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Current Events

(16/6/17) - 33nd of Resolve, 4th Year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon, 86AR

During the fourth year of Emperor Alexander Drakkon's reign, the Empire was split in two. The Emperor announced the dissolution of the Council of Houses and all trappings of the Empire refounded under Aldwin Vermine following dissatisfaction with its progress on recent proposals and reformed the Empire into the Imperium of Draco. House Black subsequently announced that all planet's north and inclusive of the Alphecca - Alpheratz line would be placed under his rule. These events happened peacefully and abruptly.

The galaxy of Draco is once more divided between two states. The Imperium of Draco, and the Remnant Realm in the north.


House Quel

House House Quel
Motto:We will persevere
Homeworld:Terpsichore Borealis
House Faith:Καλεί'Dlehin
Alliance:Draconian Corporate League
Galaxy:Draco Reborn


  • Although no dynasty are currently members of the Καλεί'Dlehin, House Quel has pledge its service towards its cause.

House Background

Background goes here


  • Jago Quel
    • Leader of the House Quel
    • A diligent, ordinary Individual. He is an average duelist and administrator
    • Background
  • Ulrike Quel
    • Wife of Jago
    • An idle, repellent halfwit. She is a mediocre and an accomplished administrator
    • Head of Transportation
  • Uilliam Quel
  • Brother of Jago
  • An idle, ordinary individual. He is a mediocre duelist and an accomplished administrator
  • Doris Quel
  • Sister in law of Jago
  • A diligent, charasmatic genius. she is a poor duelist and a mediocre administrator
  • Hanna Quel
  • Cousin of Jago
  • A diligent, ordanary intellectual. She is an average duelist and a mediocre administrator
  • Marie Quel
  • daughter of Jago
  • A diligent, ordinary intellectual. She is an average duelist and a mediocre administrator
  • Ursula Quel
  • Daughter of Jago
  • child of reasonable potential
  • Garth Quel
  • Son of Jago
  • Child of Reasonable potential



The Quelthalens remained isolationist for the longest time, opting to remove themselves from the empires in the galaxy and focused on their view colonised planets.

House Quel was one of the Noble families on the Planet Argus located in the Eridanus Galaxy. Argus was the central hub for all Quelthalens and their race with the capital being Teldaras. The Quelthalens culture was based on a caste system that favoured those with Psionic abilities, those who were adept gifted were left to rule over those who had little to no ability.

The day to day life of the citizens focused on developing their own abilities and growing their spiritual side, trying to strengthen their soul in order to liberate themselves from the mortal world and ascend.

  • The Temple of Dradaihati

The Temple of Dradaihati located in the centre of Teldaras. It was a place of pure Psionic Energy and greatly enhanced and developed the abilities of the Quelthalen Nobles, eventually expanding their lifespans for millenniums


Many cities were built from marble and other soft irons, Their buildings were tall and slender built with many halls.

Besides from the gates to the city, and the inner layer defence; the inner city buildings had an inside/outside connection, often being open to the world, not having any doors and windows, instead opting for archways instead. The decor of the buildings opted to use curves, instead of straight lines. it was very dynamic, organic and rich in decoration, usually stylised as graceful and elegant.

Exodus from Eridanus

In their greed for more power, a cult who communed with Voidspawn, an ancient enemy to the life of Eridanus and the Quelthalen race. These Voidspawn promised the cult worshipers untold power if they were only let them into the mortal world. fooled by the lies spewed by the voidspawn, the cult opened the defence of all Quelthalenian worlds and opened a portal to the voidspawn. With the defences down, the Voidspawn decimated Cities after Cities, engulfing worlds. The Armies of the Quelthalens unable to fight back were demolished, being pushed back to their ancient capital Argus where they were able to hold back for a short time.

The Council of Quelthelen, which was an assembly of Lords who each had control over certain areas of the empire. The Lords disputed between how they should combat the threat, until a vote was passed, opting to leave the homeworld and head to a different one far away from the ancient capital.

As preparations were made, a fleet of massive colonisation ships was being prepped, each containing the history of their race and small crystals containing the energies of the Dradaihati and so on. Each Lord commanded a colonisation ship as a cautionary plan in case some of the ships were destroyed, leaving the people leaderless.

