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Fornux Cartography

Interactive Map

Published by House Esposito

“Greetings Readers! House Esposito would like to introduce to the galaxy's database their new technology! This Interactive Mapping package is compatible with the very screens you read these databases with! It features the known constellations and planets of the Galaxy, and soon there will be more! Esposito's technicians are working on applying demographic addons to the page, so once every year you'll be shown the latest information about your favourite planets! Be it their current Economic state, or recent strife!”

— House Esposito's Marketing Branch

Constellations of Fornux

The Gateway

Colonised first, The Gateway can be described as the cradle of civilisation in Fornux

The Crescent

Colonised during the 2nd Colonisation Era, The Crescent…

The Huntress' Bow

Colonised during the 2nd Colonisation Era, The Huntress' Bow…

The South-Western Reaches

Colonised during the 3rd Colonisation Era, The South-Western Reaches…

The Scorpion

The Scorpion was colonised at some time during the 1st colonisation area, by a separate group of colonists entering the galaxy from the South. This wave colonised the planets Acamar, Benetas and Suhail first, before spreading out towards the rest of the Scorpion and towards Aries.

Aries (formerly known as 'The Eastern Band')

Colonised during the 3rd Colonisation Era, Aries…

The Triangle

These three planets always have been a crossroad for the colonisation of Fornux. These three planets connect the different constellations and work as a bridge.

The Shadowlands

An obscure area of unknown space beyond the South-Western Reaches. One planet has been discovered in this area so far. The rest of this area is currently under investigation by the Daigotsu Exploration Department.

Planets of Fornux

Planets of Fornux

Fornux's Map can be found [WWW]HERE! defunct link

Scroll over Constellations to view their planets in a menu to the left.

Will be updated in the future with demographic maps.

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