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as of 25th July of 2017 (View Archive) 26th of Origins, 408 AF.

With Schronnemann and Mordrel both gone the galaxy falls silent, wars cease and peace is restored, if for a short while. House Lucerna takes emperorship for a second term uncontested, and through fair governership and lawmaking the galaxy is prosperous. But trouble is brewing, after a short hiatus House Desperado is back, is the old mazin really gone? time will only tell…


ser Noche

House ser Noche
Leader: Lady Peighid ser Noche
Motto: Loyalty to the grave, truth beyond
Homeworld: Algol
House Faith: Ryvanscreer
Alliance: Crimson Petals
Kingdom: Free Lands of Myrillia
Galaxy: Capricorn

Important Events

Around 330 AF, House ser Noche founds The Conclave, one of the early alliances of Capricorn. Together with House Stattlich and House Eldak, the Conclave attempts to form a small power block. After some time however, the Conclave and House Miyamoto's alliance merge and found the Capricorn Commerce Commission, also known as the CCC. The alliance comprises several other houses under the rule of Suiko Miyamoto, Empress of Capricorn. however, after the betrayal of Suiko Miyamoto and some internal strife, the CCC falls apart, and most of the members plus several others reform into the Green League of Honor. Though, the Green League of Honor is disbanded due to internal disagreement, and House ser Noche enters That One Alliance.

In Spheniscidae 4, Lady Gertruda ser Noche was the first new elected Empress of the Constitutional Democracy of Capricorn. Soon after, House ser Noche changes alliances to the Crimson Petals, the new Imperial Alliance. That One Alliance disappears as the leading houses fall apart and are warped into Draco Reborn. In year ser Noche 6, re-elections are called and the Imperial title goes to Lady Morwyn Canaigh.

After the transfer of title, House Omoto runs rampant and destroys part of the extensive ser Noche technology stack on Algedi Borealis, but the damage is rebuilt with a vegeance, creating the largest stack at the time.

After Empress Morwyn Canaigh's term is up, the title is transferred back to Gertruda ser Noche after voting. However, Gertruda passes away at age 75 in the fourth year of her reighn, leaving the house and emperorship to her eldest niece, Voirrey.

House ser Noche took a minor part is the The War of a Thousand Suns against House Daimyo, helping Houses Canaigh, Zealot and Baideanach in the war against the opressing presence of the Daimyo conglomerates.

In the reign of House Tzarnoff, Nora ser Noche agressively responds to an illegally passed law by Vyachevsky Tzarnoff, awanting to enforce the integrity of the Constitution.

House Background

House ser Noche is an ancient house, dating back to times far in the past when man first lived upon their home lands, Myrillia. In this world, Gods made flesh roamed the lands, eventually settling down to small pieces of the continents and establishing the religion that would dominate the world long since. At a point in time, the naethryn, dark and shadowy beings that represented the darkness of the Gods (as opposed to the aethryn, heavenly beings) struck out to the surface of the world. In the following war, many gods were slain, and a powerful man rose to near godhood. This man's name was Tylar ser Noche, former shadowknight, given strength by Meeryn, goddess of the Summering Isles. This Ancient re-established peace to the lands, and eventually settled down with his family, or what was left of it.

Today, this story has become legend, and Tylar ser Noche is worshipped as a great hero, semi-divine, along with the other gods. The faith followed by their descendants has only recently flared out again, and even though the Gods themselves are gone, new temples are being erected in their worship. The faith is now named Ryvanscreer, after the legendary Godsword held by Tylar ser Noche to slay many a naethryn.

The House of ser Noche itself retraces its nobility to Tylar ser Noche, and keeps a code of honour that is upheld by word and deed. This code runs strong, and stresses honour, truth and loyalty. The honour of the family is deeply intwined in their way of thinking, and dishonourable behavior should, according to them, be punished. Loyalty is to be shown to all you are in contact with: a ruler should be loyal to their family, to the senate, to the Emperor or Empress… but also to the people they rule, keeping them safe and well-nourished. If anything, the people of the family are strong-willed, and quite stubborn in defending their values. Before agreeing to something, they will first find out everything they can about it, and only then forward their opinion of it.

