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Latest in Eridanus:

It is currently 101 CE. The centennial interregnum has ended, as House Alarii rises to prominence. The interim senate moves from Errai to Novoselic Borealis.

The galaxy waits with bated breath as a new Empress steps forward. It is a new dawn for the Empire, but what shall the daylight bring?

Last updated 6th January 2017



“The Arrogance! The Conceit! That we could take what we deem ours at whim. Have we learned nothing of Phaëton as he set his world aflame? Will there be a Zeus to stop us from doing the same?” Excerpt from a recovered political manuscript from Great Roma


Eridanus is a high-technology feudal society. A number of noble houses jostle for prominence and power. Even the most meager of houses are capable of traversing the galaxy and have fortunes in excess of most commoners' wildest fantasies, though occasionally a commoner family rises to comparable power.

Humans are the predominant species, but a number of nonhuman minorities exist, from the rabbit-eared Lunarians and the shapeshifting Nahuals, to the hulking Vaarklans and the tainted Vampires. In some parts of the galaxy, nonhumans face vicious discrimination. In others, they are welcomed as equals, or even rule their own cities.

Eridani history has been shaped in large part by conflict between the nobility (particularly the Senate) and the Emperor. The first Emperor of the modern era, Thomas constantine, was seen as deeply controversial due to his Golden Rule of removing any senator whose policies he disagreed with. He was couped in the year 8 CE in the war of the triumvirate. The relative power of each side remained tempestuous throughout the empire's lifetime, until in 45 CE, Emperor Cuthbert Godwinson was couped in the bloodiest conflict in recent history: the civil war. Today, Emperor Osbert Malvolio – a Godwinson sympathiser – has stripped away many noble powers and abolished the Senate entirely as part of his oppressive, and extremely successful and stable, reign.

The Supernatural

Eridanus is under constant threat from an alternate dimension known as the Void. Dangerous creatures called Voidspawn dwell within the Void, and the plane is filled with a dark energy which is hostile to Eridani life. In rare cases, a person can access the Void, using their mind as a conduit for tremendous amounts of energy – at the cost of their own sanity. A Voidcrafter at their full potential is a threat to entire worlds. Major Void incursions have included the battle of syrma prime (and subsequent end of hope war), the battle of sirius magna, and the consumption event.

And yet Void energy is very useful, and many factions have harnessed it. Most notable are the void engineers, a pseudo-religious organisation who channel the Void safely through disciplined mental rotes, and the void templars, an order of guardian knights who make heavy use of Void-powered technology.

All living beings give off an energy, which many think of as Void's “opposite”. The Order Of Light were the first to harness this power, before their extermination at the hands of the Void Engineers. Today, students of the Academy of Anima wield their life energy according to their natural elemental affinities.

A variety of other supernatural forces exist, including the spiritual powers of the Lunarians, the icy enchantments of the Yukimura, and psionics: a wide category of inborn empathic or telepathic powers.


Despite the tremendous power at the fingertips of Eridanus, the universe is not so strange a place.

For the most part, cities are the same as they've always been – just taller, and with more flying cars and space shuttles. Some cities are built beneath glass domes on airless worlds, and some people live in space stations or aboard massive starships.

The galaxy is heavily networked with communications satellites and relays. Anyone can talk to anyone else instantaneously. Physical travel is a bit slower: though there are a variety of technologies for moving faster than light, all of them take hours to traverse the great distances between inhabited star systems. Instant teleportation is an advanced technology that few have access to.

For the sufficiently wealthy, medicine can implant cybernetics, regrow limbs, construct fanciful body mods, and even replace an entire body – which doesn't extend life but certainly makes aging a more comfortable process.

Many people use handheld data tablets for their daily computing needs. Both touchscreens and holograms are in use. Some people use neural cybernetics: these may project images onto the user's eye, or may directly stimulate mental imagery. It's possible to simulate a realistic cyberspace, but only a few cultures in Eridanus have been interested in this application. Artificial intelligence doesn't exist, although there are strange rumours regarding a computer-woman in the Yuno.

Wars are waged with a bewildering array of weapons. Energy weapons – lasers, Void rifles, ion cannons, and so forth – are common but far from absolute. Defenses, on the other hand, are usually physical: avoid the hit or wear enough armour. Orbital bombardment is possible, and many houses equip themselves for it, but if specifically directed at civilian shelters it is considered a war crime. Instead, ship-to-ship and man-to-man combat are both essential for a successful military operation. In the right circumstances, melee combat remains viable, and short-range weapons such as swords are often seen on the battlefield. Many nobles wear ceremonial swords, and some even know how to use them – duelling is an honourable art.

History of Eridanus

It is currently 105 CE. The in what turned out to be a surprisingly easy victory, house Habsburg has taken the throne from Alarii.

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Faiths of Eridanus

Houses of Eridanus

House Status/Homeworld Leader Faith Alliances
Alarii Imperial House of Novoselic Borealis Founder Safiya Alarii Five Sigmas Eridanus Syndicate, the
Cirith Laughing Stock of Algorab Lord Florian Cirith Order of the Vampyre Galactic Confederation of Nobles
Lantern Great House of Alkaid Duchess Chiara Lantern Golden Church (TBA) None
na Nialaigh Minor House of Mimosa Chief Nobyn na Nialaigh The Witanmoot Imperial Loyalists
Reza Minor House of Marfik Chief Rayhana Reza The Witanmoot Imperial Loyalists

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Genealogy of Eridanus

The Grand Eridani Genealogy - WARNING: large file

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