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Latest in Eridanus:

It is currently 101 CE. The centennial interregnum has ended, as House Alarii rises to prominence. The interim senate moves from Errai to Novoselic Borealis.

The galaxy waits with bated breath as a new Empress steps forward. It is a new dawn for the Empire, but what shall the daylight bring?

Last updated 6th January 2017



Leader:Bethel Forge
Motto:Forge your own Path in Life
House Faith:Eridani Universalis
Alliance:The Eumenídes

House Background

Modern History:

The Mother of Aldabella Forge, Alida Forge retained ownership of several small mines and a villa on Suhail after the fall of the original House Forge. After she passed away, Aldabella took up control as head of operations. However, she had a taste for noble culture and attended many parties, eventually making the connections with the right people who granted her the title of nobility. Despite being only a minor noble, it was enough to gain access to a Party to End All Parties, where she and her family had a fated meeting with Ginger Forge. Between Ginger's deep connections to House Boudicca and Aldabella's skills of diplomacy, they resurrected House Forge and began to expand.

With Ginger at the helm of the House's economy, the several small mines and single villa became several hundred geological complexes, many technological facilities, and the raising of the first formal Forge military. It was a time of growth and reclamation, with Forge descendants flocking to the house. A new city was raised on Gienah, Khorvosan, built from the ground up to support Forge technology. Corporations sponsored by the house such as DataDyne and ForgeNet rose in power, spreading out amongst the galaxy like wildfire. But the surge in prosperity began to slow, markets became saturated and the tensions of the galaxy started to rise as the Eumenides and Imperial Faction were careening towards open warfare. But fate intervened and calmed the tensions with the death of the Eumenides leader.

House affairs remained at a status quo for several years, with limited growth. It was only when Ginger suddenly summoned all the Forge military to the relatively unimportant world of Sirius Magna that the house began to undergo change. After the battle of Sirus Magna, Ginger was forced into The Yuno and back into a digital form. Restored to her original form, she began to institute many reforms within the Forge government, including founding the Council and the OverCouncil. Aldabella also established the school system of Eridani Universalis. The arrival of the Yuno heralded the Katarran's entrance into House Forge, many settling down into a Celeano city renamed 'City of the Beasts' while others roamed the galaxy.

Tensions between the Royal Godwinson monarchy and the Eumenides surfaced once more, coming to a head with Emperor Cuthbert's death and the outbreak of The Eridani Civil War. House Forge fought on the side of the Eumenides, with Aldabella waving the flag of democracy as the house's rally cry. Aldabella herself detested the violence, but refused to submit to a monarchy. The Forge forces saw minimal action, having been decimated by a Pershing retaliatory attack. After the Eumenides victory, elections for the new Empress began, during which Aldabella was emotionally scarred by what she saw as baseless lies and slander from the other nobles of the galaxy. Retreating from her position as Head of House, Bethel Forge, her sister, took the reins.

The Empress that was elected, Bea Ataraxia, and Bethel had something of a hatred of one another (though it was quite one sided initially). The Overcouncil agreed to rebuild the Forge military stronger than the previous incarnation, building many new fortifications and battlegroups to fill them. House Forge's geological and technological markets began to shrink, but advancing technology and profits from Eridani Universalis kept them afloat.

A small skirmish with House Invernigon over faith restrictions on Noveselic Borealis broke out several years later, with the Forge military suffering losses in the beginning. Ginger Forge took control and pressed the attack, destroying several fortresses before a truce was called. After the first war of Novoselic Borealis, the houses military shifted away from individualized battlegroups to a more uniform military.

For several years after, House Forge's commercial enterprises continued to wain, until finally, the House withdrew entirely. After, the house and galaxy at large remained peaceful, during which, the popular Bethel Forge died and was succeed by her daughter, Yoshimori Forge. The house had become fractured however, with no central cause to follow other than Eridani Universalis.

