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Current Events

(16/6/17) - 33nd of Resolve, 4th Year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon, 86AR

During the fourth year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon's reign, the Empire was split in two. The Emperor announced the dissolution of the Council of Houses and all trappings of the Empire refounded under Aldwin Vermine following dissatisfaction with its progress on recent proposals and reformed the Empire into the Imperium of Draco. House Black subsequently announced that all planet's north and inclusive of the Alphecca - Alpheratz line would be placed under his rule. These events happened peacefully and abruptly.

The galaxy of Draco is once more divided between two states. The Imperium of Draco, and the Remnant Realm in the north.


Timeline of Draco Reborn

For more opinions and experiences of specific reigns, especially from Emperors, please see the chronicles. For a more generalized overview of the history of the galaxy, please see the overview. This timelines covers, in detail, all events that have occurred in the history of the galaxy.

Draconian History

Golden Age

Not much is known about the Golden Age of Draco. Rumours and theories abound, but little is certain. There are some official public records of Golden Age history, however, which have since been made accessible at all major libraries across the galaxy.

The Dark Ages

Almost nothing is known of the events that occurred during the Dark Ages. Most high technology was lost, including the knowledge of space flight. The entire Empire was ripped apart, and the inhabitants of each planet were left to fend for themselves.

The Dark Ages lasted for a very long time, although nobody really knows for certain how long it truly took to rediscover space flight. But space flight was rediscovered! And once this happened, it did not take long for the technology to spread across the galaxy, heralding the end of the Dark Ages and the —

Reunification of the Galaxy as “Draco Reborn”

Year 1 AR, Year 1 Ru Tstem

Draco is reunited after the Great Council of Houses meets to elect an Imperial House.

19 Resolve: Coronation ceremony of Empress Ru Tstem on planet Sheliak.

A Great Hunt for the Giant Ourandalam is organized on planet Terpsichore Borealis by local north-eastern nobles, to celebrate the Empress' coronation.

A “Southern Conference” is held on Cor Coroli 9. Nobles from southern Houses attend, and express displeasure against the rule of an Empress located so far away from them.

Year 2 AR, Year 2 Ru Tstem / Year 1 Angelline

1 Origins & 30 Origins: The first Draconian Council of Houses is held on Adhara. Issues related to the events at the Southern Conference are discussed. Earl Iowerth O'Connell proposes that Draco be divided into States, but his idea is turned down.

33 Faith: A North-West Conference is held on planet Sargas Borealis.

Nine new faiths are introduced this year: Comstar, Cosmic Balance, Elementalist, Path of Perfection, Ol Astron, The Endless Dawn, the Citizenry of the Protectorate, The Pack, and Rastafarianism.

Six alliances are formed this year: The Galactic Imperial Order, the Central Defense Network, the Guardians of the Flame, The League of Borealis, The Llachii Protectorate, and The Southern Confederacy.

Non-Imperial Houses start winning senate seats.

The Empress is accused of stealing tax money, and is forced to extend Imperial policing to a majority of the planets in Draco.

27 Resolve: Caronwyn Angelline is declared Empress in a surprise crown exchange. Seonag Ru Tstem steps down.

30 Resolve: The Second Draconian Council of Houses is held on Algieba.

Year 4 AR, Year 2 Angelline

The galaxy is quiet while the Second Draconian Council of Houses continues to discuss the sudden exchange the crown.

3 Hope: A minor crisis develops as the governors of Taygeta Alpha and Kornephoros, both owing allegiance to House O'Connell, refuse to pay tax solars to the new administration. House Angelline responds by removing both planets from Imperial Jurisdiction. Details

1 Faith: House O'Connell capitulates, and policing is restored on both planets.

Relations turn sour between the delegates of the Council and House Angelline as multiple attempts at compromise are rejected. A decision is made to elect a new Imperial House with or without House Angelline's approval, with all participating Houses agreeing to back the winner regardless of the outcome..

