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Current Events

(16/6/17) - 33nd of Resolve, 4th Year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon, 86AR

During the fourth year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon's reign, the Empire was split in two. The Emperor announced the dissolution of the Council of Houses and all trappings of the Empire refounded under Aldwin Vermine following dissatisfaction with its progress on recent proposals and reformed the Empire into the Imperium of Draco. House Black subsequently announced that all planet's north and inclusive of the Alphecca - Alpheratz line would be placed under his rule. These events happened peacefully and abruptly.

The galaxy of Draco is once more divided between two states. The Imperium of Draco, and the Remnant Realm in the north.


House Bastine

House House Bastine
Leader:Lord Aethelraed Bastin
Homeworld:Shaula 7
House Faith:Καλεί'Dlehin
Alliance:Draconian Corporate League
Galaxy:Draco Reborn


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The following is the liniage of House Bastine

  • Lord Jebadiah Bastine
  • Son of Aethelraed
  • A child of promising potential.
  • betrothed to Rhoda Kartharios
  • Margaud Bastine
  • Wife of Aethelraed
  • A diligent, charismatic intellectual. She is an average duellist and a mediocre administrator.

* Agnès Bastine * Sister-in-Law of Aethelraed * A diligent, irritating intellectual of markedly small stature. She is an average duelist and an accomplished administrator. * Agnès is head of the Bastine's Psionic industry.

* Othniel Bastine * Brother-in-law of Aethelraed * An apathetic, irritating dullard. He is an average duelist and administrator.

  • Audrey Bastine
  • Cousin of Aethelraed
  • An idle, charismatic individual. She is an average duelist and administrator.
  • Audrey is head of the Bastine's Technology industry.
  • Elena Bastine
  • Niece of Aethelraed
  • An apathetic, irritating genius. She is a mediocre duellist and an average administrator.
  • Married to Fabian Corvani

Past Members

  • Lord Aethelraed Bastine
    • Head of House Bastine and Grand Father of the Καλεί'Dlehin.
    • A driven, repellent individual. He is a mediocre duellist and an average administrator.
    • Thick slicked back white hair, strong grey beard, dressed in a white and brown robes.
    • Aethelraed has always had strong ties to Psionics and a keen mind for philosophy. He is always driven to succeed at anything he puts his mind too.
    • As Aethelraed has pre-occupied his times now with his religion and diplomatic relations with the nobles of the galaxy. Aethelraed has entrusted members of his dynasty to head other operations.

House Background

Pre Nobility

House Bastine has always had strong ties to Psionics with Aethelraed Bastine, being gifted with such talents. Aethelraed was born on the planet Gacrux and spent much of early adulthood on that planet. During his early adulthood, he spent much of his time researching for other Psionic institutes and developing his own talents. During his 40s, Aethelraed left his research in the Psionic Institutes to join the Cruez rebellion 62-63 AR, and to fight against the Lannister Revolt in 76AR. This time was a vital point for Aethelraed because of his time through the war, he grew to resent the act and the unnecessary violence and death that it brought; this thought process led him to form his own philosophy called “Καλεί'Dlehin” through his own insight, his wisdom of the universe and his desire for peace. Eventually, he found a sense of peace and enlightenment after the horrors he saw and committed during the decade of war. At age 52 he left the Military and By age 57, he returned to his research at the Psionic Institute. Eventually, he climbed through the ranks eventually heading his own Psionic Institute on Shula 7.

