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It is currently 101 CE. The centennial interregnum has ended, as House Alarii rises to prominence. The interim senate moves from Errai to Novoselic Borealis.

The galaxy waits with bated breath as a new Empress steps forward. It is a new dawn for the Empire, but what shall the daylight bring?

Last updated 6th January 2017


Order of the Vampyre

Order of the Vampyre
Theology Tenets
Theology Here Human Sacrifice
Convert or Die!
Founding House
House Cirith


Natives of the Void naturalized to our dimension, Sangiune Void Spawn, colloquially known as Vampires, were first introduced into our realm via Constantine Roma while Human civilization was still centred on Eden.

The Order of the Vampyre was established by the first Infernal Lord of Del Sombre, he re-ordered the Order into two tiers, the Lower Vampires (Vampires and Void Vampires) and the Higher Vampires (High Void Vampires, Vampire Beast Masters, Necromancers and Crazed Vampires).

A newly infected being becomes a New Blood in the Order. Once they become a Lower Vampire they are recognised by the Order as a Sangiune. If they take a Higher Vampire path, they become a full Vampyre. Those who please the Infernal Lord may become an Elder within the Order.

The Infernal Lord resides in Del Sombre, originally a minor Noble, rose to dominance on Ancha before choosing the Cirith Family on Algorab to infect and spread the Order to the Galactic Nobility of Eridanus.

Head of Faith Message

Infect all who you can, no race may resist us, all will be made Vampyre.

Additional information

They are technically Voidspawn, as per the Eridanus understanding of Vampires.

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