The house has very little military power, but those few that are present are named after the mystical warriors from that long gone time, the Shadowknights of Tashijan. The current home and headquarters of House ser Noche is named after the ancient fortress that once housed these proud and powerful warriors, people that were trained in both swords and Graces. All troops are named after them, ranging from simple pages, to squires and Shadowknights.

Amended - During the rule of Gertruda ser Noche, the House has militarised, and now supports a growing army of substantial size.


The ser Noche family tree

Lady Ethelia ser Noche (birthday 2nd Virtue/Resolve, born year 271 under Miyamoto, 271 AF - Passed away 39th Vigilance year 2 under Spheniscidae, 321 AF)

  • An idle, charismatic intellectual. She is a mediocre duellist and an able administrator. Former Head of Technology. Hand of the Gods of Ryvanscreer.
  • Ethelia is a direct descendant of the founder of our house, Ariane ser Noche. She is married to Llachar, and has one daughter, Gertrude. she has a powerful personality and strives to keep her house just and righteous, while also maintaining a healthy profit.

Llachar ser Noche (Passed away Hikari 2, 2nd of Faith at age 78, 310 AF)

  • A diligent, charismatic individual. He is a mediocre duellist and an average administrator. Head Hand of the Faith of Ryvanscreer.
  • Llachar was Ethelia's husband, and came from a side branch of the original ser Noche family. He was also the first active Head Hand for Ryvanscreer, the religion propagated by the family since ancient times, worshipping the gods of an ancient past. Since his passing, the title has been passed on to his daughter Gertruda.
The ser Noche family as they took up the intergalactic mantle of politics

Storag ser Noche (Passed away 24th Origins year 3 under Spheniscidae, 322 AF)

  • A diligent, irritating individual of great artistic ability. She is an average duellist and administrator. Hand of the Gods of Ryvanscreer.
  • Storag is Llachar's sister, and mostly acts as a stern matron for the children running around the house. They often refer to her as 'Aunty Storm', but only as a small jest. She has a great love for photography. She is mother of two, Voirrey and Yseult.

Aine ser Noche (Passed away, date uncertain)

  • An apathetic, enchanting genius. She is an average duellist and administrator. Neophyte of Tolism.
  • Aine, the daughter of Ethelia's aunt, act mostly as 'posterlady' for the house, but doesn't engage in much other activities. Her partying years have gone by, however, and now she mostly lounges. She the is sole member of the family that has sought a religion other than Ryvanscreer, Tolism, but this is no hindrance. She passed away in her own house, as was expected, but was found a bit afterwards, and nobody was exactly sure when she'd died.

Ceinwen ser Noche (Passed away 33rd Glory ser Noche 4, age 96, 327 AF)

  • An apathetic, repellent individual. She is a mediocre duellist and an average administrator. Hand of the Gods of Ryvanscreer.
  • Ceinwen is Aine's not-so-beautiful sister, sporting a rather messy warble of red hair, which is rare in a family with black- and brown-haired people. She doesn't do much, and usually just hides somewhere.

Wulfleda ser Noche (Passed away, date uncertain)

  • A dynamic, repellent halfwit of great musical ability. She is an able duellist and an accomplished administrator. Former Head of Mercantile. Hand of the Gods of Ryvanscreer.
  • Wulfleda, not the brightest light of the family, nonetheless holds a key position in the family. She is the leader of ser Noche's oldest endeavour: trade. As a result, she enjoys a very high position within the family. Also, she watches over the children, acting as a sort of nanny when any of the mothers are absent for work. Nicknamed 'Wolfie' by them, the children enjoy being around her. When she grew older, she turned into the adorable granny all the children still loved, and left her work to Buchta so she could enjoy a bit of reading.
Commemorating the venerable Ethelia's 90th birthday

Gertruda ser Noche (Passed away 18 Hope ser Noche second sitting 4, 337 AF)

  • A dynamic, ordinary dullard prone to violent rages. She is an average duellist and a superb administrator. Head Hand of Ryvanscreer.
  • She passed away in bed at age 75 on the 18th of Hope, at the end of the fourth year of her second installation as Empress.
  • Getruda is Ethelia's only daughter, and heiress to the title of the house. She has enjoyed the best possible education, but will probably not take the position as leader of Technological affairs when her mother passes away. She tends to get irritated and even outright angry when things are looking down, but otherwise she is reasonably happy. Married to Takanaga Daimyo. After the passing of her father Llachar, she has been given the title of Head Hand of Ryvanscreer, following her father in the family religion.

