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The Imperium Nova IRC Channel

Imperium Nova has an Internet Relay Chat channel. This causes a lot more controversy than it really has any good reason to.

Introduction to and Getting Onto #imperiumnova, from Saithis

I'm interested in (and have already sort of) establishing an Imperium Nova IRC channel, where people can come and chat. I think the reasons are pretty simple:

  1. It's great to get to know people from a community of such high average intellectual calibre.
  2. It might allow greater cross-galaxy communications with fewer threads required.
  3. It might cut down on some of the clutter from random banter we get in the game-related forums.
  4. It could be fun! All the cool kids are doing it! ~.^

For those of you who are familiar with IRC, great - if you're not, that's okay too. I can talk people through it. If nobody is interested, well, at least I know I'll be there alone! =P I've already taken the liberty of setting up a channel, at least so that I know how to if anything. For those who do know IRC and are interested, the server is, the channel is #imperiumnova, and the password is imperator2.

Ways to access IRC

mIRC is where you can download mIRC, though there are other ways of finding access as well.

If you use mIRC, it's relatively easy to get into a chat. Simply find File → Select Server (though it should automatically pop up as soon as you start the program). You should be able to click the Servers option to bring up a list of icons - find Sorcery, click on it and then click select. From there, fill in all of the nickname/name boxes, and simply click connect. You will connect to the server reasonably quickly, after which you can type #imperiumnova imperator2 into the join channel boxes, or /join #imperiumnova imperator2 into the text box at the bottom of the window. IRC is a little intimidating at first, but for casual users it's really quite easy to use.

I've put a password on the channel, 'imperator2', so only IN players can get into it. It's easy enough to put in a password if you don't know how, just put a space after the channel name and type the password in, i.e. /join #imperiumnova imperator2

Other chat programs

No step by step instructions here, or we'd be here all day - but they should all work roughly the same.

Some other common programs that let you access IRC include:

  • IceChat
  • ChatZilla
  • Trillian IRC plugin
  • (feel free to add more, guys - there's a whole bunch out there)


If you've never tried IRC before and you're not sure whether you want to bother downloading a program, you may prefer Mibbit - a simple browser-based IRC website.

Go to and click “Launch Mibbit WebChat”. When it finishes loading, first click on “Server” and enter the address, then type your preferred name in the “Nick:” box (replace whatever gets put there by default), and #imperiumnova imperator2 in the “Channel:” box. Then you're ready to go.

The Great Imperium Nova IRC Cabal

#imperiumnova may, at first, appear to be merely another medium by which the players of Imperium Nova communicate. However, brave heroes have uncovered the truth - that it is in fact a secretive, evil Cabal (the Insane Renegade Cabal, hence IRC) that rules the Imperium Nova community with an iron fist! Known actions of the Cabal include:

Any evidence that this is a ridiculous conspiracy theory is a Cabal fabrication. Anyone who reminds you that IRC membership is open to anyone except Marse is a Cabal agent.

The IRC Quote Thread

The all-time favourite thread on the forums now also has a page here: IRC Quote Thread

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