Eventually, The defences were destroyed ahead of predicted time, only a handful of ships were ready. The council ordered the remaining legions to hold back the enemy as citizens were still coming in from all over Argus. Eventually, the Legions made their final stands on the outer layer of the city defence, The ships made their departure. As the Ships were fleeing for the safety of space, one by one the Ships were being destroyed until only one ship remained “The Ethelus” headed by House Quel. However, the Ships engines were damaged, and the Ship was stuck in Hyperspace when the ship was finally repaired, The Ethelus had drifted into deep space. In order to preserve their species, the citizens went into their suspended space chambers, leaving a company of soldiers and crew to direct the Ethulas, in order to find some resemblance of civilisation or planets.

The Voidspawn engulfed the world destroying the planet Argus, leaving only an asteroid belt in its place. wipping all traces of the Quelthalens from the galaxy Eridanus.

Arrival to Draco

After an unknown time travelling in deep space, the ship Ethalus finally reached the galaxy Draco where the ship landed on the planet Alpheratz 7, eventually moving onto the planet Terpsichore Borealis. House Quel, headed by Jago and his family for hundreds of years. The family along with the remaining citizens established a secret city called Thalas, protected by psionic barriers. This barrier sealed the city from the rest of the galaxy. this City was kept secret from the galaxy and its location only is known to a few Quelthalen soldiers. However, often the Quelthalen would leave the safety of the city in order to explore the galaxy, These people were often blindfolded and taken to any nearby cities belonging to the other races in the galaxy. This was done in order to protect the safety of the race and often those who were exiled received the same fate. If anyone wanted to return, they would have to wait for a representative and would also have to go through a screening process.

However, it wasn't too uncommon for a select few members of different races like the Kartharians to be premitted to enter the city.

Over Hundreds of years, the Quelthalen people and the Kartharians races interacted, forming a long held relationship between the two people. often Quelthalen guards and soldiers would join forces with the Karthaian tribes and fight with the people. This relationship finally resulted as the two people being considered one.

The Power that the Dradaihati crystals held slowly dimmed over the years, and its connection with the original Dradaihati is almost depleted, because of this, The Psionic gifts started to dim and the blessing of longevity and increased Psionic abilities have faded. This catastrophe caused the Qualthelens to present themselves to the rest of the galaxy, in order to find a way to replenish the Dradaihati.

Galactic Affairs


upon revealing themselves to the galaxy, House Quel aligned themselves with their Allies and joined the Draconian Corporate League. The League has sponsored my house and has helped it to establish its ties in multiple spheres (Leisure and Mercantile) by offering Subsidies. These spheres will assist House Quell in obtaining the Location of a replacement for the Dradaihati Crystals.

  • Leisure Complexes
    • The leisure Complex consists of a Casino, Bar and a pleasure house. Each Lords Leisure Complex consists of these facilities, to offer the clients the best possible experiences. Because of the generosity of House Bastine and his allies, House Quel decided to build a capital for the Draconian Corporate League on Shaula 7; making sure that it was constructed using the finest craftsmen and supplies.

Soldiers of Argus and the Temple of the Dradaihati (Templars)

After establishing a foothold in the Galaxy, House Quel and Bastine have become close allies, sharing similar philosophical beliefs and a deep connection and understanding of the Pisonic world. Because of this, House Quel adopted the faith of the Καλεί'Dlehin and started its own branch in hope to restore the Dradaihati. However, after learning of a “Pisonic Nexus” On Gacrux, House Bastine has Refused to allow House Quel access to its facilities due to a fear of History repeating itself. This incident has caused a rift between the branch and the two houses.

QuelThalan Research

Research studies by Doris and Jago Quel


“Due to the Centuries long absence of a large source of pisonic energy to feed off, the QuelThalans have begun to degrade, becoming weaker, loosing their abilities and becoming mortal. as a result, small populations have begun to die off. Because of this, QuelThalan researchers have looked into other means of replenishing the Crystals. This event lead to the discovery of “Leaching” or “Feeding”. In the records, all living things give off Pisonic Energy, the ability of Leaching is draining the living thing off its Energy to replenish its own. However, if the person begins to feed, eventually its prey will die.

While this may seem like a permanent fix, this ability is very addictive and short lived, if you use it too much, addiction starts to take hold, leaving the person unable to quake their thirst. Test subjects of this ability have begun to transform physically and mentally to an abomination.

These new creatures sole drive in life is to feed on every living thing, caring much for anything else. To kill these subjects would seem obvious choice to handle them, but the question is, 'Are these creatures capable of anything else, or are they simply slaves to their own hunger?'

This concludes the current research regarding Degradation”

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