Lady Voirrey ser Noche (Passed away 37 Virtue ser Noche second sitting 4, 337 AF)

  • An idle, ordinary dullard. She is an average duellist and administrator. Warden of Ryvanscreer.
  • Voirrey was appointed Leader of the house, and thus also as Empress, on the 18th of Hope in year 4 of Gertruda's second term, when she died. Died 37th of Virtue, ser Noche second reign.
  • The first daughter of Storag, and six years Gertruda's senior, Voirrey is the oldest of the second generation. So far, she has survived two broken up marriages, and has no plan for another. The first, to Iain Misallo, was cruelly annulled by his father, Overlord Jesus Misallo (pronounce hesus). The second, to Afolabi Gaitonde, was lost when house Gaitonde dissappeared from the galactic view. She has one daughter from her time with Afolabi, Arel, and one son, Cuthbert.
  • She passed away due to a sudden heart attack, ironically during the funeral reception held for Gertruda, and passed on the title to her daughter Arel.

Yseult ser Noche (Passed away 8th of Glory, Tzarnoff 5, age 100, 349 AF)

  • A dynamic, enchanting individual. She is a mediocre duellist and a superb administrator. Head of Technology. Warden of Ryvanscreer.
  • Yseult is Storag's second daughter, and only a few months younger than Gertruda. She is married to Chikanaga Hikari, which still leaves House ser Noche with a claim to the title of Empress. She is mother of Shannon, Storag junior and Vanora.
  • Yseult has long been the overseer of Starbright Corporation, after she took up the post that the venerable Ethelia filled. After 29 years of dutiful service as the CEO, she stepped down and laid her job in the hands of Carlos Alberto Kepner, who then prepared the inheritance for either Odhran or Aine the Younger. In the end it was inherited by her namesake, Yseult junior.
  • Caught a virulent strain of Algolian Flux in Tzarnoff 3, but recovered fairly quickly.

Lady Arel ser Noche (Passed away 20th Virtue, Zealot 4, age 71, 343 AF)

  • A dynamic, ordinary dullard. She is a mediocre duellist and an accomplished administrator. Warden of Ryvanscreer.
  • Arel is Voirrey's first daughter, a calm and joyful person. She was first married to a Riurik, but this was only for a short while. When Riurik accused House ser Noche of treachery, they immediately broke it up. She later remarried to Gideon Basingre, who she is still married to. Mother of Nora and Wynda.
  • After the rapid succession of the title to Voirrey, she received the title as Voirrey too passed away. The confusion was great on Gertruda's funeral reception.

Shannon ser Noche (Slain 4th Virtue, ser Noche 2, age around 30, 325 AF)

  • An apathetic, ordinary individual. She is an accomplished duellist and a poor administrator. Warden of Ryvanscreer.
  • The oldest daughter of Yseult is a bit of a tomboy. She enrolled in the best Academy she could find as soon as she was allowed to practice fencing, but due to her lack of drive she hasn't done very well so far. She got married to Festus Arcantyr, and picked up on her studies, now ranking among the better fencers of Capricorn. Mother of Livilda and Saethryth.
  • Shannon eventually fell in a duel with Felicia Zealot, her good friend and rival. Surprised by Felicia's ferocious attacks, she could not retaliate and lost her life.

Cuthbert ser Noche (Passed away)

  • A diligent, ordinary dullard. He is a mediocre duellist and an able administrator. The Almighty Void of the Faith of The Void.
  • Son of Voirrey, and the only man in the family that shows his face every now and then. Married to Luciana Dae'elen, remarried to Josephine Lorr, and father of her daughter Ellyn ser Noche and her son Franz Lorr. Franz was born 15th of Glory, year 3 under House Canaigh. Shortly after, he also became father to Yseult ser Noche junior.
  • Cuthbert took up the mantle of Almighty Void when the last of the cult fell away into oblivion, and has been upholding it ever since. He laso has the library belonging to them, and is responsible, along with Eira Canaigh for opening a Void gate in Capricorn.
  • Cuthbert is getting a bit demented over time ever since his 60th birthday, and will sometimes refer to people with wrong names, and not respond to his own name. He loses things, though his mind is still sharp, and his tongue at times sharper.

