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Latest in Eridanus:

It is currently 101 CE. The centennial interregnum has ended, as House Alarii rises to prominence. The interim senate moves from Errai to Novoselic Borealis.

The galaxy waits with bated breath as a new Empress steps forward. It is a new dawn for the Empire, but what shall the daylight bring?

Last updated 6th January 2017


Houses of Eridanus

House Status/Homeworld Leader Faith Alliances
Alarii Imperial House of Novoselic Borealis Founder Safiya Alarii Five Sigmas Eridanus Syndicate, the
Cirith Laughing Stock of Algorab Lord Florian Cirith Order of the Vampyre Galactic Confederation of Nobles
Lantern Great House of Alkaid Duchess Chiara Lantern Golden Church (TBA) None
na Nialaigh Minor House of Mimosa Chief Nobyn na Nialaigh The Witanmoot Imperial Loyalists
Reza Minor House of Marfik Chief Rayhana Reza The Witanmoot Imperial Loyalists

Past Houses

House Status/Homeworld Leader Faith Alliances
Aerand Minnow of Suhail Overlord Angus Aerand None None
House_Altus altus ??? of Mirzam Baron Eberhard Altus The Brotherhood The Falconeers
House_Aponia aponia ??? of Avior Australis Duchess Flora Aponia Unknown The Collective
House_Aquella aquella ??? of Celaeno Premier Martin Aquella Technocracy Unknown
Archon ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Argenti Sanctum ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Argentlam argentlam ??? of Pallas Father Gino Argentlam None None
House_Ataraxia ataraxia Imperial House of Alcor 13 Duchess Amisia Ataraxia Disciples of O None
House_Avantage avantage ??? of Terpsichore Tsar Roman Avantage The Order of Light Caduceus
Bacchus ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Belorn belorn Great House of Alcor 13 Master Serge Belorn None None
House_Bellatorem bellatorem Minnow of Terpsichore Chairman Adrien Bellatorem None Galactic Confederation of Nobles
Boddicker Major House of Gienah Chief Gudytha Boddicker None None
Bjorne ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Boudicca boudicca ??? of Gienah Baroness Erina Boudicca Uisce Beatha The Eumenides
Boriusmoto ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Cedricson cedricson ??? of Malkmus Earl Herluin Cedricson None None
House_Constantine Imperial House of [[eridanus:planets:Rotanev Emperor Thomas Constantine Children of the Slaine Imperial Guard
House_Crow_(Eridanus) crow Minor House of Mimosa Mother Vanora Crow None The Eumenides
House_Csetagara csetagara Minnow of Diphda Duchess Donata Csetagara None None
D'Lioncourt ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Defenders of Justice
Dastonei ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dello ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Dekara dekara ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown
House_Despair despair ??? of Pollux 9 Lady Chika Despair Servants of the Truth None
Dmitriev ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Einherjar einherjar ??? of ??? Unknown Children of the Slaine Defenders of Justice
House_Emiya emiya ??? of Eltanin Shogun Mitsukane Emiya The Brotherhood The Guardians
Engelhardt Minor House of Novoselic Borealis Duke Fabianus Engelhardt None None
Eternity ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ezrai Minnow of Procyon Father Abbad Ezrai None None
Fae ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fearnley ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Finis Terrae ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Flammidemia Minnow of Kitalpha Lord Friedrich Flammidemia None None
Forge ??? of Celaeno Digital Mistress Ginger Forge Eridani Universalis The Eumenides
Ganurath ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gideon-Hummel Minnow of Dabih Baron Heiko Gideon-Hummel The Void Templars None
House_Godwinson Godwinson ??? of Mebsuta Magna Lord Cuthbert Godwinson The Void Templars None
House_Goratrix goratrix ??? of Syrma Prime Emperor Patricius Goratrix The Void Engineers None
Gnu ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Graff_Spee graff spee ??? of Phact Unknown Unknown Unknown
Grendulus ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Houraisan houraisan ??? of ??? Lady Misako Houraisan Lunarian Animism The Eumenides
House_Invernigon invernigon Imperial House of Novoselic Borealis Doge Leon Invernigon None None
Iofiel ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ignisius Minnow of Menkent Lord Noritaka Ignisius None None
Ironside ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jaeger ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kazamouri ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lodrann Renegade of Izar Secundus Lady Saethryth Lodrann Eridani Universalis Galactic Confederation of Nobles
