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as of 25th July of 2017 (View Archive) 26th of Origins, 408 AF.

With Schronnemann and Mordrel both gone the galaxy falls silent, wars cease and peace is restored, if for a short while. House Lucerna takes emperorship for a second term uncontested, and through fair governership and lawmaking the galaxy is prosperous. But trouble is brewing, after a short hiatus House Desperado is back, is the old mazin really gone? time will only tell…


Death lives in these deserts, and the sun is not the only killer.Lord Pontius Lucerna


House Lucerna
Leader: Lord Pontius Lucerna
Motto: Luceat Lux Vestra
Homeworld: Diphda
House Faith: Niteo
Alliance: Seventh Circle
Kingdom: Kingdom Of Irkalla
Galaxy: Capricorn

House Background

House Lucerna was formed in the deserts of Diphda when Pontius Ustrina, descendant of the ancient and most revered Sacerdos line of priests, broke his celibacy vows for the beautiful Sabina Pallas, heir to the Pallas trading fortune. Although disowned by his parents, Pontius's younger twin brothers Ambrose and Lawrence accompanied him to the luxuries of the dual oasis palaces Sol Aula and Luna Aula, hidden in the heart of the Torrens Desert. There, with the birth of their son Olivier and the financial backing of the Pallas family, the couple founded the Lucerna Dynasty, a House built on the principles of individuality and free choice, reflected by the House motto “Luceat Lux Vestra” (Let Your Light Shine).

Rise to Prominence

Upon its founding, House Lucerna quickly allied themselves with House Desperado, using its vote to help the Desperados claim the Emperorship almost immediately. When House Desperado suddenly collapsed, House Lucerna opened operations in the field of Psionics and constructed facilities on every planet, skyrocketing them to one of the most influential positions in the galaxy.

With access to new levels of income and influence, House Lucerna created the faith of Niteo, and the accompanying alliance known as the Seventh Circle. Initial proselytization campaigns focused on the Lucerna homeworld of Diphda and the underdeveloped planet Skat. While many members of the Lucerna family were already practitioners of faiths before the creation of Niteo, Lawrence and Olivier Lucerna became devout followers, eventually being inducted into the Seventh Circle itself.

Galactic Law

After having established his House and securing its place in the galaxy, Lord Pontius Lucerna turned to reforming the laws of Capricorn. He felt they were woefully inadequate and frustratingly vague, noting that there was no legislation at all involving the Kingdom system that is unique to Capricorn. He thus began authoring two key documents; The Third Capricornian Constitution and the Charter of Kingdoms, which now serve as the governing forces of Capricorn.

Centennial Coup

When House Deirdre initially went Renegade and destroyed the facilities of House Ser Noche, House Lucerna spoke out against these assaults, but took no military action. Even when House Schronnemann and House Silasayon were dragged into the conflict, Lord Pontius Lucerna chose to remain neutral. Only when House Deirdre launched a surprise attack on Lucerna military facilities on Diphda was the House forced to fight. While Deirdre was able to suppress the galaxy for close to two years, a coalition of troops from House Schronnemann, House Silasayon, House Lucerna, and House Mordrel was able to breach the Deirdre capital of Ascella and end his reign of terror.


Shortly after the Centennial Coup, the term of Emperor Schronnemann expired, and he decided not to run for reelection. Lord Pontius Lucerna was nominated to fill the position. With no other competitors, a unanimous Senate motion elected him to the Imperial Throne

Spheres of Influence


Primary Sphere

House Lucerna is the founding and leading house of the faith of Niteo. Illuminator Lawrence Lucerna aims to spread his faith across the galaxy, but is currently limited largely to Diphda and Skat. Niteo is a young faith, and has much ground to make up to compete with established religions like Sathraism


Secondary Sphere

Technology is the largest and most profitable sphere of House Lucerna. Broken into two branches, Sun Tech focuses on research, and Moon Tech focuses on production and sales. Lucerna Technologies operates hundreds of facilities across the galaxy, working on the cutting edge of research and development.

Covert Operations

Tertiary Sphere

Maintaining ten active agents, Covert Operations is a vital sphere to the security of House Lucerna. With the vast majority of agents working in counterespionage, the focus of the sphere is defense against hostile intruders. Agents receive the majority of their training operating in friendly Houses. Lucerna leadership frequently negotiates agreements with these Houses that allow both parties to place non-hostile spies within each other's ranks for training purposes only. Agents are further helped by Psionics specialists recruited from Lucerna facilities


Tertiary Sphere

House Lucerna operates the Starfire Military Academy system, in place on several planets across the galaxy, that assist in the creation of military units. While the Lucerna military was initially insignificant, the Deirdre rebellion forced House leadership to expand it, and the House now permanently operates over thirty legions


Tertiary Sphere

House Lucerna maintains the largest political operation in the galaxy, dominating the Senate and governing dozens of planets. Although they hold more Senate seats than Constitutionally allowed, there are not enough Houses in the Sphere of Politics to run for office, and House Lucerna will continue to operate at its current level until such Houses arise.


Tertiary Sphere

House Lucerna is the only House in Capricorn to operate within the Sphere of Psionics. Having entered the field immediately after the collapse of House Desperado, House Lucerna now operates Psionics facilities on every planet in the galaxy.


Tertiary Sphere

House Lucerna operates three chains of leisure facilities across the Galaxy; the House of Blues bars, the Lamplight Nightlife pleasure houses, and the Gambler's Delight gaming halls. It is the primary goal of these facilities to provide their patrons with the highest quality in entertainment and relaxation, in whatever capacity they require.

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