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Galactic Affairs

Game Rules

From this screen you can view the news, major events and political policies in effect in your galaxy, and also any upcoming elections for positions on the Imperial Senate.

News A link to the most recent news items for this galaxy. You can filter the news by type, and view up to 100 items. You may also access this page by clicking the scrolling news marquee at the top of the screen.

Galactic Relations This page lists the Feud Scores accrued between Houses in the Galaxy and gives an indication of the relations between the various Houses.

Duels and Prizefighting This page displays a list of upcoming duels in this galaxy (see Dueling). From here you can also access details of recently fought duels, and view or enrol fighters in the prizefighting pool (see Prizefighting).

Tax Rates This link allows you to view the tax rates that the Emperor has set for income from each sphere of activity within your galaxy. All income you receive from these spheres is taxed according to these rates. Monthly income below the 'base threshold' is free of tax. Income between the base threshold and mid threshold is taxed at the base rate, income between the mid and top threshold is taxed at the mid rate, and any income above the top threshold is taxed at the top rate. The Emperor will normally require Senate approval via a senate motion in order to change these taxes.

You can also see from this screen which Houses the Emperor has exempted from taxes. These will usually be Houses who are assisting the Emperor in upholding law and order in the Galaxy, i.e. the members of the Emperors alliance.

Planetary Government This link allows you to view the policies the Emperor and local Senators have in place with regard to each planet in the galaxy. This includes the policing level on the planet, which the Emperor must fund from Imperial Taxes, as well as any trade restrictions that are in place for ethical or other reasons. Trade in these commodities on the planets concerned will lead to Imperial Warnings and ultimately force the Emperor and allies to take action against the offending party.

Another important piece of information on this screen concerns whether or not the planet is under Imperial Jurisdiction. Most planets in the galaxy are under this jurisdiction and may be policed and governed by the Emperor. On these planets, military action against another House can only take place if the attacker has adequate Feud Score against the target. If the planet is not under Imperial Jurisdiction, this does not apply. Anyone may attack anyone else without fear of reprisal and these lawless worlds are a free-for-all. It is strongly recommended that you do not move your homeworld to a planet that is outside Imperial Jurisdiction!

Renegade Houses List Check this screen to see which Houses have Renegade Status. You do not need to have accrued any Feud Score to attack such Houses. The Emperor encourages all law-abiding Houses to attack renegade houses where possible, since these outlaws have waged feuds against other parties without the required Senate backing, and can be considered a threat to galactic order.

Senate Elections This section contains links to all upcoming elections for Senate positions. Each planet that is under Imperial Jurisdiction will have a senate representative who will be able to vote on motions in the senate and propose his or her own. All Houses with any influence on a planet get a block vote in that election, the size of the vote being related to their degree of influence on that world. Your House can only field candidates in an election if you are operating within the sphere of Politics (See Spheres of Activity for more details).

as seen in the Rulebook


There is no longer a Tax Rates screen on Galactic affairs. This is now viewable from individual planetary governments.

This is now a “Senate Laws” screen that shows a summary of all senate motions passed.

Tips From Other Players

The Upcoming elections list will not always display upcoming elections in the proper order - pay attention to the listed month rather than the order they are in the list.

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