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Current Events

(16/6/17) - 33nd of Resolve, 4th Year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon, 86AR

During the fourth year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon's reign, the Empire was split in two. The Emperor announced the dissolution of the Council of Houses and all trappings of the Empire refounded under Aldwin Vermine following dissatisfaction with its progress on recent proposals and reformed the Empire into the Imperium of Draco. House Black subsequently announced that all planet's north and inclusive of the Alphecca - Alpheratz line would be placed under his rule. These events happened peacefully and abruptly.

The galaxy of Draco is once more divided between two states. The Imperium of Draco, and the Remnant Realm in the north.


House Kartharios

House House Kartharios
Leader:Lord Gomer
Motto:We are the Sword of the Light
House Faith: Paladin Order, Καλεί'Dlehin
Alliance:Draconian Corporate League
Galaxy:Draco Reborn

Previous Mottos

All problems resolve themselves, given time


  • Rebekah Kartharios
    • A dynamic, ordinary dullard. She is an accomplished duellist and an average administrator.
  • Mabel Kartharios
  • A diligent, irritating individual of great musical ability. She is a poor duelist and an average administrator.
  • Jaccob Kartharios
  • A dynamic, irritating genius. He is a mediocre duellist and a poor administrator.
  • Jesse Kartharios
  • An apathetic, charismatic halfwit. He is an average duellist and a superb administrator.
  • Heads the Technology Division
  • Prudentia Kartharios
  • A diligent, charismatic individual of great musical ability. She is a mediocre duellist and administrator.
  • Constantia Aiden
  • An Apathetic, charismatic individual. She is a poor duelist and administrator
  • Naomi Kartharios
  • A child of promising potential
  • Betrothed Aiden
  • Jael Kartharios
  • A child of woefully poor potential
  • Rhoda Kartharios
  • A child of promising potential
  • Betrothed to Bastine

Past Dynasty Members

  • Lord Gomer Kartharios
    • A diligent, repellent intellectual. He is a poor duelist and an average administrator.
    • Slain in battle by his son, Mark Kartharios
  • Karthar (Lord) Mark Kartharios
    • A driven, repellent individual. He is an average duelist and administrator.
    • Married to Constantia Aiden

Characters of Interest

Current Events For House Kartharios

With Kathar Gomer removing himself from the Empire and speaking on half of the Kartharian people, Mark Kartharios has now engaged in open rebellion against his former Karthar and proclaim and now seeks the mantle of it.

House Background

Pre Nobility

House Kartharios started their origins as warriors fighting amongst local clans until an ancient ancestor of House Kartharios rallied together a Warband and declared a unification war on the other tribes. Through the oncoming years of onslaught and bloodshed, the skill of Kartharios ancestor was proven unrivalled. He knew the precise moment to strike and to hold back, giving way to the house motto “All problems resolve themselves, given time.” This mindset and skill led House Kartharious to unify the clans and settle down on the planet of Alderamin where they remained for generations.

Modern times

Lord Gomer's grandfather was disinterested in peace and immortalising traditions of great wars gone by he believed that peace was a weakness and what his people were doing was an insult to their legacy. Instead, he sought out a life that was similar to his Ancestor who unified the clans; he gathered together and formed his Warband and engage in great battles, hoping to create stories like the legendary warriors before him. However, his warriors who were more like mercenaries and bounty hunters than soldiers of old. Through war, He took up the mantle of Lord and conquered land on Aldermain, constructing a base of operations before seeking glory elsewhere. Two generations later with the money earnt, Lord Gomer upgraded the family's HQ on Aldermain building Tech factories to improve their weapons, eventually becoming a major arms and mech producer. This enterprise found Lord Gomer becoming associated amongst the ranks of nobility in the galaxy, attracting the attention of the Draconian Corporate League.


Once joining the ranks of nobility in the galaxy, Lord Gomer was approached by different representatives from major houses, inviting them into their alliances. However, one alliance stood out from the rest, The Draconian Corporate League. Seeing House Bastine as a respectable and honourable leader, Lord Gomer decided to ally himself with the League, hoping to seek glory for his people.

To solidify their alliance, Gomer arranged for his youngest daughter. Rhoda to be betrothed to Jebadiah, Aethelraeds heir.

Lord Gomer's heir, Mark has been betrothed to Constantia Aiden

Kartharians Culture

The Kartharians is an umbrella term that is used for reference for the clans under House Kartharios rule.

Kartharian culture revolved around battle, with war being a source of honour and pride in their community. The leader of the Kartharian is called Karthar or Lord.

