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House Katar

House Katar
Leader: Chief Gina Katar
Motto: “Born of the Old, Forged in the New.”
House Faith: None
Alliance: None

House Background

Most of the old record's of the Katar family has degraded, with only small lines of code being salvageable. The scant amount of data tells of a great migration, crossing of galaxies to find a home in Fornux. The ship or ships involved have been destroyed, mostly in combat. It is also apparent that cybernetics were widely used in that time period. Upon arriving in Fornux, the Katar family became a wandering vagabond. The original inter-galactic fleet encountered and destroyed many other wandering starships from scouting parties to defense fleets. As time progressed, the Katar's ship reserves started to dwindle, the last Monolith starship ceasing to function over Alderamin. Forced to settle over Alderamin, the now dormant starship became the heart of Space Station Yuno. It was later hauled to Algedi, where it orbits today. It is impossible to repair as the Katar themselves have lost the ability to understand it's technology, debatable before they even launched the ship 1000's of years ago.

The newer generations of Katars became more civil over time, turning away from their warrior traditions and focusing on expanding.

The head family of House Katar is decided by a tournament. The top families of the Katarian race all get thrown on to a single planet, then fight each other until only one remains. A family can forfeit during the competition. This method insures that the leading family is skilled in combat and a host of other skills. It also cements them as the heroes in the Katar culture, making their job as rulers easier. The competition is held when the main matriarch of the head family dies.

=Katar as a sub-species=

House Katar and nearly all of it's workforce is made up of a sub-species of humans. Their outward appearance is that of a normal humans, but they have extremely long ears, are slightly fuzzy to the touch, and their hair comes in a rainbow of colors. Their personalities are generally light hearted. Katar's metabolism is incredible high, making them process food quicker. This makes them eat constantly to keep their bodies going. They can not take much alcohol before become completely intoxicated but recover minutes.

Reference picture:


  • Dynasty
    • Gina: Military Leader
      • Gina often speaks her warrior driven mind, no matter the situation. This has been known to offend many a person, though if you can get past that she is rather happy go lucky. She has amber colored hair to her shoulders with a tan skin tone. She often is seen wearing a combat suit. She also has her own Nost (see Alhena/Prospect's Hope), which she likes to ride for pleasure. Though her age prevents her from participating in real combat, she still likes to participate in drills.
  • Bachgennyn: Financial leader
    • Called Bach by most, he is the brains behind the Katar economic activities. He tends to favor diplomacy first, war second. Really the counter balance to his wife Gina, he is always trying to clean up the messes she creates. He is a also traditionalist, following the old family ways. Thus much of his body is hidden cybernetics, with only the eyes looking mechanical. His body appears to be very muscular. His hair is short and gray, with bangs. He casual attire is a old leather jacket and jeans.
  • Yumi: Political Leader, Leader of the Ori
    • Yumi has taken a back seat on politics, focusing all her attention to her religion, The Ori Keepers. She has some odd thing about humming in public and day dreaming. She has purple hair and light skin complexion.
  • Hoyt: Mad Scientist
    • A book worm by nature, Hoyt rarely appears in public. He is the Katarian keeper of history, keeping all family records safe. Though he just may bite your head off for disturbing him from his scientific experiments. Hoyt is responsible for the Katar's covert and black ops. He has deep red hair that barely goes past his ears.
  • Ceinwen: Drunken Party Chick
    • The only thing Ceinwen has going for her is looks. She can often be found at a bar or club, dancing the night away, and drinking until she runs out of money. Ceinwen loves to jump into bar fights to. She has brown hair, often put into some intricate design.
  • Eiriol: Miltary leader to-be
    • Eiriol follows in her mother footsteps, though she is far nicer and has a interest beyond Katarian issues. She also like natural enviroments, not so common on the space stations the Katars like to live in. Though she was previously peaceful, Eiriol now leads her own squadron of Starfighters called Eiriol's Jade Squadron in response to the dastardly offensive. Eiriol is afflicted with a rare disorder in which she is attracted to a certain pheromone. The person who gives off her particular pheromone is Frieda Zakrade, who Eiriol can not be more than 10 feet away from, unless extreme condition apply. She has long green hair and has put bells on her ears. She is still unmarried.
  • Nanako: Strategist
    • Nanoko love strategy, she can beat most of her family at board games. Though she was only 14 at the time of the Dastardly Offensive, she took command of a BattleFleet and lead her forces to victory. She married to Takanaga Hamada, whom she is lovingly devoted to. She has short, dark purple hair.
  • Mariko:
    • Unknown
  • Aiko:
    • Unknown
  • Seudag
    • Unknown
  • Other
    • Kita Star: (AKA Kix)
      • Kita is primarily focused on computers, using them to break into systems, but is skilled in shooting as well. The latter is due to her constant use of S4 Games. She has short, white hair and cybernetic legs and brain. Her online avatar has longer white hair, and a bright green outfit. She favors her custom long barreled Smg's in fights.
    • Jinos:
      • Unknown
    • Ginger:
      • Ginger was trained in the same manner as Kix was, but she grew to attached to her S4 avatar. Eventually she ended up stuck in the system, becoming the first human to be transferred to completely digital state.

