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The headquarters is the basic page to view your house's operations from, and generally the one you'll spend most time idling on aside from the forums. rom here you can manage your facilities, your subscription, check your faith and alliance, and view the top status houses of your galaxy.

Game Rules

Your Headquarters page is the home page for your House, and you will start from here each time you sign in. From this page you access all other House functions via the Game Main Menu or from links on the HQ page itself.

The page displays your Housename, coat-of-arms and motto at the top of the screen. Following this is an indication of your current status score and position in the galaxy. Your Homeworld and Spheres of Activity are then displayed. You may click on your homeworld to go to the Planet Information Panel for that planet, and you may click on a Sphere Of Activity to enter a more detailed view for this Sphere, from where you can issue instructions for and control the activities of that Sphere. See the Spheres of Activity section for more details.

You may view the Headquarters page of another House (and vice versa) by clicking on that House's coat-of-arms wherever this is displayed, but obviously you will not be able to amend any details unless it is your own House. If you are viewing a different House you will also see an indication of the time of that player's latest login and whether or not the player is currently logged on, at the bottom of the screen. You can also send the player a message.

as seen in the Rulebook

Tips From Other Players

You can also sign up to subscribe to Imperium Nova from the headquarters screen, and when you are a subscriber, you can access the Subscriber Features from this screen as well.

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