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Current Events

(16/6/17) - 33nd of Resolve, 4th Year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon, 86AR

During the fourth year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon's reign, the Empire was split in two. The Emperor announced the dissolution of the Council of Houses and all trappings of the Empire refounded under Aldwin Vermine following dissatisfaction with its progress on recent proposals and reformed the Empire into the Imperium of Draco. House Black subsequently announced that all planet's north and inclusive of the Alphecca - Alpheratz line would be placed under his rule. These events happened peacefully and abruptly.

The galaxy of Draco is once more divided between two states. The Imperium of Draco, and the Remnant Realm in the north.




= Psionics in Draco =

There have been numerous developments of Psionic ability in the galaxy, and they are far from uniform. While there are “regular” Psionic abilities used by Psions throughout the galaxy, there are some notable Houses that have made a specialization unique to themselves.

General Psionic abilities

There are literally thousands of possible ways Psionic ability can manifest itself, and cataloging them is a long, arduous and continuous process. Despite the rarity of Psionic talent, and the sheer number of possible abilities, there are a few that occur more commonly than others. Two of the more common abilities are explained below.

Foresight: More commonly known as a Seer, this represents the ability to see into the future. It usually manifests in a mundane manner rather than in a true ability to see into the future. Most Seer's, especially those in the Group A category on the Rurik scale, tend to be able to be able to correctly guess the most likely outcome of the infinite number of probabilities the future may hold. Usually, and particularly in the Group A category, such ability does not tend to see beyond the most recent future, up to a day. Although some cases of “skipping” (where what the Seer can see into the future varies - so the first instance could be 5 minutes ahead and the next a week) are known, it is more common for a Seer to be able to see the same distance, for the same duration, each and every time the ability manifests. So a 1 day Seer would be able to see something occurring 1 day ahead for a period of time entirely dependent on the strength of the Seer's ability. Abilities foreseeing a snapshot of the future up to a year away are known. As are those who merely have an overall feeling of the most likely course of events. There are also quite a few who are capable of seeing the next 2-3 seconds before they actually happen on a relatively continuous basis. The higher the Class of the Psionic involved (Rurik scale), the more reliable the “predictions”, their occurrence and clarity. The higher the Group of the Psionic involved, the more likely it is that greater distance between present and future, amongst other things.

Telepathy: Telepathy in its most basic form is the ability to interact with the mind of someone else. How this is achieved varies widely, and can range from the ability to observe and transmit vague feelings if you are sitting still with no distractions, to being able to converse with another human being from the other side of the world over a highly technical subject. Almost all telepaths have the ability to shield their thoughts, though far fewer have the ability to shield the thoughts of others and fewer still the ability to do so reliably to more than one person. Of course, the higher the Class of the Psionic (Rurik scale), the more reliable the connection, duration and ease of use. The higher the Group, the greater the range and number of people affected, amongst other things.

Psionics & Machines

House Granz had taken to interfacing Psionic ability with machines, using brainwaves as triggers and in so doing maintained direct human control of the machines. This has resulted in the creation of the Attendant unit, and it is this that provides the basis for House Granz forces, with a single commander controlling an entire mechanised battleforce. In addition to this, House Granz had taken to increasing human brain power through the mixture of Psionics and neural networking. This led to the natural specialization in telepathy and, for a brief period, telekinesis. The past tense is used as House Granz has ceased to be an active researcher and operator in the field of Psionics.

Coded Manipulation

House Luciano specialized in an area of Psionics that is hotly debated by House Rurik researchers. The use of Coded Manipulation to allow the use of Psionic effects on a limited basis in a certain manner following the recital of a specific code, in possibly a specific manner, is so different from any other known type of Psionic talent that House Rurik specialists are divided on whether it is indeed a Psionic ability at all, and not some other manner of physical or mental manipulation. It is said that the effect the codes have is limited only by the training of the user. As it stands, there are two main abilities that are relatively widely known, as they were utilized by House Luciano forces in open combat. The past tense is used because House Luciano has since disappeared from the galactic stage.

Segretezza - This is the ability to cloak your presence, either through misdirection, or by mental or physical manipulation of your surroundings. It is unknown precisely how this is achieved, but its effects are all too clear. It is, in essence, an ability to make others look elsewhere.

Splendore - This is the exact opposite of Segretezza. It causes the eyes of those nearby to be drawn to you, to consume them with hate and unbelievable anger towards yourself. To the point where rational thought is barely present.

Psionics & Mysticism

The relationship between Psionic capabilities and mystical powers is an area hotly debated by modern experts from both fields. Supporters often point to the similarities between the original manifestation of the Gerasene and the spontaneous powers exhibited by followers of Elementalism. The Driscol 'magic' is also commonly believed to be Psionic in nature.

House Rurik research however has uncovered that the hitherto defunct religion of the Eternal Flame could well also carry psionic properties. The exact nature of this manifestation is unknown and they have taken to sponsoring the religion in an attempt to more properly study its manifestation. It is thought that a large congregation of the faithful, with the correct stellar alignment and mood, can create a psionic force far more powerful than even the most powerful Class C Psions.

= Classification Systems =

The classification of Psionic ability across the galaxy is a near impossible task. The abilities are simply too diverse to be divided up neatly. That, however, has not stopped people trying. The most recent classification system is being developed by House Rurik on Canopus in reaction to the Psionic disease plaguing the planet. It divides Psions in terms of the strength of their Psionic ability into Groups A, B and C, with A being the least powerful and C being the most powerful. It further organizes these Groups into three different Classes 1, 2 and 3. Each class representing the increasing level of control the Psion has over their ability. A further description is given as well to give an idea what type of Psionic ability the Psion possesses. For example, a Class 1 Group B Telepath could be someone who has only recently been discovered as having the ability to communicate with people through thoughts. This is usually shortened to B1 Telepath.

