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Simon is the Game Master, owner, coder, designer, and developer for Imperium Nova and its upcoming sequel.

Simon used to have accounts for each of the galaxies: SimonAvalon, SimonBaade, SimonCapricorn, SimonDraco, and SimonEridanus. However, due to a potential exploit with covert ops, this practice has changed; Gemini and Draco Reborn galaxies do not have GM accounts. GM accounts are noticeable due to their crest being solid red without a symbol. They'll usually be named House Caligula or House Minimus.

If you have an issue that cannot be solved by a Moderator and is not appropriate for the “Bug Reporting Forum”, you can PM the GM account in your galaxy or e-mail Simon at

This email address can be used, for example, to change an Emperor, rearrange dynastic relations that were messed up due to inheritance of the House Leader, and to implement customized crests.

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