Storag ser Noche junior (Passed away 34th Virtue, Goman 8, age 93, 357 AF)

  • A diligent, charismatic dullard. She is an average duellist and an awesome administrator. Warden of Ryvanscreer.
  • Second daughter of Yseult, and married to Pen Oblivion. Mother of Toiseach, and later also Leonhardt Oblivion, born 7th Culminations ser Noche 1. (324 AF)
  • Storag jr, as a mother of two, has been busy with her children for a long time until Pen Oblivion took off with the two tykes for a vacation and never returned. As a result, she's been prone to depression and can't stand the name of her husband's family being mentioned. Her beauty is undiminshed, but she has no eye for any suitors.

Vanora ser Noche (Passed away 6th Hope, Goman 4, age 82, 354 AF)

  • Born 30th tributes, Kendar 1 (310 AF)
  • A dynamic, charismatic intellectual. She is an average duellist and a superb administrator. Warden of Ryvanscreer.
  • The third, and most likely last, child of Yseult, born after her father Chikanaga left for territories unknown. Her first husband, Sebastion Sto-Helit, also disappeared, shortly after Eli was conceived. She remarried to Osbert Blint after Eli was born. Her second son was named Godart Blint.
  • Vanora is cheerful and warm, likes chocolate a lot and her children even more. She's insanely proud that her son Eli leads the Shadowknights.
  • Passed away after a small illness. Doctors suspect it was a lingering case of the Algolian Flu, several years earlier.

Lady Nora ser Noche (Passed away ???)

  • Born ???
  • A diligent, enchanting intellectual. She is a mediocre duellist and an awesome administrator. Warden of Ryvanscreer.
  • Arel's daughter with Gideon Basingre. She's married to Particius Vetinari. Gave birth to Pagan Vetinari on the 7th of Glory, year 3 under House Canaigh, and to Julian Vetinari on the 11th of Hope, year 5 under Canaigh.
  • Named successor to the leadership of House ser Noche after the death of her mother, Arel.
  • Nora is somewhat nervous, a characteristic she got after the rapid successions among House ser Noche. She tries her best to lead the house, but at some point they pushed the financial business into her hands as well, and she was too busy to appear for a while. She has since passed the stick to Odhran, who immediately poured herself into the job. Nora is friendly, hesitant and pretty, charming beyond her knowledge and often stumbles her way through things by sheer charisma.

Livilda ser Noche (Passed away ???)

  • Born 13th Culmiations, Spheniscidae 1. (320 AF)
  • A diligent, irritating dullard. She is a poor duellist and an awesome administrator. Warden of Ryvanscreer.
  • Shannon's daughter, married to Hendrik Schronnemann. She took the post as Head of Politics in the year of Gertruda's death.
  • Livilda has a sharp tongue, dislikes people, and has the attitude of an agressive reporter at a political debate. Her job was well-picked, and she's ran several successful campaigns for senatorships on multiple planets.

Saethryth ser Noche (Passed away ???)

  • Born 8th Fates, Spheniscidae 3 (322 AF)
  • An apathetic, charismatic individual. She is a average duellist and administrator. Head Hand of Ryvanscreer.
  • Senator for Porrima.
  • Shannon's second daughter, and married to Vincent Vetinari. She later remarried to Godart Blint, her nephew, with whom she has a daughter, Seodag.
  • Saethryth has held the senatorial post for Porrima several times already, and loves the planet like a second home. She has a laid-back attitude to life and tends to enjoy it extensively. Her son left with his father years back, but she didn't weep, since he was in good hands. Her daughter Seodag is the sunshine in her life now, and she spends many days in the forests of Porrima with her and her husband.
  • She was voted in as Head Hand for the family faith after Vanora's death.

Eli ser Noche (Passed away ???)