This changed during the Second War of Novoselic Borealis some 2 years later. Slink Ink began taking any non-humans captive on their homeworld of Nihal 13, causing outcries from House Forge citizens and nobility alike. Yoshimori seized upon the opportunity and rallied the diverse, multi-racial and multi-cultural factions of the house to her. During this time, the military leaders of House Invernigon staged a coup, imprisoning the Invernigon family, to who Yoshimori was married to. It came to blows, in which House Forge was overwhelmingly victorious. A white haired clone of Yoshimori beckoned House Houraisan and Crow to come to the Forge's assistance, to the real Yoshimori's relief and confusion.

Ancient History:

The ' Forge ' hail from a galaxy known as Lyran, though this fact, along with the majority of their ancient heritage, has been forgotten to all but historians who speculate. The only first hand accounts of this era are locked away by Ginger Forge, who also is the last survivor of the original colonists.


Tier 1:Digital Mistress: A position only held by Ginger Forge, she has the unwritten power to overrule any decision made within House Forge, though the record shows she uses such power rarely. However, she offers suggestions and acts as a regulating medium between parts of the government. Her control also extends to the military, acting as a overarching commander of all forces, particularly in war time. Tier 2:The OverCouncil: A council made up of six members, who traditionally have diverse backgrounds. These six vote on issues that are important to all of House Forge, with Ginger Forge acting as a tie breaker and moderately unbiased information source. Current Occupants: Yoshimori Forge, Morwyn Forge, Callisto Cionaoith, Simon Heyne, Lillie Koa, and Ilona VanWormer. Previous Occupants: Aldabella Forge, Bethel Forge, Belladonna Parisi, Lellar Forge, Lawerance VanWormer Tier 3:The Forge Council: Simply known as the council, it is comprised of a multitude individuals who have high expertise in a field or are in a position of power. It counts engineers, scholars, generals, governors, etc among its population. The entire council rarely is available during a session due to variances in schedule and timezones, but the size, which numbers in the hundreds, usually counteracts this. The function of this council is not to make decisions directly, but to give a variety of educated opinions on issues the OverCouncil is debating. A secondary effect is to let the elites of the Forge mingle and interact with one another. • Head of House Forge: Also known as Mistress of the Forge, this is the public leader of House Forge. While the OverCouncil decides large scale issues, the Head of house retains many snap decision and day to day operation decisions. Much of the diplomacy with other houses also falls to the Head of house. Current Occupant: Yoshimori Forge. Previous Known Heads of House: Bethel Forge, Aldabella Forge, Alida Forge. Tier 4:Head of Operation: The head's of various operations are responsible for everything in that field. For example, the Head of Geology has the power to order a corporation to establish a mining complex on a planet and the Head Of Politics has the power to establish tax rates on any planet. Tier 5:Planetary Governors: Senators/Governors of planets hold considerably power over their jurisdiction, and are always present on the Forge Council. While the Head of Politics has authority over the senators, they usually use a light hand. The current guidelines for senators is no slavery, freedom of arms, and an established tax rate. • Service Commanders: Commanders of one of the 5 branches of Forge military. • Major Corporations: Major Corporations that are either directly controlled by House Forge or have significant amounts of Forge ownership are major players in the Forge hierarchy. They generally have multiple fields of business. Current Major Corporations: Cyberdyne (Cybernetics, Computer Technology, Civilian Craft), Trident Technologies (Military Craft and Military Hardware), Red Stone (Mining and Architecture), ForgeNet (Communication Systems), Outlaw StarDrives (Starship Construction and Repair, Orbital Dock Operations.) Tier 6:Minor Corporations: While minor corporations have less clout than major ones, they still hold a considerable amount of power. They generally concentrate on one area of business. Current Minor Corporations: Medidyne (Subsidiary of Cyberdyne, Medical Services and Medical Technology), S4 Virtual Reality Incorporated (Virtual Reality Games), Let's Meow Meow Cafe's (Adult Entertainment Services), ValRune Services (Psionics). • City Mayors: The controllers of Forge operated/sponsored cities, they often take on different names but all rank as such. Their control is limited to their own city and outlying area's. • BattleGroup Commanders: Controls a group of 4 legions.

= FAQ = •Q: Why do you have so many characters? •A: Every character that becomes significant in a story tends to get a profile here. This way I can go back and reference them if I ever desire to have them appear again.

