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As you build up rivalries with neighbouring Houses, you may wish to bring them down a peg or two - particularly if you are looking for an excuse for a Feud. Without adequate Feud Score, you cannot freely attack another House unless you wish to bear the consequences of such an illegal act, and so insults are one way of getting at your enemies in a legal - if unpleasant - manner. What's more, delivering an insult will give the rival House increased Feud Score against you. Thus if you are looking for war, insults are one way to start the fire.

You can insult a House from that House's HQ page, by clicking the red 'Insult this House' link at the bottom of the page. This link will only be visible if the House concerned is within your operational range, and if both you and the rival House have at least Lesser House status (26 or more). Two types of insult are possible, Dynastic and Personal, as detailed below.

Delivering any insult loses the sender 1 point of Status, as this is an unseemly act.

Dynastic Insults

A Dynastic insult is a grievous slight aimed at the rival House as a whole. Such an insult instantly gives the target increased Feud Score against the insulting House. To deliver a dynastic insult, just select from the list and click the submit button.

Personal Insults

A personal insult works differently from a dynastic insult, and the consequences are generally not so serious. Such an insult is issued directly from one member of your dynasty to a member of the target dynasty. After delivery of the insult, the insulted party will have the right to challenge the offending character to a duel in order to avenge the insult, since Honour is now at stake. After two months, the insult is forgotten and the duel rights cease if no challenge has been made.

If a challenge is issued, the offender will be informed and must accept the challenge within one month or else his/her House will lose 5 status - for cowardice!

You can see which members of your dynasty have been insulted or challenged via links that will appear in the character description on your Dynasty screen. Click the link to act on the insult or to accept the challenge. Once a challenge is accepted, a duel is then scheduled - see the following section for details. The House of the losing duellist will lose 5 status, whereas the House of the winner will gain status according to who fought the duel - 5 status if it was a dynasty member personally, but only 2 status if a champion fought the duel on behalf of a dynasty member.

As seen in the Rulebook

Tips from other players

Do not be afraid to ask another house to send you an insult, or agree with them that you will send one if you want to start an honor duel for any reason.

Also, insults in Roleplay can also be followed up by mechanical insults, and if you feel your house or a character is slighted by something that was said in RP, do request the offending house sends you an insult. It's good form.

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