  • Born 38th Vigilance, Spheniscidae 3 (322 AF).
  • A diligent, ordinary individual. He is an average duellist and an accomplished administrator. Warden of Ryvanscreer.
  • Vanora's son with Sebastian Sto-Helit, who disappeared shortly after his conception. He's only known Osbert Blint as his father. He took upon his shoulders the post of Head of Military after Gertruda's death. He is married to Inga Tzarnoff.
  • Eli is somewhat agressive, dislikes inaction and upholds a strong sense of honour. In the War of a Thousand Suns against House Daimyo, Eli was the one who pressed the ser Noche repsonse through while Nora was hesitating. He usually wears the ceremonial armour of the Ryvanscreer hands, but in case of imminent strife will more likely be seen in full synth-plast armour, weapons and all.

Wynda ser Noche (passed away ???)

  • Born 32nd of Tributes, ser Noche 5 (328 AF)
  • Daughter of Arel ser Noche and Gideon Basingre. Warden of the Faith of Ryvanscreer.
  • A dynamic, charismatic halfwit. She is a mediocre duellist and an unsurpassed administrator. Warden of the Faith of Ryvanscreer.
  • Nora's sister Wynda is energetic, but not too bright. She has a streak of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and doesn't ever wear clothing with an odd number of frills or patterns. She takes a lot of time to decide on things to do, and doesn't always pick the best things. They do have her lead the household for the Taishijan living area, and she keeps it very clean and tidy.
  • Multiple times Senator for the planet Mebsuta Alpha.

Ellyn ser Noche (Passed away ???)

  • Born 35th of Origins, Canaigh 3 (331 AF)
  • Daughter of Josephine Lorr and Cuthbert ser Noche.
  • A diligent, ordinary halfwit. She is an average duellist and an awesome administrator. Warden of the Faith of Ryvanscreer.
  • As a daughter of Cuthbert, Ellyn witnessed her father's slow decline of memory, and tries to take care of him as best she can. She doesn't always succeed, and though Cuthbert appreciates her concern, he doesn't like being fussed over. Ellyn was at some point considered as the inheritor for Starbright Corporation, but her lack of interest and academical prowess made it so that the position was shifted to a younger relative.

Yseult ser Noche junior (Passed away ???)

  • Born 13th of Hope, Canaigh 4 (332 AF)
  • Second daughter of Josephine Lorr and Cuthbert ser Noche.
  • A dynamic, irritating intellectual. She is a poor duellist and a superb administrator. Hand in Training of the faith of Ryvanscreer.
  • Yseult studied long and hard, hoping to take over the position of her namesake. There was consideration towards some of her cousins, but in the end it was decided that her drive and thoroughness were of more importance that her cousins' youth. She's overjoyed at her position, and spends a lot of time telling everybody how great it is.

Odhran ser Noche (Passed away 10th Virtue, tzarnoff 3, age 34, 348 AF)

  • Born 2nd of Resolve, Canaigh 4 (332 AF)
  • Daughter to Saethryth ser Noche and Vincent Vetinari.
  • An apathetic, irritating intellectual. She is a poor duellist and an unsurpassed administrator.
  • Head of Finance, passed to Isolde.
  • Odhran is somewhat slow, not very pretty but intelligent enough to be annoying. She has a great head for numbers, but less interest in social activity. She took the financial administrative task from Nora, who was getting overworked, and cleaned up a lot of bad records immediately.
  • Caught the plague on 12th Origins, Tzarnoff 3. As a result of this, she passed away on the 10th of Virtue that same year.

Lady Aine ser Noche the Younger (Passed away 31st Origins, Minimus 3, age 99, 360 AF)

  • Born 25th of Virtue, Canaigh 5 (333 AF)
  • Daughter to Livilda ser Noche and Hendrik Schronnemann.
  • A diligent, ordinary genius. She is a mediocre duellist and administrator. Head Hand of the Faith of Ryvanscreer.
  • Aine was somewhat of a wunderkind when she was small, but had little interest in her studies. She knows a lot of things - ask and she'll tell you all about them - but detests order and organisation. She's currently pursuing a job at a private astrophysics firm, and works as an artist alongside that.
  • Senator for Canopus, Took over the house leadership after Isolde's death in Schronnemann 7.

