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Latest in Eridanus:

It is currently 101 CE. The centennial interregnum has ended, as House Alarii rises to prominence. The interim senate moves from Errai to Novoselic Borealis.

The galaxy waits with bated breath as a new Empress steps forward. It is a new dawn for the Empire, but what shall the daylight bring?

Last updated 6th January 2017


History of Eridanus

It is currently 105 CE. The in what turned out to be a surprisingly easy victory, house Habsburg has taken the throne from Alarii.

Rulers of Eridanus

(Table reads from bottom to top.)

Era Years Ruler Method of Succession Prime Minister
XV. CE 101- ? Regent: Safiya Alarii Military Force
Newborn Empress: Bianca Alarii-O'Cleary
XIV. CE 100 Gavin O'Cleary Claimant, assasinated by forces unknown
CE 95 - 101 The Imperial Senate Elected
Centennial Interregnum
XIII. CE 58 - 94 Osbert Malvolio Elected
XII. CE 48 - 58 Alina Boudicca Elected
Reign of the Protector
XI. CE 47 - 48 Griogal Invernigon Elected
X. CE 45 - 47 Bea Ataraxia Elected
IX. CE 33 - 45 Cuthbert Godwinson Reinstated (CE 33-35): Jerome Invernigon
(CE 35-42): Heulfryn Boudicca
Second Reformation
Empire of Eridanus The Northern Domain In Exile
CE 33 Patricius II Slick Ink Void Lord Constantine Roma, in Patricius Goratrix's Body
Seneschal: Joseph Quest
Cuthbert Godwinson
Uzziel Pershing
CE 29 - 32 Lazarus Pershing
Second Schism
VIII. CE 25 - 29 Cuthbert Godwinson Elected Erina Boudicca
VII. CE 25 Martin Slick Ink Elected Osbert Godwinson
VI. CE 22 - 24 Patricius Goratrix Elected Aldyn Godwinson
First Reformation
The Southern Empire The Northern Empire
CE 20 - 21 Martin Slick Ink Void Lord Patricius Goratrix
CE 18 - 20 Alexis Valencia
First Schism
V. CE 12 - 18 Patricius Goratrix Inherited
IV. CE 11 - 12 Austinus Goratrix Military Force
Goratrix Era
III.5 CE 11 Pagan Vulcan Claimant, never achieved
III. CE 9 - 11 Helmut Ventruz Elected
II. CE 8 - 9 The Triumvirate Military Force
Justicar Austinus Goratrix
Executor Valentinus Aponia
Treasurer __ Slick Ink
War of the Triumvirate
I. CE 1 - 8 Thomas Constantine Simon
Constantine Era