After the reunification and settlement of the Kartharians on Alderamin, the Kartharians moved away from their war-like ways and instead, most became bounty hunters and mercenaries, selling their skills to various individuals and Alliances in the galaxy.

The Ancestor of House Kartharios constructed the Code of Honour as a way of abolishing the Savage history that guided the clans for a millennium. It created governing principles of a Kartharian life. The principles are Strength, Honour, Loyalty and Death.

  • in Kartharian culture, strength is equated to life. The strong has the right to rule and conquer the weak. If an opponent fought back and able to defend oneself, they were not seen weak even if they lost.
  • Honour is gained by fighting, no matter who the odds favour. While the defeat was not desirable, fighting and losing gave honour to the defeated. It was considered more honourable to die to fight than to survive by dishonourable ways.
  • A Kartharian was required to fight for his Karthar as well as his own clan. If their actions brought shame to his clan, then he was not worthy to be a member of that clan or a kartharian.
  • Everyone dies, but what mattered to the Kartharians was how a person dies. If they died to bring Honour to their clan, this was the best way that every Kartharian wants to die.

Fractures within the Society

After the Battle of Kadable, and the utter destruction of the old capital. Mark Katharios has taken upon himself to organise a new Clan of Warriors who are against the current establishment. while still legal, this has caused much infighting amongst Clans and the Kathar. these new clans are on a verge of Rebellion against all current Establishments. the arrival of Mark Warbands has appeared who are not under the control of the Kathar but rather to Mark Katharios. These Markenites have already established their own fortresses and have been welled supplied by outside influences.

Kartharian Army Structure

The Kartharian Cultures centres around loyalty, honour to the Karthar and their people. At age 7, all Kartharians enter a rigorous clan sponsored education, military training and socialisation program. Known as the Emerauta, the system emphasised duty, discipline and endurance. At the Age of 12, all children from across all clans are sent to the moon of Dregus where they must survive the wild for several months by any means necessary. Upon completion of this rite, the children are fully recognised as a full citizen of the clan and recognised as a Warrior.

The Katharian Army follows the chain of hierarchy, with the Kathar as the head of all military personal.

The Katharian Army are broken into three fields;

  • Te'Armus: Soldiers/Warriors
  • Te'Brafus: Navy
  • Te'Kad: Special Forces

The Kartharian military makes no distinction in its ranks between the Ground, Naval or Special forces. all ranks apply, regardless of branch.

Kartharian military ranks follows:

  • Al'verde (commander; there are only 3, 1 for each branch)
  • Al'Ver(captain)
  • Al'elarus (lieutenant)
  • Al'alor (sergeant)
  • Alor (corporal)
  • Verdi's (private)


The Army structure due to the nature of the culture vary from clan to clan but there is a common structure found amongst the clans.

There are Three types of armies found within the Kartharian culture, there are Expeditionary Forces, Warbands and Legions.

  • Expeditionary Forces
  • Expeditionary Forces or (EF) are soldiers that can either consist primarily from a specific Clan or a multitude. This Force is typically the first wave or scouting parties, therefore they are typically the most experience.
  • EFs typically consist of lightweight assault, focusing on guerrilla tactics and striking fast. they only contain a few light artillery with limited air support.
  • They are also more likely to focus on having multiple company structures to battalion rather focusing on legions swarming areas at a time.
  • Warbands
    • A Warband are soldiers that originate from a specific Clan. as such the Warband are only loyal to that Clan and the Kathar.
    • Warband typically focuses on having lightweight to medium assault tactics. They have a fair amount of light-medium weight artillery and air support.
    • Each Warband is totally self-sufficient and can sustain themselves for a few months if needed. Each Warband has their own logistics and can easily draw from other Warbands to replenish ranks.
  • Legions
  • Legions are soldiers that originate from a multiple of Clans. as such, they only owe their allegiance to the Kathar rather than to their clan.
  • Legions are considered the heavy brunt of the Army, they focus on medium-heavy assault tactics. They carry with them a large amount of assault and artillery vehicles and air support. They often coordinate themselves with Warbands, offering them air and artillery support for the long sieges that take place.
  • The legions are totally self-sufficient as they have their own mobile command centre. Each Legion can sustain themselves indefinitely. They have their own logistics and can easily rearrange units from other Warband and Legions if needed.
Noteworthy groups
  • Reapers
    • Reapers have emerged into popularity amongst the Clans, Typically they are only under the Command of small Clans or a band of Individuals. Reapers are typically experienced Commandos whose sole purpose are to swiftly completely wipe out all trace of enemies on planets, due to their small size, they arrival often happens by surprise and leave without a trace; hence by the term Reapers.
  • Paladins
    • Since Mark has taken up the oath of The Order, he has founded his Paladin chapter, with the promise of destroying worthy foes, he has gained much support amongst the Clans. Paladins loyalty only remains with the Grand Paladin and not to the Kathar or any other Clan. This is odd and quite unorthodox.

