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Archive - Latest in Gemini

This archive is a record of news events displayed on the Gemini front page and in the Gemini sidebar. It is currently not formatted.


Five years after House Zareaus was appointed Emperor of Gemini, House Big Show calls for an election. Houses Trovato, Devron, Big Show and the Emperor taking place as candidates.

After the Emperor's disappearance, all votes towards him are not counted, and House Trovato is declared the new Empress of Gemini.

Long live the Imperial Sovereign!

House Big Show

A new House has appeared, and has immediately begun their journey by attacking House Callidum. This attack resulted in Houses Trovato and Drocraton commencing assaults upon House Big Show. After the Renegade status had been removed by the Emperor, Big Show appears to be attempting to do good in the Galaxy. Is this his true intentions?



Leader:Empress Natalie Trovato
Motto:“Unwavering Determination, Unparalleled Ambition”
House Faith:Order of Ch'sylar
Alliance:Imperial Concordat

House Background

House Trovato, a noble house of anthropomorphic canines, is relatively new to galactic affairs. Rising up from Nashira Alpha through local transportation routes, a small wealth allowed them to expand into space properly, with new sets of routes spanning across the entire area in which the House can influence. In a rapid ascent to wealth and power, House Trovato found itself operating multiple spheres of operation, and controlling well over half the Senate in a very short time period.

A sort of “dark age” occurred with a widespread outbreak of plague, which caused multiple House Trovato family members to die, and killed several of the House's senators. The sudden budgetary crisis resulted in having to release all retainers, and thus the end of the Trovato domination of the Senate - at one point the house controlling over 60% of the Senate.

(Note: This section is pending change of emperor following vote on local galaxy forum.) The ascension of Natalie Trovato to control the house properly has resulted in the House assuming the throne of the Empire, and Natalie becoming, most likely, the galaxy's first non-human Empress. This is the house's culmination of years of ambitious growth.


  • Empress Natalie Trovato
    • A dynamic, ordinary intellectual. Currently 19 years old. Married to Quintinus Invictus.
    • Although young when she officially became Countess in the wake of her mother's death, Natalie has grown to at least be a relatively normal woman. Only a year into ruling as Countess properly, she is poised to take over the throne as Empress, a responsibility that she is more than willing to take on.
  • Ehno Trovato - Father of the Countess
    • A dynamic, repellent halfwit prone to fits of depression. 67 years old.
    • In an advanced age, Ehno Trovato has done most of the administrative work for House Trovato - poorly - since the death of his wife, Annunziata Trovato, years ago in a duel of honor. Currently he has been relieved of most duties, leaving him in a retirement of sorts.

Other Information

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