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Current Events

(16/6/17) - 33nd of Resolve, 4th Year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon, 86AR

During the fourth year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon's reign, the Empire was split in two. The Emperor announced the dissolution of the Council of Houses and all trappings of the Empire refounded under Aldwin Vermine following dissatisfaction with its progress on recent proposals and reformed the Empire into the Imperium of Draco. House Black subsequently announced that all planet's north and inclusive of the Alphecca - Alpheratz line would be placed under his rule. These events happened peacefully and abruptly.

The galaxy of Draco is once more divided between two states. The Imperium of Draco, and the Remnant Realm in the north.


House Drakkon

House Drakkon

House House Drakkon
Leader:Alexander Drakkon
Motto:“Veni, Vidi, Vici”
House Faith:Dragon Cult
Alliance:Order of the Black Sun
Galaxy:Draco Reborn

History of Drakkon

—- House Drakkon stretches back to the founding of the cultivated world of Tarazed. On Star Date 1023 prior to the unification efforts of the Draconian Imperium, Tarazed was a small world filled with turmoil. Without a unified government aside from feudal warlords, there was no system of laws to protect the common man. One of these warlords, a fair haired man by the name of Alexandros Drakkon, Lord of House Drakkon, had recently begun to import artifacts from off-world in an effort to increase Drakkon understanding and locate a solution for Tarazed's conflict. One of these artifacts, known as The Pillar of Stars, offered Drakkon science teams to make breakthroughs in battle armor and weaponry. Combined with these new advantages, Alexandros was able to unite the planet through conquest and establish the Tarazed Accord. This treaty granted each noble house of Tarazed a seat at the Republic's table to offer solutions to issues the planet might face. As the stories are told, Tarazed voted to join the Imperium during its fledgling days and as a result, the Drakkon are now on interacting on a galactic level.


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