30 Fates - 30 Glory: Viscount Fabian Galonia nominates Count Rainer Maszyna and Chairman Udo Granz nominates Master Patricius Fenkath.

10 Vigilance - 10 Tributes: House Fenkath narrowly defeats House Maszya, becoming the 'emperor-elect'. House Angelline refuses to acknowledge the election until the senate confirms it.

26 Tributes: House Savoie begins withholding taxes on crony-governed worlds.

28 Tributes: House I Grog U Seer withdraws Matar and Gomeisa 7 from the Empire.

5 AR

?? ?:Zanipolo Marcus succeeds Patricius Fenkath as emperor under unknown circumtances.

7 AR

19 Culmination: The Nagendra-Dominion War begins.

10 AR

4th of Faith - 5th of Virtue: The entire Jefford Dynasty is wiped out.

11 AR

13 AR, 7 Marcus

12 Resolve: The Sheliak Affair occurs between House Aquila and House Sevarcos

15 AR, 1 Dramorian

36th of Hope: Martin Dramorian is crowned emperor after the abdication of the previous emperor, Emperor Zanipolo Marcus.

33 Vigilance: The Canopian Purple Plague strikes Canopus, the first outbreak in ten years. House Rurik ascends to galactic nobility on Canopus at the time of the outbreak.

16 AR, 2 Dramorian

29th Glory: House Crow slaughters hundreds of House Rurik workers on Vega after being hired out by House I Grog U Seer, and is condemned by Houses throughout the galaxy.

21st Tributes: The Senate rejects a motion to remove Imperial Jurisdiction from Mebsuta 13. On the same day the Emperor, based on advice from the Council of Administrators, removes Imperial Jurisdiction from Mebsuta 13 citing the desire of the people of Mebsuta to be independent, and that the Senate's rejection of the motion does not limit his powers to remove Imperial Jurisdiction as set out in the Constitution. Decision is met with little resistance, aside from House Rurik.

11th Resolve: The Emperor rejects an idea to create a law offering legal coups to any House that does not have a Senator in the Senate if there is a crony governed planet in their range, one of his cronies said that “If any house wishes for a senate seat they may simply ask my brother. Unless the reasoning is absurd, I believe he will doubtlessly grant the request.”

21st Resolve: The first of many motions regarding the selection of a new Court Justice faces the Senate.

29th Resolve: Piracy, which had recently begun to plague Circle planets is dealt with as House I Grog U Seer arranges for Imperial policing to fix the issue.

24th Culminations: House Xanatos, by the beliefs of the Circle, comes to govern Zaniah.

17 AR, 3 Dramorian

26th Origins - 7th Virtue: The Six Planet Slavery Issue.

19th Faith: House Cirith temporarily departing the The Council of Administrators to reform the Galactic Imperial Order to provide for a more effective response at Algorab over the Six Planet Slavery Issue.

2nd Virtue - 14th Fates: The Grog Wars.

21st Glory: The Senate selects Emmanuel Vandelhelm as its third Court Justice.

30th Glory: A series of Constitutional amendments and legal housekeeping are proposed by House Cirith.

18 AR, 4 Dramorian

1st Origins: The Fifth Council of Nobles is called together on Rastaban.

12th Origins: House Savoie ends a period of protracted isolationism.

3rd Hope: A virulent plague strikes Tarazed.

30th Hope: An armed incursion is launched against an unspecified enemy on Tarazed by forces ostensibly owing allegiance to House Savoie.

21st Faith: The Senate approves the legalization of slavery on a planet-by-planet basis.

38th Faith: Following an apparent brief outburst of insanity, a vote of No Confidence in the Emperor was called at the Council of Nobles by House Marit.

20th Virtue: House Abbendis announces his intention to crash the prices for technological goods on several planets in the Southwest in retaliation for House Xanatos's embargo against his House. The move sparks mostly negative responses, and it is later discovered that House Xanatos is embargoing House Abbendis because of their oversaturation of the Transportation market in the Southwest.