Lady Isolde ser Noche (Passed away 24th Vigilance, Schronnemann 7, age 86 or 87, 377 AF)

  • Born somewhere in Ser Noche second sitting 1 / Canaigh 6 (334 AF)
  • Unknown parentage. She was adopted by Nora ser Noche and François Ebullient Prism.
  • An idle, irritating individual of unsound mind. She is a poor duellist and a superb administrator. Hand in Training of the Faith of Ryvanscreer.
  • Isolde is, in one word, paranoid. She sees threats everywhere, and tends to annoy people by questioning them about anything and everything. she's intelligent and good at connecting things, but often does so unreasonably.
  • Became Head of Finance after Odhran passed away in the Algolian Flux pandemic in Tzarnoff 3. Immediately stashed as much money as possible, saying she “couldn't trust the overseers of the treasury with it,” and had to move it to a secret account.
  • She was married to Lucius Greyjoy for some time, but nothing came of the marriage.
  • After a long absence from the galactic stage er death was announced unexpectedly, and the reasons were covered up by the ser Noches. Rumours indicate that she may have caused her own death in a fit of rage and paranoia at a high age.

Seodag ser Noche (Passed away 24th Origins, Tzarnoff 3, age 28, 349 AF)

  • Born 38th of Glory, Ser Noche second sitting 2 (335 AF)
  • Daughter to Saethryth ser Noche and Godart Blint.
  • A dynamic, irritating intellectual. She is an average duellist and an able administrator.
  • Seodag is very animated, and chipper through thick and thin. She didn't do well at school but never let that stop her. She adores her parents, and regularly visits them. She has a love for colours other than purple, and often gloriously clashes with the clothes of the rest of the family. As an arranged marriage, she wed Juan Fernando Windici, and soon gave birth to her first daughter, Aeronwen.
  • On the 4th of Origins, Tzarnoff 3, she caught the Algolian Flux. During her sickbed, she still gave birth to two healthy children, Aeronwen and Goldyva. She died on the 24th of Origins a year later.

Lady Peigidh ser Noche (Passed away 3rd of Fates, Boyd 2, age 89/90, 386 AF)

  • Born 17th of Culminations, Zealot 2 (341 AF)
  • Daughter to Livilda ser Noche and Hendrik Schronnemann. Married to Uinseann Kemp. Later remarried to Mitsutaka Daigotsu.
  • An idle, irritating individual of great artistic ability. Hand of the Gods of the Faith of Ryvanscreer.
  • Peigidh was continuously curious as a child, and very interested in people. She has a doll shaped like an Algolian turtle, and always carries it around.
  • Later in life she married Uinseann Kemp, and on the 17th of Fates in 351 AF she gave birth to their first child, Leonhard, who joined his father's family. After the Kemps moved out with little fanfare, she decided to remarry with Mitsutaka Daigotsu, and bore him a son, Hikoyoshi, on the 15th of Tributes 356. In the same year she also gave birth to a daughter, Ula.
  • Received leadership of the house after the death of her sister, Aine the Younger.

Aeronwen ser Noche (Passed away 40th Resolve, Boyd 3, 387 AF)

  • Born 19th of Fates, Tzarnoff 3 (349 AF)
  • Daughter to Seodag ser Noche and Juan Fernando Windici, while Seodag was still ill of the Algolian Flux. Married to Enoch Arkay.
  • A dynamic, irritating dullard. She is a mediocre duellist and an unsurpassed administrator. Hand of the Gods of the Faith of Ryvanscreer.
  • On …, Redwater 3, gave birth to Harald Arkay. On 22nd Origins Redwater 6, gave birth to Ailda ser Noche.

Goldyva ser Noche

  • Born 32nd of Culminations, Tzarnoff 3 (349 AF)
  • Seodag's second daughter, conceived and birthed in sickbed.
  • An idle, repellent dullard. She is a mediocre duellist and an unsurpassed administrator. Hand of the Gods of the Faith of Ryvanscreer.
  • Both Aeronwen and Goldyva suffered from an ailment at birth because of their mother's illness, which caused slight brain damage. Neither came out very high on the intelligence tests. However, she made up for it by studying better than any of her cousins and coming out top of her class at the University.
  • Hand of the Gods of the Faith of Ryvanscreer.