•Q: Quite a few of your characters seem to be impractical, physiologically and mentally. •A: Yes, that is a trend. Physiologically just happens to be the picture, which are just approximations of what the character looks like. For the mentality, I like writing eccentric, over the top characters because I find they are the most interesting. They are the focus of the story because they aren't normal.

•Q: Why do so many of the pictures show the characters wielding swords? •A: Often the swords are merely for show, much like how you might see officers in modern armies carrying swords in parade uniform.

•Q: X character's picture is blatantly a picture of Y character from Z anime/show. You shouldn't be copying things like that! •A: Please tell me which one! I try my best to find original character pictures, or at least heavily modified ones. Occasional I will consciously use a non-original picture (Ginger Forge, Isilla, Remillia, Lokil, Aldabella, and Yoshimori so far.)

•Q: I am confused on what Forge are. Are they a separate race? •A: Not precisely. They are a subspecies of humans that possess a wider array of hair colors and enhanced tissue regeneration.

•Q: I have another question. •A: Shoot me a PM and I will try to answer it to the best of my ability.


Mistress Aldabella Forge ~80, Deceased • A diligent, enchanting halfwit. She is a mediocre duelist and an average administrator. The daughter of Alida Forge, Aldabella grew up sheltered from the outside world. Her playmates were the loyal Maids of the house and occasionally her sister Bethel. Developing into a calm and innocent woman, she took a great interest in aesthetics, specifically clothing. It was at the age of 22 that she met her husband, Kuninaga. Falling in love with him for his charm and demeanor, she married him in an almost fantasy style manner. By the age of 27, she had Morwyn Forge, her daughter and heir to the house. On a fateful trip to Alkaid for a week of garment shopping, Aldabella ran into a refugee from Elnath. Stricken with the need to do something to help the poor boy, she half offered, half forced (with good intentions) him to come with her and later adopted Chikanaga into the family. Her calm, tranquil and stable world came to a halt after she secured four tickets to the Party to End All Parties. It was at this party that she would meet Ginger Forge and begin the transformation of the minor noble house Aldabella had grown up in into the major power known as House Forge. While Ginger brought the Boudicca family into contact with Aldabella's, it was Aldabella who took on the diplomatic role of the house. Naturally disarming and easy to let one's guard down around, she negotiated many deals in House Forge's favor, along with making many allies beyond her local contacts on Suhail. After establishing the city of Khorvosan on Gienah, Aldabella became the mayor. While the commoners initially distrusted Aldabella owing to her noble status, they soon became enraptured by her benevolent government and charitable actions. Chikanaga's commoner ancestry also helped her image. During the establishment of the OverCouncil, it was a natural choice to select Aldabella Forge, being the most experienced and well connected diplomat available to the Forge. Over the course of her service, she would stand for the rights of the commoners, which eventually led to the vote that would drag House Forge into the The Eridani Civil War; vote to bring her daughter and sister onto the OverCouncil; and see the inclusion of several new ethnicities into the house's fold including the Vampires of Ancha. During the same period, she would start the school system known as Eridani Universalis, with the primary goal of unifying the galaxy's disparate citizens and cultures through a common education. The first school founded within the system was symbolically the School of Peace and Politics with Aldabella as the Headmistress. After the Eridani Civil War, Aldabella stepped forward as the primary candidate in the elections for the new Empress. While she had assumed the typical muckraking would occur during such a tremendous political event, the sheer amount of verbal abuse that was directed towards her nearly broke her spirit. It was the final push when outright lies were considered truth by many house leaders that broke her, leading to a long period of depression and reclusion for the public eye. Not long afterwards she quit her position as Head of House Forge and her position on the OverCouncil, but retained the title of governor of Khorvosan and the Administrator of Eridani Universalis. After the death of her sister, Aldabella began to appear in the political spotlight, serving as a diplomat to houses. Her depression appeared to have lessened, though she still had an air of saddness about her. She died of an aneurysm. • Stylish, Non-confrontational, Caring.

