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Leadership is a vital part of what makes your dynasts valuable to you! And they're family too, I guess.


When you select this menu option for the first time, you will see a list of all the important members of your dynasty, including your House leader. These characters are randomly generated, and you cannot access this screen until you have completed the Name and Title step, as those details are used in generating your leaders.

The list you see is not an exhaustive roster of your entire family tree – it is a selection of the most willing or able individuals who are available to you at the start of the game. These individuals will get old and die, and succession will pass from older to younger members as time goes by. Some may give birth to children, providing you with new potential heirs. You can also bring in ‘new blood’ through arranging marriages - and you can hire the services of additional Retainers to act as leaders and representatives of your House.

Your House leadership is important, as it is from this crop of esteemed individuals that you must select the governors and operational heads of each of your Spheres of Activity. The more able and experienced (as judged by age) the leader, the more of a boost will be given to the particular sphere of operations that individual is responsible for.

The ability of a given leader is judged in terms of three attributes; Charisma, Determination and Intellect. Each of these attributes is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 with descriptions as follows:

Charisma:Repellent (1)Irritating (2)Ordinary (3)Charismatic (4)Enchanting (5)
Motivation:Apathetic (1)Idle (2)Diligent (3)Dynamic (4)Driven (5)
Intellect:Halfwit (1)Dullard (2)Individual (3)Intellectual (4)Genius (5)

Your leaders will all have attributes on this scale, except for those aged under 18. These children and youths can be judged only in terms of potential, and their true abilities will not become known until they come of age. This rating of potential involves a significant margin of error, so a child presumed a hopeless case can sometimes actually turn out fairly competent after all.

The abilities of a sphere leader will affect his or her efficiency as sphere leader to a varying degree, depending upon the sphere. Which ability is best for which sphere is largely a matter for common sense - but they all help. If you are not sure which leader to appoint to head your initial sphere once you have joined the game, try changing the leader and then looking at your projected income and costs in the Treasury. If one leader results in a higher projected treasury balance, then that leader is the one you should choose. By default, your House Leader will head up the sphere, so once you commence playing you may wish to change this.

In addition to these characteristics of leader ability, your dynasty members will also have skills in two areas; Duelling Skills and Administrative Skills. The first of these skills is useful in one-on-one duels with members of other Houses, which can sometimes occur to resolve matters of honour. The second skill, administrative skill, dictates how well this character can govern and organise. Each of your spheres of activity must have a leader, and the better the administrative skills of that leader, the higher the efficiency of the operation will be.

Duelling and Administrative Skills:Abysmal Poor Mediocre Average Able Accomplished Superb Awesome Unsurpassed

Note that you may pay to educate the younger members of your dynasty (ages 18-25) and thereby improve these skills. However, the basic abilities of a character (charisma, determination and intellect) will not change.

Your dynasty will not all be highly competent. You may well have to work towards improving your bloodline through arranged marriages with other Houses and the employment of the best retainers, as time goes by. You therefore shouldn’t despair if you are lumbered with several repellent halfwits – this can change over time, and the disadvantage of having poor leaders is not an insurmountable one.

You may however scrap your initial House leadership and re-generate a replacement set, up to three times. You should only do this if you are drawn with a really appalling group of individuals, as you will be stuck with the new set. Bear in mind that the same leader can head more than one of your initial spheres of activity if required, although the overwork this causes will impact the leader's performance somewhat. The more strong leaders that you have, the smaller the impact will be should one of them be assassinated by a rival House, or stricken by Galactic Plague or some other misfortune.

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Notes on Stats:

  • Sphere Leaders with high Motivation stats (driven and dynamic) tend to be good at Drive-oriented spheres like Exploration, Mercantile, Geology and Agriculture.
  • Sphere Leaders with high Charisma stats (charismatic and enchanting) are extremely useful for Mysticism and Politics, making Proselytization and Election campaigns more effective.
  • Sphere Leaders with high Intelligence stats (intelligent and genius) are useful for spheres like Technology, Geology and Psionics.

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