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Latest in Eridanus:

It is currently 101 CE. The centennial interregnum has ended, as House Alarii rises to prominence. The interim senate moves from Errai to Novoselic Borealis.

The galaxy waits with bated breath as a new Empress steps forward. It is a new dawn for the Empire, but what shall the daylight bring?

Last updated 6th January 2017



Leader: Cuthbert Godwinson
Motto: Strength Prevails!
Homeworld: Mebsuta Magna
House Faith: The Void Templars
Alliance: None
Galaxy: Eridanus

House Background

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* Lord Cuthbert Godwinson

  • A dynamic, repellent genius. He is an average duelist and a superb administrator.
  • Born in 23 BCE to Harold and Edith Godwinson. Married to Estrilda Godwinson.
  • Cuthbert James Godwinson, Emperor of Eridanus, Duke and Alderman of Aldebaran, Atheling of Albion, Grandmaster of the Solemn Order of the Guardians of the Temples of the Void, High Warder of the Anglecyn People by the Grace of God, and Heir-Claimant of the Throne of Angland by Right of Temporal Power.
  • Estrilda Godwinson
    • An apathetic, ordinary intellectual. She is an average duelist and an accomplished administrator.
    • Born in 24 BCE. Married to Duke Cuthbert Godwinson.
  • Ethel Godwinson - Twin-Sister of the Duke
    • An idle, ordinary intellectual. She is a poor duelist and administrator.
    • Born in 23 BCE to Harold and Edith Godwinson.
  • Aldyn Godwinson - Brother of the Duke
    • A diligent, ordinary intellectual of great musical ability. He is an average duellist and administrator.
    • Born in 16 BCE to Harold and Edith Godwinson. Married to Wulfleda Godwinson.
    • Died in 34 CE, assassinated while serving as Prime Minister of Eridnus
    • Was good friends with Void Lord Patricius Goratrix.
    • Was exceptionally fond of Alkaidi Whiskey.
  • Wulfleda Godwinson - Sister-in-law of the Duke
    • A dynamic, charismatic individual prone to violent rages. She is an accomplished duelist and an average administrator.
    • Born in 15 BCE. Married to Aldyn Godwinson.
    • Friends with Chika Houraisan, a Lunarian Void Engineer.
  • Grimbold Godwinson - Son of the Duke
    • A diligent, ordinary intellectual. He is an average duellist and an unsurpassed administrator.
    • Born in 19 CE to Cuthbert and Estrilda Godwinson. Married to Misako Houraisan, Queen Kaisou of the Lunarians, and is also known as King Consort Kaisou (凯宗皇親配) to Lunarians as a result.
    • In his own words: “I am the Atheling of Kimbrey, Grimbold Edward Charles of the Godwin's hearth, eldest son and heir of the Cuthbert James Godwinson, Emperor of Eridanus, Duke and Alderman of Aldebaran, Atheling of Albion, Grandmaster of the Solemn Order of the Guardians of the Temples of the Void, High Warder of the Anglecyn People by the Grace of God, and Heir-Claimant of the Throne of Anglaland by Right of Temporal Power… If you want, I get go off into all the other even more irrelevant titles,” he says with a self-depreciative smirk.
  • Aylmer Godwinson - Nephew of the Duke
    • An apathetic, ordinary individual. He is an average duelist and a mediocre administrator.
    • Born in 2 CE to Aldyn and Wulfleda Godwinson.
  • Osbert Godwinson - Nephew of the Duke
    • A diligent, ordinary halfwit. He is an average duelist and a mediocre administrator.
    • Born in 5 CE to Aldyn and Wulfleda Godwinson.
    • Served as Prime Minister for a short time.
  • Amellia Goratrix - Niece-in-law of the Duke
    • An idle, irritating individual. She is an average duellist and administrator.
    • Born in 7 BCE. Married to Osbert Godwinson.

Family Tree

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Other Information


Military Reformation

Galactic News Network

“Today's breaking news, Emperor Cuthbert has announced the reorganization of the Imperial Military, an announcement that, for the first time, officially acknowledges the long-rumored transfer of millions of solars worth of military hardware from the now-departed House Goratrix to the Imperial Army and Navy.

“According to the announcement, the reorganization is intended to centralize and modernize the command structure of both branches, removing the long-standing Godwinsonian tradition of a notional separation of forces between those of House Godwinson, those Void Engineers loyal to Cuthbert Godwinson and the Imperial Legions themselves.

