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Current Events

(16/6/17) - 33nd of Resolve, 4th Year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon, 86AR

During the fourth year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon's reign, the Empire was split in two. The Emperor announced the dissolution of the Council of Houses and all trappings of the Empire refounded under Aldwin Vermine following dissatisfaction with its progress on recent proposals and reformed the Empire into the Imperium of Draco. House Black subsequently announced that all planet's north and inclusive of the Alphecca - Alpheratz line would be placed under his rule. These events happened peacefully and abruptly.

The galaxy of Draco is once more divided between two states. The Imperium of Draco, and the Remnant Realm in the north.


House Black

House Black
Head:Duke Jacca
Motto:Honour and nobility
Home:Ravenscar Estate, Lesath
Faith:The Remnant Order
Alliance: Remnant Realm
Galaxy:Draco Reborn

House Background

Originally from the planet Alkaid, Duke Jacca took his family to Pherkad to extend the family's influence. The biodome in which the Black family resided contained an exact replica of the Black family gardens on Alkaid.

Subsequently they relocated to Lesath, where the main family estates now encompass a whole archipelago of islands across the northern continent. They can frequently be found sailing on the planet itself. Although Jacca is perhaps not the most skilled seaman, he has taken to the sea with a passion.

A brief history of House Black

  • The first major political move by House Black was to join the Federation of the Free. This alliance opened up possibilities for House Black that would define its political allegiance for decades.
  • Shortly after Aldwin Vermine was appointed Emperor there began preparations for an assault against House Pavlov. The unrestricted development of technology sponsored by House Pavlov threatened the galaxy and the Emperor had made it his goal to put an end to it. House Black was heavily involved in the attack, including making major contributions throughout the galaxy and being the sole House behind the attack on Pavlov's fortifications on the desert planet of Mimosa.
  • After peace had been arranged with House Pavlov Emperor Aldwin turned his attention to the legal framework of the Empire and set about implementing a legal structure the like of which had not been seen since the days of Emperors Marcus and Dramorian. Duke Jacca was instrumental in this drafting process and in the distribution of Ministerial positions which followed was appointed as Minister of Law.
  • During this time of peace House Black also turned its attention to the reunification of the galaxy; seeking to reunite those planets which were still lost in the Godsea. This led, eventually, to the discovery of Galatea which was reincorporated into the Empire to much fanfare.
  • The Treaty of Lesath, aimed at limiting military expenditure throughout the galaxy, met a slow reception but has remained a cornerstone of House Black's agenda since its inception.
  • A few Court cases were heard by Duke Jacca as the years went on, including a dispute between Houses Wother and Lannister. This was, however, a time of peace and growth for House Black which expanded its economic interests across the galaxy.
  • Towards the end of Emperor Aldwin's reign Duke Jacca proposed a number of amendments to the constitution, including a term-limited appointment to the Throne.
  • At the end of Emperor Aldwin's reign Duke Jacca was declared Emperor. His reign was marked by peace and stability, allowing new Houses to ascend, while old Houses and comrades - many veterans of the war against Houses Pavlov and Lannister - faded into the background.
  • Jacca did not seek re-election at the 15th Kingsmoot, pointing out the need for younger Houses to step up in the galaxy and take more of a role in shaping its future. This coincided with a dramatic reduction in House Black operations.
  • On 1 Origins 87 AR Jacca Black announced the Remnant Realm, ending a long history of steadfast support for the Empire and the beginning of a new and distinct political entity supported by House Black, the Remnant Realm.


Notable in the Black dynasty is the number of women. Concerns over the succession abated with the birth of Hafgan Black, son of Vevila and Alroy, who can trace a direct lineage back to Jacca through Vevila.