Kuninaga Forge.jpg Kuninaga Forge ~80, Husband of Aldabella Forge, Deceased • An idle, charismatic dullard. He is a poor duelist and a mediocre administrator. • At an early age, Kuninaga was sent to a influential nobles school on Suhail. Though he did poorly in his more technical studies, he did receive top marks in speech and etiquette. The money left for his education evaporated when his mother died an untimely death, forcing him to find work in a mansion owned by a rich Forge women. It was here he found Aldabella, daughter of the mansion's owner, Alida Forge. The two fell deeply in love and married several years later. While he always strived to support his wife in her endeavors, after the election for Empress, he devoted most of his time to attending her in her depression. Reportedly died of heart break after Aldabella died. • Suave, Light-Hearted, Absentminded, Dutiful.

Bethel Forge.jpgOld BodyBethelForge2.jpgCurrent Body Bethel Forge ~76, Sister of Aldabella Forge, Deceased. • A driven, ordinary halfwit. She is an average duelist and administrator. • The first born of Alida Forge and older sister of Aldabella Forge, Bethel was a rebellious youth. Defiant and strong willed, she saw rules as a challenge, and enjoyed breaking them. Nothing was off limits in her mind, from stealing cookies from a jar to escaping the house to attend a Uisce Beatha orgy at the age of 16. Her escapades nearly got her disowned and certainly disqualified her from inheriting the family mining operations, which Bethel was fine with. Her interests were more directed towards partying and sex, having converted to the Uisce Beatha faith. At the age of 17, someone made a snide comment that a drunk like her could never learn to wield a sword. It proved to be a fatal mistake 2 years later, when she finished her training and challenged him in the ring. Occasionally, someone has the guts to try and use her bullheaded nature against her, challenging her to strip her already considerably provocative attire in the middle of the street. After she does so, she often precedes to beat their faces in (Bethel has more than a few assault charges). Her easy going life style continued for several decades, until signs of age started to kick in around her body. The newly developed Promethus process had just come out to the public, and she became an early adopter. While on a celebratory sex binge, her 'daughter', Yoshimori Forge was created. After her birth, she largely left maids to take care of the mothering. During the first few years of House Forge, she remained aloof and distant from house operations. However, when Aldabella ran for Empress and subsequently fell into a deep depression, she sobered up and began to take charge. While she had little experience in the operational side of the house, her years of carousing and seduction gave her a certain knack for persuasion. Though she shared her authority with Aldabella's daughter Morwyn for the first year, it marked the first significant responsibility Bethel had taken in her life. Her care free ways were not completely shaken, but she used her excursions to win over the commoner populace instead of just for her own pleasure. This along with her straight to the point attitude with politics won her significant praise within the House's citizenry and military. After Empress Bea Ataraxia, who Aldabella had lost to in the previous election, died, Bethel put her name in for consideration for the next Empress. When this happened, she commissioned a new promethus body to replace her aging one. Her new body was considerably different than her natural one, partially based on the new Katarran arrivals. Bethel did not win the election, but kept her place as Mistress of House Forge. The rest of her reign had little of interest happen. She died after a failed promethus procedure. • Slutty, Daring, Showy, Unrestrained.