2nd Fates: The vote of no confidence in Emperor Dramorian passes and nominations open for the next Imperial election.

18 AR, 1 Rurik

28th Glory: Lord Grigori Rurik is elected Emperor by 16 votes to 13 against Baron Klegg.

28th Glory - 22nd Vigilance: The Azure Republic Secession war.

40th Glory - 11th Vigilance: War of Achernar Independence.

6th Vigilance: Emperor Grigori Rurik is killed by House Xanatos.

23rd Vigilance: The Empire begins the search for a new Emperor after the death of Emperor Grigori Rurik. A search which would have begun anyway as Emperor Grigori had called for elections prior to his death because of the secession of the Republic.

18 AR, 1 Vandelhelm

1st Hope: Sister Delilah Vandelhelm is elected Empress against Czarina Linda Aeryn Sun.

18th Hope: The start of economic prosperity for the Empire, with 11 economic booms and 3 population booms in the first 6 months of the Vandelhelm Administration.

19 AR, 1 Vandelhelm

32nd Vigilance: Limited warfare between House Ragnarok and House Granz breaks out, House McKenna and House Abbendis join the attack on House Granz, which cease on 8th Tributes.

39th Vigilance: House Von Stahlheim facilities begin to be destroyed by House Rurik and House Ragnarok.

21st Tribute: The new Constitution of the Draconian Empire is passed by the Senate and adopted by the Empire, replacing the constitution used for 15 years.

20 AR, 2 Vandelhelm

Stuff happened

21 AR, 3 Vandelhelm

1st Fates: Implosion of the Empire

9th Resolve: Conclusion of the implosion of the Empire.

21 AR, 1 de Cortez

21st Resolve: Hernan De Cortez is declared Emperor by the Senate following the public announcement of allegiance from governors around the galaxy.

22 AR, 2 De Cortez

10th Culminations: Church of the Holy Light declares independence from the new Draconian Empire claiming the planets of Cebalrai Prime, Muliphenand Canopus.

23 AR, 3 De Cortez

25th Hope: The Red Union elects Nighean McKenna as General Secretary following the death of House McKenna Silja McKenna].

24th Resolve: The collapse of CirPol prompts House Abbendis to take over control of several planets of the Republic. House Rurik, deputy leader of the Azure Republic, forcibly retakes the planets, along with other planets of the Republic which House Abbendis had been unable to reach. War is, ultimately, avoided and House De Cortez sends his thanks to both Houses in ensuring the integrity of the Empire.

37th Culminations: The collapse of CirPol led to the rise of the Muliphen Pact as the senior alliance and governing body in the west and south-west of Draco.

24 AR, 4 De Cortez

34th Fates: Illegal research by House Steiner on Gomeisa and the surrounding area sparks widespread public outcry. The Grogs begin a campaign to destroy House Steiner until they are brought back in line with the restrictions on technological research.

6th Glory: Plague breaks out on Errai 13. Shortly thereafter, tensions develop between House Crow and House Rurik over the Eternal Realm's involvement in the quarantine of Errai 13.

25 AR, 5 De Cortez

40th Virtue: The Sualocin Affair

28th Fates: Grog-Abbendis Conflict - Grog attacks on House Abbendisprompt renewed Empire-Grog conflict.

26 AR, 6 De Cortez

1st Tributes: Great Conflagration/Cortesian Crusades - The New Draconian Empire initiates a war against the Grogs.

27 AR, 7 De Cortez

1st Hope: Independence of the southwest - House Abbendis declares the Concordat independence from the New Draconian Empire.

27 AR, 7 De Cortez/1 McKenna

1st Tributes: End of an Empire - House McKenna takes the crown of Draco after the abdication of House De Cortez.

28 AR, 2 McKenna

15th Culminations: House Stardirge reveals discovery of newly explored planet Alphecca.