  • Jacca Black
    • An idle, irritating individual. He is an average duellist and an accomplished administrator.
    • Balding, salt-and-pepper beard, grey-and-white greatcoat stained by sea and salt on Lesath.
    • A somewhat unremarkable man both in character and in appearance, Duke Jacca managed to pull the family out of Alkaid and into the galactic limelight through a mixture of hard work and pure luck. Although not particularly intelligent he has been known for things to fall his way from time to time. Sometimes, those things work out quite well for him. Sometimes, less so.
  • Angwen Black
    • An idle, charismatic individual. She is a poor duellist and an able administrator.
    • Twenty years older than Jacca. She passed from this mortal coil in 80 AR, two years into Jacca's reign as Emperor.
  • Lorna Black
    • A driven, ordinary dullard prone to fits of depression. She is a poor duellist and an average administrator.
    • Once Head of Exploration and Director of Reunification, Jacca's sister. She lives on Galatea away from the family, and spends her time examining the Godsea.
  • Morwyn Black
    • A diligent, ordinary individual. She is an accomplished duellist and an average administrator.
    • Angwen's younger sister. Appointed holder of the senate seat on Lesath through fief allocation.
    • Auburn hair, and known for casual and straight-forward talk in the Senate / Parliament.
  • Barris Black
    • A driven, ordinary individual. He is an accomplished duellist and an average administrator.
    • Jacca's Cousin, retired Head of Technology, and current Star Marshal.
    • Considered more than a little eccentric by most, and altogether too interested with technological developments.
  • Genneth Black
    • An apathetic, charismatic individual. She is a mediocre duellist and an accomplished administrator.
    • Eldest daughter of Jacca and Angwen, married to Leon Wöther. She followed her husband into a retreat from the galactic stage.
  • Vevila Black
    • A dynamic, ordinary dullard prone to violent rages. She is an average duellist and an unsurpassed administrator.
    • Former Star Marshal of the Duke's Own Regiments, and currently Head of Technology.
    • Second daughter of Jacca and Angwen, married to Alroy Nacht. Alroy disappeared from public life when his House retired from the galactic stage.
    • A quiet slip of a girl, raven-haired and favours green dresses.
  • Heddwyn Black
    • An idle, enchanting individual of markedly small stature. She is an able duellist and a superb administrator.
    • Abbot of the Remnant Order, Jacca's niece, of no relation to other family members (too young to be the daughter of either Lorna or Morywn), married to Ithel Thrace. Her husband disappeared from public life when his House retired from the galactic stage.
  • Eira Black
    • A dynamic, repellent dullard. She is a mediocre duellist and a superb administrator.
    • Jacca's niece, of no relation to other family members (too young to be the daughter of either Lorna or Morywn), married to Cornelius Valeria. Her husband disappeared from public life when his House retired from the galactic stage.
  • Gavin Black
    • An idle, enchanting intellectual. He is an average duellist and an awesome administrator.
    • Jacca's Great Nephew, son of Heddwyn and Ithel, married to Jenna Kineally. Rumoured to be the next Abbot of the Remnant Order.
  • Wallace Black
    • A diligent, irritating dullard. He is a accomplished duellist and a poor administrator.
    • Jacca's Great Nephew, son of Heddwyn and Ithel, married to Grauch Black.
  • Hafgan Black
    • A diligent, ordinary intellectual. He is a mediocre duellist and an average administrator.
    • Jacca's Grandson, son of Vevila and Alroy, married to Amisia Talas.
    • Dark-haired.
  • Padraig Black
    • A dynamic, enchanting genius. He is an average duellist and administrator.
    • Jacca's Grandson, son of Vevila and Alroy, married to Jael Katharios.
    • Fair-haired.
  • Wadu Black
    • An apathetic, irritating dullard. He is a poor duellist and administrator.
    • Jacca's Great-nephew, son of Eira and Cornelius.
  • Ferdaid Black
    • A child of disappointing potential.
    • Jacca's Great-nephew, son of Eira and Cornelius.
  • Mack Black
    • A child of reasonable potential.
    • Jacca's Great-nephew, son of Gavin and Jenna.
  • Ar Dan Black
    • A child of reasonable potential.
    • Jacca's Great-nephew, son of Gavin and Jenna.
  • Aidan Black
    • A child of fantastic potential.
    • Jacca's Great-nephew, son of Gavin and Jenna.
  • Iseldir Black
    • A child of promising potential.
    • Jacca's Great-great-nephew, son of Wallace and Grauch.
  • Wynne Black
    • A child of disappointing potential.
    • Jacca's Great-great-niece, daughter of Wallace and Grauch.
  • Fionna Black
    • A child of disappointing potential.
    • Jacca's Great-granddaughter, daughter of Padraig and Jael.

The Duke's Own Regiments

House Black takes a dim view of open warfare amongst the noble House's of the galaxy. Although it recognizes the need to exercise military capabilities in the pursuit of its interests, and acknowledges the use of such force as a legitimate expression of the will of the nobility, the Black family believes that the use of such force is counter-productive to the interest of all nobles in the galaxy.

The military force of House Black is known as as the Duke's Own Regiments. There are two regiments in active service the Wolfsguard Regiment, and Blackwolf Regiment. The defunct Wolfshead and Seawolf Regiments were amalgamated into the Remnant Knights and the Royal Fleet, respectively. Temporary regiments are formed for a limited duration and specific purpose: for instance the Imperial Regiment was raised for the duration of Jacca's reign as Emperor, and the Nihal Regiment was created for wargames conducted on that planet.

The Duke's Own Regiments maintain a combined ranking system and uniform.

  • Star Marshal: Overall commander for all of the Duke's Own Regiments. Currently this post is held by Star Marshal Barris Black.
  • Commandant: Temporary assignment taken by the commander of a battlegroup (a number of btns on an operation).
  • Captain: Commander of a battalion, major warship, or Blackwolf company.
  • Lieutenant: Commander of a constituent element of a battalion or equivalent (a small warship, a platoon, a bodyguard detail, etc).
  • Chief: A non-commissioned officer.
  • Trooper: An enlisted man.

Troopers, Chiefs, and Lieutenants are further subdivided into tiers to distinguish seniority.

