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as of 25th July of 2017 (View Archive) 26th of Origins, 408 AF.

With Schronnemann and Mordrel both gone the galaxy falls silent, wars cease and peace is restored, if for a short while. House Lucerna takes emperorship for a second term uncontested, and through fair governership and lawmaking the galaxy is prosperous. But trouble is brewing, after a short hiatus House Desperado is back, is the old mazin really gone? time will only tell…



House Goman
Leader: Adrianus Goman
Motto: Non Sum Tam Dei Damnatus Imprudens
Homeworld: Albali 13
House Faith: none
Alliance: Landsraad League
Galaxy: Capricorn

House Background

The House of Goman were minor nobles that moved to their new homeworld of Albali 13. When Adrianus was presented control of the family estates there by his father, Cassander II Goman, Cassander II also gave him a substantial family inheritance that pushed the House of Goman beyond minor nobility. Cassander II claimed that he made his money through the old family mining claims, but the truth may be very different. It is common knowledge that during the Wars that plagued Capricorn after the end of the rule of the Miyamoto dynasty, and before the writing of the Constitution, Cassander II led his warriors as mercenaries for the highest bidder. After Cassander II's death, Adrianus began to build a beautiful city as a monument to his father's memory. Thus was Adrianus made the Master of the City of Iron.

Knowledge has always been important to the House of Goman. Cassander II spared no expense in the teaching of his children, and tried to imprint upon them the power of knowledge. A “Palace of Learning” was not only a way to honor Cassander II, but also a way to increase the prestige of the new city. As such, Adrianus and his wife Bea founded and sponsor the Great Archive of Albali. Here, scholars from across the galaxy come and research, teach and gather all information, no matter how minor it may appear. All arts and sciences are pursued, from physics to poetry, and biology to history. It is the Gomans' hope that it will become the greatest place of learning in Capricorn.


  • Adrianus Goman
    • Adrianus, son of Cassander II, Lord of the House of Goman and Master of the City of Iron is an excellent public speaker. His natural charisma provides him with the total loyalty of his people, who utterly adore him. He, in turn, thinks of his people first and acts in what he thinks is their best interest. Adrianus is also an amateur historian (having written several works) and enjoys walking the halls of the Great Archive and debating with the scholars there.
  • Bea Goman
    • Bea, daughter of Donata, Lady of the House of Goman and Mistress of the City of Iron is often seen touring her city and speaking to its inhabitants. Bea cares just as much about her people as Adrianus, but unlike her husband, is not content to wait. She makes decisions quickly, and permanently…
  • Petronius Goman
    • Petronius, son of Adrianus, heir to the House of Goman takes after his mother in terms of personality. He has been known to make rash decisions and rarely admits he is wrong. Petronius is famous for his personal grudges, which can last years over a minor slight.
    • Editha, of House Blint, wife of Petronius, heiress to the House of Goman was immediately accepted into the family upon her arrival. However, she had the misfortune of being the brunt of a parody by Cleo of Navi, a famed playwright at the Great Archive (famed because of the obscene language in many of her plays) and has been the brunt of jokes by Cleo and her particular school of scholars ever since. She takes it all in stride though. Mostly.
  • Donata II Goman * Donata II, daughter of Editha, is named after her great grandmother. While still young, Donata II has already begun her lessons at the Great Archive. * Emily II Goman * Emily II, daughter of Editha, is named after Emily the Younger, as Emily II was born on the anniversary of the day Emily the Younger saved her cousin Adrianus from death. * Laurentius Goman * Laurentius, son of Adrianus, takes after his father. Although he may be quiet and unassuming, he is well liked and respected by his people, and Petronius and Editha are incredibly protective towards him. Many see the somewhat shy, younger son of Adrianus as an example for the youth of the city to emulate. Laurentius spends much of his time in the Great Archive, and the most current rumors have him set to become the assistant of the Head Archivist, Ptolemy of Albali. * Married to Gertruda Canaigh. * Emily the Elder Goman * Emily the Elder, daughter of Juila, sister of Adrianus, is an angry woman. Emily, while polite and friendly with her family and accepted by the public, is immensely jealous of Adrianus and the love and adoration he receives from the City of Iron. To this day, Emily believes that it should be her on the Iron Throne. * Constantine Goman * Constantine, son of Tycho, husband of Emily the Elder, is well liked by all that meet him, although many may not remember him the next day. It's not that Constantine isn't charismatic, its just that he doesn't have anything of worth to say. Of course, this hasn't been ignored by the more vocal scholars at the Great Archive, and Hieron son of Hieron gained his fame as a philosopher from his recent work, “On Constantine Goman and the Nature of Boring.” Emily the Elder flew into a terrible rage over this open mocking, but had to content herself with plotting, all while forcing a smile. * Cornelius Goman * Cornelius, son of Constantine, is widely regarded as an idiot. While many would not speak so rudely in public, the citizens of the City of Iron do not look towards Cornelius as they do the others of the House of Goman. While they honor him as a member of their Ruling House, they see no potential in him at all. Although, Hieron son of Hieron does conjecture that it is due to too much time spent in the company of Constantine. * Emily the Younger Goman**
    • Emily the Younger, daughter of Alexa, cousin of Adrianus, is honored by the people of the City of Iron as a protector. Emily gained fame when she was a child by saving a young Adrianus from a snake. Since then, Emily the Younger has been immortalized in more poems written at the Great Archive than almost any other member of the House of Goman.

Other Information

The City of Iron has many famous sites. The Great Dome of the Governmental Palace is as awe-inspiring as the orators within it. Designed by the Head Archivist, Ptolemy of Albali, the Palace is an architectural wonder and it's interior is filled with some of the most beautiful artwork in the galaxy. The Lacus Ferrum, while essentially an area devoted to industrial mining refineries, is still a place of wonder. Even the mining refineries are built with the same ornate, Classical style that the City of Iron is famed for. This, coupled with the molten pools of slag that glow in the night make this a popular sight for visitors. Then of course, near the heart of the City of Iron, is the Great Archive itself. Led by a Head Archivist appointed by the Master of the City, the scholars are given free reign to do whatever it is that they wish in the realm of academics. The Archive is another building designed by Ptolemy of Albali, and features what Melampus Machaon d'Johnson (a famous doctor/biologist at the Archive) has called, “everything worth knowing.”

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