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as of 25th July of 2017 (View Archive) 26th of Origins, 408 AF.

With Schronnemann and Mordrel both gone the galaxy falls silent, wars cease and peace is restored, if for a short while. House Lucerna takes emperorship for a second term uncontested, and through fair governership and lawmaking the galaxy is prosperous. But trouble is brewing, after a short hiatus House Desperado is back, is the old mazin really gone? time will only tell…


Archive - Latest in Capricorn

This archive is a record of news events displayed on the Capricorn front page and in the Capricorn sidebar. It is currently not formatted.

397 AF

Culminations 33rd, 397 AF.

House Deirdre surrendered control of Ascella, but this did not end the Ascellan Dispute. Houses Dogg and Desperado attempted to use their Senate majority to grant control of the planet to Deirdre anyways. Empress Juggernaut, believing this to be a direct affront to the decrees of the Throne, authorized all Houses to launch coups against the Company's governors to restore balance in the Senate.

Immediately afterwards, the Company authorized the murder of the Empress. Upon her death, elections were called.

Now Lord Gustav Schronnemann, who fought on Empress Hababah Juggernaut's side in the Ascellan Dispute, has been narrowly elected Emperor amidst clamor for House Dogg's ascension. Will this mark the end of conflict for Capricorn… or the beginning?

Vigilance 28th, 397 AF.

The Galaxy has erupted into conflict! Following the election of lady Hababah Juggernaut to the Imperial Throne, a dispute over tax fraud and planetary administration led to the summary execution of several governors in the employ of Houses Dogg and Boyd.

Seeing an opportunity to claim control of their homeworld Ascella, House Deirdre eliminated the Imperial Crony in control of the planet, installing Lady Khalida as governor.

The Empress has condemned this act as treason, and Houses Schronnemann and Silasayon have taken taken military action to enforce Imperial Law. House Dogg has joined the Company in order to support House Deirdre.

Following a failed initial assault on Ascella, both the rebel forces and the Imperial Guard have launched a number of assaults on one another's more outlying assets…


Virtue 20th, 393 AF.

In a close match, Lord Tristan Desperado is elected as Emperor of Capricorn in favour of Chief Eduard Dogg in a 6 to 5 vote. Shortly before the results of the vote were announced, Lord Gustav Schronnemann withdrew from the elections. Votes were not recast.

All hail Emperor Tristan Desperado!


The date is currently 392AF, 6th of Fates.

House Dogg suffers huge loss with the assassination of three House members. Relating this back to House IRA, House Dogg launches a huge galaxy wide scale purge. Destroying all of IRA's facilities within the Empire, before being stopped by the Emperor, House Schronnemann. Peace is called, leaving many in ruins, and calls into question over the Emperor's rule, conveniently leading up to the next Imperial Election.

Houses Dogg, Desperado and Schronnemann have all declared their running in the campaign.


The date is currently 390AF, 5th of Origins.

As Gairdh Boyd steps down as emperor, the throne belongs to House Schronnemann once more. Former emperor Yusuf Amjad has passed away, leaving the leadership of House Amjad to his nephew Bilal, head of the faith of Veracitism. And tragedy has befallen House Dogg once more, as Florian Dogg is assassinated, reigniting old tensions.


The date is currently 389AF, 8th of Fates.

War runs wild throughout the entire galaxy. Houses Schronnemann and Dogg attack House Lorik under the leadership of Lord Gairdh Boyd. Claiming their attacks are justified after numerous counts of evidence turned up to them suggesting that House Lorik intended on creating his own Empire.

House Silasayon also waged war against House Ruarc claiming that they were also traitors to the Empire, by producing mass scale weaponry.

Both of the assaulted Houses have retaliated, but it is not certain to whether or not the war is over.

House Desperado has also started a new alliance, The Company.

Finally, House Casanova has disappeared.


The date is currently 385AF, 30th of Resolve.

Lord Gairdh Boyd is elected as the First Emperor of the Second Empire of Capricorn, narrowly defeating Lord Reinhold Schronnemann, the final result being 4-3 in Lord Gairdh's favour.

The new Empire shall encompass only part of Capricorn, as certain Houses have chosen for their kingdoms to remain independent of the Empire.

The date is currently 385AF, 21st of Fates.

Now commences the creation of the Second Empire of Capricorn.

The date is currently 385AF, 9th of Fates.

In a shocking turn of events, Lord Gairdh of House Boyd launches an attack on House Desperado, wresting control of Arneb, and enacting a military occupation of that planet. The reaction the citizens of Arneb will have to this occupation remains to be seen.


The date is currently 384AF, 33rd of Vigilance.

With houses Amjad, Mordrel, Schronnemann, and Silasayon elected to the Inter-Kingdom Council, quiet returns. However, in a surprising turn of events, the Kingdom of Ascella surrenders its sovereignty to the Kingdom of Mordrel! What is King Boyd doing?


The date is currently 383AF, 34th of Hope.

The Galaxy is again at peace. House Mordrel has pushed for a inter-kingdom government and voting has commenced for the 4 seats that are available. Currently Houses Amjad, Mordrel and Silasayon are ahead and look to be likely candidates for seats on the council. With Houses Boyd, ser Noche and Schronnemann tied for the fourth seat. Who will be elected, and will the peace last?


The date is currently 382AF, 16th of Resolve.

The Order of the Thistle has been broken up after House Martell and House Talab vanish from the galaxy, leaving the order to just three houses. House Lorik's attacks on House Ira have stopped but only after hundreds of deaths and thousands of solars of damage was done to House Ira. The Galaxy is again at peace. But for how long?


The date is currently 381AF, 24th of Tributes.

House Lorik and House Dogg start a galactic purge of House Ira after months of tension being built up. House Ira finds himself in a difficult situation as he has few allies to turn to within his final days. Season one of House Dogg's hit TV series “The Doggs Dinner” hits the air with an enormus 11 million first episode viewers on Adhara alone.

The date is currently 381AF, 10th of Glory.

The Council of the East has been broken up by House Boyd due to several disturbances from House Ira and House Desperado. With House Ira being granted the ability to create a kingdom, he finds himself in an unfortunate situation as all the planets surrounding his have been taking in by House Amjad, House Boyd or House Desperado. House Ira chooses to claim House Desperados home planet of Arneb and violently removes him from it. Starting retaliation from House Dogg and House Boyd deeming the attack incredibly unnecessary and have begun attacking House Ira's facilities within the borders of the Kingdom of Ascella and the Principality of Kurodei. Meanwhile, House Silasayon and House Mordrel come under a political dispute after an unauthorized announcement on Matar Secundus declaring them fascists for their comments on slavery. In other news, House Dogg is starting his own cooking show named “The Doggs Dinner”.

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