Wolfsguard Regiment

The Wolfsguard Regiment consists of elite battalions drawn from the Wolfshead Regiment. These battalions have demonstrated outstanding service to the family's interests, and are subject to a careful selection and recruitment process much of which is classified.

The Wolfsguard Regiment maintains the original tactical doctrine of the Duke's Own Regiments with a focus on light infantry battalions performing orbit-to-surface drops with supporting fire called down from a warship in orbit, or from the battalion dropship in low orbit. The reliance on drop-infantry obliges the Wolfsguard to maintain a wide, if limited, range of organic support elements in each battalion. In the majority of combat scenarios a battalion will deploy with approximately one-third to one-quarter of its total roster of equipment, this equipment having been tailored to its specific mission.

Blackwolf Regiment

The Blackwolf Regiment has its roots in the Special Operations Company of the Wolfsguard Regiment. Its duties expanded significantly with the announcement of the Remnant Realm and they provide Bodyguards and covert operative teams for both House Black and the Remnant Realm. Operatives in the Blackwolf Regiment are drawn from the elite of the Wolfsguard.

The Remnant Realm

The Remnant Realm was announced by Jacca black on 1 Origins 87 AR. It represented a major departure in Black policy since its inception. The creation of a new independent realm north of the Alphecca/Alpheratz line under House Black's personal protection came as a surprise to many both inside and outside the family. The Realm constitutes all space and planets north of that line, leaving Emperor Alexander Drakkon to reform the Empire as he saw fit following a persistent failure of the Council to pursue its objectives.

The Remnant Knights

The Remnant Knights are the polar opposite of the Wolfsguard. Their doctrine emphasizes a capability to take and hold positions for significant periods of time. The majority of the Knights were newly raised following the announcement of the Realm and took up duties manning new fortresses built throughout the Realm. Many are untried recruits raised locally with little combat experience.

The Knight formations are built around a core of genetically and technologically altered warriors. Overseen by the Scholars of the Remnant Order these changed soldiers are fanatically loyal to the Order, the Realm, and House Black - and in that order. Their modifications are based on old secret texts that refer to Knights from the Golden age of Draco. There is much superstition and fear regarding these changed soldiers.

The Royal Fleet

The Royal Fleet incorporated the Seawolf Regiment following the announcement of the Remnant Realm on 1 Origins 87 AR. It is responsible for the management and operation of House Black's spacecraft and their personnel. The vast majority of its forces are newly built Duke class frigates, and Obsidian class light-cruisers specially built for patrols and local policing duties. A few of the experimental stealth cruisers noted below are on active deployment.

Starting on 1 Origins 87 AR House Black commissioned the expansion of an existing major shipyard construction facility on Galatea. These, the newly christened Royal Shipyards, cover an entire moon of the planet and are responsible for the vast majority of ship construction in the Realm.

  • Alkaid class heavy cruiser: A heavy cruiser with reduced weaponry in favour of enhanced C3 functions.
  • Obsidian class light cruiser: A light cruiser with a number of variant sub-classes.
  • Wolf class escort cruiser: An escort cruiser holding 20 Duke class frigates.
  • Darkmoon class stealth cruiser: An experimental design to establish the viability of stealth technology in light cruisers.
  • Duke class multirole frigate: A reasonably successful multirole frigate design that manages to do a little of everything.
  • Various supply and support vessels.

The Remnant Order

Shortly after finishing her university education at the prestigious Asir University on Lesath Heddwyn Black found herself declared Abbot of The Remnant Order. Their exact selection process is a mystery, and Heddwyn has refused to elaborate on the exact details of the whole affair. Regardless, she can often be seen touring the various universities, museums, libraries, and minor places of worship presenting papers with the aid of an unnamed spokesman.

The rest of the family views her new calling with skepticism. Duke Jacca, however, granted her an initial sum of 30,000 solars a month for her maintenance and a small detachment of the Special Operations Regiment. It is marked down in the treasury as being reserved for “Heddwyn's pet project.”

It has grown somewhat since, and its financial arrangements with House Black are overseen by Black Banking on Lesath under the watchful eye of Duke Jacca himself.

The Directorate of Reunification

Lorna Black was appointed as the Director of the Exploratory Effort shortly after House Black came onto the galactic stage. The nature of the organization, and Lorna's importance in the family, however, would change dramatically on 1 Virtue 6? AR in the third year of the reign of House Vermine. The organization was renamed to the Directorate of Reunification and tasked with the organization and funding of a galaxy-wide exploration effort to uncover the remaining planets still held in the thrall of the Godsea.

Production of ships, probes, and the training of personnel rapidly developed. A public call from the Pherkad public library by Lorna Black also resulted in a number of Houses offering to help explore the remaining sections of the Godsea in either a direct or indirect capacity. As the sole Director of the DoR Lorna Black has been catapulted from a forgotten family member who loiters around Ravenscar to become one of the most powerful people within the family.

The Directorate was eventually shut down after many years of operation. It was not without its successes, including finding the planet of Galatea, but the rest of the planets that were still suspected of being lost in the Godsea remain unconnected with the Empire.

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