29 Ar, 3 McKenna

12th Hope: House I Grog U Seer reveals discovery of newly explored planet Propus 13.

11th Fates: House D'Astier attacks on House Ragnarok.

3rd Resolve: Widespread panic reported as plague named the Ancha flu strikes Ancha.

29th Resolve: House D'Astier reveals discovery of newly explored planets Alkaid, Epimetheus, Furud, Procyon

30 AR, 4 McKenna

18th Fates-24th Fates: House Abbendis and House Talionis attacks the facilities of House Cirith on various planets due religious unrest between the Church of the Holy Light and Vampirism.

31 AR, 5 McKenna

?? ?: At some point during McKenna's reign leadership of the Circle of Water passed to House McKenna. This effectively merged the Empire with the Circle under the Imperial Throne. This prompted a rebellion by House Crow which was quickly suppressed. Specific details and the dates of these events are lost.

32 AR, 6 McKenna

17th Origins: The De Cortez civil war.

33 AR, 7 McKenna

35th Glory-36th Tribute: The Talionis-McKenna war.

34 AR, 8 McKenna

Stuff happened

35 AR, 9 McKenna

1st Origins-9th Faith: The Concordat Uprising.

The Imperial House of Draco House McKenna mysteriously disappears from the galactic scene.

ca. 35-51 AR, D'Astier

The Dimming Ages. Under the Rule of House D'Astier, the Empire crumbles and all order vanishes. Lack of Historical Accounts make it hard to pin down accurate events.

ca. 58 - 63 AR, 1-5 Crow

House Crow establishes the Scavenged Empire, better known As Crow Empire. The Stokkonem Empire under House Pavlov is granted independence. House Douglas is recognized as Freeholding Lord.

61 AR, 4 Crow

The Vermine Protests: Following a Disagreement over Imperial Policy, House Vermine and Wallace declare Independence from the Empire in protest. The Empire declares this Secession unlawful and declares War.

62 - 63 AR

House Crow is destroyed in a rebelion lead by houses Curze and Pavlov to over throw the emperor and install Patricius Curze as emperor. The counil of houses is established by emperor Curze

67 AR

The whole of House Curze dynasty are killed in a “freak solar storm spaceship laser crash explosion” a kingsmoot is held and regent Lord Aldwin Vermine is elected third emperor of the Draconian Empire.

70 AR, 3 Vermine

11 Tributes - 11 Faith : Emperor Aldwin Vermine declares war on House Pavlov's Stokkonem Empire citing the conduct of unregulated technological research in spite of numerous instructions to cease. Imperial forces overwhelm the defences of the Stokkonem Empire and lay waste to House Pavlov's economic interests throughout the galaxy. The war ends with a ceasefire between imperial forces and House Pavlov, which despite some initial confusion on the exact terms of the ceasefire ended hostilities.

11 Faith - ? : The Emperor beings the peace process to formally end the state of conflict between the Empire and House Pavlov.

11 Faith - ? : Yet another version of the constitution is submitted to the Council of Nobles. It receives broad support despite some questioning over the exact nature of 'fiefdoms'.

20 Faith: House Lannister questions the necessity of such a high tax rate on many worlds throughout the Empire, many of which are administered by the imperial bureaucracy.

71 AR, 4 Vermine

20 Glory: The new constitution for the Empire is passed by the Senate following agreement amongst the Council of Houses.

75 AR, 8 Vermine

Origins: A startlingly large number of new Houses rise to prominence in the galaxy over a short period of time.

1 Hope: Overlord Brychan Wallace issues an ultimatum to the Empire to enact more restrictions on the advancement of technology. Discussions with the Emperor yielded a proposal not to allow technological development more than 1.5 levels ahead of the galactic average. Debate in the Council of Houses continues.

1 Hope: A series of plagues hit the galaxy causing disruption to merchant Houses and to the movement of goods and people throughout the Empire.