Lady Ula ser Noche

  • Born ?, Goman 7 (357 AF)
  • Daughter to Peigidh and Mitsutaka Daigotsu.
  • A diligent, irritating individual. She is a mediocre duellist and an abysmal administrator. Hand of the Gods of the Faith of Ryvanscreer.
  • Hand of the Gods of the Faith of Ryvanscreer. Head of politics for some time during Isolde's and later Aine's reign.
  • She inherited leadership of the house from Peighidh on the 3rd of Fates, Boyd 2 (386 AF).
  • Ula is set in a Shadowknight mindset: fierce, private, and intent on the security of her house. She refuses to unveil her face in front of strangers, showing only her eyes and the jagged tattoos of her rank. Under her mask, she is scarred from skirmishes and battles, both with human opponents and with things escaped from the void font the ser Noches maintain. She is very close to Ailda.

Ailda ser Noche

  • Born 22nd Origins, Redwater 6 (364 AF)
  • Daughter to Aeronwen ser Noche and Enoch Arkay.
  • A dynamic, irritating individual. She is a mediocre duellist and an able administrator. Head Hand of the Faith of Ryvanscreer.
  • Married Adlai Alexander and in Schronnemann 7 on Fates 3 became mother of a healthy girl, Vevila. This was of great relief, as she had suffered from a miscarriage on Tributes 4th, Schronnemann 6. On the 13th of Tributes, Amjad 1 she gave birth to her first son, Saul Alexander. On the 20th of Virtue Minimus 3 her second daughter Ethel was born.
  • In the rearranging of house tasks in the post-Imperial revival, Ailda took up the duties of the ser Noche financial department to reestablish the house as an interstellar power. Ula also remarried, having lost her first husband due to a deep-space anomaly. On the 21st of Hope 365AF she married Udo Schronnemann.
  • Shortly after, the duties for financial management were passed to Oswald Gaeth, a loyal retainer, and Ailda focused on the words of the faith as Head of Hands.
  • She and Ula manage the house together, Ula taking care of the military and economic affairs, and Ailda holding the strings of the spiritual faction. Together they hold all power in the house, and their word is law.
  • Due to her strong involvement in Ryvanscreer's more etherial aspects, Ailda is an incredibly powerful Voidcrafter, capable of great feats of power. This strong involvement has negatively impacted her life, though, and in retrospect she thinks it is also what caused her miscarriage. In fact, she was worried about Ethel's life shortly after she gave birth to her, as Ethel carries a far more physical manifestation of the Void taint.

Vevila ser Noche

  • Born 3rd Fates, Schronnemann 7 (377 AF)
  • Daughter to Ailda ser Noche and Adlai Alexander.
  • A diligent, charismatic dullard. She is a mediocre duellist and an average administrator.
  • Vevila iscalm and often silent, though she can speak her mind with well-chosen words. She is not particularly interested in scholarly work, causing some to write3 her off as unintelligent. She enjoys reading, however, and is fairly good at decisionmaking.
  • Vevila has inherited the Void taint from her mother. While it was not initially Obvious that she'd been affected, there are several oddities about her. Vevila doesn't blink, only when she wants to, and can manefest a small swarm of luminous globues around her head, which blink along with her. She has an innate talent for Voidcraft.

Ethel ser Noche

  • Born 20th Virtue, Amjad 3 (360 AF)
  • Daughter to Ailda ser Noche and Adlai Alexander.
  • A diligent, irritating dullard. She is an average duellist and a mediocre administrator.
  • Unlike her younger sister, Ethel has a very forceful personality to the point of being overbearing. While she does respect and take care of hthe people around her, she has a tendency to push her ideas onto them a bit too strongly.
  • The taint of the Void is strong in Ethel, and manifests in a variety of physical oddities. Her sister calls her a demon occasionally, and all Ethel does is shrug it off, since she has the looks. She has cloven-hooved feet, which make her stand taller than her sister, even though Ethel would be shorter if she could put her feet flat. Her skin is covered in markings in various hues of black, purple, and green, something she hides by wearing concealing clothing. It's harder to hide it on her face, where she also has several dark swirls. The markings resemble a mix of swirls, rune-like patterns, and something resembling circuitry. She also has a pronounced ridge along her spine and on the back of her head, though it doesn't pierce the skin, and a whip-like tail of about two feet long, ending in a tiny barb. The barb doesn't actually do anything except get stuck in clothing. Ethel has a minor talent for controlling shadows and void constructs, but the majority of the taint is expressed physically.

