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Latest in Eridanus:

It is currently 101 CE. The centennial interregnum has ended, as House Alarii rises to prominence. The interim senate moves from Errai to Novoselic Borealis.

The galaxy waits with bated breath as a new Empress steps forward. It is a new dawn for the Empire, but what shall the daylight bring?

Last updated 6th January 2017


Eridani Universalis

Eridani Universalis
Theology Tenets
Mysticism Tolerance Between Faiths
Unity of Humanity
Founding House
House Forge
Succeeding House(s)
House Lodrann
House Lyra


Great things can come of cooperation and solidarity but equally horrible things can come of conflict and disparity. We believe coming together to study will foster both understanding and unity amongst those of different disciplines and mind sets. Still, we must remain strong in our specializations, thus will be divided up into schools of study. Each school shall be lead by a headmaster who will decide on their schools internal structure. A council of Headmasters will be lead by an Administrator to decide matters that effect all of the schools and on galactic matters.

Head of Faith Message

Current schools in service and their Headmasters: Academy of Knowledge: Headmaster Olwydd Lodrann Academy of Psionics: Headmistress Yseult Lodrann

If you wish to inquire into starting a new school, or restarting an old one, please contact Administrator Saethryth Lodrann via diplomatic channels.

Former Head of Faith Messages

The Eridani Universalis schools are undergoing reorganization. We apologize for any inconvenience.

~Administrator Saethryth Lodrann

If you wish to inquire into starting a new school, or restarting an old one, please contact Saethryth Lodrann via diplomatic channels.

Current Schools in Service: Academy of Anima: Headmistress Yoshimori Forge, Subhead Arel Forge School of the Void: Headmaster Jarlath Quest School of Technology: Headmistress Ginger Forge, Subhead Simon Heyne School of Knowledge: Headmistress Belladonna Parisi, Subhead ? Vampira Academy: Headmaster Ilona Vanwormer

Those interested in attending listed schools should contact their local Eridani Universalis registration office or our residence on ForgeNet and other networks. If you wish to inquire into starting a new school, please contact Yoshimori Forge via diplomatic channels.

Schools of study are currently being formed, please come back at another time.

Former Schools

Academy Of Anima: Headed by the legendary swordwoman and Anima user Isilla (Amata Flennikin), the Academy of Anima trains only around a dozen students at a time. Currently, the school's headquarters is on Gienah, in the Forge Ruins Preserve. Standing membership includes: Isilla (Headmaster), Yoshimori Forge, Stanhilda Mavolio, Kyoko Houraisan, and Shona Crow.

What is Anima?

  • “If the Anima is a rainbow, then the Light is merely one narrow band of it. Everyone has a natural tendency towards one color, I don't know what decides it, but it is simply so. To use the light however, they have to warp their Anima to fit it, much like square block might try to fit through a round hole.” - Isilla
  • This is the simplest explanation of the relation between the Anima and the Light, mirroring the Void and the Discord from what I understand. In other words, Anima is a energy that is generated by life of this dimension. Most humans can not tap into this energy save a few forms (The Light and Ki.)
  • Anima is basically a energy form that all life in this dimension produce. The concept is similar to chi, but not precisely the same.
  • Anima powers are mostly elemental in nature, though a few others such as Body Control (See Isilla), Minor forms of healing, beast bonding, etc, exist. Most of these require a source, fire Anima users require some sort of spark. (They enlarge and feed the fire.) Water Anima users need a source of water.
  • Each person has a tendency towards one element or power. The tendency can be influenced by lineage, conditions while growing up, personality, etc. But once it is set, it pretty much stays set.
  • The ability to control Anima is primarily passed down through blood. It can be transferred to another through a blood transfer, though it will take the receiver awhile to fully manifest control, then be able to train with it.
  • Anima levels vary from place to place. A planet or region with little to no life will weaken your power, having to depend solely on your own Anima. The inverse is true, in places with high amounts of life, Anima users receive a power boost.
Major Drawbacks
  • Incompatible with any void usage. They will short themselves out.
  • Cybernetics or any intrusive things in the body will disturb ones Anima, reducing the amount you naturally have and your ability to use it. Organic additions are less damaging, but still take their toll.
  • Things that replace body parts will cause major issues, like Prometheus. It is possible to retrain to where you can use the Anima again (Assuming you get a blood transfusion, even if you were naturally born with it.)
  • Likely gaining a dislike for space travel and planets with low amounts of life (airless, volcanic worlds especially.)
  • Likely gaining some sort of treehugging trait. Cultivating gardens or generally preferring to live in places with ample foliage would be semi common.
  • Unable to directly affect others, their own Anima interfering. So water Anima users can't just play god with your body (made of 80% water). There are 'RARE' exceptions to this, mainly when Anima gets crossed with something like psionics.

I am open to opinions and possible changing. A lot of these rules are meant to be loose, letting the character's owner still have a large degree of freedom.

School of the Void:

School of Battle:

School (of) Partying:

School of Technology: Directed by Ginger Forge from the Yuno, the School of Technology focus's on training students in the modern technology of the galaxy and specialization fields such as Forge Cybernetics, Void Tech, or Ancient Technologies. The higher tiers of the school also contribute in the implementation of new technologies, making practical applications. Members include: Ginger Forge, Elizabeth Boyd.

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