It should be noted that the higher in the Group scale a Psion is, the more difficult it tends to be for the Psion to gain control over his abilities. A Group C Psion will rarely make Class 2 and it is unheard of for a Group C Psion to reach Class 3. Thus the more useful Psionics tend to be from the Group B category who reach Class 2 or 3 on the Rurik Scale.

The Rurik Scale

Class 0 - No control over Psionic talent. Class 1 - Awareness of Psionic talent and can suffer regular unintended use of ability. Class 2 - Limited freedom to use Psionic talent at will, although largely freed of any unintended use of ability. Class 3 - Full freedom to use Psionic talent at will, with unintended use effectively nonexistent.

Group A - Limited Psionic talent. Group B - Moderate Psionic talent. Group C - Impressive Psionic talent.

Descriptions of a Psion's ability are far from set in stone, and some amount of flexibility to suit the Psion's individual talents is necessary. As such, no system of classification has yet been devised for describing talents in any real manner. Although terms such as Empath, Telepath, Seer amongst others are often commonly heard and used even by specialists, they remain largely undefined.

The Rurik Scale Explained


Class 0: This is someone who is known to have Psionic talent but has yet to exercise any control over it. They may also even be unaware of its existence. Depending on who you talk to, those with no Psionic talent may be categorised as Class 0 or are not put in any Class. Those with a Class 0 Psionic ability are often said to have their abilities go inert after a long period of disuse. This is in fact a misunderstanding, what has happened is that the person has subconsciously trained themselves not to access that part of their brain. It can be nigh-on impossible to redress, hence the incorrect conclusion that the power can go inert.

Class 1: Those with Class 1 Psionic Control have the least command over their powers. They are, however, aware of them and have begun the process of training themselves to properly access and understand what it is they can do. A Class 1 Seer, for example, may be able to see several seconds ahead into the future but have no way to control when this manifests, its clarity or even its reliability in some weaker cases. He will, however, be able to recognize what it is he's looking at, and with training be able to act on that information.

Class 2: Class 2 Psionic Control represents a fundamental stage in a Psion's development. It involves mastering some control over their abilities. Their actual Psionic strength remains the same but they have a greater ability to control what it is they are doing. A Class 2 Telepath may be able to glean the thoughts of a nearby person (or persons) at will with effort, for example. Although he may also occasionally do so relatively effortlessly anyway at random, this happens significantly less frequently than what a Class 1 Telepath would experience. The physical and mental stress that a Class 2 Psionic person must undergo each time they deliberately use their abilities often makes this one of the most draining stages of training. It is generally considered the Class that makes or breaks Psions and either condemns them to a lifetime of uncontrollable Psionic talent, or sets them on the way of becoming some of the most useful human beings in the entire galaxy.

Class 3: Class 3 Psionics are the pinnacle of controlled Psionic talent. At this point, they are essentially in full control of their Psionic abilities and they are exceptionally unlikely to randomly activate, or fail to manifest as desired. It is possible, of course, but the occurrence is so rare as to scarce warrant attention. Very little effort is required to access or maintain the Psionic ability and it often becomes as easy and natural as breathing. Powerful Psions rarely achieve this level of control over their abilities, and so it is usually the weaker and less fantastical Psions who manage this level of control.

The Groups:

There is a separate ranking system to differentiate between those with substantial Psionic ability, and those with lesser. As has been noted, those with lesser powers tend to master their abilities much more quickly and thus become more useful, even if they are less powerful. The ranking system itself is divided into three groups; A, B and C. It can be difficult to tell exactly where the lines are drawn between the three.

Group A will almost always reach Class 3 if they put in the effort. Group B will normally reach Class 3, unless they are on the upper end of Group B, and Group C will be doing exceptionally well to achieve Class 2. There are no records to suggest that a Group C Psion has ever achieved full control over their abilities.

= Psionic Houses =

The following is a list of all noble Houses known to deal in Psionics.

  • House Aquila - House Aquila operates a low-level Psionic presence, and is almost exclusively used for the defence of House Aquila. Dedicated to high quality, they are known for not hiring any lower than Class 3 Group B Psionics on the Rurik scale. While the House employs individuals with a wide range of talents, one particular technique has become something of a signature. Using a form of active telepathy, an individual can seem almost completely unremarkable: all but the strongest mind will simply ignore the user, as though they were a piece of furniture.
  • House Granz - Previously House Granz supplemented technological prowess and neural interfacing with their own brand of Psionics. Which included hypercognition, telepathy, and telekinesis.
  • House Klegg - Nothing is known about House Klegg's Psionic operations and they have since ceased operation.
  • House Kweku Ananse - Nothing is known about House Kweku's Psionic operations, except that they are also highly skilled covert operatives. They have since disappeared from the galactic stage.
  • House Luciano - A system of Coded Manipulation. What exactly is being manipulated is not yet understood. They have since disappeared from the galactic stage.
  • House Ragnarok - Nothing is known about House Ragnarok's Psionic operations.
  • House Rurik - House Rurik have dedicated themselves to the study and classification of Psionics, rather than specializing in any particular field.
  • House Sevarcos - Nothing is known about House Sevarcos's Psionic operations.
  • House Smith - With the marriage of Blanchia Fenkath interest in using technology and cybernetic's to enhance control of and bypassing traditional Laws of Physic's. Current research is small scale but plans for larger enviromental manipulation are being planned.
  • House Xanatos - Nothing is known about House Xanatos's Psionic operations.
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