Brenna ser Noche

  • Born Amjad 2 (379 AF)
  • Brenna was adopted into the main family on the 4th of Fates of Boyd 5 (389 AF) at age 20.
  • An apathetic, irritating individual. She is a mediocre duellist and administrator.
  • As per a promise made between the two houses, Brenna was promised and wedded to Yunus Amjad in 390 AF.
  • Brenna was adopted into the main house by Ula, and is still mostly unfamiliar with its working. She is soft-spoken and has a penchant for geting sidetracked easily. She respects her cousins greatly, but is somewhat uncomfortable with the amount of Void magic being flung around. She is untainted thus far, and tries to avoid the more intensive Voidcrafting when she can.

Other Information

House ser Noche is active in the political sphere, and supports a sizeable army of Shadowknights to defend itself and the Empire. It is also the hereditary leader of Ryvanscreer, one of Capricorn's top three religions. The religion has many followers on several planets, including a large number of nobles residing on them. On a side note, the house is operating a solid financial system as well, to keep track of the monetary resources.

House ser Noche operates a series of companies, led by the members of the dynasty and several retainers. All except Starbright Corporation have been closed now, though.

Commercial Establishments

Starbright Corporation Technological Endeavours

A joint operation of Technology, led by Ethelia ser Noche, and Exploration, led by Hiromasa Graig. Starbright Co. is subdivided across three depatments, being the Machinery Department (MDPT), the Technological Department (TDPT) and the Research Department (RDPT). These are then further subdivided into several other disciplines as in the table below. The Exploration endeavours focus on discovering sectors requested by other houses, and those that seem interesting. The Exploration Fund was made to support the large monetary drain for these missions. After probes turned out naught but empty space beyond the arms of Capricorn's swirling light, the Exploration fund was sadly abandoned. Unless there are other galaxies out there there is no further use, and we currently lack the ability to travel such enormous distances, even with our most advanced technology. MDPT Machinery Hulls Hulls and interior compartments AGE Anti-Gravity engines Exec Automating robotic arms and sequencers CS Customer Support Mod Modular building for sattelites and such TDPT Technology Flight Flight equipment, measuring instruments Comp Computer systems and drivers Exec Specific-task software Sat Sattelite software

Ser Noche Trading

The original base of operations of House ser Noche, led by Wulfleda ser Noche. The Mercantilist setup is the first ever used by the House, and is a traditional part of the family. Since those times, trading has slowly sunk back to a lower position in the operations of the house, but is still seen as the most essential of all operations run.

After several years of declining operations, the house finally decided to close Ser Noche Trading indefinitely. This was during the reighn of Canaigh. The watering down of the operations made it too improfitable to keep. After the closure of our mercantile assets, House ser Noche instead focused more on military strength. The ser Noche military assets grew as well, and it was better to focus on those instead.


Led by Kagemase Aguayo and later Seonaid Sutton, this brach is the most recent addition to the house activities. ForeSight is an establishment for Psionics, trying to discover mental prowess in the people of the galaxy. It is a growing buisiness, and has not yet made any great archievements. After a series of setbacks, it is also being rapidly shrunk down to its barest minimum. Forseight was closed in favour of political activity as Lady Gertruda was elected Empress in Spheniscidae 4.

Funds and Public Works

Exploration Fund

Furthermore, House ser Noche has recently established the aptly named Exploration Fund, a fund to help the Exploration programme of Starbright Co. explore the vastness of space. Currently, the Exploration Fund is only active within the Green League of Honour, but plans are made to also act upon this outside the alliance. The Exploration Fund guarantees that its donations will only be used for the purpose of exploring space, and not for the benefit of House ser Noche.

Ethelia's Mausoleum

This monumental mausoleum is dedicated to Ethelia ser Noche, first active leader of house ser Noche. Died at age 98. “May she rest in peace, and may the Gods grace her soul. May the ground be solid to hold her, and may her spirit guide us through the coming years.”

Ser Noche ancestral tombs

The ancestral burial site of the ser Noches, reputed to have been situated around the ancient tomb of Tylar ser Noche, though the oldest part of the complex maze of tombs has weathered away. Ethelia's mausoleum is situated at its entrance.

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