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as of 25th July of 2017 (View Archive) 26th of Origins, 408 AF.

With Schronnemann and Mordrel both gone the galaxy falls silent, wars cease and peace is restored, if for a short while. House Lucerna takes emperorship for a second term uncontested, and through fair governership and lawmaking the galaxy is prosperous. But trouble is brewing, after a short hiatus House Desperado is back, is the old mazin really gone? time will only tell…



House Desperado
Leader: Don Tristan Desperado
Motto: Semper Optimi
Homeworld: Arneb
House Faith: Caledonia
Alliance: The Company
Galaxy: Capricorn

House Background

House Desperado is an ancient line of mazins originating from Old Earth. They arrived in Capricorn a month after House Ira. They were part of a brief conflict with House Dogg in which house Dogg attacked house Desperado's fortress on house Dogg's homeworld and lost. House Desperado started its life in Capricorn as farmers, however their ambition drove them to take up the sphere of Psionics, and later Leisure. House Desperado resides in the south-west corner of Capricorn and has been in two alliances, the Mutual Defense Treaty Organisation and the Comhairle nan Iar. House Desperado was also briefly a member of, before being removed from the Order of the Thistle, who requested they re-apply. House Desperado declined.

After a single term as Emperor the Desperados backed House Juggernaut in their taking of the imperial crown before committing regicide in the name of a free Capricorn. Dina Desperado slayed the empress personally.

After a short period in hiding Desperado returns to a different galaxy. What havoc can this historic family wreck now?



The Desperados have a long history in the sphere of Psionics. starting out as a small secondary sphere to agriculture it soon grew into the behemoth it is today. For a while at the beginning of the Psionics days the Desperados kept their operations small, attempting to salvage any kind of profit of of House Lorik, however once Lorik closed their Psionics operations House Desperado quickly saturated the galaxy, within days psionics became a major part of the House, allowing for many new advancements to race through, including the psionic cannons the Desperados use so much.

leisure (now closed)

The Desperado leisure sphere is incredibly disorganised, this is because the sphere isn't actually ran by the Desperados, rather, it is a conglomeration of businesses which pay a small contribution to the House in return for protection by the Desperado Legions, these leisure facilities are usually very successful under the leadership of the mazin.

geological (closed)

Desperado Mining Corporation

The DMC is the Desperado branch of geology which mines precious metals. Usually the most successful of the Desperado Facilities the massive mines are usually teraformed after mining is complete to make parks for wildlife and people.

Desperado Rock Association

The DRA is the Desperado branch of geology which mines minerals, from ruby and saphire stones to basic nutrients, this branch is dedicated to protecting native species, and so tends to fill in the sites after mining, and will occasionally build a zoo for the residents of the planet.

Inconspicuous Inc

This is the Desperado branch of geology which so does not mine radioactives, and even if it did it would be for power…not bombs… not at all…

Mercantile (closed)

After reports came in of an offshoot Desperado mission having success in Mercantile, the Mazin ordered the construction of the Desperado Trading Company, trading in almost everything the DTC is incredibly successful, with trading hubs all over the galaxy.


The Desperados are incredibly politically active, at one point holding in the region of 35 governors, they are seen as very fair, with most planets remaining stable through their leadership, the kingdom of Galactic Lateterra is one of the nicest places to live in the Galaxy.


Military History

Battle of Adhara

In its first few days of status in Capricorn, House Desperado built a military base on House Doggs homeworld Adhara, they named the base 'cat military base' and proposed it was a holiday resort for wounded soldiers, House Dogg attacked losing the battle however sparking house Desperado to remove the base. Units lost: none, damage to cat battalion.

First battle of Arneb

The mazins head of operations Agent Bear informed her of the movements of house Boyd, an attacking force headed for her kingdom. Instantly the Desperado defence kicked in and the legions of arneb held out against all the odds, defeating house Boyd, however losing many fortresses on other kingdom planets. The Mazin celebrated by gifting her legions a new hyperadvanced battlesuit. The family decided not to attack house Boyd in retaliation for the attacks, knowing it would start a war they were eager to avoid. This however, proved to be a mistake. Units lost: none, damage to many.