The sacredness of Gacrux

Gacrux is believed to be a strong nexus for Psionic users according to the research Aethelraed had been commissioned during his years in the Institute. It is believed that these nexuses are spread throughout the galaxy; these nexuses are a breach between the two worlds and are primordial forces from the creation of the galaxy. The nexus of Gacrux is the only known nexus to date logged in the Bastine archives; the whereabouts of the other locations are unknown to House Bastine. It is believed that those who have a particularly strong connection is able to draw energy from the nexus and is given an increase in their ability for a short time. Such areas are considered sacred to house Bastine and the followers of Καλεί'Dlehin


Once Aethelraed headed his own Institute, he finally reached nobility status in the galaxy. In the brief 5 months, House Bastine has worked their way up, becoming a minor house and has branched off into other spheres such as Technology and Mysticism, founding his own religion based off his philosophy “Καλεί'Dlehin”

In the Month of Glory, during the first year reign of House Drakkon, Lord Aethelraed Bastin formed the Draconian Corporate League alongside Minister Angelo Corvan in interest to protect their profits and ensure a defensive alliance.

After the Coronation of House Drakkon, Aetheleraed was appointed Minister of Technology. However, he was denied the grant of a fiefdom as was promised, instead, he was promised the fiefdom at a later date.

25th of Origins, during the second year of House Drakkon reign; House Bastine requested that House Aiden fronts a politician for Gacrux governorship elections.

31st of Origins, during the second year of House Drakkon reign; House Bastine received the governorship of Shaula 7.

35th of Origins, during the second year of House Drakkon reign; House Celear broke two agreements, causing a feud between the two houses. The reason behind this is still unclear

The month of Hope and Faith, during the second year of House Drakkon reign; Internal strife stirs between the noble Houses of Draco. Emperor Alexander and Minister of Law, Klaus attempt to undermine the legality of the Province of Bavaria. A meeting in the Council of Lords has been called into session to discuss the matter as mentioned. Much controversy has occurred with insults been issued towards both sides, the future is still unclear and the final verdict shall be issued within a couple of days.

The month of Virtue, during the second year of House Drakkon reign; House Bastine has been in negotiation with House D'avelle over territory that involves the tech sphere. however, negotiations have so far been fruitless. Aethelraed has offered one last chance to D'avelle to accept the treaty.

19th of Virtue, during the second year of house Drakkon reign; House Bastine and House Kartharios have negotiated a Betrothal between their youngest children.

21st of Glory, during the second year of house Drakkon reign; House Bastine allied with several major and minor parties in the Parliament of Planets, passed a bill. Alongside this day, House Calear and Bastin engaged in a heated discussion in the Council of Lords. This discussion lead to Calear insulting House Bastine and Lord Aethelraed. The discussion has not reached its conclusion.

24th of Glory, 2nd Drakkon, 83 AR Prime minister of Shaula 7 died.

2nd of Viligence, 2nd Drakkon, 83 AR War declared between Bastine and Calear

10th of Viligence, 2nd Drakkon, 83 Ar awarded Fiefdom

10th of Tributes, 2nd Drakkon, 83 AR Ceasefire was called

22nd of Tributes, 2nd, Drakkon 83 AR End of the war of Integrity

Καλεί'Dlehin And Religion

The base principles were founded on the philosophy created by Aethelraed during his time through Crow and Lannister rebellions. However, it wouldn't become an established religion until almost two decades later.


The Council of Faiths

After trying to reestablish contacts and revive the Conclave, only a few members took action. After several failed attempts to insight any activity, House Bastine alongside House Aiden, Walace, Kartharios and von Wittlesbach answered. Together they reformed the Conclave into the Council of Faiths and nominating Lord Aethelraed Bastine as Head of the Council.


Through the use of the Retainer trade act and with the help of House Aiden, House Bastine has gained a considerable number of seats in the Parliament of Planets abbreviated (PoP).

Bastin's first motion in the PoP was to reinstate the bill “That any House, minor or otherwise, be able to freely choose to be self-governing or part of the Empire.” This would give a legal means for any House/Planet to leave the Empire peacefully. With the political alliance of Corvani and von Wittelsbach, and a few minor parties, the bill was successfully passed

The Lords Army

House Bastine has a distaste when it comes to warfare. Due to their Philosophy, Καλεί'Dlehin, they see it as an unnecessary waste of precious life. However, House Bastine recognises the necessity of owning an Army for the sake of preserving life and ensuring that further conflicts do not occur across other worlds.

