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Latest in Eridanus:

It is currently 101 CE. The centennial interregnum has ended, as House Alarii rises to prominence. The interim senate moves from Errai to Novoselic Borealis.

The galaxy waits with bated breath as a new Empress steps forward. It is a new dawn for the Empire, but what shall the daylight bring?

Last updated 6th January 2017



crest, Leo era crest, Goldwyn era crest, early Osbert era crest, late Osbert era
Leader: Count Osbert Malvolio
Motto: Some are born great
(Goldwyn era: Some achieve greatness)
(Leo era: Some have greatness thrust upon 'em)
Homeworld: Kochab and Mebsuta Magna
House Faith: void templars
Alliance: Imperial Loyalists
Galaxy: Eridanus

House Background

The family Malvolio were granted the status of galactic nobility late in the year 26 CE, commencing operations on the minor airless world of Alshain in the southeast, home of the dying faith silhouism.

Their economic strength rose quickly, but they did little worthy of note to other nobles until the time of the end of hope war. After the breakaway of the Northern Domain, House Malvolio abruptly pledged their allegiance to Overlord Constantine Roma and shifted their headquarters to the northern planet kochab, a world with a long-standing culture of order and social conformity, which suited the Malvolio family well. This would remain their headquarters for many years to come.

With Roma overthrown and Lord Patricius goratrix restored to his own body, House Malvolio remained associated with the northern Void houses, outwardly very loyal to the alliance, though generally quiet and overlooked.

The house slowly grew in power throughout Goldwyn's reign as Count, and finally became prominent in the fifth decade, in the leadup to the civil war, as a staunch defender of House Godwinson and of inheritance of the throne. With House Godwinson devastated and most of its dynasts dead in the war's aftermath, the retainer Kgosi Halcomb became the highest-ranking member of the void templars. The powerful influence of the Templars permanently secured House Malvolio's place of power in the galaxy.

The rise of Osbert Malvolio marked the next phase of the Malvolio history. Osbert was ambitious and controlling, and took over much of the authority in the house even while his father was still Count. A firm believer in the rightfulness of the Godwinson imperial line, Osbert consistently undermined the elected emperors of the post-Civil War era, until ultimately forcing through a senate motion to displace his sister Empress Alina boudicca and put himself on the Imperial Throne on the Godwinsons' behalf.

Emperor Osbert is a ruthless ruler, committed to order above all else. He has centralised authority and progressively stripped away the power of the aristocracy, until even the Senate was abolished. Osbert also restricts civil liberties, instituting mass surveillance and intensive policing. To his credit, his reign – easily the longest reign of any single emperor in the modern era – has been marked by unprecedented peace and political stability.

Notable Dynasts

Updated 85 CE. Malvolio family tree. Click to expand.