War Involvements

War of Integrity

War of Integrity

* On the 6th of Vigilance, Operation Secure Planet led by Lord Gomer and Mark Kartharios, was launched against house Celear on the planet Mifark to destroy all military facilities. the operation was successful.

  • On the 8th of Viligence, Operation Glory was launched involving Kartharios Warband against all facilities on the planet Leasth. The operation was successful.
  • The Operation declared house Kartharios a Renegade, this brought the Emperor to launch the Imperial Fleet directed to Kartharios HQ. Forces of Kartharios engaged in a glorious battle which resulted in all military forces and facilities being destroyed.
    • Defence of the Mirfak, 12 - 14 Viligence: Led by Mark Kartharios: After Operation Glory, House Kartharios was branded a renegade, allowing any House to wage war against the house. Lord Gomer was sent to the planet Aldermin to call upon the clans for extra legions the defence. However, this would prove too late; Mark was left in charge of the Defense. On the 12 of Viligence, the Imperial Fleet was sent to Mirfak to make an example of Kartharios to anyone who would dare become a renegade. As charged with the defence of the planet, Mark was duty bound to defend it to his last breath. Fleeing would be seen as an act of cowardice. With the little time left for preparation, The Imperial fleet arrived, the exact number is unknown. The battle nearly two days before the entirety of Kartharios armies was wiped out. Mark fought at the front line of the defence, suffering serious injuries before the Imperial fleet withdrawn from the field after destroying all military buildings. Mark survived alongside several squads. Most of his friends and comrades died in the Glory of battle, bringing honour to their clans, family and Karthar
  • 40th of Viligence, Lord Aethelraed Bastine initiated Operation Ambassador. House Kartharios alongside 2 legions that they managed to round up from the remaining clans meant for the defence, were charged with operating in the third wave. after proving his skill in the Defense of Mirfak, Mark was charged with leading the forces. the Kartharian forces were part of Operation Sledgehammer (1st - 2nd of Tributes) in the Lords Army, however, under Kartharios records, they were part of Operation Vengeance(1st - 2nd of Tributes). The Operation was proven successful, bringing great honour to House Kartharios.

Kartharian Civil War

35-39 Resolve, 84 AR, 4th year reign of Drakkon

This was a war between Gomer Kartharios and Mark Kartharios over the title of Karthar. Gomer decided to pull out of the empire and join the Remnant Empire, however, this would result in the Kartharian moving their entire civilisation up north, leaving everything they have behind. This was the last straw for Mark, resulting in Mark overthrowing his father and seizing the Mirfak to place it on full lockdown so his father could not escape.

The war lasted for three days, until Mark killed his father in an Honour duel. However, these actions brought the wrath of House Schraut who had the stewardship of Mirfak; Leading to the War of Devotion

War of Devotion

The War of Devotion was the result of the Kartharian Civil War. Days after the Civil War came to an end, House Schraut heir, Kennard, arrived at Kedable with a cohort of soldiers. Meeting the young Schraut head on, a standoff negotiation took place for some time until Kennard left Mark with an ultimatum.

  • Marry into their family.
  • Convert to their religion.
  • Retain their tax exemption rights on the planet Mirfak.

Agreeing to the first and last point, Mark refused to convert to their religion. seeing it as an entity of Darkness. Because of this, Kennard launched an attack on Mirfak to destroy the Kartharian homeworld.

Facing imminent attack, with the aid of Aethelraed Bastine, Mark was able to call in several allies to assist in the War. Members included House Talas, Corvani and von Wittelsbach

Seige of Mirfak

The Seige of Mirfak lasted for 5 days before the Emperor called for the peace. Mark was able to withstand the onslaught attack from Schraut for the entire time, never giving ground

Operation Purifying Mirfak

30th-32nd Origins, 86 AR

This operation was led by Mark to destroy all facilities under control of Schraut. this Operation was led by Mark and his most elite Warbands and Vanguard. These Veteran and Elite soldiers; the most seasoned warriors in the Kartharian culture.

This operation lasted for a couple of days killing over 10 enemy legions in the process

Operation Purifying Mirfak was also backed by two other Houses:

  • House Bastine, Under Operation Nightfall
  • House Corvani, Under (Unknown Name)

However, These operations failed to be carried out due to the White Peace enforced by the Emperor.


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