Second battle of Arneb

The family were caught by surprise and the legions of Arneb were quickly picked off while they slept. The few remaining legions managed to fend off some of House Boyds military before falling themselves, brave to the last man. House Boyd begun full occupation of Arneb, while the Desperados retreated to their ancient city, ready to rise again, to be the nation who stood against proud Boyds army. Units lost: Culloden, Hastings, Agincourt, The Alamo, Flanders, Little Big Horn, D-Day, Trafalgar, Stirling Bridge, Bannockburn, Troy, Thermopylae, Stalingrad.

Liberation of Arneb

The attack was launched from the Desperado Hideout on Thuban heading for the home world of Arneb, they were met with little resistance as they overthrew House Boyds army, reclaiming their Great Palaces and Fortresses. Mysterios metal men led the charge and only one casualty was recorded of one of the metal men in Nitrogen Legion holding his rifle the wrong way around. Arneb was under the control of House Desperado once again.


While on war games with The Company, Deaperado troops came under ambush by a splinter group of House Butler, Dina herself led most of the charges agains Sonya rameriz, the head of the rebellion, the superior intelligence services of the Desperados gave the House the upper hand, always having legions on afflicted planets, eventually catching the Leader of the rebellion during a major attack on the rebel base by Dina Leonid and Rustam Desperado. The Leader eventually escaped captivity on the orders of Butler.

Battle of Desert

After the breakout of the rebel leader tensions rose between Butler and Desperado. When Butler aggressively overthrew Amjad rulership and Loriks Kingdom House Deseprado attempted to step in. Being the major driving force behind the attacks on Butler, a surprise attack caused heavy casualties in the Desperado legions. Eventually proving to be the end of the Desperado conquest against Butler, Desperado was forced to yield for the sake of their allies.


The Desperados used a wide array of weaponry, from massive land cannons, to small covert pistols

Psionic Cannon

This is the Psionic Cannon, it works by concentrating the psionic energies present in the operator, and harnessing it to make a single beam of energy. Depending on the level of the operator the Psionic Cannon can be as powerful as a small flyswatter to (its said) as powerful as a large supercruiser, for this reason, the Desperados only allow the most experienced users in their Psionic program to control these machines

Plasma Pistol

This is the plasma pistol, mostly used by the infantry of the Desperados, it contains its central control unit in its handle and can hold up to 120 rounds of plasma in one refill. This is the stock model however other versions do exist, for example Mazin Dina is often seen wielding dual plasma pistols with pearl grips and amplified damage.

Plasma Rifle

This is the plasma rifle, mostly used by the infantry of the Desperados. it has a central core in the handle and a plasma cartridge on the body of the rifle, it has the ability to hold 200 rounds of plasma per refill and can fire a range of ammunition from basic green plasma, to explosive red plasma, to acidic black plasma. This has became a stock weapon of the desperado infantry.


The Desperados use a wide variety of ships in order to achieve victory, mostly split up into classes, they utilise their navy to its fullest potential to defeat the enemy.


These are the main shuttles employed by the House of Desperado to help move VIPs or troops. Usually only used for show in events around the galaxy, these ships are used by almost every member of the family.

Harpy Class Shuttle

This is the Harpy Class Shuttle, mostly used by dynasty members who customise each shuttle to suit their needs, capable of fast speeds, this shuttle can outrun most assailants, and is mostly used in events where the Desperado family wish to impress.


This is the Fast Moving Military Transport, or FMMT. It is, like its name suggests, very fast, capable of holding a full company, this ship is useful for reinforcing the front lines in the heat of battle, some have also been altered to take on a medic role, taking casualties from the front lines, healing them, and reassigning them. With an array of anti-targeting measures, this ship will fly through a battlefield while avoiding being hit with anything, usually piloted by metal men, this shuttle is a reliable troop transport and medic.

Small Ships

Small ships are mostly used by the Desperados in planetary warfare, however can be used in attacking and boarding larger ships.