“The reorganization of the IEN is just as intensive, though it lacks the potential for the same degree of political divisiveness…” —- Anglecyn Broadcasting Company, translated from Anglecyn to Galactic Standard. Source broadcast was a limited release, targeted solely at Anglecyn-majority viewing regions.

“Earlier today, Duke Cuthbert Godwinson of Aldebaran, in his role as the elected head of state and commander-in-chief of the Eridani Empire, announced that he intends to break the ancient traditions separating his household military forces from those of the Solemn Order of the Guardians of the Temples of the Void, and the soldiers under his command as the commander-in-chief of Eridani men-at-arms.

“Undoubtedly, most of our viewers are familiar with the widespread mystery cult of the Engineers of the Void, whose rise to popularity over the past fifty years is unprecedented. The relationship between the so-called Templars of the Void and the Engineers of the Void is hazy at best, in light of the secretive nature of both organizations. Duke Cuthbert's role as an Engineer and the Grandmaster of his schismatic 'cult-militant' has been frequently cited as a source of conflict and potential conflict of interests for the head of an ancient Anglecyn house.

“The Anglemoot has also indicated that it has received requests from Duke Cuthbert on these matters, and others, informing them of his intention to unify the offices he has held for decades now…”

Assumption of Kingship

Original program aired on the 23rd of Virtue, 42CE. The recording starts in media res, and has been translated from the original Anglish.

”…repeal of all extent Imperial laws and precedents, Duke Cuthbert Godwinson has proclaimed himself the King of Anglaland, by right of blood and temporal power. Word from the Athelmoot has it that none of the atheling houses have contested this move, clearly concerned of the ramifications of any opposition to the declaration.”

“Should the Athelmoot rule in favor of Duke Godwinson's claim, he will be the first reigning King of Anglaland in over five millenia and according to archaeological findings, the first Anglecyn King to hold sovereign power in over thirty thousand years.”

Recording ends.

Grimbold's Death

The camera pans through a hellish urban warzone. Neoclassical architecture shattered by mortars and close air-support, office buildings holed through by energy beams, apartment towers leveled by artillery strikes, elevated roadways ripped apart by demolitions. utility junctures smashed in by orbital bombardment… the city of New London was being reduced to smoking rubble, one block at a time.

The people of the city, stubborn Anglishmen and women to the end, having taken up arms to protect their homes, their livelihoods, and their way of life, were dying by the thousands with every mile they were driven back.

Amid all this, fighting at the forefront of the battle, was a man, some fifty years old, fighting against tanks and men in powered armor with little more than a battlesuit, an ancient sword, and the particular skills that he had learned over a lifetime of bloodshed in the name of his cause.

The sound of ferrocrete shattering broke Grimbold's concentration. Then again, hearing that sound being made on account of your body smashing into the structural column of a parking garage would distract most people. The pain of having five vertabrae pulverized and half your ribs broken wouldn't help matters.

A pained grunt burbled past his lips as he experienced the all too familiar feeling of falling to the ground with what should by all rights be a mortal wound. Around him, the sounds of the battle continued, the explosive shell that had battered him so badly having little impact on the hundreds of combatants nearby.

Gritting his teeth, Grimbold tapped into the Void Emitter placed in the Tower, and used the freeflowing energy to provide power for a quick telekinetic probe of his body, cataloging the injuries before…

This time, as every time before, his reaction is a stifled scream of pain, as the broken flesh and shattered bones were moved back into the position they should rightly hold. After a moments pause, as his concentration sharpens, a soft golden glow suffuses his body and the flesh knits itself back together, while the bones congeal back into shape.

After a moment to catch his breath, he pulls himself to his feet and reaches out, calling the Kusanagi, that ancient blade of the Lunarian people, to his hand. 'Eighth time I should have died this hour alone,' he thought to himself as he took in his surroundings, 'I wonder how many more times I can evade Hel's grasp?'

Brushing aside the thought, he threw himself back into the battle.

“I don't think the roadblocks are working, Major.”

Major Corfeld of the New London Militia frowned at the Princ— no /Emperor's/, comment, and checked his hyperspectral goggles. Looking down the road, at the rubble brought down to close off that direction from heavy attack, he sees the tell-tale thermal signature of a Void Engineer main battle tank rolling down the near face of the roadblock.

He swallows reflexively at the sight, knowing that they had depleted their meagre store of heavy anti-armor munitions earlier in the day and that their remaining weapons couldn't hope to defeat the defenses of the massive hovertank. “Should we fall back, your majesty?”

Grimbold turns to look at the khaki-clad man, and shakes his head, saying, “I'll take care of it. Keep your boys steady.”