In the chain of hierarchy, The Lord of House Bastine is referred to “High Lord” by all military personal.

All ranking officials are subdivided into tiers to clarify rank. For example, a Major first class will outrank a Major second class.

House Bastine forces operate in three distinct fields;

Esplenhen: The Ground Force of the Lords Army.

  • Ranking:
    • Lord Marshal: Maintains Command over Legions
    • Lord General: Maintains Command over Battalions
    • General: Maintains Command over Brigade
    • Sargent: Maintains Command over Company
    • Corporal: Maintains Command over a Squad
    • Soldier
    • Cadet

Depending if needed, Sargents can take up platoons which are about half a company

Esplenhen'Dari: The Naval Force of the Lords Army.

  • Ranking:
    • Lord Admiral
    • Major
    • Captin
    • Officer
    • Ensign

Command Structure of the Navy has not been revealed. Nor the number have been mentioned, making it impossible to infer with operations. Only the Navy sector in the logistics centre and a handful of Admirals and Majors know any precise details and that is on a need to know basis.

Esplenhen'Estelheigh: The Special Forces (SF) of the Lords Army.

  • Ranking:
    • Lord Commander: Maintains command over all SF
    • Lord: Maintains Command over SF Company
    • Captin: Maintains Command over SF Squad
    • Knight
    • Warrior

All Special Forces are taken from distinguished soldiers and commanders from the other two branches. However, it is not uncommon for abandoned children and other willing participants to be taken to an undisclosed location to receive intensive training. A special company is reserved aside known as the Lords Protectors. Their job is to be the Lords bodyguards and are willing to lay down their lives. only the utmost skilled and loyal can serve.

The uniform of The Lords Army is varied between different branches:


*Lord Marshals:

  • White battle armour with a black bodysuit underneath, a white tunic is worn over the top. Appropriate division insignias and rank markings. Depending on the marshal, they wear a brown robe.
  • Lord General
    • White battle armour with a black bodysuit underneath. Appropriate division insignias and rank markings and a visored cap or full head battle helmet with distinguished marking
  • Ranks below
  • White battle armour with a White bodysuit underneath. Appropriate division insignias and rank markings. Wears a full head battle helmet


  • High Admiral:
    • Grey fine penguin tale military suit with black body thermal suit underneath bares insignias appropriate to their rank and division. a fine rope dangles from the Epaulette on their shoulder to the middle of their chest.
  • Rank Below:
  • Grey fine military suit with white body thermal suit underneath, bares insignias appropriate to their rank and division


*Lord Commander:

  • black da gua fu with white trims. bears no insignia
  • Ranks below:
  • black fine fitted military suit uniform. depending on the mission, the outfit will change to black battle armour and helmet
  • Lord Protectors
  • White Da gua fu with black trims and white hood. no insignia.

The Lords Army are commanded by the current Lord of the House who maintains authority over the entire campaign and is an integral part of the Military forces. During an ongoing campaign, operations are designed by the military council which consist of the Lord and top ranking officials from each field.


The Lords Army, abbreviated (TLA) appears to focus on small-unit structures. TLA Soldiers have a very flexible organisation depending on the needs of the mission. The Legionary force is largest deployable unit above a Battallion, but Soldiers also deploy in Soldiers Expeditionary Brigades(SEB) and Soldiers Expeditionary Units (SEU)

Similarly to the expeditionary force, they each contain a ground combat element, an air combat element, a logistics element, and a command element. The SEB Ground Combat Element consists of an infantry Brigade reinforced by an artillery company, a tank company, a combat engineer company, and reconnaissance company.

Its Air Combat is a composite air force commanded by a Major and a combat logistics company

The SEU Ground Combat consists of an infantry Company reinforced by an artillery battery, a tank platoon, a combat engineer platoon, and a reconnaissance platoon.