Harpy Class Fighter

This is the Harpy Class Fighter. its role in the Desperados navy is mostly as assistance to other combatants. most of the roles they perform is on the ground, where they can assist ground troops in taking out the enemy, or even defend fighter bombers from attack. The Harpy Class Fighter is especially fast and can reach incredible speeds with ease, its handling is superb and is equipped with dual psionic beams. Users include: Leonid Desperado (red fighter)

Metallic Class Fighter

This is the Metallic Class Fighter, Like most of the ships in the Metallic class, this fighter is piloted by one of Mysterio's metal men. This fighter, although being slower than the Harpy class fighter is still quick, it wastes no energy on life support and so can provide more energy to its thrusters and weapons, it operates dual enhanced lasers as well as a torpedo launcher. Its accurate manoeuvres as well as lack of fear make it a formidable foe on the battlefield. It is used mostly in support to manned vessels, however entire squads of metal pilots have been assembled for elite military missions.

Harpy Class Bomber

This is the Harpy Class Bomber. Usually used in conjunction with other ships this bomber can deliver massive damage to spaceship and building alike, while operating in atmosphere the bomber generally targets strategic bunkers or buildings, it is much faster than other bombers although still slow compared to most fighters. due to its speed it can lack accuracy when operating at full potential. it is equipped with psionic cannons as well as torpedoes making it a formidable ship for its size.

Metallic Class Bomber

This is the Metallic Class Bomber, a fast and agile bomber capable of taking out targets with considerable accuracy. Being in the Metallic class, it is entirely operated by Metal men, meaning these bombers fly fearless into battle, using the torpedoes and EMP missiles equipped to every bomber. Although not as fast as the Harpy class, this bombers lack of life support means it still achieves great speeds during its bombing runs, while still maintaining accuracy.

Fast Ships

Fast ships are mostly used by the Desperado family for recon, or show, rarely engaging in conflict. These ships as their name suggests can reach immense speeds.

Space Jump II

This ship belongs to the Harpy class of spaceships. It is primarily used as a scout or for show. It is ultra fast, capable of speeds faster than all others in the fleet, it has the ability to reach the far corners of the galaxy in minutes, and due to the enhancements in autopilot, no longer crashes into passing planets like the original Space jump used to. The speed of this ship is due to its lack of bulky weapons or hangers, as such it is equipped with psionic lasers and one shuttle hanger. Dina Desperado uses these on her planetary visits and espionage missions.

Metallic class reconnaissance vehicle

This is the Metallic Class Reconnaissance vehicle. It is used mostly by the Desperado family to scout out a location, and its incredible speed makes it a vital part of the Desperado navy, since it is piloted by metal men, it is useful in dangerous locations where its lack of any real fire-power is not endangering any lives. It is equipped with two enhanced lasers however has the speed to outrun most attacks.

big ships

Big ships are used by the Family to fight space battles, or for transport, these ships make up most of the Desperado navy, and are a serious force to be reckoned with.

Harpy Space Escort

This is the Harpy Space Escort, its primary role in the Desperado navy is to detect and protect. Although it is small it is fast, in order to keep up with escorted ships. It has advanced shields and a large command room, capable of detecting threats from afar and designating plans to avoid or win conflict. Its captains are picked from the most alert in the navy. Equipped with dual psionic cannons along with various psionic beams providing 360 degrees of protection, these ships in a group are near impossible to take down. Tristan Desperado refuses to travel without at least three accompanying his ship.

Metallic Class Escort

This is the Metallic Class Escort. it is a quick escort usually found accompanying a larger ship. Usually these ships can be found escorting cargo across the galaxy, although some can be found in the capital ships fleet. The Escort is equipped with many weapons, including multiple enhanced lasers, providing 360 protection, along with 4 torpedo launchers, it is of medium speed with the capability of defending larger ships with ease. it contains airlocks on the rear of the craft designed not as hangers, but for boarding ports, where metal men can attempt to jump to a passing ship. the lack of fear wins these crafts battles.

Harpy Class Cruiser

This is the Harpy Class Cruiser. It is one of the largest mass produced ships in the Desperado navy, containing space for 3 legions as well as a full flight crew this cruiser is able to reach relatively fast speeds for a ship of its size. Its arsenal of weapons seem never ending, however captains choose to utilise its many psionic cannons and beams, as well as its torpedos to take down the enemy, it has been documented that the first cruiser of this class was designed by Rustam Desperado himself. The ship also contains many hangers to react to enemy attack, featuring 20 fighter hangers 10 bomber hangers, and 4 shuttle hangers. This ship is the staple of any major Desperado movement in the galaxy.