Corfeld nods sharply, “They're good boys, they'll hold the line your majesty.”

Saying nothing more, Grimbold dashes out from cover, running out into the open street as he pours Light into his veins and muscles, healing them constantly as one of his implants produces an amplified artificial adrenaline, pushing his body well past the breaking point as the fifty-five year old man runs across the broken ground at nearly forty miles an hour.

A sudden spike from his prognostication implant sets the overbuilt void channeling implants in his hands to pouring out energy, as he draws the Kusanagi. Shunting void energy into the ancient, impossible blade, he focuses the golden glow of the light around the surface of it. The resulting layer of destructive energy that forms over the blade is quite painful to look at.

Taking the blade and swinging the flat of it out into midair, Grimbold precisely interposes the annihilating energy that surrounds the blade in the flight path of the bunkerbuster round just fired from the hovertank, completely destroying it before any part of it even comes into contact with the blade itself.

Grimbold perceives a distant sense of shock coming from the direction of the hovertank, and grins behind the transparent faceplate of his lightweight battlesuit. 'I love it when people underestimate me,' he thinks before sprinting for the vehicle, dodging or parrying the spray of small arms fire from the pintle-mounted guns.

Channeling a measure of void power into his psychokinetic implants, Grimbold's sprint at the hovertank ends with an impossible leap, bringing him up on top of the floating behemoth. Taking the Kusanagi and making a quick jab into the armoured bulb of the forward sensors for the hovertank, Grimbold then dashes up along the glacis plate to the small machinegun mounts, and disables them in short order.

It is the purest of dumb luck that Grimbold's life does not end there, however, as a stray beam from a Templar Void Cannon passes mere inches in front of his face. A quick glance in that direction reveals a group of Templar Knights past the roadblock, trying in vain to hold of a concerted assault on their position.

'If I can reach their position quickly enough they'll be able to hold steady, give the Militia time to harden their earthworks,' he thought to himself, 'but I can't leave this between the lines…'

Brought out of his momentary reverie by the sound of bullets from the advancing enemy ricocheting off the armor around him, Grimbold takes his longtime companion, and brings it down into and through the armor of the tank, right into the vehicle's power system. Then, with every ounce of his willpower, he mentally calls out to Susano'o, the Lunarian god of storms, the creator of the blade he has wielded for most of his life.

His mental call demands that the god recognize the various offerings that Grimbold had given to him over the years, and proclaims with every last dreg of imperiousness in him that Susano'o /will/ give the King Consort Kaisou his gift of lightning.

The blinding flash of light, and the deafening roar of thunder pours from the blade into the very heart of the tank, destroying its insides.

Pleased with the speed of the destruction, and grateful to the alien god, Grimbold withdraws the blade and moves to join the battle before him, only for his preternatural reflexes to pull him out of the line of fire of an anti-armour grenade, fired at him from behind.

Spinning around, Grimbold sees one of the tank's crew has pulled himself out from the smoking ruin of the vehicle, and is quickly trying to reload the break-open pistols designed for killing Templars. Grimbold charges the man, with Kusanagi held out at his arm's full extension, tip-forward.

'I've always hated this part of conventional wars,' he thought, as he beared down on the common soldier, 'Killing people is what demons do, not men.'

The soldier, having looked up at the sudden movement, starts diving off to the side, one foot kicking him off the armoured deck of the tank before the other, the man's panic robbing him of his coordination. Grimbold, at that moment, seeing a man throwing himself out, away from impending death, hesitates at taking yet another life…

…a moment of mental hesitation as his body continued forward, bringing his arm forward, where the panicked kicking of the soldier catches Grimbold in the elbow at just the wrong angle.

There's an instant of perfect clarity, as Grimbold sees his own hand driving the tip of the blade at his face. In that last crystalline moment, he wonders if he'll see her again whe—

Joint IEA-Void Templar After-Action-Report Excerpt

The record of the sensor feed from Void Knight Calladeus via the tacnet clearly shows the blade piercing Grimbold's faceplate and continuing onward several inches.

Calladeus's passive void scanner picks up what appears to be a channeling feedback-loop in progress.

There follows a bright flash of light, purely in the visible spectrum, while the infrared shows the equivalent of a hand grenade detonating inside Grimbold's head.

The Emperor's headless body is seen falling to the ground, while the Quest tank crewman picks himself up.

At this time, senior leadership in the field begins to fall back, into the Tower. The Battle for New London is declared lost, despite Imperial forces remaining unbroken.

End Excerpt


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