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as of 25th July of 2017 (View Archive) 26th of Origins, 408 AF.

With Schronnemann and Mordrel both gone the galaxy falls silent, wars cease and peace is restored, if for a short while. House Lucerna takes emperorship for a second term uncontested, and through fair governership and lawmaking the galaxy is prosperous. But trouble is brewing, after a short hiatus House Desperado is back, is the old mazin really gone? time will only tell…



House Miyamoto - The Fourth Generation
Leader: Duchess Sachi Miyamoto
Motto: From the ashes, a new flame.
Homeworld: Mizar
House Faith: None
Alliance: None
Galaxy: Capricorn

House Background

First Generation ~ Suiko Miyamoto

House Miyamoto is a staunch defender of all common citizens of Capricorn. House Miyamoto is dedicated to the cause of good, and of bringing ever-lasting peace back to Capricorn. Their House motto, “Capricorn — Till Death Do Us Part”, is a firm statement of their commitment to Capricorn the GALAXY, not necessarily to the nobles themselves. Nevertheless, House Miyamoto has repeatedly fought for the underdog Minnows and Lesser Houses when they fell into hard times, and they do their best to keep all of the nobles working together in the common pursuit of peace.

Suiko Miyamoto was crowned Empress of Capricorn in the early days of the Empire. (OOC: She was the first Emperor when the galaxy's game began. I don't think it's right to write up a history of Capricorn before her reign on this Wiki without others' consent, so we'll just leave it like this.)

From the early days, Empress Suiko was dedicated to securing the Imperial Police Force instead of funding her own business endeavors. It took an incredible amount of personal financing, but she managed to get all planets under police jurisdiction very quickly. When a terrible and long-lasting case of galactic plague broke out in Capricorn, she worked hard to quarantine affected planets, occasionally resorting to allowing trading and transportation facilities to be destroyed by other Houses as an extension of her “long arm of justice”. She did not tolerate criminal behavior.

When alliances started becoming a dominating force in the galaxy, many smaller Houses began to suffer. To combat this abuse, Empress Suiko started a new alliance, the Capricorn Commerce Commission. The CCC began as a merger of two smaller alliances, and quickly grew as many minnows took refuge under the CCC's protective wing. At the peak of its power, the CCC had 17 members.

As Minnows suffered more and more in the galaxy, Suiko began to suspect the Commonwealth as the aggressors. To this day, she still doubts whether her suspicions were correct at the time or not, but she was impulsive and steadfast in her determination to make an example of “bullies” and stop aggression towards smaller Houses. She launched a sneak attack against three Houses of the Commonwealth, without the knowledge of most of her own alliance. The attacks died down quickly, but many disgruntled CCC members never forgave Suiko for making such a bold move behind their backs. The Capricorn Commerce Commision's membership dropped dramatically, with a majority of the ex-CCC Houses splintering off to form the Green League of Honor.

After House Kendar launched a surprise attack of his own and demolished the Imperial Palace on Unukalhai, Suiko changed her tactics in a surprising way. She disbanded her entire military, and dropped out of the politics sphere. She became Capricorn's “powerless Empress”, with no military to guard her or senators to vote for her. She handed all of her power to the people. She made this bold move in the hopes that true democracy would bloom, and that Capricorn would be ushered in to a golden era of peace. She was successful for a while, and the peace lasted for almost 3 years. But during those three years, the larger Houses grew more powerful, and some Houses hungered for even more power.

When the Fenris League began a series of brutal coups, Suiko knew her time on the throne was drawing near to an end. The Fenris League was close to having a senate majority, and as she did not trust the Fenris League to place a ruler on the throne that would protect the common people's rights and freedoms. With no military of her own, Suiko nevertheless fought against the Fenris League with bitter might. She expelled all FL-controlled planets from Imperial jurisdiction, leading to the FL Houses creation of the short-lived Federal Republic of Capricorn. She also entered into the Covert Ops sphere and sent a terrifying wave of 40 ninjas into all FL Houses. Her ninjas were mostly unsuccessful, but many ninjas survived to infiltrate into the deepest of penetration after many years.

One by one, planets left Imperial jurisdiction and entered into the FRC. When the Fenris League almost had control of enough planets to actually take over the entire galaxy, Empress Suiko acknowledged defeat and instead peacefully handed over her throne — except she did not hand it over to the Fenris League, she handed it to the Commonwealth. She passed an emergency motion to crown Rolf Avellar as Emperor of Capricorn, and stepped down from her place of power with all the grace she could muster. Emperor Avellar was successful in leading a series of peace talks that ended with the FRC's return to the galactic Empire, and the throne being again handed over to Yumi Takemiya. Empress Takemiya was voted in by a majority of all the Houses of the galaxy, so peace finally did return to Capricorn, at least for a little while.