Metallic Class Cruiser

This is the Metallic class Cruiser. it is one of the largest mass produced ships in the Desperado military, it is entirely crewed by metal men, and its lack of life support allows the engineers to switch power direction almost instantly, meaning a boost to the speed, damage, or defence, of the ship at will, this feature, coupled with the lack of fear makes this cruiser different. Boasting an arsenal of weapons including torpedo launchers, enhanced lasers, and boarding hooks, this cruiser is intimidating at the best of times. The ship opens up to reveal 30 fighter hangers, 10 bomber hangers, and 4 shuttle hangers. This ship is commonly found on patrol in the skies above Arneb.

Capital Ships

Capital Ships are utilised by the family to transport VIPs as well as intimidate enemy forces. massive ships, with far too much firepower.

Harpy Desperado service

This is one of the five Harpy Desperado Service ships. It is a behamoth capable of immense destruction. mostly used for transport of VIPs it is piloted only by the most skilled and trusted of pilots, usually admirals, or commodores due to the flagship ability of this ship. If seen in battle, the Desperados obviously want something badly, equipped with multiple rows of psionic cannons, along with 360 degrees of safeguard in the form of psionic beams, this ship also contains 80 fighter hangers, 40 bomber hangers, and 10 shuttle hangers, on the underside of this mammoth can be found a commandeering port used to capture smaller ships. few pilots are qualified to fly such a monster, in the Desperado family only Rustam and Leonid dare to take the challenge, other captains have included General Psy.

Metallic Desperado Layman

This is one of the seven metallic Desperado Laymans, a very large ship designed to annihilate enemy lines. Manned completly by metal men, the captains are handpicked by Mysterio to undergo reprogramming, allowing them to feel human emotion, meaning they can react to situations using more than just logic, These ships are equipped with one massive enhanced laser/torpedo fusion, capable of destroying most cruisers given the right angle. They also have other weapons such as smaller enhanced lasers, torpedoes, and shields. When the hanger doors open there can be found; 70 fighter hangers, 40 bomber hangers and 10 shuttle hangers. Although manned by metal men, some areas of this ship allow for life support, allowing VIPs to be transported in safety and comfort.


Agincourt (Deceased)

Agincourt was the first legions recruited by the Desperados taking part in its first 3 conflicts. The legion reached a status of elite moments before it was eliminated on Arneb by Boyd forces. Considered to be one of the best Desperado Legion ever trained. The Legions banner is the Traditional Desperado background with a star in the centre, showing its dedication to being the best. Legion Motto: To death, or to Glory.

Bannockburn (deceased)

Bannockburn was a Legion recruited by House Desperado between the first and second conflict, it reached the status of Veteran before defeat on Arneb in the third conflict, one of the first to be stationed at Dina's gates, the Legion soon drew the attention of Don Tristan Desperado, who praised them for their traditional fighting styles. They met their demise early on in the third conflict, however fought to the last man. Its banner is the Traditional Desperado background with a blue square and a white river. Legion Motto: Born and Bred to serve our House.

Culloden (deceased)

Culloden was recruited by House Desperado between the first and second conflict, it reached veteran status before its Defeat on Arneb in the third conflict, stationed in Desperado HQ, they were renowned for being outlandish and speaking in slang. Rustam Desperado finished his training in this Legion. They use unconventional methods to take down even the greatest foes. Their banner shows the Traditional Desperado Background with an abstract object in the centre, this shows the Legions inability to conform to social norms. Legion Motto: Come ahead ya muppet

D-day (deceased)

D-Day was one of the Desperados less known Legions, Recruited shortly before the second confict, their main duty was to defend the homeworld, they reached veteran status before their demise in the third conflict. Stationed in Desperado HQ they were made up of forces suited to ambushing the enemy, and so would hide in lakes and trees for the enemy to march into them, a deadly killing force, their banner is made up of the Traditional Desperado Background with a triangle in the centre. Legion Motto: For Arneb we fight.