Morwyn Forge.jpg Morwyn Forge ~62, Daughter of Aldabella Forge, Wife of Jarlath Quest, Deceased. • A diligent, charismatic genius. She is an average duelist and a mediocre administrator. • The daughter of Aldabella Forge, Morwyn has always lusted for power. As a kid, she would attempt to dominate over the servants of the household, but was chided by her mother. It did not dim her desires, rather, forced her to learn more subtle tactics of gaining and using power. During her years in university, she was feared for her blackmailing schemes, netting her near perfect grades, but teaching her little in the way of being an administrator. Still, it did hone her hand to shake, hand to hold the dagger style of political dealings that would become prominent later in her life. At the wedding of Miyoko Houraisan and Uilliam Vaarklan, Morwyn meet Jarlath Quest and began a relationship that would eventually culminate in marriage. While Morwyn had every intention of using Jarlath to access the considerable power of House Quest, she genuinely fell in love with him, making him the only one whom she truly trusted. In her early 20's, she was placed on the Overcouncil to the dismay of some. As House Forge grew in power, Morwyn aimed higher and higher in her climb for for power. In the aftermath of the Eridani Civil War, she persuaded her mother to run for Empress with the assumption that she could manipulate Aldabella to do her bidding. Her plan failed however, when Bea Ataraxia won the election. It wasn't a complete loss for Morwyn, as she became the co-regent of House Forge alongside of Bethel for one year. After an initial period of arguing, an unspoken arrangement developed between her and Bethel, letting the latter be the public head while the Morwyn worked behind the scenes. This arrangement eventually collapsed after the Overcouncil declared Bethel Forge the new head of house. While the manipulative woman lost her official power, she still had a considerable amount of political capital and Bethel had grown used to having her as an adviser. She continued to grow her support base, assuming that she would be the next head of house after Bethel Forge. It came as a shock to her, when the Overcouncil elected Yoshimori Forge, her cousin, to the position. Being unable to do anything directly about it, she has kept her politicking to the shadows. Two years before the Second War of Novoselic Borealis, she gained the service of a Valshani family, giving her several powerful psions to command. In the post-Novoselic War era, Morwyn sided more and more with the Vampire faction of the house in an effort to give her a power base comparable to Yoshimori's. • Stylish, Calculating, Power Hungry

Chikanaga Forge (noble).jpgAs a Noble. Chikanaga Forge ~64, Adopted son of Aldabella Forge, Husband of Awena Boudicca, Deceased. • An idle, ordinary intellectual. He is an accomplished duellist and administrator. • Born into the slums of Elnath, Chikanaga's early childhood was spent learning how to survive on scraps. At the age of 13, the Elnath Riots broke out, in which his parents were killed. After the riots settled down, he hitched a ride to Suhail to start life anew, away from the awful memories on Elnath. Unfortunately, his new life turned out to be living homeless, eventually turning to petty thievery to survive. After several years of such drudgery, Chikanaga attempted to rob the Forge villa to get a big score, but he was easily thwarted by the Khorvosan maids who served the house. Brought before Aldabella, she surprised him by asking why he was stealing. He told his story and reason, and once more Aldabella surprised him by offering to adopt him as her own child. Chikanaga spent the next year learning how to live as a noble. Though he was thankful for not being on the street and he enjoyed Aldabella's calm, kind demeanor, he hated seeing how the nobles lived in comparison to the commoner population. Once more, his adoptive mother surprised him, giving him a few solars a month to help the commoners as she saw fit. After the House had risen to the galactic stage, Aldabella dragged him out to a social engagement with Awena Boudicca. He saw something in her attitude towards commoners that echoed his own, and half a year later, they married, cementing House Forge and House Boudicca relations. His love for his wife is absolute, and together they fund many charities together. In his older age, he calmed down from his heavy handed pushes towards commoner rights. Instead, he began to use the solars at his command to provide relief to commoners and help rebuild lives in war torn areas. • Stand Offish, Resourceful, Forge Pride.

Makiko Forge.gifAdult Makiko Forge ~77, Daughter of Nakatoki Forge, Married to Wallace Boudicca • A dynamic, ordinary halfwit. She is a mediocre duellist and a poor administrator. • Makiko is the daughter of Nakatoki Forge. She was born with severe retardation and was given mental cybernetics at a young age to compensate. As a result, she could recite star charts from memory, but could not understand the concept of emotions. Due to her poor socialization skills, she was regulated to a librarian role. • Technophile, Emotionless.