Suiko Miyamoto, now a Duchess (although she never grew used to that title, and rarely bothered to use it), refused to acknowledge her defeat. Her burning hatred of the Fenris League for taking away everything from her led her into a life of terrorism. She remained in the covert operations sphere, and used subsidies and donations to fund her ninjas. Her ninjas were criminal in the eyes of the Empire, but they fought for what House Miyamoto deemed to be the greater cause of good — they fought to keep tyrants such as House Hikari from claiming the throne. Just as she had given up her throne to stop Hikari and his minions from winning it, Suiko now gave up all business ventures so she could solely focus on directing her ninjas deeper and deeper into the enemies' Houses. House Miyamoto quickly went from a dominant ruling House to an almost completely invisible one — very few facilities were operated, and no fortresses or even an HQ were built. Suiko and her family remained in hiding for the rest of their lives.

Following her ninja's assassination of Hidetoki Hikari and Chikanaga Hikari's subsequent usurpation of the throne of Capricorn, Suiko went public about her secret involvement as terrorist rebel. She founded the Underground Empire, a rebel organization of secret members allied together to bring House Hikari down. She named herself Empress of the Underground Empire, and claimed it to be the one and only true Empire, sending forth a public call for all Houses to join together against tyranny. As Underground Empire's membership steadily grew, Emperor Hikari made numerous attempts at assassinating Suiko. Twenty-seven spies failed at assassinating Suiko before Chikanaga finally gave up.

After Chikanaga handed the throne to Olaf Kendar, Emperor Kendar launched a manhunt for Suiko Miyamoto in response to a failed assassination attempt on his own head. Suiko eventually handed herself in after a brief period of warfare versus Hikari's remaining fortresses. With Suiko in hand, Kendar promptly began trial deliberations. The charge against her was treason. The trial, however, dragged on and on, with no visible end in sight. Many motions were made for both guilt and innocence, but as the trial progressed it was bogged down in procedure. Years passed, Suiko growing older and older as she rotted in her cell, yet refusing to die.

Finally, when Suiko was well into her nineties, the trial did end due to an attack on Kendar's fortress where Suiko was being held in the dungeons. Emperor Kendar managed to smuggle his prize prisoner off the planet as he fled the flames of destruction. Yet, a spy also smuggled himself on board that very same ship: Brother Eldred of House Cotillion. In a surprise move, Eldred detached Suiko's prison pod above the planet Unukalhai, setting her adrift in space, seemingly doomed to be sucked into Unukalhai's atmosphere and burn up as a shooting star.

The Miyamoto clan was so bereaved that they shortly thereafter fled true galaxy in a starship, not to be seen again for more than 35 years.

Or so the story goes. Not many people know the full truth, for the skies were in chaos that day of the war. Not many know that Suiko's pod never did enter [capricorn:planets:unukalhai|Unukalhai's]] atmosphere, that Brother Eldred snagged the prison pod himself with his own spaceship and escaped with Suiko Miyamoto still alive. Not many know that Suiko was reunited with her family before they departed from Capricorn. And not many knew where exactly the Miyamoto family went.

Fourth Generation ~ Sachi Miyamoto

Deep into the nether-regions of intergalactic space they went, towards the source. The psionic source. And they found it. For generations they dwelt there, researching the true nature of psionics, developing incredible technology. It seemed like an eternity that they dwelled there, and indeed it could have been, for time passes strangely in such a place. Suiko managed to live another 46 years before she passed on. Three generations succeeded her, the Miyamotos extending their clan through genetically modified cloning.

Finally, Duchess Sachi Miyamoto, fourth of her line since House Miyamoto's self-exile, decided to return to Capricorn. To bring their newfound understanding of psionics back to the galaxy their grand-aunt had so loved. To go home.

Only, everything was not what they expected. They had thought that centuries may have passed by since their escape from Capricorn, that everybody may have mostly forgotten the legacy of House Miyamoto, and forgiven the perceived transgressions of their grand-aunt Suiko. But such was not the case. For time flows strangely in the psi-source, you see, and while three extremely long-lived generations had passed for the Miyamotos as they drifted in inter-galactic space, only eighty Terran-Standard years had gone by in Capricorn.

Not long enough to forget. But perhaps to forgive? It was a gamble that House Miyamoto would have to make.