Flanders (deceased)

Flanders was a Legion Dedicated to keeping the peace, Recruited after the first conflict, their main job was to defend Lateterra and keep its citizens safe from vagabonds and renegades, they were widely regarded as being the most morally correct of all the Desperado Legions, it was always the first to offer humanitarian support in times of natural disaster. They Were commanded by Rustam Desperado and lived by their code. Their banner is made up of the Traditional Desperado Background with a poppy in the center, showing their dedication to charity, and understanding of mutual loss in conflict. Legion Motto: All for one and One for all.

Hastings (deceased)

Hastings was a Legion formed shortly after the first conflict. They wore ceremonial eye patches which they could see out of to intimidate the enemy, they often swung the tide of conflicts for the Desperado House. Reaching the rank of Elite During the third conflict before being destroyed by Boyd, they were renowned for being ruthless, however living under a code meaning they would not kill unnecessarily, meaning they would often take prisoners. Their banner is made up of the Traditional Desperado Background along with the specialised sword carried by each of its members. Legion Motto: Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth.

Little Big Horn (deceased)

Little Big Horn was formed between the first and second conflicts. They were Primarily used as a scouting Legion, often involved in recon missions, They were eliminated in the third conflict. The legions troops always carried a horn which they used to store food and drink. Often these troops would watch battles from afar, striking in weak spots and sending tactics to other legions, because of this they were all renowned tacticians, and were praised by the Mazin herself for their many services to strategy improvement in the military. Their Banner features the Traditional Desperado Background with their Horn in the centre. Legion Motto: Sound the bells, Victory has Arrived.

Stalingrad (deceased)

Stalingrad was formed between the first and second conflicts. They were renowned for being fearless. often leading the charge they would operate in any conditions, They were trained to fight on frozen planets and waterworlds, as well as fighting large vehicles, Leonid started his training here. their banner shows the Traditional Desperado Background with a snowflake, showing their ability to endure harsh conditions. Legion Motto: Snowball fights are for children, we use water guns.

Stirling Bridge (deceased)

Stirling Bridge was recruited almost immediately after the first conflict, they quickly specialised in clever combat. They would often stroll straight into ambushes as the remaining forces surrounded the assailants quickly eliminating the threat. They were trained by the Mazin to be good at tactical offence, falling in the third conflict their banner shows the Traditional Desperado Background and a dual coloured square. Legion Motto: Garg’n Uair Dhuisgear

The Alamo (deceased)

The Alamo was recruited after the first conflict, they were trained to defend the homeworld against various threats, often being trained against forces much larger than their own. They preferred to fight in buildings and often defended bunkers and strongholds. Trusted by the Mazin to defend her gates, they perished in the third conflict, their banner shows the Traditional Desperado Background with a house on it, showing their ability to fight in buildings and defend the home of the Desperados. Legion Motto: We fight not for glory, but for freedom.

Thermopolye (deceased)

Thermopolye is the most feared Legion in the Desperado Arsenal. The highest ranking it was recruited shortly after the first conflict, reaching the rank of elite during the second conflict. Mazin Dina Desperado commanded this Legion, known for its ability to fight impossible fights, often fighting much larger armies, Dina kept the Legion member count at 300 so only the elite got in, rather than the Desperado staple 2000, however this Legion was still a force to be reckoned with, fighting to the last man in the third conflict before Dina was forced to retreat. The banner shows the Traditional Desperado Background with a shield, this shows the defensive capabilities of this elite fighting force. Legion Motto: Come back with the shield or On the shield.

Trafalgar (deceased)

The last unit standing in the third conflict Trafalgar was a force to be reckoned with, often held with high regard to naval tactics these soldiers specialised in fighting in vehicles, the fighters and bombers were most common, with their commander as Leonid Desperado. They assisted all the other Desperado Legions on their missions, and were never far away from conflicts around the galaxy, watching, learning, their banner presents the Traditional Desperado Background with an abstract ship in the centre. Legion Motto: We learn from your mistakes.

