children remained at the Silver Mansion. Together with Milis, Alfric has two children: a boy named Oisin and a girl named Nadja. At the Baideanach residence, Alfric can be himself as Milis does not care about his gender difficulties as long as he shares his bed with her, and she protects him fiercely, wanting to see him happy over anything else. Of the Canaigh family, the only others that know about this, besides his father, are Leruruna and Alfric's children.
    • The name Alfric means 'wise judge'. Alfric was given this name in the hope he would be a fair and honest man. Alfric dislikes his name, and often goes by the name 'Ellyn', which means 'light'.
  • Mia Baideanach
    • Daughter of Lady Wenda Baideanach and Holger Baideanach, Sister to Lady Milis Baideanach and Lady Diana Baideanach
    • Ambassador of the Baideanach Clans, CEO of Clan Resorts Multistellar Union, Honourary Archaeologist of the Talinist Chroniclers.
    • An idle, charismatic individual. She is an average duellist and an awesome administrator.
    • Mia is relatively short compared to her sisters, standing at only 5'7“ (170cm). Her skin is pale and smooth, her hair is a deep natural red and her eyes are a bright blue that glitters in the light. She is very attractive, well-proportioned, well-built and fit.
    • Mia is the middle daughter of the ruling Baideanach generation, second heiress to the Clan Throne and a gentle, soft person. She enjoys the simple comforts of life and is known for her cheerful, loveable attitude and her smiling face that adorns the advertisements of many of the Multistellar Union's casinos, resorts and other facilities. While she is no idiot, she is said to be naïve and out of touch with the common world, despite her popularity amongst them, and she desires little other than to make money and live in the comforts of her family home, the Obsidian Palace. She was briefly married but since then has refused to remarry, believing both children and a love life to be a burden on her freedom and the creature comforts she has come to love. Because of her looks, she is often used as a public face of the House where Milis is too busy or too important to be used otherwise - this is especially true for interactions with the common people.
  • Lady Diana Baideanach
    • Daughter of Lady Wenda Baideanach and Holger Baideanach, Married to Kirill Tzarnoff, Sister to Mia Baideanach and Lady Diana Baideanach
    • Warchieftain of the Baideanach Clans, Supreme Field Marshall and Secretary of the Galloglaich Infantry, Grand Admiral and Secretary of the Baideanach Starfleet, Executor of the Imperial Military, Sage of the Talinist Chroniclers
    • A diligent, ordinary dullard. She is a mediocre duellist and an awesome administrator.
    • Diana is the youngest but tallest of the Baideanach daughters at 5'10” (178cm). Her skin is pale and freckled, her hair is a dark red colour and her eyes are bright green.
    • As a child, Diana was a sweet, gentle girl whose head was always in the clouds. She never impressed in her studies, nor did she show particular interest in anything other than her horses, which she rode and cared for daily and loved with a passion. As she grew up under the tutelage of the House, Diana surprised everyone by making a decision to go into Military Academy. While unimpressive as a duelist, there she found the arts of military thinking to be well suited to her. She practiced and drilled herself, and for a great deal of her studies she struggled, unable to grasp much that others found so easy. Nonetheless, hard work and perseverance paid off - she graduated with honours from the Baideanach Clan Academy of Arms on Alpheratz, becoming first a military secretary during the time of the Basingre Secession. She quickly rose through the ranks, showing skill and dedication to anything she put her mind to. At the age of 30, she was elected to succeed Aldred Fullmer as Warchieftain of the Baideanach Clans, the second highest rank in the Baideanach military. While her tactical and direct combat ability has left something to be desired, her awareness of her own weaknesses and willingness to appoint appropriate advisors has made her a fantastic administrator in the field; her aptitude for logistics has aided greatly in ensuring that Baideanach's military can operate at a high level of efficiency. Although she held full command during the Great Inquisitorial Purge against House Blint, her first true, large-scale war experience was during the war of a thousand suns where she led allied Baideanach forces into victory.
  • Rosemarie Baideanach
    • Cousin of Lady Milis Baideanach
    • Archaeologist of the Talinist Chroniclers, Former CEO of Clan Resorts Multistellar Union
    • An idle, enchanting dullard. She is an average duellist and administrator.
    • Rosemarie is a fairly tall woman at 5'8“ (173cm), she has a prominent forehead and slightly tanned and freckled skin, her hair is copper red and her eyes are light blue.
    • Rosemarie is one of the eldest of House Baideanach, she is fiercely proud of her house and a passionate orator, but she is particularly dull and slow to grasp concepts that many others find simple. She struggles to keep up in prolonged conversations and lacks knowledge in most areas of politics. Although she is old and her looks have faded, her charming smile and ability to capture people's hearts with words has not faded - but she often requires scripted speeches to get the best out of her abilities. She often surrounds herself with courtesans who compliment and flatter her, taking any chance to boost her own ego; she is, like most of the Baideanachs, fiery tempered and proud and if insulted, she will react harshly and sometimes violently. She has spent a great deal of time in retirement working in Archaeology with her cousins Gairdh, Sexburg and Holger, who together fund a great number of archaeological expeditions, digs and historical investigations across the galaxy. That this money comes from the funds of the House has apparently never occured to or bothered Rosemarie, who continues to actively prosecute her 'hobby'.
  • Oisin Baideanach
    • Son of Lady Milis Baideanach.
    • A child of promising potential.
  • Nadja Baideanach
    • Daughter of Lady Milis Baideanach.
    • A child of promising potential.
  • Wilfred Baideanach
    • Son of Lady Milis Baideanach
    • A child of disappointing potential.
  • Holger Baideanach
    • Father of Lady Milis Baideanach. Husband of Lady Wenda Baideanach. Sister of Lady Morwyn Canaigh.
    • A diligent, enchanting individual. He is a poor duellist and an average administrator.
    • Former Head of Leisure
  • Arth Baideanach
    • Uncle of Lady Milis Baideanach. Brother of Lady Wenda Baideanach
    • A dynamic, enchanting intellectual prone to violent rages. He is an average duellist and an able administrator.
    • Former Head of Technology
  • Ar Dan Baideanach
    • Uncle of Lady Milis Baideanach. Brother of Lady Wenda Baideanach
    • A diligent, ordinary genius. He is an able duellist and a mediocre administrator.
    • Former Head of Military and Psionics
  • Lady Wenda Baideanach
    • Former Head of the House, Mother of Lady Milis Baideanach
    • A diligent, ordinary intellectual. She was an abysmal duellist and an average administrator.
    • Former Head of Transportation

Other Information

House Baideanach is played by the user Verisimilitude/Saithis, who is the former player of House Izanami, House Santiago, House Meiji and House Shin Akitashi

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