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as of 25th July of 2017 (View Archive) 26th of Origins, 408 AF.

With Schronnemann and Mordrel both gone the galaxy falls silent, wars cease and peace is restored, if for a short while. House Lucerna takes emperorship for a second term uncontested, and through fair governership and lawmaking the galaxy is prosperous. But trouble is brewing, after a short hiatus House Desperado is back, is the old mazin really gone? time will only tell…


Current Houses

House DoggChief Eduard DoggMajor House of Adhara- Head of Legendism
House LucernaLord Pontius LucernaImperial House of Diphda -Head of Niteo, Leader of the Seventh Circle, Archon of the Crown of Irkalla, current Emperor
House ser NocheLady Ailda ser NocheMajor House of Algol- Former Imperial Sovereign, Head of Ryvanscreer, Leader of Crimson Petals, Ruler of the Free Lands of Myrillia
House SilasayonChairman Leonidus SilasayonImperial House of Matar Secundus- Leader of The Guild Conglomerate
House SaronisDuchess Klara SaronisMajor House of Mothallah Magna
House ReigelDuke Ishmael ReigelMinor House of Phact
House DesperadoMistress Emilie DesperadoMinnow of Arneb Former Imperial sovereign, back after a short hiatus, performed regicide
House ZorakovPremier Stepan ZorakovLesser House of Ceres Media
House Baako ConstantinoDoge Enrico Baako ConstantinoMinnow of Shaula

For a list of all houses in Capricorn, past and present, see here.

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