Timeline of Events

Under Construction

  • CE 1: Ascension of Emperor Thomas Constantine. Beginning of the common era.
  • CE 2: Ancha Atrocity. House Jaeger commits to suppressing Ancha's economy. Emperor Constantine invokes the Golden Rule and House goratrix seizes the planet, executing Emily Jaeger.
  • CE 8: Establishment of the Triumvirate. A senator of House Aponia motions to depose Emperor Constantine and replace his position with a three-member Triumvirate. The motion is supported by Aponia, Slick Ink, and – shockingly – Goratrix, who until this point had been devoted supporters of Emperor Constantine.
  • CE 9: End of the Triumvirate. Aponian senators are caught embezzling. Goratrix moves that Aponia be removed from the Triumvirate. Aponia retaliates by moving to re-establish the monarchy with Helmut Ventruz as Emperor. Slick Ink's deciding vote passes Aponia's motion.
  • CE 41: Battle of Sirius Magna. The Yuno returns to Eridanus, carrying Katarran and Valshani colonists. In the process it tears a rift through the Void, inadvertently threatening the galaxy with an entity known as the Empire of Tears.
  • CE 42: The Clean Slate. In response to increasingly convoluted legality, the Senate repeals all law and precedent and starts afresh.
  • CE 42: The Decree of Imperial Eridani Supremacy.
  • CE 44-45: The Civil War. With no law regarding imperial succession, war breaks out between Emperor Godwinson and his allies – who hold that the Throne should be inherited – versus House Quest and the Eumenides – who hold that it should be controlled by the Senate. The war is a pyrrhic victory for the Eumenides, and both Houses Godwinson and Quest fall into decline.
  • CE 60: Inkblot Xenocide. House Slick Ink commences a campaign of kidnapping and enslaving nonhumans on several worlds. Several houses try to convince them to stop, first through negotiation and threats, then through an orchestrated embargo.
  • CE 60: Return of the Golden Rule. Emperor Malvolio states in a public release that sitting Senators no longer have unfettered access to the running of their planets, and are subject to imperial oversight. The new policy is identical in effect if not in name to the Golden Rule that was established in the Constantine Era.
  • CE 73: Constitutional Convention. The Galactic Confederation of Nobles, headed by Houses Cirith and Lodrann, proposes an overhaul of the Senate that places total Imperial power into the hands of the same.
  • CE 79-80: The Izarite Rebellion. In response to the Constitutional Convention, Emperor Malvolio dissolves the Senate. In response, the Pro-Senate forces stage a rebellion against the Empire. Led by House Lodrann, a collection of planets withdraw from Imperial Jurisdiction and form the Domain of Izar Secundus. The pitched fighting ends with the short-lived Domain being reabsorbed into the Empire and the now-renegade House Lodrann retreating to recoup.
  • CE 85: Alligators in the Pool. The Doqer n'Tamere, a colony ship from the alien 'Ashau Fleet, crashes into the Pool, New London, Mebsuta Magna. It carries the members of House ni Chyerdu Qetyss, who pass muster despite initial suspicion. They are relocated to Sheratan to try and regroup and recontact the Fleet.
  • CE 85: Kix out of Life. Mystery and intrigue strikes again with the public yet mysterious assassination of the Sheratanian governor - by someone claiming to be Kix Katar, the last of an extinct House, no less. The galaxy is in an uproar as weaknesses in its security grid are revealed. The Emperor dispatches an investigation into the matter, but what will they find?
  • CE 86: Rise of the Convocation. House Thiotimoline sends out a call for non-Human houses to gather together in a Convocation. This conference hopes to open a dialogue about non-Human rights and roles in Eridanus.
  • CE 88: The Light Extinguished. Eadmund II “Eden” Malvolio dies. He was the last Jeune Fille Brilliante of the Order Of Light, and with his death, the decades-long campaign enacted by Patricius Goratrix has been completed. The Light is extinguished.
  • CE 94: The End of an Empire. The seemingly-immortal Emperor Osbert Malvolio dies in a stunning assassination; his house soon disintegrates under the ineffectual rule of his successor Cuthbert. The Senate having been disbanded by Malvolio's command and no clear successor to be had, the galaxy sits undefended and without leadership.
  • CE 97: Centennial Interregnum. In lieu of a new Emperor, a council of governors convenes on Errai, and reforms itself into a new Imperial Senate. Nevertheless, the Empire seems to remain in a holding pattern without an official leader.
  • CE 100: Rise of New Politics. Senate begins to fill with people clamoring for reform, lead by the charismatic Gavin O'Cleary. Having secured the support of the 3 largest houses, O'Cleary nevertheless falls prey to Crony Senators in a general election.
  • CE 101: Regency. After the assassination of Clan O'Cleary, Safiya Alarii declares her grand niece, Bianca, the heir to the O'Cleary interests and quickly takes over both their business empire, and the actual Empire.
  • CE 105: Luddite Revolution. Concerned with the rapidly increasing gulf between the technological leader and the rest of the major houses, Habsburg and Winchester start an armed protest to dismantle the Research centers of the Empire. The limited revolt quickly escalates into an all-out war against the Empress, which the cowardly Alarii did not wish to wage and results in yet another regime change.
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