Lupinaem Contemptible of Tarazed Viscount Judas Lupinaem Sun Praising None
Machiavelli ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mason-á-Montana Contemptible of Mintaka Master Captan Mason-á-Montana Order of the Vampyre None
House_Masque masque ??? of Albis 7 Countess Pleasance Masqué None None
House_Mathieu mathieu ??? of Velouria Comtesse Kichi Mathieu None None
Mikhailovsky-Ivanov ivanov ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Mitsurugi mitsurugi ??? of Mimosa Lady Mitsurugi Kei None None
Nolea ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
of the Commons Minnow of Meissa Brother Francisco of the Commons None None
Odiore ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Pershing pershing Major House of Muhlifain Duke Jaasau Pershing Solartology Blue
Pickelhaube ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Proditionem proditionem Lesser House of Alpheratz Kaiser Wulf Proditionem None None
House_Quest quest ??? of Acubens Premier Iowerth Quest The Void Engineers None
Quincy ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ramde ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Raptor ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Rivers rivers ??? of Keid Duke Bartholemew Rivers None None
House_Rook rook ??? of Gienah Baroness Gabrielle Rook None None
Samburg ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Saxon saxon ??? of Miaplacidus Master Godwin Saxon The Witanmoot None
Selvyernos ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Serenity ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Serra serra ??? of Antares Maharani Sanaa Serra None None
House_Sheain sheain ??? of Alkaid Azzah Sheain Unknown Unknown
Shooterha ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House Sirendous sirendous ??? of Keid Lord Serge Sirendeous Unknown Imperial Alliance
Skolios Minnow of Epimetheus Lady Maribella Skolios None None
House_Slick_Ink Slick Ink ??? of Alcor 13 Master Martin Slick Ink Children of the Slaine Allied Legions
Sparkhammer ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sternzerstorer ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Suzumiya ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Sykon sykon ??? of Alshain Founder Amy Sykon Silhouism None
Sunfell sunfell ??? of Sabik Ruqayyah Sunfell The Church of the Flame The Eumenides
Throckmorton Minnow of Terpsichore Lady Anzhelica Throckmorton The Order of Light None
Tormata Minnow of Giausar Chief Benedicta Tormata Sun Praising None
True/Boat Pun House of Awful Pun Planet The Punmaster Puns More Puns
Tyrus ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ua Deaghaidh ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ua Fenian ??? of Diphda Lord Lughaidh Ua Fenian Chreideamh Arsa Galactic Confederation of Nobles
Uistain ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Vaarklan Vaarklan ??? of Alcyone 9 Overlord Austinus Vaarklan Children of the Slaine Pactum Xenae
House_Valencia valencia ??? of Mimosa Don Alexis Valencia The Brotherhood PAX Galactica
Ventruz ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
House_Von_Bismark von bismark ??? of Mebsuta Magna Kaiser Gerhardt Von Bismark Technocracy None
House_Von_Carstein von carstein ??? of ??? Count Xavier Von Carstien The Knights of Blood The Northern Domain
von Rabeneck ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vulcan ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Walse ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Warnet Lesser House of Zavijava Earl Geriach Warnet None Imperial Loyalists
House_Yamamoto yamamoto ??? of Propus Shogun Takamori Yamamoto None
Zentalia ??? of ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Malvolio Imperial House of Mebsuta Magna Emperor Osbert Malvolio The Void Templars Imperial Loyalists
de Payne Laughing Stock of Vega Chairman Vincent De Payne Order of Reason Blue
de Valenois Imperial House of Pollux 9 Duke Joseph de Valenois Sun Praising Imperial Loyalists
Saxe-Godwinson Imperial House of Terpsichore Lord Leo Saxe-Godwinson The Witanmoot Imperial Loyalists
Thiotimoline Major House of Antares Marchioness Mimoko Thiotimoline None The Convocation
of Lorcaster Lesser House of Syrma Prime Earl Grimaldus Of Lorcaster Sun Praising None
ni Chyerdu Qetyss Major House of Mebsuta Magna Overlord Kamil None The Convocation
Lyra Contemptible of Arkab Mistress Naoko Lyra None None
Yukimura Major House of Procyon Countess Yukimura Fujita None The Convocation
Talaarya Minor House of Electra 9 Maharani Sabiha Talaarya None The Convocation
Spectrum Minnow of Atlas Viscountess Karolina Spectrum None None
Cyran Minnow of Arkab Lady Jeanne Cyran None None
Naviaux Minnow of Zaniah Baron Daniel Naviaux None None
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