1 Faith: The Lord Speaker of the council, Overlord Wallace, calls for a vote of no confidence in the current Emperor Aldwin Vermine at the behest of a joint request by Lord German Wother and Ser Asaph Lannister. Debate rages in the Council.

1 Faith: House Black hosts an Arms convention on Lesath, including a demonstration of military technology from around the Empire and a series of wargames. Rumours of a treaty that are to emerge by the end of the Convention abound.

? ?: The Vote of No Confidence in Emperor Aldwin Vermine fails to pass. 5 Houses voted in support of the Emperor (Vermine, Le Serpent, Aiden, Glause, and Wallace). 5 Houses declared a loss of confidence in the Emperor (Lannister, Wother, Aomori, Grisogonus, and Craxis). Following the vote Houses Le Serpent and Wother indicated that they would be represented by proxies on the Council.

76 AR, 9 Vermine

37 Origins: Houses Aiden, Black, Glause, Le Serpent, and Wallace sign the The Treaty of Lesath endeavouring to limit the number of legions kept under arms by noble Houses throguhout the galaxy.

1 Virtue: A galactic pub crawl is started by House Black. First on the list is a small seaside tavern known as One Eyed Jacks.

12 Virtue: Minister of Law Duke Jacca Black proposes a series of amendments to the Constitution, including the implementation of a five year term for Emperor/Empress limited to two consecutive terms.

32 Fates: Ser Asaph Lannister withdraws the planet of Keid from Imperial Jurisdiction. Emperor Aldwin Vermine and Minister of Law Duke Jacca Black call on him to provide an explanation.

22 Glory: With no explanation forthcoming, the Emperor organises a force to retake the planet by force. This was the start of military action known as the Lannister Revolt.

30 Glory: Ser Asaph Lannister formally surrenders in the Council of Houses. He had to be brought into the chamber on a stretcher due to injuries inflicted on the field.

33 Glory: Imperial Jurisdiction is restored to Keid.

?? ?: A constitutional amendment covering mostly grammar and spelling issues, but also amending the electoral process, passes the Council of Houses.

77AR, 10 Vermine

40 Culminations: The official end of the reign of Emperor Aldwin Vermine, XIII Emperor of Draco.

78AR, 1 Black

1 Faith: A plague spread from Menkalinen to Pallas and Alioth Alpha before quarantine measures were put in place by House Black. Pallas remains free of quarantine due to issues of range.

6 Faith: House Pavlov fades from the galactic stage, taking with them their illegal technology and normalizing the galactic technology level.

?? ?: Jacca Black is elected as the new Emperor of the Draconian Empire.

79 - 81AR, 2-4 Black

An era of quietness, with old Houses fading into the background, and the ascendancy of a number of younger Houses. Records from this period are sparse, but it is generally considered to be an era of peace and quiet recomposure after a period of extended and heightened tension.

?? ?: The Matar Affair. A small conflict between Houses von Wittelsbach and Valeria threatens to upset galactic stability but is quickly diffused.

82AR, 5 Black

40 Vigilence: Ratification of the Treaty of Pallas. Houses von Wittelsbach, Wallace and Kinneally became part of the first Imperial Province, Bavaria.

40 Culminations: A von Wittelsbach spy is captured by House Schraut, starting the von Wittelsbach-Schraut affair. Subsequently a series of Schraut operatives were discovered in Houses throughout the galaxy, including Houses Aiden, Black, and Wallace.

83AR, 1 Drakkon

1 Origins: With the proclamition from Overlord Brychan Wallaces,Lord Speaker of the council of nobles,the 15th kingsmoot starts.

35 Hope: Hizkiah Petrick, Senator for Avior Secundus, is assassinated.

1 Origins-30 Virtue: The Kingsmoot for the 15th Emperor of Draco. The candidates are Alexander Drakkon, Brychan Wallace and Pagan Calear. Drakkon was elected Emperor with 50% of the vote in the first round.