  • Count Leo Malvolio (6 CE – 48 CE)
    • A dynamic, irritating dullard. He was a mediocre duellist and an average administrator.
    • Followed the faith of the void engineers.
    • House Malvolio first reached the echelons of high nobility under the leadership of Count Leo. He was described by his wife as a “worrier” who “has trouble adjusting to life as a noble”. He seemed perpetually nervous and indecisive, looking to others for direction whenever possible. He had a bad stutter.
    • Unbeknownst to all but his immediate descendants, Leo was a Voidcrafter. The Void robbed him of his mental fortitude, and he put most of his remaining strength into suppressing its dark impulses. He joined the Void Lord Roma seeking either cure or power – even Leo wasn't sure which – but was never able to approach Roma directly, and ultimately died without revealing his secret.
  • Walburga Malvolio (4 CE – 53 CE)
    • Wife of Count Leo.
    • A dynamic, charismatic individual. She was an able duellist and an accomplished administrator.
    • Followed the faith of zaurakism.
    • Possibly the power behind the throne, Walburga appeared in public even more rarely than her husband, but when she did she conveyed a sense of strength and control.
  • Count Goldwyn Malvolio (24 CE – 69 CE)
    • Son of Count Leo. Husband of Shona boudicca.
    • A dynamic, irritating intellectual. He was an average duellist and an unsurpassed administrator.
    • Followed the faith of Uisce Beatha.
    • Goldwyn inherited the coronet from his father Leo. He was a quiet and kind-hearted ruler, and generally non-confrontational; it pained him deeply whenever he was forced to choose sides, and he tended to use other people as his voice when doing so. In later life he ceded much of the control over his house to his son.
    • He was devoted to his wife, with whom he shared a passion for botany. His philosophy, Uisce Beatha, is famous for its more brazen and exhibitionist elements, but Goldwyn was a notable representative of a quieter liberalism.
  • Stanhilda “Stan” Malvolio (23 CE – ?)
    • Niece of Count Leo. Cousin of Count Goldwyn. Wife of Morgan crow.
    • An idle, ordinary individual. She was an able duellist and an unsurpassed administrator.
    • Followed the faith of the Order Of Light.
    • The personal protege of Clémence Dawdy, Stanhilda was among the last followers of the “Old Order” – the Order of Light as it had been under House iofiel. As such, she was deeply pacifist and devoted to combating the dangers of the Void. Later, she became one of the first students of Isilla (Amata Flenniken) in the ways of Anima.
    • Stanhilda – with her butch style, her caustic wit, and her devotion to Light – was an oddity among Malvolios and came to prefer living among her husband's family. She bore three daughters and started a major branch of the crow dynasty.
  • Emperor Osbert Malvolio (39 CE – present) Osbert, age 92
    • Son of Goldwyn. Brother of Alina boudicca. Widower of Beatrice ataraxia.
    • An idle, enchanting genius. He is a mediocre duellist and administrator.
    • Follows the faith of the void templars.
    • Osbert was eleven years old when the civil war broke out. He awoke to politics in the era of the biggest, bloodiest war in recent history, and he blamed it on the nobility. He became devoted to the idea that the noble class were greedy and chaotic, and only a trusted few – like the overthrown Godwinson line, or Osbert himself – could rule the galaxy safely and protect its people.
    • Osbert became ambitious and controlling. As an adult, he began undermining his father's authority and taking away his powers, such that Osbert was effectively the leader of the house (although he would not formally become Count until Goldwyn's death in 69 CE).
    • In 58 CE, with the help of votes from House quest, Osbert seized the Imperial Throne through political force. Once he had control of the Throne, he re-instituted Cuthbert Godwinson's Decree of Imperial Eridani Supremacy, rejected the Senate's authority over the Throne (the very authority that had got him there), and began to progressively strip away the power of the Senate and the nobility.
  • Milburga Malvolio (52 CE – present)
    • Niece of Osbert. Wife of Yoshimori Forge.
    • An apathetic, charismatic intellectual of markedly small stature. She is an average duellist and an unsurpassed administrator.
    • Milburga is notable primarily for her political marriage to Yoshimori Forge, who had an intractable rivalry with Emperor Osbert. Milburga initially resented marrying the older woman, but gradually came to love her. The marriage failed to defuse any political tensions, however.
    • Milburga is introverted and surly, with a stubborn streak a mile wide.
  • Eadmund “Ed” Malvolio (49 CE – present)
    • Son of Osbert. Husband of Ysbal crow.
    • An idle, enchanting individual. He is a mediocre duellist and an awesome administrator.
    • As Osbert's heir, Eadmund was intensively groomed to take over the Imperial Throne and continue to rule it in Osbert's manner. However, Eadmund shows signs of the Discord corruption that afflicted his mother's household, and – especially following the consumption event and his mother's death – Eadmund has been neglected by Osbert. Instead, Osbert has been searching for a “true” heir, one with the blood of the deposed Grimbold Godwinson. Osbert has also lived for so long that Eadmund worries he may be outlived. All of this has contributed to resentment and entitlement in the Malvolio heir.
  • Cuthbert Malvolio (61 CE – present)
    • Son of Eadmund. Husband of Aeronwen “Winnie” crow.
  • Grimbold Malvolio (72 CE – present)
    • Son of Cuthbert

Notable Retainers

  • Clémence Dawdy
    • A dynamic, enchanting half-wit. She was an average duellist and administrator.
    • Followed the faith of the Order Of Light and the void templars.
    • Dawdy was hired shortly after House Malvolio began operations. One of the last clerics from the iofiel days, she was an extremely powerful Lightbearer. In her later life, she also joined the Templars and studied Void rotes, making her one of the few in history to find a balance between both forces. She intervened in the battle of syrma prime and the battle of sirius magna.
    • It was never publicly explained why House Malvolio retained this elderly cleric of the Light while never giving her any notable duties. Secretly, Count Leo – who had been raised with the Silhouist traditions of twilight between light and dark – was desperate for her help in resisting the Void.
  • Kgosi Halcomb
    • An apathetic, repellent dullard. He was a mediocre duellist and an average administrator.
    • Followed the faith of the void templars.
    • One-time governor of Kochab, the cruel Halcomb remained a prestigious member of the Malvolio household. He contributed extensively to the Templars and, despite his dearth of talent, eventually rose to be a Chaptermaster – the highest-ranking Chaptermaster to survive the fall of House Godwinson. Hence he became the head of that organisation, and led to its association with House Malvolio. Halcomb may have been responsible for inducting Osbert into the Templars.
  • Victoire Dicarlo
    • Mistress of Milburga Malvolio.
    • An idle, enchanting genius. She is an average duellist and administrator.
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