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Archive - Latest in Gemini

This archive is a record of news events displayed on the Gemini front page and in the Gemini sidebar. It is currently not formatted.


Five years after House Zareaus was appointed Emperor of Gemini, House Big Show calls for an election. Houses Trovato, Devron, Big Show and the Emperor taking place as candidates.

After the Emperor's disappearance, all votes towards him are not counted, and House Trovato is declared the new Empress of Gemini.

Long live the Imperial Sovereign!

House Big Show

A new House has appeared, and has immediately begun their journey by attacking House Callidum. This attack resulted in Houses Trovato and Drocraton commencing assaults upon House Big Show. After the Renegade status had been removed by the Emperor, Big Show appears to be attempting to do good in the Galaxy. Is this his true intentions?


Current Houses

House Anthona`SihdaMarichoness Buthaynah Athona`SihdaMinor House of Phecda
House Big ShowOverlord Oluwaseyi Big ShowRenegade of Muliphen
House CallidumDon Pedro CallidumImperial House of Canopus
House ChuraiDuchess Jenifer ChuraiContemptible of Tania
House DrocratonPremir Jules DrocratonLesser House of Thuban
House DevronCheif Benoit DevronMinor House of Megrez
House GodfreyFather Mack GodfreyMinnow of Tania
House EireneDuchess Jenna Eirene Minor House of Nashira Alpha
House HondaPremir Sabiha HondaLesser House of Krypton
House InvictusDoge Oliver InvictusGreat House of Nashira Alpha
House IsmailevMullah Alfonso ImailevMinnow of Miaplacidus
House KainOverlord Jory KainLesser House of Megrez
House LlewellynDuke Crisiant LlewellynMinnow of Nashira Alpha
House MinosDuke Jarlath MinosImperial House of Celaeno Alpha
House NoirePremier Giovanna NoireMinnow of Alkaid
House QuantumMother Anah QuantumMinnow of Aludra Secundus
House RoubusEarl Aelfred RoubusMinnow of Terpsichore
House SkaoiLord Edith SkaoiImperial House of Navi
House TrovatoCountess Natalie TrovatoMajor House of Nashira Alpha
House VampirenLord Emile VampirenMinnow of krypton

For a list of all houses in Gemini, past and present, see here.

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