Troy (deceased)

Troy was Founded after the first conflict, renowned for their espionage capabilities they would often head rescue operations as well as infiltrations. Known as where Agent Bear was trained, this Legion is shrouded in secrecy, their banner shows the Traditional Desperado Background as well as a horse, which they were trained to ride early on. Legion Motto: Lets get ready to rumble.


First Generation

  • Don Tristan Desperado, Leader of the House
    • An idle, repellent dullard. He is a poor duellist and a superb administrator.
  • Dorothee Desperado, Wife of the Don
    • An idle, irritating intellectual. She is an average duellist and an able administrator.
    • Governor of Alkes 9.
  • Susanne Desperado, Sister of the Don died age 82 396AF
    • An apathetic, charismatic individual. She is an average duellist and administrator.
    • Governor of Mizar.
  • Rustam Desperado, Cousin of the Don
    • A diligent, charismatic genius. He is an accomplished duellist and an average administrator.
    • Past Governor of Asellus.
    • Battle King of Caledonia.
    • skilled fighter, often partaking in Desperado Military missions.
  • Mazin Dina Desperado, Daughter of the Don
    • Mazin of Lateterra.
    • Highly Influential in House Desperado, often attending events around the galaxy
    • Although seen to be of low potential, a highly intelligent individual in galactic relations.
    • Diligent and Repellant her work ethic is unquestionable, often going through horrible conditions to get the job done.
    • Dinas Gates are named after her, where she keeps her favourite Legions.
    • Assembled the elite Desperado fighting force known as the League of Extraordinary Capricornians
    • Went mad and assassinated Empress Hababah Juggernaut
  • Leonid Desperado, Nephew of the Don
    • Head of Covert Operations for the Desperados.
    • spymaster known as Agent bear
    • skilled fighter pilot.
    • apathetic and irritating, however this allows him to lead strong squadrons of troops into battle.
  • Laure Ira, married to Leonid Desperado (Deceased)
    • A dynamic, enchanting intellectual
    • She is well liked in the family.
    • Selected as a good diplomat by Dina Desperado, training to become an administrator.
    • Killed in a street assasination by House Boyd

Second Generation

  • Juliette Desperado, Grand Niece of the Don.
    • Child of Promising Potential
    • Being trained by Dina to take over when she passes.
    • Has a metal Dragon which can breath fire, made by Dina Desperado.
  • Sebastian Desperado, Grand Nephew of the Don.
    • Child of Disappointing Potential.
    • Will likely inherit Covert Operations.
  • Frauke Schronnemann
    • married to Sebastian
  • Edith Desperado, Grand Niece of the Don.
    • Child of reasonable potential
    • schooled in politics from Susanne Desperado
  • Thibault Desperado, Grand Nephew of the Don
    • Child of reasonable potential

Third Generation

Third Generation

Phillippe Desperado, son of Sebastian Desperado

  • child of disapointing potential

Fourth Generation

Mistress Emilie Desperado

  • A driven, enchanting individual prone to violent rages. She is an accomplished duellist and an able administrator.
  • Head of Psionics.

Kenaniah Desperado , husband of the mistress

  • A diligent, irritating halfwit. He is a mediocre duellist and an able administrator.
  • Head of Transportation.

Ira Desperado , Brother-in-law of the mistress

  • A driven, irritating genius. He is a poor duellist and an average administrator.

Giovanna Desperado , Cousin of the Mistress

  • A diligent, ordinary genius. She is an accomplished duellist and an average administrator.

Candace Desperado , Cousin of the Mistress

  • A diligent, charismatic dullard. She is an average duellist and administrator.

Amaury Desperado , Son of the Mistress

  • A child of disappointing potential.

Anah Desperado , Niece of the Mistress

  • A dynamic, repellent dullard. She is a mediocre duellist and a poor administrator.

Silus Desperado Nephew of the Mistress

  • A child of reasonable potential.


  • Alfonso Domingues Fazenbaker
    • A diligent, irritating dullard. He is a mediocre duellist and administrator.
    • Governor of Arneb.
    • Captain of the Faith of Sathraism.

and many…many… more

Other Information

  • Assassinated empress Hababah Juggernaut
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