Yoshimori Forge (kid).jpgKidYoshimori Forge (kid2).jpgTeenYoshimori Adult.jpgAdult Yoshimori Forge ~69, 'Daughter' of Bethel Forge, Widow of Lorraine Invernigon, Married to Milburga Malvolio. • An idle, ordinary genius. She is a superb duellist and a poor administrator. • Yoshimori took after her mother as a child, adventurous, and unafraid to throw herself into the unknown. When the Forge family visited the Boudicca estate for the first time, Isilla spotted the 5 year old Yoshimori and noticed her aura seemed to have two distinct colors. Intrigued by this and noticing that the young girl lacked any cybernetics, Isilla began visiting regularly. Regular visits eventually evolved into training. Isilla took Yoshimori on officially as a pupil. They trained at Isilla's old house in the Old Forge HQ ruins on Gienah, for months at a time. After several years, Isilla felt her pupil was ready to begin training in the arts of anima itself. However, they soon found that training itself would not work, and turned to an old family legend about the power to manipulate anima was in the blood. Several attempts later, they figured it out, and soon Yoshimori began to display an affinity for fire. During this time, her male body began to mature. While visiting Ginger for a medical check up, it was discovered that Yoshimori was a chimera, her body containing two distinct sets of DNA, one male and one female. Yoshimori decided she wished to be a female, so doctors gave her treatments to ensure it. The training she had endured for the past years had left her friendless except for Isilla and close family. However, this quickly changed when Isilla decided to train Kyoko Houraisan, Shona Crow, Stanhilda Malvolio, and Sakuya the Second. Yoshimori began to think of Stanhilda as an aunt, while forming a very close friendship to Kyoko and Shona that would last until death. As Yoshimori entered her 20's, she took on students of her own. When they anima users moved to Sheratan and officially became the Academy of Anima, Yoshimori opened the Order of Fire for fire anima types. At first, she worked one on one with each member, but as the order grew, she moved more and more to an overseer role. While she still trained her own students, there was always a pile of paper work waiting for her at the end of the day. Her first taste of actual warfare came during the 1st War of Novoselic Borealis. Leading the Anima forces present, she proved to be an effect battlefield tactician and leader. In the aftermath, Yoshimori was married to Lorraine Invernigon in a forced marriage. However, the two came to love each other with time. They had several children, Arel, Daniela, and Murachadh she raised herself. In 50CE, Yoshimori's mother, Bethel Forge, died, leaving the Head of House and a position on the Forge OverCouncil vacant. Bethel's will was a message to Yoshimori and Callisto Cionaith, stating she wished for Yoshimori to succeed her in both spots. Callisto, hesitant, argued for the daughter for Bethel's sake. In the end, Yoshimori was selected to be the on the OverCouncil and then the Head of House. Lacking the cybernetics to properly interface with the Forge systems, she relied on Callisto heavily. While still the leader of the Order of Fire, more and more responsibilities were pushed onto Arel and Daniela Forge. Several years passed, seeing the houses internal factions drift slowly apart under her rule. However, Slick Ink began an assault on non-humans, giving Yoshimori a chance. She campaigned for several days, using her talent for rallying those under her, culminating in unifying the house against the racist elements of the galaxy. A commoner revolt in Invernigon and subsequent imprisonment of the noble family lead Yoshimori to declare war on the house, so began the Second War of Novoselic Borealis. This time, Yoshimori lead the battle from Sheratan, though she proved to be less adept at grand strategy. When Kyoko Houraisan and Shona Crow showed up at Sheratan with large, friendly forces, Yoshimori was relieved but also confused. Apparently a mysterious white haired clone of her had visited both houses, a clone trained in the anima arts no less. The mystery was set aside, lacking clues and the war demanding their full attention. The leaders of Invernigon returned Lorraine to Yoshimori in an attempt to appease her, however, Lorraine requested that Yoshimori save the rest of the Invernigon's, and so the war continued. During the peace talks between the Invernigon commoner forces and House Forge, Yoshimori killed their leader and negotiated peace with their second in command. Lorraine died a few months after the wars end, leading Yoshimori into a brief depression. House Invernigon had been under Yoshimori's control for awhile, but she officially declared the once mighty house to be a vassal of House Forge. Many years after the war, House Forge was approached by House Malvolio for a marriage. Despite Yoshimori's protest, the Overcouncil decided to agree to an arranged marriage between Yoshimori and Milburga Malvolio. Neither were pleased by it, but they made the most of it. Milburga eventually became close to Yoshimori, bearing several children. • High Spirited, Leader, Fire Anima