Dynasty: Fourth Generation

  • Duchess Sachi Miyamoto, Leader of House Miyamoto
    • A diligent, irritating dullard. She is an average duellist and administrator. Head of Finance. Seito of the Faith of Ceremonial Go. Has survived 27 assassination attempts.
  • Nagamoto Miyamoto, Husband of the Duchess
    • A diligent, ordinary intellectual of great musical ability. He is an average duellist and a mediocre administrator.
    • Head of Psionics.
  • Yumako Miyamoto, Daughter of the Duchess - 21 years old.
    • An idle, charismatic dullard prone to violent rages. She is an average duellist and administrator.
    • Unmarried
  • Chikanaga Miyamoto, Son of the Duchess - 16 years old.
    • A child of disappointing potential.
  • Katsunaga Miyamoto, Brother-in-law of the Duchess
    • A diligent, irritating halfwit prone to alcoholism. He is an average duellist and a mediocre administrator.
  • Morotoki Miyamoto, Cousin of the Duchess
    • An apathetic, ordinary individual of markedly small stature. He is an average duellist and a mediocre administrator.
  • Nagakata Miyamoto, Cousin of the Duchess
    • A diligent, repellent individual of great artistic ability. He is an able duellist and an average administrator.
  • Chikazane Miyamoto, Nephew of the Duchess - 11 years old.
    • A child of disappointing potential.

House Miyamoto - The First Generation
Leader: Duchess Suiko Miyamoto
Motto: Capricorn — Till Death Do Us Part
Homeworld: Alrescha Secundus
House Faith: Soliumism
Alliance: Underground Empire
Galaxy: Capricorn