24 Virtue: The 83AR Markab epidemic became the first case of plague the galaxy since the start of House Black's reign.

30 Virtue: Alexander Drakkon is formally elected the 15th Emperor of Draco by the Council of Lords and Parliament.

35 Virtue: The Coronation of Alexander Drakkon

?? Vigilance: The Minister of Law, Kaiser Klaus-Dieter, announces a report declaring the Treaty of Pallas and the Province of Bavaria without legal basis. It draws a sharp rebuke from Duke Jacca Black, the Emperor who signed the Treaty.

?? Vigilance: The Minister of Defence, Baron Ingo von Wittelsbach, acts on his constitutional duty for all Houses in the Empire to provide him with the size of their armed forces. This is the first use of this power since the Constitution was created.

8 Tributes: In an ongoing continuation of concerns regarding covert operatives the galaxy is stunned by the assassination of Baron Ingo von Wittelsbach, Minister of Defence. Rumours abound that this was a move to destablize the Province of Bavaria, or alternatively that it was in response to his recent request for troop numbers. He is succeeded by Baron Rüdiger.

30 Faith: A new constitutional amendment is passed, providing legal basis for the formation of provinces.

84AR, 2 Drakkon

14 Origins: After catching one Beard's spies in its security operation,House Corvani launched a series of attacks that against Beard. – OOC: I can't find any in-game record of these attacks. The only attacks by Corvani on 14 Origins were against House Shepherd. –

++ The following should probably be consolidated into a single event rather than detailed here in the timeline.

19 Glory: House Schraut complains of a spy from House Bastine being uncovered within his security operations.

21 Glory: Czar Pagan Calear asked for a vote to remove Lord Aethelraed Bastine from his position as Minister of Technology, accusing him of tax evasions, spying on other houses and being responsible for a recent series of assassinations. This lead to a heated debate between the two houses. Insults were traded between Houses Calear, Bastine, and Katharios, resulting in an honour duel between Rebekah Kartharios and Mark Calear.


21 Glory: The Senate reinstates an old bill which allows any House, minor or otherwise, be able to freely choose to be self-governing or part of the Empire. It was widely derided before the vote as being illegal or unnecessary, depending on who you asked. The vote was clearly divided between new and old Houses, with newer Houses in favour and older Houses against.

38 Glory: Emperor Alexander Drakkon calls for a vote to elect a new Lord Speaker.

2 Vigilance - 22 Tributes: War of Integrity.

6 Faith - 5 Vigilance: The Astati familicide

85AR, 3 Drakkon

19 Fates: Graf Laurence Aiden is elected Lord Speaker.

21 Fates: The parliament of planets called a new election on Chort 9 after the assassination of candidate Noël Jauregui a day before the vote.

21 Vigilance: The new election on Chort 9 saw the victory of Rainer Burrows (loyal to House Kinneally)

Vigilance-Hope: The Drakkon Accords,a proposed treaty that would divide the galaxy in 5 provinces, was rejected by 7 votes vs 7. Common critics were possible holes in the wording of the accords and desconsideration for the interests of the local houses.

86AR, 4 Drakkon

26-37 Fates: House D'Avelle suffer various covert , causing the destruction of multiple Tech Plants and the assassination of the Elkanah D'Avelle.

30 Fates: Yaw Bednar, retainer to House Bastine and the newly elected Senator for Asselus, is assassinated.

1 Glory: Mysterious fire destroys House D'Avelle tech on planet Asellus

?? ?: Three new provinces are discussed in the council:The Ministerial States ,Eskel’Orei and the the Citadel.

33 Resolve: Emperor Alexander Drakkon dissolves the council of houses and annuls the constituion, promissing an new “Concordat”. The northerm planets receive independence under House Black protection.

35-39 Resolve: Mark Kartharios declares his intentions to control Mirfak and the Kartharian, starting the Kartharian Civil War. After killing his father Gomer, in a duel in 39 Resolve, Mark becomes Karthar(lord), ending the war.