Arel Forge.jpgMilitary Outfit Arel Forge ~45, Daughter of Yoshimori Forge, Married to Broch Quest • A dynamic, ordinary intellectual of markedly small stature. She is an average duellist and an awesome administrator. • Arel was the first child of Yoshimori and first child to be born from an Anima user. She displayed an aptitude for using fire anima at the age of 4, proving theories that the ability could be passed from mother to child. While her mother was busy running House Forge and the Order of Fire, she always set time aside to train Arel. As she hit her teen years, she began to take on responsibilities within the Order of Fire. When Yoshimori couldn't make a meeting, she'd send Arel to take notes. When she couldn't make a training session for her other students, Arel would lead the class. At 16, she joined the Forge Defense Force and received commander training. After a tour of duty on her home planet of Sheratan, she was given command of a legion. She fought admirably during the Second War of Novoselic Borealis, receiving a battlefield promotion to battlegroup commander. Upon cessation of hostilities, she was put in on the reserve force and allowed to return to the Order of Fire where she began training younger students, including her own children. At the age of 25, Yoshimori commanded Arel to go explore the galaxy with her younger sister Daniela. Upon her return, she would become the sub-head of the Order of Fire, however, she needed a vacation first. Despite protesting the vacation, the two sisters set out into the galaxy. They took half a galactic year to conclude their trip, visiting many famous sites and exploring untouched ruins. Upon returning to Shertan, Arel was surprised when she was not only named sub-head of Order of Anima, but headmistress of the entire Academy of Anima. Isilla had stepped down, and no one was edger to accept the responsibility. With a list of titles starting to equal her mothers, Arel has been too busy to expand them any further. Daneila Forge.pngOrder of Earth Outfit Daniela Forge ~38, Daughter of Yoshimori Forge, Married to Eadmund Malvolio • A diligent, ordinary individual. She is an average duellist and administrator. • Daniela practically had two mothers growing up, being born 7 years after Arel. At the age of 5, Daniela displayed tendencies towards Earth type Anima and was transferred to the Order of Earth. However, having access to an orbital shuttle let her come home each night for dinner with the family. After she was 10, she would wander the Earth and Fire cities of Shertan, her sister in military training and mother picking up the extra workload. As she grew older, the range of her exploration would increase, spanning the entire planet. At 18, her wandering culminated in a grand, galaxy wide adventure with her sister Arel. It was during this journey that she meet Eadmund Malvolio. While it wasn't love at first sight, when it came time to find a noble husband, her first choice was Eadmund. After her adventure with her sister was over, she continued to wander around the galaxy, helping those in need and spreading the word of Anima. Or perhaps she is staying away from the responsibilities that weigh down her mother and older sister. • Aloofish, Caring, Well-Traveled, Earth Anima

Murachadh Forge.jpg Murachadh Forge ~33, Daughter of Yoshimori Forge • A child of disappointing potential. • The last child between Lorraine and Yoshimori, she was born shortly before the Second War of Novoselic Borealis and Lorraine's death. The only daughter to take after Lorraine, Yoshimori would always look at Murachadh with sad eyes. Worried that she was somehow displeasing her mother, Murachadh would try to make her happy with surprise gifts, but this only further saddened her mother. She was confused though, Yoshimori would laugh and smile at Arel and Daneila. Around the age of 8, Murachadh began to think there was something wrong with her, that because she was weaker than her sisters in the Anima arts, her mother was displeased. When Milburga was married to Yoshimori, Murachadh was taken to her step-mothers home. While there, she took observed the power the Templars had using the void. Convinced that if she could harness that power, her mother would /have/ to be proud of her, she attempted to get her hands on some void tech. Of course no one would provide a child with such technology, she turned to look for alternate means. A quick search through the Templar database gave her several examples. She attempted to use Void Engineer rotes for several months but was dismayed at the slow progress. Again, she returned to the Templar library to find a quicker way to harness the void. There was one way, channeling the void directly. Even as a child, she was aware of how taboo Void crafting was, in fact, how taboo anything void related was in Anima culture. She began practicing in the utmost secrecy, a little at a time. Several Years later, her anima aura had become stained by the void usage. However, her kin were hesitant to discuss it, making up excuses such as the constant trips to the Void Templars. It wasn't until the (Discord Event) that the extent of her Void usage was revealed. • VoidCrafter

Other Information

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