= Events =

  • Intergalactic Communication device: A research project headed by Hoyt Katar. It provides instant communication across infinite distances in theory. In practice the system is limited. The way it works is the sending relay opens up small wormhole to another relay, passing data along as though they were right next to each other. Relays must be built above every planet and form a mesh network.
  • The Dastardly Offensive: A sudden strike by House Esposito was a wake up call to the Katarian military forces. (To be finished.)
  • House Katar develops S4. S4 stands for “Stylish eSper Shooting Sports. It uses high capacity virtual simulators to host combat games. Since it requires one to have cybernetic implants to control one's avatar, it has only really seen use by the Katar.
  • Though House Katar denies it, the assassin “Kix” is one of theirs. She was responsible for the assassination of Jessica Zakrade. Due to the publicity of the event, she gain considerable attention from the general public.

Other Information


Yuno Space Station (YSS)

Location: Algedi
Space Station of: House Katar
Status: Katarian Capital (Indomitable)
Population: 1,000,000+
City Motto: Born of the Old, Forged of the New
  • Yuno Space Station is the original, permanent settlement of the Katar's. It's core is the old Katar starship, though it has been built up so much that one can not even tell it's origins. Yuno is primarily staffed by Katar descendants and is perfectly able to sustain life without importing resources, the exception being liquor. During a migration, Yuno was warped to it's new home by a massive version of a Intergalactic Communication Relay. The Relay opened a wormhole big enough to fit the entire station, but was destroyed when the wormhole collapsed.

Prospect's Hope(PH)

Prospect's Hope
Location: Alhena
Cave City of: House Katar
Status: Mining City(Indomitable)
Population: 200,000+
City Motto Supplying the Forge
  • Prospect's Hope is officially a small military post, established to provide quick defense's to the various Katar mining complex's on the planet. It is made from the old mining tunnels of a mineral deposit. Unofficially, a city of the same name has appeared around the post, also underground. Both the post and the city are made of old mining equipment, side panels used for roofs and barricades, wiring strung from the roof, turrets being constructed out of old crane parts, etc. A new addition to the city has been several machinery production facilities built with newer, cleaner, and proper materials. The Katar look to further expand the city in the future. Several species of flora and fauna have taken to inhabiting the underground cavern city. A dull green hanging moss called Huio grows from the side of the tunnels. It feeds a large reptile species called Nost, which are colored brown and have similar features of a lizard. A few Nost have been tamed, and are used for personal and cargo transport.

Uiko DS(PAL)

Uiko DS(PAL)
Location: Pallas
Cave City of: House Katar
Status: Defense Station(medium)
Population: 50,000+
City Motto Forging the New
  • Uiko is a orbiting Station, designed from the ground up for research and development of high tech gear. It often gets recovered artifact from Yuno to study.


The Battleline is the mainstay of the Katarian military. It is capable
Class: Heavy cruiser
Weaponry: Main Plasma Arc Cannon
6x Heavy Laser cannons
30x light laser cannons
Currently Known ships: -Jinx
Cargo: Unknown
Function: General Purpose
Crew: 500
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