Its Air Combat consists of a composite air squadron commanded by Captin. Its Logistics Combat Element consists of a composite logistics platoon.

Brigades, Regiments, Battalions, and corresponding air and logistics units are not permanently assigned to Soldiers expeditionary force but rather formed for specific task forces for a mission. If a force were too large, It would detach any unit required for the job from its mother infantry division and assign these units to the SEU HQ. After the mission was over, they could possibly remain with the SEU, or it could be disbanded. Another possibility would be to rotate units out of the SEU back to their parent unit after some time and replace it with a new unit.

Current organisation strategy focuses heavily on small unit interactions, with groups at any strength higher than a Battalion

War Involvements

First Conflict War of Integrity

  • 4th of Viligence - 22nd of Tributes

On the 4th of Viligence, During the Second Year of House Drakkons reign; War broke out between House Bastine and House Calear after the death of Mark Calear who was slain in an honour duel between Rebekah Kartharios and Mark Calear. His death caused his son to declare war against House Bastine, starting the Northern War or War of Integrity.

  • Road to War
  • The first conflict began due to Aethelraed refusing to pay his taxes to the planet of Gacrux. This decision was carried out from arrogance. The planet was in midst of an election. seeing that he was going to win, Aethelraed decided to withhold taxes due to the taxation exemption he would receive. However, after a day, Aethelraed realised that this action is dishonourable, so he repaid all money he withheld until he took office.
  • During the month of Virtue, 2nd year of Drakkon reign; House Calear removed all treaties he had with Bastine, starting a rivalry. Hearing rumour of an impending attack against his family, Aethelraed ordered one of his Estel'heigh to infiltrate Calear's Military to gather intel on Calear's military standing.
  • On the 10th of Glory, Aethelraed ordered one of his Estel'heigh to infultrate house Schraut security as part of a training program however this proved to be a failure
  • On the 19th of Glory, House Schraut executed the Estel'heigh, exposing my house. Schraut brought this to the attention of the Council of Lords after a series of assassinations and sabotages plagued the galaxy.
  • House Calear brought to light, accusing house Bastine of the assassinations and blamed the house for the Military leak. Calling for a vote to remove Aethelraed from Ministry of Technology, while insulting House Bastine and Aethelraed.
  • Aethelread confirmed the suspicisons but denied the Assassinations claiming that it is not part of his beliefs and dispises such acts. The debate carried on.
  • 24th of Glory, Prime Minister Mitsuko Dyke of Shaula 7, a friend of Aethelraed and a planet under Bastine's control was assassinated, causing the debate to rage on and insults being thrown both ways.
  • Rebekah Kartharios saw such disrespect and infringements on Aethelraed's honour and their own challenged Mark to a Duel to reclaim their honour that Calear spat on.
  • On the 2nd of Vigilance, Mark was slain in the duel. After this, his son became Master in Cheif of Calear's armed forces. with this he an unjustified war against House Bastine and his allies.
  • Events During War
  • 2nd of Glory, Calear declares war, launches attack against Bastine on planet Garcrux
  • 4th of Glory, Lunches operation Secure Assets carried out by the Lord Protectors against Calears military facilities on Shaula 7.
  • 4th of Glory, Military Maneuver and transfers to intercept attacking force against Garcrux. members included:
    • 1st Lords Legion
    • 2nd Lords Legion
    • 3rd Lords Legion
    • 4th Lords Legion
    • 5th Lords Legion
    • Lords Judgement
    • Legion Crusaders
    • Lords right hand
  • Operation Secure Assets :Sucsessful:
  • 5th of Glory, Operation Secure Assets was successful. The Lord Protectors, destroyed all facilities, ending any opposition that they could pose. Being a Military building, all inside were considered enemy combatants, armed and dangerous.
  • Defence and Operation Gacrux Reclamation :Failure:
  • 10th of Glory, the defence mission was a failure. Due to a misdirection of military procedures, the defending army arrived too late, Gacrux HQ and SEU were destroyed along with 1st Legionary Force, Lords Right Hand, 4th and 5th Lords Legion. An attempt was made with Shaula Expeditionary Forces on Gacrux but failed.
  • Operation Ambassador :Sucessful:
    • Operation Ambassador is an umbrella term to refer to the invasion of Mintaka that occurred on the 2nd of Tributes. Operation Ambassador is the largest scale operation to date, involving multiple coordinated attacks against the forces of Celear. Combatants include: House Bastine, House Kartharios and Corvani. Operation Ambassador is broken down into multiple smaller Operations:
  • Operation Eartaker
    • Operation Eartaker was the first wave of soldiers during the Invasion, Members:
    • Members unknown: Allied Forces Corvani
      • First wave was repelled by Calear's forces. However, Operation Eartaker, greatly wounded the defending forces.
  • Operation Astonia
    • Operation Astonia was the second wave of soldiers during the Invasion, Members included:
      • L1 V code named (Legionary Forces)
      • Legion Crusaders
      • 1st Lords Legion
      • 2nd Lords Legion
      • 3rd Lords Legion
    • Operation Astonia protected the first waves retreat and succeeded in the Invasion. The forces broke through Calear's defences and secured the planet.
  • Operation Sledgehammer
    • Operation Sledgehammer was the third wave of soldiers during the Invasion, Members included:
      • Lords Judgement
      • Prime Preservers
    • Allied Forces: Kartharios
      • Karths Legion
      • Augustus Legion
    • Operation Sledgehammer assisted second wave in whiping out Calear's forces and ensuring that no enemy forces remained.
  • The task of Operation Ambassador was to secure the occupied planet of Mintaka which was under threat of a military coup. the target objective was to secure the planet from the occupying force and destroy any enemy military buildings present.
  • Ceasefire
  • On the 10th of Tributes, ceasefire was called, House Calear, Bastine, Kartharios and Corvani agreed to meet House Aiden for peace talks.
  • On the 22nd of Tributes Peace talks came to an end, marking the end of the war.