34 Resolve-16 Culminations: The Bavarian Crisis starts with the Congress of Procryon declaring Bavaria independent from the rest of the empire and ends with the coup on Pallas by Duke Eboni Kinneally, who would later become the Duke of Bavaria.

24 Culminations: Emperor Alexander Drakkon announces that all Houses loyal to the Imperium of Draco are to attend the Court of the Imperial Throne.

87AR, 5 Drakkon

1 Origins: House Black formalizes the new northern state under the title The Remnant Realm.

27 Origins: House Schraut declares war on House Katharios starting the War of Devotion.

27-32 Origins: Series of attacks by House Schraut against Kartharios Facilities on Mirfak, All are repulsed.

All Kartharian facilities are destroyed on Aldermain and Muliphen

Corvani destroys Schrauts Pisonic and Leisure facilities on Cursa, Achemar, Ancha and Adhara

32 Origins: Emperor Alexander Drakkon releases a Royal decree and enforces Imperial Peace across the Imperium, ordering all military forces stand down until the Pax Imperial is lifted.

35 Origins: Assassination of Hans-Peter Carraway, a politician forBastine, Student of the Καλεί'Dlehin
and Valentinus Archer, House Retainer for Kartharios, Follower of the Καλεί'Dlehin\\.

34th of Glory Widespread panic reported as plague strikes Alkaid. Many meber of House Kinneally are infected

8 Resolve: War of Devotion resumes.

12 Resolve: Assassination of Aethelraed Bastine.

32 Resolve: Assassination of Wren Opperman, House Bastine Champion and High official of the Κ0αλεί'Dlehin,Eboni Kinneally,Grand Duke of Bavaria and Kathar Mark Kartharios

2n Culminations: Ruth von Wittelsbach, Senator for Kornephoros, dies in a Schraut-led coup.

12 Culminations: War of Devotion finally concludes with the annihilation of House Schraut

88AR, 6 Drakkon

11 Virtue: The talasian ghostbusters Venkman and Spengler are sent to hunt the ghost of the former governor of Sualocin.

19 Glory: Toireann Kinneally announces a monopoly in Alkaid and orders all geolocial facilities to be dismantle in the period of a month. Baron Engelbert von Wittelsbach declares the monopoly illegal and sent legions to protect his facilities

20-33 Vigilence: The von Wittelsbach Rebelion/Alkaid Monopoly war.

89AR, 7 Drakkon

30 Tributes- 20 Culminations:The Talas Crisis House Bastine attempts to illegally annex the Barony of Talas with support from most of the Draconian Corporate League(Corvani and von Wittelsbach declared neutrality). They suffer retaliatory attacks fromn the Imperia throne and are forced to pay reparations. The DCl is dissolved with the self-exile of Bastine shortly afterwards.

?? ?- The Mandate Shield merges with the Imperial Defense Council to form the Council of the Shield.

90AR, 8 Drakkon

13 Culminations: Last public apearance of Duke Jacca Black. He disapeared in an while traveling throught the Godsea an unknow amount of that after that, but the Remnant Realm's government concealed this information from the public

91-94 AR, 9-12 Drakkon

?? ?: Brychan Wallace dies, ending his houses's influence in the galactic scale. After months of strugle betwen jihadists and moderates followers of the Pack, a group of Pro-Imperium pack druids took control of Wallace's former holdings.

95 AR, 13 Drakkon

Late Fates- The mysterious disappearance of Jacca Black becomes public knowledge.

8-12 Virtue-The Bombing of Lesath: Seeking to finaly reunite the Remnant Realm with the Imperium after Jacca's disappearance, Emperor Alexander Drakkon order the bombardment of the capital-world of Lesath. With the Remnant administration falling into warlordism after the Duke's death, the Royal fleet is unable to stop the Imperial fleet from bombarding the planet.

13 Virtue- The Junta that took control after Jacca's disappearance surrender surrender and the Remnant Realm is anexed by the Imperium.

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