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Current Events

(16/6/17) - 33nd of Resolve, 4th Year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon, 86AR

During the fourth year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon's reign, the Empire was split in two. The Emperor announced the dissolution of the Council of Houses and all trappings of the Empire refounded under Aldwin Vermine following dissatisfaction with its progress on recent proposals and reformed the Empire into the Imperium of Draco. House Black subsequently announced that all planet's north and inclusive of the Alphecca - Alpheratz line would be placed under his rule. These events happened peacefully and abruptly.

The galaxy of Draco is once more divided between two states. The Imperium of Draco, and the Remnant Realm in the north.


For a more detailed version of events, please see the timeline. For an overview of the history of the galaxy, please see our history. These Chronicles are for opinion and experience of specific reigns in Draco.

Draco Chronicles


Empress Seonag “The First” Ru Tstem 0-2 AR
Empress Caronwyn “The Resolute/The Imposter” Angelline2-5 AR
Emperor “Emperor-elect” Fenkath5-5 AR
Emperor Zanipolo “The Vampire” Marcus5-13 AR
Emperor Martin “The Quiet” Dramorian14-18 AR
Emperor Grigori “The Short-lived” Rurik18-18 AR
Empress Delilah “The Caretaker” Vandelhelm18-21 AR
Emperor “The Warlord” de Cortez21-27 AR
Empress “The Communist” McKenna27-37 AR
Emperor Christophe “The Idle” d'Astier38-58 AR
Emperor Karl-Ludwig “The Tyrant” Crow58-63 AR
Emperor Patricius “The Liberator” Curze63-67 AR
Emperor Aldwin “The Lawmaker” Vermine67-77 AR
Emperor Jacca “The Peacekeeper” Black78-82 AR
Emperor Alexander “???” Drakkon83-current AR
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