Dynasty: The First Generation

  • Duchess Suiko Miyamoto, Leader of House Miyamoto DECEASED
    • A diligent, irritating dullard. She is an average duellist and administrator. Head of Finance. Seito of the Faith of Ceremonial Go. Has survived 27 assassination attempts.
    • Suiko Miyamoto is a bitch, there's no denying that. She is honorable (in her own special way), has a deep love for Capricorn and its inhabitants, and is loyal to the end towards her true allies. But she is still a bitch. Known throughout the galaxy for her impulsive bluntly-stated blunders, she relied heavily on her public relations staff to fix her verbal mistakes during her reign as Empress of Capricorn. However, it is her total devotion to the protection of the innocents and underdogs of Capricorn that has marked House Miyamoto as one of the few Houses in the galaxy willing to sacrifice it all in the name of the common good.
  • Aiko Miyamoto, Daughter of the Duchess and Heir of House Miyamoto DECEASED
    • An idle, repellent individual. She is an average duellist and an accomplished administrator.
    • As the heir to House Miyamoto, Aiko is forever over-protected by her mother. Despite this, she has grown to be an intelligent young lady, wise in the ways of the world. Although she tends to be just as bitchy as her mother, she is much less impulsive, and much more business-minded. She shares her mother's strong moral values, but believes much more strongly in honorable actions. Aiko attended the University of Alrescha Secundus, and graduated with a Bachelor of Business with high honors. Although her mother wished her to carry on her education in grad school, Aiko came home early to assume the position of Head of Financial of House Miyamoto, spearheading efforts to pull the dynasty out of debt. Aiko is resentful of her mother's strong will, but she understands her duty as her House's heir, and is more than willing to make personal sacrifices for her family.
  • Arihito Miyamoto, Nephew of the Duchess DECEASED
    • An idle, ordinary individual of unsound mind. He is an accomplished duellist and an able administrator. Founder and Reprieve Guard of the Faith of Soliumism.
    • Arihito Miyamoto is the son of Akina and Hiazaki Miyamoto. He is smart, and quick with a saber. He is devout, and strong-of-will. But he is also a bit of a nutter, known for his radical philosophical ideas and his unabashed methods of sharing them. Arihito founded the faith of Soliumism. Although actually an ancient and traditional faith that the Miyamoto family had followed for hundreds of years, Arihito was successful in reviving it with new life when his aunt Suiko was crowned Empress. After a long period of clumsy courtship, Arihito married Yoko Hikari, daughter of the then House Hikari leader and cousin of the current Emperor. Yoko was also a faithful follower of Soliumism, and together they worked hard to make Soliumism what is is today. This culminated in a bitter divorce when Yoko's father declared war on the Miyamoto dynasty, and Arihito was forced to resign as Head of Faith when Suiko lost her throne. The Head of Faith title quickly fell into the hands of Yoko Hikari, and Arihito has always hated her for it ever since.
  • Mitsuzumi Miyamoto, Husband of the Duchess, DECEASED
    • Died of natural causes after a short illness at the age of 78. Survived by his wife, Duchess Suiko Miyamoto, and one daughter, Aiko Miyamoto. May he rest in peace.
    • Mitsuzumi Miyamoto was a loving husband to Suiko for 54 years. He was a gentle man and a gentleman, and was quite happy to hide in the shadow of his larger-than-life wife, and let her enjoy the spotlight. He was always concerned about Suiko's welfare, however, and was known to make public appearances to try and smooth over some of Suiko's worst public blunders. He is sorely missed by all the dynasty members.
  • Hiazaki Miyamoto, Brother of the Duchess, ESTRANGED and DECEASED
    • An idle, ordinary dullard. He is a poor duelist and an abysmal administrator.
    • Hiazaki lives on Unukalhai, and never contacts the rest of the dynasty, except for his wife Akina Miyamoto. He had a falling-out with his sister the Duchess many years ago, and has never spoken to her since. As far as Suiko is concerned, he isn't even a dynasty member, and as far as Hiazaki is concerned, that is fine by him.
  • Akina Miyamoto, Sister-in-law of the Duchess DECEASED
    • A driven, ordinary genius. She is a mediocre duellist and a poor administrator. Initiate of the Faith of Talinism.
    • Akina Miyamoto is perhaps the exact opposite of the Duchess. Terrible at business matters, Akina instead turned her talents toward internal planning. She plans House events, and works hard to keep the troubled dynasty of House Miyamoto happy and working together as a coherent unit. She is most well-known for her brief period as “Interim Empress”, when Suiko decided she wanted a break and went into hiding. During her short time occupying the throne, Akina instituted a one-off holiday — Happy Day. Although she was widely mocked for her efforts, she succeeded at getting more than half the nobles of the galaxy to exchange hugs on this day. Akina is the husband of the Duchess' estranged brother Hiazaki Miyamoto. Although her husband keeps a low profile and stays away from the rest of the family as much as possible, Akina spends most of her nights in the Duchess' residence and only seldom returns home to Unukalhai to visit Hiazaki. Akina and Hiazaki had one child together — a son, Arihito Miyamoto. While she is usually busy keeping her family from each others' throats, the galaxy can be assured that Akina will make more public appearances in the future.
  • Ai Miyamoto, Sister of the Duchess, DECEASED
    • Died of a serious illness at the age of 40. Survived by her husband, Hidetoki Miyamoto. May she rest in peace.
    • Ai was Suiko's little sister, and the heir of the dynasty. However, she died young to a terrible and rare variant of galactic plague named Scarlet Death. She was a close of friend of the Duchess, and Suiko has never fully recovered from the shock of losing her. Ai was a truly beautiful and wonderful person, and inspired happiness everywhere she went. Her widowed husband, Hidetoki, refuses to remarry out of loving respect to her memory, and chooses to stay with the family and do his part in keeping House Miyamoto strong.
  • Hidetoki Miyamoto, Brother-in-law of the Duchess DECEASED
    • A dynamic, charismatic individual. He is an average duellist and administrator. Head of Geological. Reprieve Guard of the Faith of Soliumism.
    • Hidetoki is the widower of the Duchess' deceased sister Ai Miyamoto. Unwilling to marry again, he stays by the Duchess' side as her Head of Geological Operations. He is a sole believer that Suiko will make things right in the galaxy, and is unmovable in his faith in Soliumism.
  • Chikayoshi Miyamoto, Cousin of the Duchess, once removed, DECEASED
    • An apathetic, repellent genius. He is a mediocre duellist and an accomplished administrator. Head of Psionics. Neophyte of the Faith of Tolism.
    • Chikayoshi Miyamoto is the Duchess' uncle's son. Largely disliked by most people he meets (including his entire family), Chikayoshi is kept around purely because he is just so damned smart. He was born with remarkably strong psionic skills, excelling at foretelling the future and telepathy. When Suiko decided to walk the dark path of the ninja, Chikayoshi was named Head of Psionics and given the responsibility of training these ninjas in the arts of psionics.

Other Information

The fourth generation was a restart by me, Tenno, after 4 years away from the game. I made a new account, and was lucky enough to get Capricorn again! Oddly enough, I didn't re-choose House Miyamoto because of the galaxy selection — I fully expected the Miyamotos to exit their interstellar travels in a new galaxy, and it was by pure fluke that they returned home. Or was it fate? ;)

The Miyamoto Trial — Preserved for posterity.

Ants Atop Mountains — The RP of Suiko's escape from certain death.

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