Second Conflict War of Devotion

The War of Devotion was the Second Conflict that House Bastine was involved in and mainly to a support role. After the Kartharian Civil War, Mark Kartharios couped the planet Mirfak. After a negotiation with Kennard Schraut, House Schraut demanded that Mark and his people bow down and convert to the Order of the Illuminated among other things; However, Mark would agree to every term except the Religious conversion. finding this answer unsatisfying Kennard launched a full assault on the planet Mirfak starting the war.

Realising the impending assault, Aethelraed Ordered 6 Legions (1st - 5th Lords Legion and Legionary Crusaders ) to Patrol the planet and establish a defensive network over the Planet, establishing sky trenches among other things.

Aetherlaed took his place on planet Mirfak and organised all Members of the DCL and his allies to the North (Talas and Von Wittelsbach) to help in the Defense of the planet.

Over the Cause of 5 days, Mark Kartharios along with his allies repelled wave after wave of Scharut forces from landing any real assault against the planet.

On the 32nd of Origins 86 AR, Mark Organised a full assault on Schrauts Occupation Fortress, Members of this Operation were House Corvani, Kartharios and Bastine.

  • Mark Led his Vanguard in Operation Cleansing Mirfak, which resulted in Mark Defeating several Legions and damaging most of the remaining Defence, however, he was eventually repulsed.
  • House Corvani led his legions to destroy Schrauts fortress and several of his operations on the planet.
  • Aethelraed Led 5 Legions into battle, however, before his Troops could engage in battle, the Emperor ordered all active offensive military operations to end, forcing him to revert back to the sky trenches.

Admittedly if the Emperor had not enforced the peace, a wider and larger assault would have been launched on that day to the planet Asscella.

This concluded the end of all active fighting and proceeded to peace talks on the planet Shaula 7 in the DCL HQ.


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